VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 24

Publicēšanas datums 25 apr 2020
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Clint, Niko, and Wren are back to break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films (socially distanced, of course).
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  • 4:43 "I recognize him." Me: "Yea, he's from Queen's Gambit." Also Me: Forgetting when this episode was recorded.

  • Beast Wars REMAKE guys! Will be amazing 😍

  • Your Beastwars call back reminded me of another old CGI TV show. I don't know if you've done this old show yet. But in 1999 there was a show called Roughnecks-Starship Troopers Chronicles that seemed to get the bugs and the story down fine. The people facial animations were really weak. Maybe you could talk about what's changed in CGI for facial animation over time. This show got away with a lot by having bugs vs hard textured objects (especially humans in armor).

  • "I wanna be a telepathic gorrila" -Clint 2020

  • I love his dark materials it is amazing

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • Beast Wars - Looking at it I recognised the textures from SoftImage 3D and the OpelGL renderer - MainFrame? Yes!!! This was rendered in real time on SGI hardware. Very limited procedurals, minimal image textures, bump mapping and no shadows or reflections. But it was real time direct to D1 digital tape then edited like any other TV footage.


  • I rewatch these all the time. Love your channel. Keep making them forever!!

  • Corridor crew is made of Good humor More good humor A lot of talent Big brains And.......................good humor

  • I was just about to say about The golden compass when he said it 😂

  • Make fun of Beast Wars all you want, but the writing and development of the characters makes up for the sketchy animation

  • Some of the headphones shots looked CGi.

  • So look guys, I will subscribe if you make a remake of BEAST WARS. Deal?

  • I have a really good bad fx movie for you guys, please please please react to the 2004 movie adaptation of Devilman, the cgi looks like absolute trash

  • when i was 6 years old i thought beast wars had an awesome cgi... now i changed my mind...

  • Wait so If I can run fast, I can fix my grades?

  • Hey Corridor Crew, please check out the series “ReBoot” and review it!

  • Beast Wars nostalgia trip

  • I laughed so hard when vader came

  • Hey, my school read The Golden Compass recently

  • “As technology gets better, it also gets cheaper” tell that to the skimmers!

  • You gotta remake Beast Wars!!

  • I honestly thought that "Dudley" was actually the penguin from Gotham, they look really similar

  • I love your guys work so good job and keep being awesome. Also, did you guys notice the CGI pillar in the background where the bear is coming out of the tavern? :)

  • Did you guys know that His Dark Materials and the Golden Compass are both based off the Golden Compass book series which has a book titled His Dark Materials, as well as the second name for the book series, which is, His Dark Materials (Very repetitive I know). The reason that His Dark Materials was created was because the Golden Compass never got the sequel it was promised. Which is also really sad. Also in the UK, the Golden Compass (movie) was titled The Northern Lights.

  • Well my dad’s a telepathic gorilla

  • Do some of teen wolf!

  • I read His Dark Materials and I love them.

  • 11:56 it looks like he just smoked 5 cigarettes and then passed out and then woke up

  • Wait a minute, I thought Raycon was the best headphone brand.

  • I like the kick from the gorilla, 9:57 in the vid

  • Have you guys seen Reboot? First fully CG cartoon, same team that eventually did Beast Wars. Reboot is a classic in Canada.

  • The polar bear literally looks 100% real. It's mind-blowingly insane.

  • its a BBC show !!!! distributed by HBO in America ffs

  • 4:52 it’s also penguin from gotham i’m pretty sure

  • I really wanna see them laugh at the old Donkey Kong Cartoon now

  • 11:51 it's Craig from Halo Infinite

  • Thats not Transformer its just a animal yaaaah

  • 12:55 mario 64 in beast wars

  • Someone should remodel Beast Wars, I love it but tbh the animation was wack so it would be nice to have a reanimate it. But at the end of the day Beast Wars should just be left the same. #ILoveBeastWars

  • 10:47 that is how every single episode goes down in the show, he hit it exactly on the dot

  • These guys need to watch Reboot Alphanumeric!

  • You guys need to react to Day of Reckoning(2016). The movie in kind of the same situation as Birdemic but its close to their level of cringe. Also I'd like to see how you guys fix it.

  • Umbrella academy effects.

  • 8:41 -What's he got on it's head? - It's a telepathic gorilla... -Wow... I wish I was a telepathic gorilla... That's the most Clint-y thing Clint has ever said...

  • Beast Wars was such an amazing show. Some years ago I watched it all again. The graphics and animation barely holds up (specially the early episodes), but the story was fantastic! I'm sad the sequel Beast Machines was not good.

  • Watch horror movies

  • React to the curious case of Benjamin button and all of fincher’s films while you’re at it! :D

  • Where did I i get the grey triangle goodies that hw was wearing synthetic headphones plug?

  • They talk about Dudley but forget the shark person in goblet of fire

  • I'm sad. His Dark Materials seems super cool, but I heard the author and the series (at least the books) are super insensitive to Christianity. I've specifically heard that the author was anti-christian and was fine with making sacrilegious comments and just generally disrespecting Christians. I'm a passionate Christian and I thought that the story seemed interesting when I saw trailers and read about it. Anyways this isn't really relevant to this video, but seeing His Dark Materials in this vid reminded me.

  • Pls remace beast wars to god cgi

  • Ren that rat trap is from beast machines instead of beast wars beast machines is the sequel set in a Cybertron ruled by Megatron it's actually a pretty dark show

  • React to Shorts (2009)!! Who agree?

  • I would like to see a react on " rise of the planet of apes "

  • React to the TRANSFORMERS movies Please...those movies ase awosam

  • Corridor watching The Flash: *what is going on* ?

  • I love these

  • Consider reviewing that one awful ben 10 movie

  • Dudley's in the old guard, Ballard of buster scruggs and many other movies dude. Common man he's a good actor 🙄 🙄

  • The Bose Headphone sponsor in the video was actually perfectly targeted at my Life/Job. Somehow they knew... Curse you Corridor Crew, Now I'm broke again.

  • Omfg beast wars i havent seen that since i was like 6

  • Just want to mention that Toy Story 1 came out in 1995.

  • Hey , why don't you guys make a CGI during time episode ? I mean the greatest (or maybe the worst) CGI of dacades

  • Wasnt there a more later rendition of beastwars that came out

  • Beast wars 🤩

  • you have to watch the rest of the flash to understand that episode

  • 8:55 Shark Dad? Or is it Shark Rad?!?!

  • 9:19 Its like Syria... “Who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy?” “Well we hired the less bad guy to fight the really bad guy” It just makes everyone confused

  • You should do vfx artist react Harry Potter

  • Also... could you guys react to Astartes please? 😅

  • F*cking beast wars!!!

  • You guys should redo that beast wars scene

  • if they wanna get the best of the flash cgi they should've watched the last temtation of barry allen part 2 when dr ramsey rosso morphed into the blood mush version of bloodwork but unfortunately it wasn't out yet i think

  • Corridor, react to this: lvcd.info/watch/w9CmemaTa7l8g58/video.html

  • Rattrap as a Transmetal, used to have that toy.

  • Why does Optimus Primal look like my older brother?

  • React to the live action transformers movies I think there pretty good

  • I like how when they're looking at the beast wars clips, you can see wren playing with rat trap in the back.

  • Beast wars was so awesome though

  • That Harry Potter theme killed me lmfao

  • watch transformers prime its really sick

  • At the beginning when it showed the little clip of the shark. I knew I was going to be ✨uncomfortable✨

  • How about you guys look at some of the effects from Star Girl.

  • wanna talk about Beast Wars, then lets go full 90's and also add in Reboot

  • King shark turns good actually Grodd is the height of an adult gorilla The flash is a superhero

  • React to the werewolf transition from hemlock Grove on netflix

  • React to raji game graphics.

  • Can anyone please explain how is the shark guy breathing with gills?🤔🤔

  • Ooh more beast wars!

  • Looking at Beast Wars reminds me of being on LSD

  • I love Beast Wars. I still have almost all the figures tucked away. I'm so glad it was finally shown on the channel. More please.

  • Sorry, I LOVED Beast Wars! Doesn’t hold up though lol!!’

  • Man we need a Beastwars reboot in 2020.

  • I love how during the Beast Wars segment, Wren is just being his inner child playing with Rattrap

  • beast wars looks worse than I remember

  • gorilla grod vs king shark

  • Beast wars was the best! At one point I had all the Transformers lol

  • You guys should remake the beast wars fight scene with good graphics