If Your Eye was a Camera What Would the Specs be?

Publicēšanas datums 17 nov 2020
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Niko and Peter are ready to reveal the ultimate camera - with specifications that EXCEED the human eye! .. the only problem is that they don't know what those specifications are.
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  • Customer support? My eyeCamera has developed cataracts... is this or is this not planned obsolescence?!?!

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  • Uhm than yuo mus Take yuor eye out

  • More contents like this!

  • Well I can see cleary every difference between 144hz vs 60hz

  • All of the shots have to have a little bit of nose in the way

  • How will you remove your eye and put this eye Camera thingy_??

  • I want red boiiii

  • Having lost an eye, I think about how far off are we from reproducing a human eye. Dam.

  • You can't get this camera in Brown???

  • Wait, what size memory card do I need to buy? Can I have an implant in my brain like johnny mnemonics of 80 GB?

  • Depends who we are talking about. Some people's specs are poor.

  • Another example of focus are.... I can olny focus on middle of video

  • Ironically, this is something I have wondered for a long time now, glad to learn.

  • At the fov is wrong i think beacuse we have two eye and our mind create ehat you see so we need to camera

  • my color is 3

  • You forgot that the eye is waterproof

  • Bionics companies want to speak with you. You just need a way to hook it up to our optic nerve now.

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  • You,did tried in your eyes

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  • I’ve been thinking about this for like a year and finally you made a video

  • Blue

  • I mean with a camera you can zoom in but you cant with you eyes

  • What's panda doing here

  • Introducing our new product the ieye

  • and all this somehow evolved from a rock

  • Called BS on everyone having a blind spot, so I searched youtube on how to find your own blindspot... My life is a lie.

  • EyeSO ? 10:08

  • Is this Apple Iyes coming with USB C or they will have an adaptor for each possible eye disease?

  • I want a blue colored eyecam

  • BLEU

  • I keeps on forgetting they are a company not jus a group of friends

  • Bluw

  • You lost me at “And”

  • Did anyone notice the discord notification at 3:50?

  • The total resolution and frame rate as well as performance are kinda problematic. Human eye is actually quite miserable sensor with extremely low quality optics. This is compensated by quite overpowered processor which is the human brain. Most of the picture you see throughout the day and most of the stuff you remember is made up. The true human vision is a world of blur with randomly and dynamically snapped anchor frames adjusted from memory. It ranges anywhere from 10 to 200fps with an angle of view anywhere between 1 and 180 degrees. More or less, the higher the frame rate, the smaller angle of view. Furthermore, whatever the brain manages to identify, it will automatically fill in from memory, loosing interest in further scanning, unless the object is the point of interest. That's why stupid accidents with bikers happen. Bikers are tough to visually identify (for number of reasons) and so untrained humans have trouble judging their speed, distance and position, even their existence. That is another important point, because whatever the brain can't identify and don't have time to scan properly, it will simply erase. I guess that is to avoid later memory conflicts and processing issues. So making a camera as good as human eye depends really not as much on the camera as it depends on the computer attached.

  • Now I’ve to get bold! You can’t compare the human eye with a camera! That would be comparing apples with a steak! Why you ask? One interesting question, multiple answers. Overall spoken the eyeball equals the lens and the sensor. That’s it. But what a camera can capture and display is heavily depending of the combination of lens, sensor, a/d-converter and, most importantly, the program that runs inside the camera body. The same is true for the combination eyeball brain. Nearly everything you can read about what’s going on in the brain is merely an assumption based on what’s going on in a camera. But Nature doesn’t work on a logically based set of rules. Nobody knows for sure what’s happening, actually. Nobody knows the "program" that is running in the brain. Nobody it’s features. So nobody can write a program for a camera that meets the specs of the brain. But that would be an requirement for a real comparison. Everything that hits the sensor, hits the retina as well. The processing on the other hand is, I would say, fundamentally different. But nice try. 😉 P.S. I like your channel and yes I’ve subscribed. Please keep up your excellent work!

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  • Are they Steve Jobs brothers because they kinda look like.

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  • well it won't be able to run crysis

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  • Green! Also this is so so so sick!

  • I wont buy it unless it has LED lighting

  • Is that a Discord ding at 4:00?

  • Flesh is weak praise the Omnisiah!

  • My eyes spec would be 5 px and the lenses would be smudged with oily fingers.

  • 3:57 turn off discord when exporting!

  • You can't use the cameras optical zoom because that's cheating.

  • this is fake if its better than the eye u cant se it #getcancelled xd xd xd xd xd xd xd

  • my eye specs will have idk nvidia geforce 210 because my eyes are bad

  • Eye lid cleaning attachment extra

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  • That was my thoughts always. I used to wonder how much megapixel would our eye be n used to try portrait mode with my eye often. 😂😂😂

  • Can I get mine with a cool design on it?

  • Nice American Psycho reference at 8:17

  • for blind people it would be those school cameras aka 0.1 specs

  • If this exists, this would revolutionize eyesight for the blind, which would obviously let them have eye sight, probably 100X better that a person with normal eyesight that would hook up to the brain

  • 0:13 wtf!!????!!

  • The two finger trick didn't work, I almost poked my eye out but I still see the other fingertip 😭

  • I am Very Gratefull that i have 2 iey Camera

  • my problem is when Im looking around it dosent feel like 60fps it just 30fps can anyone send me their specs

  • I know this is light-hearted fun exploring how we can relate camera specs to the human eye, but modern cinema camera technology is deigned and utilised to replicate human vision and perception most accurately. The reason we shoot in 24fps is because it most naturally replicates the motion blur of a human eye - anything higher like 60 or 120 looks unnatural. Resolution only needs to be high enough to replicate the image at an acceptable sharpness, where the eye cannot detect pixellation, this depends on the screen it's being shown on and pixel density there. Anything exposure related (including ISO) is bottlenecked by the display, since we use a REC709 colour profile to replicate human vision, which has a dynamic range of ~8 stops - we can see more, and so can cameras, but anything in a film is graded to match REC709 since it'll always be displayed at that limit. HDR is opening up that limit a little, but still no where near the proposed 20 stops of the human eye.

  • Someone's going to make one of these one day...

  • you guys should reach to killer bean by left lew ( worked on the matrix, transformers, x-men

  • you guys should reach to killer bean by left lew ( worked on the matrix, transformers, x-men

  • that intro music is Black Desert menu music lol

  • Fantastic sponsor segment, first time I watched through the whole thing, I love it!

  • Hazel

  • 12:00 Flamingo uses this song for his intro

  • Human eye doesn't cost any money, but Ur iballs are expensive.

  • So roughly 16K.

  • No one: Tim Cook: *INVEST*

  • I just realized that a camera's lens is like its glasses. Maybe they should use a prime lens because we can't zoom in with our eyes

  • The fps thing is invalid. Cause the game has to do 120 if the hrz is at 120 for it to "work".

  • Feels good when you know what they’re talking about

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  • Why aren’t these guys working on any big block buster films? They have such an in-depth understanding of visual effects that they are the best ones for the job

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  • It's the best video of you guys for me cause I'm extremely fascinating about our eyes compared to high res cameras today so thanks a lot love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • The picture of Arnold on the wall😂

  • I’ll pay extra for Red.

  • You know how back in the day our slow old snes and gameboy games never seemed slow, until now when most people play on 60fps and old games seem so slow you can almost see the individual frames. That's most likely why only certain people could tell the 60 to 120 difference. I suspect those few play on 120 or more

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  • 4:23 no one: geometry dash players: *complaining that 220fps is too laggy*

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  • I was expecting the turboencabulator ending where he unrolls the pricetag of 750,000,000 "its not cheap, but I'm sure the government will buy it" (lvcd.info/watch/pcRwd2qphKlmd5s/video.html)

  • This may be my favorite thing they have done. Much Mythbuster energy.

  • Nice pun. 😁

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  • you all are great minded sometimes i think you are the Albert Einstein

  • I always have a little “wtf” conversation with God after I’m on the beach for 10 minutes with my eyes closed. Auto White Balance, really?

    • Lol, Relatable.

    • Actually that's very relaxing, like in all these cities filled with concrete buildings and concrete roads and gray cars, it's nice to see some color once in a while. Sometimes I just stand at the side of the road with my eyes closed.

    • plssss when it all goes a bit blueish and desaturated?? madness.

  • Me who plays on 240 fps 🤨