Our Newest Employee Remasters our Oldest VFX

Publicēšanas datums 21 okt 2020
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In an attempt to benchmark his new RTX3090, and dunk on Sam's 2012 VFX skills, Peter sets out to completely remaster his favorite shot from a classic corridor video: "The Glitch." But first he will have to search the Corridor Archives to access the original project files... if they still exist.
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  • 15:04 made me laugh so freaking hard

  • Lag is no excuse the lag: 15:04

  • 15:37 HeEeEEeeE

  • I wish I could do special effects

  • Wow mad respect to them

  • Fix old scooby doo movie monster ,and the incredible bulk

  • mom: Why don't you go play with the neighbor's kid? the neighbor's kid: 16:03

  • If peter was 3 in 2011 he would be like 12 now

  • My brother: *kicks and punches me so hard I can't breathe* Me: *gently pushes him to the side* My brother: 16:04

  • Don’t hug me I’m scared 7

  • Make Captain Underpants But Live Action

  • Oops I met 11 or 12😅

  • Peter said he was 3 or 4 in 2012 so he is 15 or 16😂🤔

  • The old one’s better

  • 16:03 for people who wanna see the animation alone

  • Ok Peter if you where born when it came out and it came out in 2012 and I'm 10 and I was born in 2010 your like 8

  • I hope they can find the video and remake it with this new equipment

  • Remember when the fbe kids were a little scared when they saw the original? I think they would have got a heart attack if they saw this

  • What's the old and new video called

  • *Before I start my funeral let’s thank today’s sponsor. RAID SHADOW LEGENDS*

  • December 2011 I was born

  • Remember when the puget system with 4 1080s was powerful

  • Master cheif is better now

  • Let's go blender

  • If anyone wants to know the music at 9:19 it's the Radetzky March

  • I’m picking up some Gus Johnson vibes on that ad

  • What did they used to insert the character

  • The concerned face of the minecraft guy tho...

  • old

  • 0:49 This gave me nightmares

  • reminded me of the rubber johnny video

  • Hear me out watch every 90s childrens commercial uncensored they used utterly realistic puppets but i hope u make a remastered version

  • thanks for remaking this

  • can u use cycles with out the annoying 4 seconds of blurriness before u see the actual thing u made

  • *Mario screaming in pain* Captions: (Applause)

  • 2000 12 octover i was bornd

  • I really wanna try triple x vitamin water with 5 hour energy now

  • 0:29 cyberpunk 2077 be like

  • 15:03 when I Touch the food in the sink after washing the dishes

  • Worst script ever 😑😑😑

  • me: is mario okay? mario: Y E S

  • the old mario from the glitch actualy looks suppirior cause they look videogamelike

  • the old Mario from the glitch looks way scarier but now the new mario from the glitch is super scarier

  • I am a OG. I remember that video! :S

  • Meesa wanna sniffa a uhgunga

  • 4:12 "ofcourse I know him. He's me..."

  • 2011 seems like yesterday. Unless you were a teenager in 2011, then it seems like forever ago (I was 29).

  • Wait if the vid came out when he was like 4, that means. He is like 12

  • Plot Twist: Sam just wanted a free drink and rigged the whole first half of the video so he could get one for free.

  • Holy dang that's a sweet redo

  • My cousin showed me this when I was little and I was terrified

  • Minuto:12.37 Buongiorno italia

  • I think that was too long

  • No, not like this.

  • Peter, you absolute legend! Edit: holyfuck that rig made me cry.

  • Go Peter it made me laugh and cry since I've been following these guys for 10 years so it took me down memory lane of way back when. Man I'm old...

  • Respecc +++

  • Don't read my profile pic

  • I watched the old one a lonnnnnnnnng time ago.

  • Look I’m stupid so I’m just gonna ask. What were those things that they were looking through to see if it had the footage

  • Dude this horrified me when I was 5

  • Who else really thought this was the scariest video you watched a long time ago

  • Peter is such a good fit to the crew

  • When the new video come

  • Thats talent

  • me : lays on my arm my arm : 15:04

  • Peter is the extrovert, every Introvert wanna be friends with

  • Bruh he said he was like just born on the year the glitch came out...... So apparently Peter is a very tall very manly 8 year old.

  • 3:16 straight up creepypasta material

  • 16:03 Final Restores

  • 16:04

  • 2012 was the time i had my first birth day

  • Props for actually playing the clip twice, great work Peter! Perhaps it's time for a Glitch 2? ;)

  • 9:26 oh heck no

  • I've rewatched this video about 10 times now and I still cry with laughter every time because it's so damn good. Peter you are a gem

  • 1:20 the MU cap 🧢

  • “That was so beautiful”

  • 9:32 this is best

  • Best Part: 15:04

  • This is nostalgic

  • What the fuck was tthat lmao

  • i like the original better tho

  • 16:03 The glich 2

  • peters is better for 2 reasons 1.because he used blender. 2. he is better then all of you.

  • Uhh if he was two when it released then he's ten years old now... Your channel should be for kids lol

  • I'm waiting for a reupload of The Glitch with this fixed footage. XD

  • 🤛|🤜

  • I remember laughing at this when i was a child

  • this comment might get lost but i got a serious query. I saw a video some time ago where they talked about free ai programs online for 3d animation, but i cant find it again :( which one was it?

  • Troy Baker Jr.

  • Use LTO Tapes for archiving my dudes!

  • 3:13 you should've used this youtube video lvcd.info/watch/3NeGY4CQhaaun6c/video.html

  • 16:05 gud boye reward for yu this is de start

  • you guys should reach to killer bean by left lew ( worked on the matrix, transformers, x-men

  • Just a time stamp 4:28

  • did he just say he was four eight years ago he not twelve!!

  • Mario disobeyed his strict diet of 1 cigarette by a long shot

  • How did i miss this, it was made on my birthday :'v

  • Basically me when i eat sour food: 16:03

  • Nobody: Sonic 06 When you move 0.1 inch: 16:05