CGI Artists Battle to Make Art Before Their Laptop Batteries Die!

Publicēšanas datums 16 apr 2020
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Sam and Niko compete in a digital art competition to see who can create the best render before their laptop battery dies. There can only be one winner.
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  • You can download the final renders here!

    • This might be my new phone background...

    • Is there a spec list on these laptops?

    • Reminder that those masks dont work

    • @Justin Quinn ik the US strategy is different but in New Zealand (which is having far greater success in fighting COVID 19) they would be considered in each other's "work bubble" or a small group of co workers you can interact with in the same way you don't have distance yourself from your family. Because they are only interacting with each other and their families and have very little exposure outside their small in-group the risk of them catching and transmitting the virus is still quite low

    • Can we please have full size prints of these renders on the merch store??

  • This is one of my favorite videos from this year lol. Keep coming back to it.

  • ".......Goddammit..." *pulls out GrubHub and searches 'pizza'*

  • Niko's title should obviously be "Another one bites the crust"

  • When pepperoni hot, he get sweaty?

  • I loved sam's reaction at the end & I really loved Niko's art.

  • Finally... the clear winner actually wins.😏

  • good thing now I know not to buy this laptop the battery life is terrible

  • The fact that I'm watching this 7 months after the original upload date and they already are talking about the covid-19 pandemic hitted me harder then I realized

  • Was nikos nose bleeding?

  • hey Corridor Crew, can i get one of these laptops? k thanks bye

  • 1:50where's uncle grandpa.

  • $4,299.99 for his lap🤯

  • Do you guys know who that pizza is? It's Pizza Steve from this show on Cartoon Neywork.

  • Pizza Steve 2020

  • Hey it's Pizza Steve!

  • I am a simple man, I see pizza steve, I click

  • I think the wildest part for me is “No mouse” i can’t imagine doing a render without a mouse.

  • F no one is coming to my Halloween party my friends aren’t coming just my sisters whole class but we’ll I hope they come...

  • Advertising laptop for creativity. Demonstrates, and complains about, how quickly the battery dies during intended workload 🤣

    • @william smith it's a joke man. And fidelity isn't the best choice here, it's a high performance laptop.

    • High fidelity laptops are not made to run on battery power during main workload, it's not the laptop's fault

  • 5:44 i heard the classic Star Wars Theory outro music

  • Uncle Grandpa is awesome.

  • I want more Sam, so funny

  • Good morning.

  • dude i miss the rain😞😔

  • Pizza Steve in 2020? Uncle Grandpa's gonna go bonkers!

  • What was the asset pack? I want Pizza Steve

  • No one... Not a single human being... Niko: OUR LAPTOP


  • Wait, why the masks? Was corona allready here 5 months ago? Are we allready in this mess for 5 months??

    • It’s been 8 months since (most of) Europe locked down

  • I'm a simple man... I see pizza steve, I click.

  • Next i want coachman from Pinnocchio

  • 0:38 that bowser laugh

  • Pizza Steve is a character from a Cartoon network show called Uncle Grandpa

  • You guys just proved that this laptop doesn't have a good battery life, so how is this a mobile workshop?

  • I don't think they understand what show Pizza Steve is from...

  • i can’t tell whether or not they actually know where pizza steve is from

  • LoL at the end Sam be like Oooooooooo imma skrrrrrrh

  • What was the polls

  • Pizza Steve was the only good thing from uncle grandpa

  • someone tell me how many times they said pizza Steve.

  • 13:00

  • I am looking for a 3d sculpting/animation laptop, i am just starting so is this laptop too much for me?

  • yu gi oh : we have the best duel system in the world corridor crew : yes

  • Permission to ze wallpaper?

  • Sam knows the struggle of having a beard in the middle of a pandemic that requires you to wear a mask lol

  • I love how surrealistic both of them are. This really speaks to my unconscious self.

  • I just thinking if Sam won, is he also donating the laptop to his crew?

  • *”don’t even think it.”*

  • You guys didn't know uncle grandpa ?

  • "Computers are stronger than phones" Then how can my phone last 9hrs But there computers last 1hr

  • 4000$ for that laptop helllllll no

  • where's wren

  • so ik they're doing some pretty intense stuff but ur not convincing me to buy ur laptop if 94% charge is an hour 15 lol. my shitty lenovo t450 goes 3 or 4 hours

  • I like how they’re low key shitting on the laptops but they’re being sponsored by them so they have to try to promote it at the same time😂😂😂

  • 13:05 *replay button*

  • Love that Kaiserreich music

  • Kinda funny they make an ad about a laptop, but keep repeating how fast the battery dies.

  • So I thought the pizza was pizza Steve from uncle grandpa...

  • After the part when Niko did some Heavy thinking was funny Af

  • 1:08 falling statue.. didn’t age well

  • Sam freaking out in front of a race car green screen is too god damn funny

  • I’ve never heard cheese be described as “luscious” before 😂

  • 13:10 communist detected on American soil lethal force engaged

  • this is just a massive sponsored segment but i cant tell if its for nvidia or papa steves pizza

  • Hey Clint if you see this that's a really nice jacket you have on in the video call. I was wondering where you got it from.

  • 2:54

  • Glad my cousin is finally getting dealt justice with epic renders

  • Should have turned down the brightness

  • me: laughs in 4:30 hours of battery life.

  • me with 1 hour 49 minutes left and on 40% left

  • Hey Corridor Crew, I love your videos and thought it was a great addition to include your art director in this episode. I think it would be cool part of the process to have an artist react to concept with director/studio meddling to actualisation of the design on film good and bad. I’m thinking JJ abraham’s suggestion of stalk eyes for Keenser in Star trek, To Michael bay’s suggestion of wrecking ball testicles for the Devestator 🤭

  • I'm also trying to watch this video till the end with 5 %

  • Hey guys! I’m looking to learn VFX and 3D animation (inspired by your channel) is the Razor blade 15 really the best option? Also what is the best portable setup you recommend? (Laptop, drawing tablet etc)

  • We need more Pizza Steve

  • I liked Niko's messaging with his. proud of him taking a stand

  • Could someone make a tutorial on how to make pizza Steve look like Pizza The Hut from Spaceballs

  • pizza steveeeeee..

  • What software did they use for this??


  • Take a shot for every time they say "Pizza Steve"

  • Every time Niko wants and tries to say something inspiring, he just bursts into laughter.

  • Already looking back at all the masks, "social distancing" and "pandemic" culture and just absolutely cringing. .. funniest meme of 2020!

  • Now I want pizza. 😆

  • This just tells me that theses are useless as laptops due to the lack of battery no point in it being portable when you need to be not portable made for work on the go but only for like 50 mins just get a of at that point

    • Actually, considering what they were doing, that battery life is solid. Realtime rendering of a 3D scene, rendering, export, AND screen capture all at the same time, at 4K resolution, uses an immense amount of processing power, and requires a lot of electrical current to do that. The fact it did all of that at once for over an hour on just a single battery speaks volumes about the laptop's design, at least under stress. That being said, because it takes so much power to do those kinds of things is the exact motivator for most 3D/VFX artists to work on desktops. However, since these guys do a lot of traveling for scenes, a laptop like this allows the crew to do some preliminary VFX on site before they return to the studio or a hotel room to plug in the charger. Lugging around a desktop and all peripherals practically requires its own suitcase. That laptop, its charger, and a mouse would just be another item in their carry-on. And hence the advertising - this would absolutely appeal to people constantly on the go making shots who want to add some serious VFX or fully CGI renders while traveling. Assuming anyone interested could afford those prices.

  • 3:54 he does not know what social distancing is Also what is going on with his neck

  • You should have to wear a mask or separate if you know your not sick lol socialism is taking over

  • Every one of these guys titles starts with "CGI Artist(s)"


  • Isn't Niko just helping out Pizza Hut since they pizza king?

  • Look at Niko, them look at the sign behind him

  • More CG battles please🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • nobody realizes pizza steve if from a kids how, uncle grandpa.

  • If Niko had 1 hr 15 min battery time , why is the video 13 minutes 🤔🤔🤔

  • Corridor crew is there a place where you guys get the free models you use

  • The peperony is wet? No thart maybe tear?

  • "0:30 " Perhaps, for faceapp you might wonder about , *𝑻𝑹𝑰𝑿𝑯𝑨𝑿. 𝑵𝑬𝑻* !! With the update recently on v.6. 53 35x were victorious with their trials 💪💪💪 💕💕💕

  • They gettin all deep on a pepperoni pizza Shit, now I want pizza

  • Pizza steve

  • Niko's CC cap is legit