VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 24

Publicēšanas datums 25 apr 2020
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Clint, Niko, and Wren are back to break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films (socially distanced, of course).
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  • GI Joe retaliation please review......

  • Favorite episode of mine. Love this one. Thanks y'all, I hope you and yours are being safe and staying healthy.

  • Can we get an episode with old Pete’s dragon and new Pete’s dragon?

  • Compare Beast Wars to Beast Machines and how they improved!

  • 9:04 previously a bunch a monsters, now, anakin turning into darth vader. I laughed too hard

  • when the gorilla jumps on the red mini van none of the suspension on the car work its completely stiff

  • The most annoying person ever at 14:38

  • "Dudley" was also the aurator in buster scruggs

  • 1 Chronicles 29:9 Then the people rejoiced because they had given willingly, for with a whole heart they had offered freely to the Lord. David the king also rejoiced greatly.

  • Even though Beast Wars is not canon to the Transformers Universe.

  • that guy sounds like tom holland

  • "If I run fast enough I can fix things." You've done it! You've broken Barry Allen down to his bare essentials!

  • They look like they were having so much fun watching beast wars!!! Lol

  • Hey Crew! I've recently found your channel and absolutely love it! Could you react to Westworld? (the TV show)

  • Please check out the first werewolf change from Hemlock Grove

  • I don't know what is happening on the other side of the globe but isn't "his dark materials" basically.... The tv series of "northern lights", the book and film of more than 10 years ago?

  • 12:55 "So long, King Bowser!"

  • Love beast wars!

    • Yo, they got a old transmetal Rattrap, sweet.

  • Seriously, King Kong got its fight scene from Beast Wars? You do realise that an almost identical fight was in the original King Kong, 63 years prior to Beast Wars.

  • Reboot

  • Any videos on the wukong game?

  • so you guys don't even know any of your DC comics... thats a real shame, now as nerds you just lost a lot of points of respect from me. i mean king shark i can understand you not knowing about. but gorrilla grodd, like one of the most villains of villains of the flash. its like his official arch nemesis and yet you didn't even knew about him ?!! thats a lot of nerding you just lost there guys. yeah i'm really really really disappointed in you nerds, for people who claim to be real nerds you don't even have any info on what DC is all about !


  • Can you guys please react to the Lizard in The Amazing Spider man movie

  • Wren in the back playing with rattrap

  • Come to think of it, yeah, they just took the fight from BW and recreate it in live action but with King Kong being as large as the T-rex.

  • Me: ooh! There's Flash in it! My mind: *SUPER HYPED FOR THE FLASH S7*

  • Just subscribed after watching six of y'all videos. Thanks.

  • They should do classic Veggietales!

  • You guys have to 100% show the Canadian series Reboot. .

  • I love how they used force perspective to make Wren a hobbit

  • As someone who watched every flash episode king shark is the good one and gorilla gross is the bad one

  • Beast Wars wasn't great, even for its time. Reboot had a lot more CGI, and was significantly better.

  • If you're going with 90s animations, seeing the progress is the seasons of Reboot could be pretty cool. From super low polys to shadows and lighting, it was pretty awesome!

  • I learnt so much... Thank you

  • have you guys considered doing something like this for video games?

  • Can anyone tell me what is the title of the first movie ?

  • You should react to Tenet.

  • If you watch this in 144p it’s great

  • Sort tipo

  • Hay corridor big fan I just wanted to sagast you do the expanse in BED artists react

  • That monkey puppet is still in my dreams

  • They should go back and watch and comment on Reboot.

  • I frikkin loved beast wars

  • Funny that the golden compass film won the Oscar for visual effects lol

  • React 2 Narnia

  • Any fight scene from the old power ranger shows 👀

  • Holy shit-sickle! I completely forgot about beast wars!

  • Why r there no special effects in my video? ... Cuz I ate everything on my plate. 😂

  • the episode "finish line" from the flash is the one episode that actually made me cry the 1st time I saw it

  • the flash will always be my favorite show either way

  • You guys should react to the cayde vs scorn cutscene from destiny 2 forsaken

  • When he said "Hey! I see what you did! You hit the Subscribe button!" I just touched subscribe.. o_o

  • I'd love to see you do eragon because whilst the plot of the movie was ehh. the adaptation aspect was bad. the saphira they did was very good.

  • I dropped my phone and accidentally liked the video and now I'm afraid of undoing the like

  • Quit talking shit about the flash. It's my favorite show

  • Can we talk about the fact that a SHARK just ROARED?

    • @Madelyn Eilers That's fair

    • to be fair it IS a shark with legs. tbh i think he can do whatever he wants

  • I want to see you react to Robots, I have actually noticed one or two mistakes in the animation, particularly one bit of clipping, and one of a layering mistake

  • at 10:30, i noticed niko's pants are unzipped. i guess it really can happen to anyone lol.

  • 8:55 why is the shafk roaring?

  • the polar bear do be wearing full netherite armor tho

  • Try looking at any Disney Channel Original Movie that uses CG, I want you to roast them so hard

  • Is no one talking about the gorilla in beast wars being named optimus primal

    • I bet Sans made the name for him.

  • Please react to Merlin (1998) starring Sam Neill

  • Stop being pussies. Sit on the same couch.

  • how did he knew that I just subscribed

  • did you know: (i think the actor for the flash died on april 21st for using pain pills which were actually drugs which killed him)

    • @Cynthia Madison oh, Logan Williams,not protagonist, excuse me

    • @Cynthia Madison Series start in 2015

    • his mom told everyone at age 19 he did an opioid overdose

    • because i googled it

    • he did an opioid overdose

  • Beast wars the Best

  • His dark material. Is that a like a remake for golden compass?? Because right now, I want to see it. Too bad I don't have HBO :( I liked that movie when I was a kid

  • Karen's: the moon landing in the 19s was all CGI! Cgi in 1996: *_11:47_*

  • Could you react to World of Warcraft CG cinematics, and to the Warcraft movie ?

  • Love te videos, just, tecnology doesnt get cheaper becouse it becomes "better", its becouse of bussines models and production models and economic policies xd

  • A lot of people don't know about beast wars but it was the superior transformer series

  • I buy everything Jake recommends. My house is like a freakin’ Walmart for geeks.

  • Go watch Reboot. I would try to get in touch with the team that made Reboot and have them on your show, and talk about the challenges.

  • I would love to see the Corridor Crew react to the VFX in Eragon specifically the final battle scean

  • I find the sponsor of this video kinda funny because I'm watching it on my phone connected to my Bose bluetooth speaker🤣

  • 13:08 It's looks like something from surreal entertainment.

  • Beast wars reboot?

  • You should review "Kung fu Hustle"

  • In beast wars how did they learn english with all those accents?

  • the daemon thing reminds me about a book... i dont remember the whole name but i think it was sth like a "golden compass" edit: i watched on by like 10 seconds and there it is: the golden compass. but the story remimds me of the other thing... WEIRD spoiler(maybe for either): i remember something like spirit animals that normally die(not sure about that part) when disconnected but that disconnection produces enough energy to open some kind of portal and the protag tries to stop it is that the golden compass?

  • Please react to Harry Potter VFX! It would make for a great vid!

  • rhinoceros eyes? more like rhinocerEYES! Am i right?

  • Wait, wait... HBO get the opportunity to produce... Lo que New Line Cinema no continuo después de la Brújula dorada? Es hora del show

  • The Golden Compass is 13 fucking years old?!?!

  • Correction: a daemon is not "ANOTHER human soul that's manifested in an animal". It's THEIR own soul manifested in an animal. Everyone in the story has a daemon, which is pretty much an external soul manifested into a creature.

  • React to viktor magtanggol

  • Isn't that the golden compass bear

  • They should redo Beast wars

  • The gorrila and shark one looks like little kids whan playing with action figures

  • Beast wars for the win

  • Gorilla Grodd is just like Ishmael, they’re both telepathic gorillas! No? Just me?

  • LIFE OF PI please

  • still waiting for corridor breakdown ironhide slow mo scene in transformer 1, or bonecrusher vs optimus highway fight scene..

  • Can you guys do video game reactions. Would love to hear your opinions on something like God of war

  • Someone in the art department that designed the bears play LoL. That looks a whole lot like Volibear O_o

    • What if they play Dota and based them off Ursa Or maybe they based the bears off of the Svalbard bears from the book series

  • Beast wars was awsome

  • you think beastwars was bad? Watch transformers energon

  • You should react to the new transformers on netflix