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In this video me Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler answer questions that girls are too afraid to ask us.
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asking tik tok boys questions girls are too afraid to ask
addison rae jaden hossler bryce hall tik tik tok



  • Bryce literally thinking about Addison

  • I'm that one weird girl that acts more like a guy then a girl XDDDDD

  • This is so old but you know smoking kinda makes you high but jaden makes me high tf

  • Guess what guys

  • Bryce's answer to everything "shut the fuck up Jaden still texts his ex" 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • "I don't like girls with no make-up" -Bryce AS HE IS LITERALLY DATING ADDISON 😒

  • Jaden know whats up with Spotify

  • nick: answering the questions Jaden: boutta beat u Bryce Bryce: Touching his nono zone

  • Its 2021 upload time lol nick also do anything to your hair but what you got going on.

  • No one: Jaden: * says anything * Bryce: you still talk to your ex

  • I hate the question “Do looks matter” cause everyone has at least one type. You date who you think is attractive. Yes, looks alone will only get you so far but a beautiful personality will make you 100 times more attractive in the eye of the beholder.

  • For me... I’m not a guy, but regardless I’m attracted to and first notice a genuine smile or kind eyes. Then it’s personality if you can make me laugh or smile and are genuinely a kind person... I fall instantly.

  • Bryce’s one-liners💀

  • Nobody: Literally Nobody: Jaden: "I'm FaStEr ThAn UsAin BoLt" Me: 🤣🤣

  • The reason me and my friends don't show feelings is because its hard to trust a new person, so we just show our feelings to each other

  • I was laughing the whole video instead of watching it😂

  • why does Jaden look sooo sad

  • Did he just say he doesn't like virgos or am I deff

  • Jaden is so freaking adorable 💖

  • 0:57 @madslewis this you ...

  • Ok, this was funny. But bro, there at the end bryce look like he was about to cry or something...

  • I know this is old in re watching old videos but Jaden does not look okay in this

  • Ok when nick said that Bryce had his guard up it broke me Bryce acts all tough but really he's super sweet😕❤❤❤


  • Does weight matter??

  • Bryce throughout half the video is scratching his thing

  • we ain’t wearing make up for boys. We do it for ourselves

  • Lol Bryce coming at jaden for talking to his ex (mads I think he was talking about) but now Bruce back with addi lol idc I love addi and Bryce but I thought it was funny ❤️😂😂❤️

  • me wording who was walking in the back ground

  • me staring at jayden the hole time

  • 7:30 Jaden: never done that once Bryce: yeah, once Jaden: EXACTLY so...once SHUT UP HAHA bro it’s just perfect

  • 6:04

  • 5:57

  • 5:39

  • 3:40

  • I'm sorry the list does not go on and on buddy

  • There’s Bryce and Nick and then there’s Jaden saying “I would” *pauses and starts to eat a capri sun straw wrapper* 😂😂

  • Ok just me or Bryce patting his ****

  • not to sound depressing or shit but why cant ever lad be like uses like the last person i was with always made me wear makeup and tell me want clothes to wear and it really doesn't help my depression or anxiety and panic attacks and i have no self confidence because i also have a skin condition where it make my skin like flake off so i get called lizard skin or spotty dog and is round my eye so people say i have pink eye ( i don't) but don't konw why just wrote this cause not going to get a reply so

  • bryce lied for some of these but you didnt hear it from me

  • Where is part 2 lol


  • First question is Dixie she sure gets around the sway house

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Not even Justin Gatlin: Jaden: "I'm faster than Usain Bolt"😂

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Not even Justin Gatlin: Jaden: "I'm faster than Usain Bolt"😂

  • nick make part 2 with blake and bryce josh and noah please more such videos

  • no one at all nick halfway through the video:HAVE YOU EVER HAD BANG ENERGY????!!!!?!

  • Bryce throughout the whole video was scraching his .... like ..

  • Umm Jaden is kinda making me act up with his rings😳

  • why was bryce scratching is stuff so much

  • Learnt alot,lol

  • I hope they're friendship last

  • LUv u Jaden & Brycee

  • Jaden looks like he's in a mood kind of..

  • Ngl I fit bryce's preference

  • you're probably the three least attractive people on the planet.

  • No one Literally no one Jaden, “why would I show off my girlfriend when I can show off my boyfriend.”🤣


  • Bryce:do you bobo Also Bryce:entitle 🙄 PAU owner:👉👈

  • The fact that mads was walking in the back

  • Y’all I think we have hope 🥺🤭❤️

  • When Jaden was talking about girls eyes and doing the faces I was strangling myself to make sure I didn’t burst out laughing at 12am lmaoooooo

  • no one: nick bean:stay young using bang

  • Nobody Jaden: why would I show of my girlfriend when I can show of my boyfriend

  • did you and edwin quit youtube????

  • Do you boo-boo - Bryce Hall

  • why are they making simple question so hard

  • JADS for lifeeeeeeeeeeeeee Braddison

  • Do ya'll care about age differences?

  • When JXDN said eyes I was like thats the same for me and pls tell JXDN that i love him and his music

  • Idk why but the whole time, I was thinking, "Who gave this child a caprisun and said it was alcohol?" at the beginning


  • 5:44 Jaden's smile look cute

  • Ceo of Bryce: saying you still talk to you ex😂😂😂

  • 10:46 that was so random😂😂 𝙱𝚞𝚝 cute

  • Jaden needs to post youtube videos!!

  • My eyes r rlly weird lol There’s like orange in the middle like aqua greenish color & then blue on the outer ring hehe

  • They said they like girls without followers but like without followers how will we get you guys to notice us?

  • Kio in the background around the 8 minute mark made the video for me

  • 0:53 was that mads walking by?

  • am I the only one coming back to this video now LMAO

  • What do guys look for in a girl?

  • Do guys like girls who are too emotional?

  • Do guys like when girls make the first move?

  • Why is Bryce wearing a faZe sweater And why is Jaden wearing a McDonald’s sweater

  • ok but the part about being fake kinda made me sad ngl but ive always stanned them so like its ok

  • Y me dicen rollo surfero, y yo aver a ver pero que dices de surfero, que me estás contando si yo sor de Pamplona. Amaia de España.

  • This comment is not related to the video but I AM OBSESSED WITH JADENS MUSIC Comatose hits

  • It's 57k likes now plz do a part 2

  • jaden and nick talking about emotions and how they don’t realize they miss someone till later on bryce there like 😅😔🙁

  • bryce: “do looks matter?, not at all” “as long as they have a sense of humor” as previously stated if u laugh at him shitting his pants...ur in 😂 🥺🥺 but I do like that he said that

  • bryce and jaden: “I like crazy” reason number 764 of why I love jaden hossler🖤✨ he likes em crazy🤪 but bryce do be hitting different now that I know this 🥴 lowkey hate towards Addison...but I don’t see it...but maybe there’s a side we haven’t seen😳

  • 0:33 reason number 672 of why I love jaden hossler his quick ass combacks❤️❤️ love my rockstar🖤 4:04 reason number 673 🖤 5:24 eats plastic 😂 674 6:41 not afraid to cry 675 7:10 talks about his emotions 676 7:53 likes natural beauty an loves no makeup 🥺 677 8:38 doesn’t care about numbers 678 9:12 doesn’t like rude girls bc rockstar baby is a sweetheart 🖤✨ 679 9:38 he gets nervous🥺🥺

  • me laughing with them like im there

  • is it just me or is every sponsor bang : |

  • This video has to be the best video I have watched there is so many funny things going on

  • i still cant get over nicks laugh 💀💀

  • DO A PART 2

  • No one: Not even one soul: Definetly not bryce and jaden still talking to there exes: ᗩᑎTᕼOᑎY:walks around the back for likr one muinite