Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 17

Publicēšanas datums 4 jūl 2020
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Niko, Clint, and stuntman Aaron Toney break down some of the craziest stunts in Hollywood!
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  • Aaron is awesome! I love this series and everyone is always great, but Aaron is a straight up king

  • A A Ron

  • React to IP man vs 3 masters real name: Donnie yen

  • Guns Akimbo

  • Gui is, like, the hidden Mickey of Marvel movies, almost.

  • Absolutely cool! Great to watch this

  • RIP *Chadwick*

  • When he said falcon was full cgi they're like wtf no comment how is that cgi

  • I love how he said Power Rangers too Pirates of the Caribbean. Worst thing he worked on to best. 😂😂😂

  • You joke, but I would watch the hell out of a "Morticians React" with Caitlin Doughty breaking down good and bad death scenes, à la Christopher Lee correcting Peter Jackson on Sarumon's death scene.

  • Rip Chadwick Bozeman

  • Obviously I know nothing about being a stunt person, but when I trained in MMA they sort of teach you how to fall without hurting yourself say if someone were to flip you over their body you slam your arms on the mat before your legs. Very efficient.

  • Love this channel! Since we’re coming up on Halloween, can you guys comment on VFX and stunt work on various horror films? Practical effects in An American Werewolf In London is a great example.

  • Niko i love your Initial D shirt


  • Here's to that guy that controlled the spotlight, yeah we didn't forget you. Good job

  • Go really old school. Talk about Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, and Charlie Chase.

  • Do a cameraman reaction video, it would be so cool

  • Anyone know where niko got that shirt because I want one

  • 13:29 MP Wren Is that like Most Valuable Player, without the Value?

  • Of course it was hot had Scarlett Johansson and Elizabeth Olsen there...

  • Idk how that's killmonger like OMG

  • Aaron's bonet is One Ok Rock... Wow.

  • I don't care if I'm months late Aarons beanie: "ONE OK ROCK" absolutely amazing band.

  • Rip Chadwick

  • Any fight scene from the protector

  • RIP Chadwick

  • Aaron is awesome!

  • Yeah, y'all did the protect, it's like 2 I think, where it has a 6-7 minute continuous fight up a tower basically. That'd be great to see a reaction to

  • Daniel 5:22-23 And you his son, Belshazzar, have not humbled your heart, though you know all this, but you have lifted up yourself against the Lord of heaven. And the vessels of His house have been brought in before you, and you and your Lords, your wives, and your concubines have drunk wine from them. And you have praised the gods of silver and gold, of bronze, iron, wood, and stone, which do not see or hear or know, but the God in Whose hand is your breath, and Whose are all your ways, you have not honored.

  • Please get Heidi Moneymaker on the show (yes thats her real name) - she has doubled scarlett Johansson as black widow for a decade! Ever since iron man 2

  • React to rackaracka's videos

  • nightcrawler from x2 white house scene

  • Man the fight scene with the elephant in ong back 3

  • Do more Tony Jaa

  • More Tony ja!

  • Ong Bak is one of the best foreign movies ive ever seen... it comes second to D13

  • Thumbs up for Eddy 9:02


  • TRUE LEGEND, you guys should absolutely check out TRUE LEGEND omg some of the best creative fight choreographed scenes I've personally ever seen.

  • Do KGF

  • No black panther 2😥

  • Stunt experts are on the same level as the main talent to me but I also get the need for both. Both study thier part for months and years, compared with years of training. I hope we start giving them more shine

  • I would feel like a total superhero if I did fighting. MANNNNN. I would love to do this!

  • Oh my, Aaron is amazing as a guest! Really enjoying his insight and willingness to share information.

  • I would love to see Stuntmen react to the the scene from Iron Man 3 where Tony catches all of the people who fell out of Air Force One.

  • Well, as a Historian, I'd like to see 'Historians react'.

  • How about do a War of the Worlds '53 vs the 2005 version?!

  • I'm still surprised by how much actually went into that scene where Falcon was hit with the repulsor.

  • Aaron Tony really added a lot. It's nice to hear from someone involved with a major Marvel movie who isn't named Robert Downey, Jeremy R, Scarlett J, or Chris H. His stunts are legit.

  • Please watch Living Waters on LVcd

  • RIP Chadwick...the fact he did all this with cancer really is astonishing dedication

  • Tony has on the protector against 60 guys breaking bones

  • Is the ford from boneworks at 3:14?

  • Pls react to sye raa Narasimha Reddy fight scene ..

  • Watching the Black Panther breakdown makes me a little sad. RIP Chadwick Boseman.

  • How about the Man From Nowhere!!!

  • RIP Chadwick Boseman 😔

  • Rip Chadwick

  • Gui might be the new black panter rip chadwick 😭 we miss you

  • MATRIX!! The Neo vs Morpheus king fu is one of my FAVOURITE! Or any Scott Pilgram fights!💖

  • mask of zorro

  • RIP Chadwick

  • Do for Yuri Boyka

  • RIP ChadWick

  • now I gotta ask myself if Tom is doing a few of his stunts himself or not.. because he does have the agility of Spiderman..

  • Pls reaction film " the rebel " . Dòng máu anh hùng best film action from Vietnam

  • I just realized Aaron is wearing a One OK Rock Beanie. Hell yeah. JRock for the win!

  • aaron it’s so awesome

  • One Ok Rock beanny....i like his style

  • Omg, off topic but Aaron is wearing a One Ok Rock beanie and I’m living! One Ok Rock is such a great jrock band, this guy’s a good player in my books now

  • Look at the fight between Kakashi and Obito, Naruto Shippuden, Ep. 375. Definitely one of the best animated fights I've ever seen.

  • One ok rock

  • First Transporter movie - Axe fight and oil spill fight

  • i would want to hug aaron toney ....such a down to earth and so much of simplicity and yes sooo knowledge ....great person

  • Hardcore Henry.

  • The Perfect Camera Rig (2020)

  • You guys are so awesome

  • Well i guess no one's gonna talk about the OOR beanie he's wearing xD

  • Do commando series of bollywood

  • RIP Chadwick

  • Love from India 🇮🇳

  • One ok rock is the best

  • I’d love to see a stuntman react to Action Park. Because those guys just went full force with everything

  • Please do a stunt man reaction on IP MAN movies. There are 3 parts and is full of crazy kungfu style.

  • Rip chadwick

  • Aaron rocking that oor beanie. Lovin it

  • RIP Chadwick 🙏 #WakandaForever

  • Niko taking us back with the Initial D shirt.

  • Gui is like that Easter egg in a film that appears in select scenes that you have to look out for.

  • If First we Feast got Gordan Ramsay on their show you guys can get Jackie Chan on yours!!!! Let's do it!!!!

  • rest in peace king t'chala

  • This show keeps getting better

  • Rip Chadwick

  • It’s crazy that Chadwick did the fight scene with Micheal B. Jordan even though he had colon cancer. He was that dedicated to the role.

  • These stunt videos are the best. Stunt people are so interesting and don't get enough to credit in general

  • RIP black Panter 🖤

  • Rip chadwick 🙏😣 #wakandaforever

  • Bro react to Indian fight scenes 1. *ENTHIRAN* (ROBOT) train fight 2. *SYEE RA* interval fight 3. *IDDARAMAYILATHO* interval fight 4. *NAAN MAHAAN ALLA* climax fight 5. *MAGADHEERA* horse race

  • 29/8/2020 Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman🙏🏿