What Happens When Your Boss Breaks His Own Rules?

Publicēšanas datums 16 jan 2020
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This Episode ► Jake and Clint find the gear room in disarray, and decide to confront Niko about his crimes - but instead, he lawyers up and takes them to court. Corridor Court.
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  • This is no doubt the most controversial trial in the history of Corridor.. do you agree with the Jury's verdict?

  • Why is this so serious, but yet so not?

  • Wren was so funny when he shot niko😅

  • Alternative title : “One of us is too lazy to clean a camera room so he goes to court and we drill a hole through his chest.”

  • 5:43 😂😂😂😂i am dead

  • Sam sus

  • The way niko's mustache is, makes it look like he is always smiling

  • This whole thing is a more insane, "So. Who broke it? I'm not mad. I just want to know."🤣

  • I like how Corridor dramatising every little thing evwn make a video from it ❤️❤️❤️

  • i trust niko were is my money

  • HAHAHAH A Fucking Nerf Zigarett ^^ 4:53 RIP :,D

  • We need more of this!!!

  • Sam just look like "cool god" than a judge

  • I love everything about about this. Especially the part when nick says "yehp, classic" and his mustache almost falls off when he laughs trying to keep a straight face.

  • What was Wren doing in the background in the first 1:42sec??????🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Those sounds are super amazing

  • this is the best episode ever :)

  • These vlogs are soo cool then the rest of other youtubers , I love to watch these videos

  • Why didn’t they analyze the content of the hard drives

  • 15:55 true judge? his beard is black and his hair is white , how tf is he a true man

  • ren:it is the same bang bang the police with a sniper din't shoot

  • Clint's range of voice never ceases to amaze me

  • Has to be the funniest trial ever, love this channel

  • I love how random their things are.

  • I 100% lost it at "The defendant does, in fact, have two hands."

  • Jealous!!! Grown ass men playing pretend cops and robbers and court!!!! Super jealous! Liked, plus already subscribed

  • Rewatching tonight, one of the quintessential Corridor Crew episodes IMO. Niko was innocent!

  • "It's a crime scene Matt! Get out of here Matt!" Lol that made me laugh way harder than it should have

  • this is wonderful

  • 18:44 Sam: saying serious stuff Wren in the back:

  • Drill go brrrrr

  • “We’re not from the city, we’re from corridor” -Jake Watson, Wesley and Wesley Incorporated

  • The Siren was priceless, what was missing is the re-enactments like Jan’s 3d print pinky video.

  • Honestly from this video you wouldn't even guess that Niko was the boss here lol

  • Why does nico look like he was given a black eye in court

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  • (Wren)Me when my sibling is getting yelled at. 1:43

  • I thought Wren was the boss....

  • The ending reminded me a lot of an episode where jake was exposed for buying food from a restaurant in a cooking competition

  • Wesley acting as both forensic artist, detective, and attorney. Wowzers.

  • You guys have too much fun :D

  • Other videos are a lot better, but they're just messing about. Which is sometimes a good idea.

  • What Happens When Your Boss Breaks His Own Rules? Then He Is A Hypocrite.

  • 12:12 TEXAS

  • this is the way to deal with office conflict XD

  • I love how accuracy Clint’s siren is that Jake thought his megaphone was already on

  • We just not gonna talk about how Niko’s trying to pin the Red gear on Sam, when Sam didn’t even shoot on the Red? Both of Sam’s shoots were done with the BMPCC4K on a gimbal. He has no need for quick release plates or side handles. You know who does need those things? People who were trying to come up with the perfect system for the Red.

  • Yo. That suit that Wes is wearing during the trial. Holy shit. Mans looks fly as all hell. Lookin sharp, bro 🔪🔪

  • Lol Wren in the background at 1:40

  • Wow pls made this agin

  • "This is a kangaroo court" HahhaHHAHAHA. The reference is too great.

  • This is so entertaining 🤣

  • AHAHHAHAHHA this video was really good dawg ngl

  • Came back only for Clints sounds ❤

  • It was Wren

  • I wish I had the ability to be a siren 🚨

  • At the start of the video felt like among us and the rest who is the imposter we have to find out lol

  • Awesome video guys

  • I've never laughed as hard!

  • all that for a sternum rub.

  • Dude... the justice system is so broken. THAT MAN WAS INNOCENT!

  • 14:10 Namaste 😄😊 !! Can't be more Indian

  • 1:42 Nice acting by Wren

  • This just became Pheonix wright

  • Smells like *TEXAS*

  • Christian's face at 10:19 😂

  • The sentence was funny as hell!

  • It was definitely Wren.

  • I have a lots of laugh in this video! Too bad i just discovered it now. Probably my fave corridor crew video!!

  • too much cringe you guys are great

  • They have best jobs ever

  • Sometimes you just gotta fuck around Lol

  • 1:45 I love how Wren is just peeping like a child lol

  • I thought the thumbnail said "when Bob Ross breaks his own rules" and thought you were boutta do Bob Ross deepfake

  • He can always get an appeal with a higher level of judgement. Whos is higher than the founders of the company? The building owner in which that company stands. Lawyer up. Challenge extended, Corridor

  • awww man, this is in my top favorite. i kept rewinding cause it was so great.

  • this was one if the best episodes of corridor crew ever hahaha

  • Hey, I always thought Wesly was first.

  • kangaroo court reference from rick and morty court scene lmao

  • everytime i look at jake i think to myself, man this hairline doesn't even flinch to time passing wtf here's me, 22, following my dad's path of losing hair.

  • Hilarious! Watched the whole thing on my lunch break

  • Oof, the police brutality part did not age well

  • 2:01 *enter Niko staring at the group with a broken cardboard box* Niko: ... _hi_

  • This feels like an episode of The Office....

  • How can you stay serious the whole time?

  • Not gonna lie, this is gonna make a great movie

  • The drill sound is top notch

  • Work on the sound recording guys...

  • 1:45 just wren eating a cookie in the background

  • that was hilarious..loved it

  • the best part is the shots of Wren

  • Top 10 anime betrayal

  • Chadwick Boseman just died :😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jake is handsome af

  • This is the best boss ever

  • amazing. I LOVE corridor. I wish I could meet you guys!

  • I love that "Yep, classic" *mustache falls off*

  • Niko was smiling all the time😀

  • 724 Rogers Cinema state 2000