Do Real Combat Veterans Make Better Action Films?

Publicēšanas datums 28 nov 2019
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The crew heads down to Texas to make an insane action short with the guys from Black Rifle Coffee.
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  • Hi I like your videos and content but I'm not a coffee drinker. I volunteered for the Alabama Army National Guard on July 7, 2010 and went every weekend to the armory for weekend warriors then in October of that year I went for my basic training at fort jackson, sc. During my reception the doctor's found a few things that I didn't even know about well short story I received a medical discharge from my service but I was told because I didn't go through basic training I don't receive any veteran benefits even though I fell out of formation several times and fallen down 2 flights of stairs while I was on base in reception battalion. I have since then been a truck driver, security guard, and went to art institute for bachelor degree that I was never given. Now I am 30 years old and on disability due to what the army found out and I'm not entitled nothing. Can yall reach out to me and see if I can get some help. My disability is Arnold Chiari malformation I don't know how bad it is cause there are not specific specialist in Alabama. My email is

  • Media-"alt right group, Corridor Crew breaks furniture with Muslim-phobic veterans."

    • "Commercial promoting refusesal of serving coffee to afro-american army veterans" - "Company with the colour black in name are pro-violence, implying connection" - "Only male actor advert released, misogynie confirmed" .... There is so much a leftist journalist could come up with (and make himself a joke)

  • These guys are just Golden at BRCC. And the film crews really knocked this one out of the park!!!

  • Anybody else not like Jake? Idk what it is, I just feel uneasy when I see him 😂😂

  • @5:49 lmao imagine the dudes who film porn

  • "full suck, full chuck" is the new full send

  • Mat Best is truly an inspiration & one of the best humans on earth. All the BRC guys are top notch.

  • "That ain't new baby! WOOOO!!!" -- Terry Tate Office Linebacker

  • Does this company come to houston

  • I'm so glad I found this in 2020... Groups of 6+ and spitting coffee everywhere!

  • Meanwhile in la “ oh crap Wes shot the tv” says niko

  • @08:05 I just saw that same data box in an episode of “Rain” from Netflix! Holy crap 😂.

  • Loved the beast mode lmtv!

  • I'm a veteran who worked in the movie industry for about 4 years. Theyrr fucking terrible at making movies. The idiots in Hollywood don't care about details, they cut out legitimate ta ti s and replace them with bullshit that "looks COOL on camera." I tried my best to make their crappy films look cool but even with the help of veterans like myself, Hollywood is all bullshit. The film crews are idiots, the actors are full of more shit than a sewer and not o ly that but hollywood can't stand the military. Every time I wore my dress blues on set, they were sure not to allow us time to eat.

  • Black Rifle Coffee is awesome. So glad veterans are getting more job opportunities 💕🙏🏾

  • Yo when I saw the Thumbnail I was like, this is Mat Best and the guys from the Corridor together. I need to watch this 😂

  • Yes and no but their knowledge is priceless 😎🤘🎩

  • my guy looks like notch 😂😂

  • The irony of having a Biden commercial on this video.

  • The Pentagon and the See Eye Aye have to sign off on any motion pictures produced with any likeness of a soldier or an intelligence agent. And they are always directly involved with production and writing. Also they are pieces of shit who operate a military force for the purpose of overthrowing democratically elected leaders in foreign countries to install puppet regimes controlled by the US and go into foreign lands and rape and murder children so they can just fuck all the way off.


  • Did Clint know about the rona before everyone or why was he covering his mouth and nose

  • I’m not crying.

  • Rich was channeling (@2:57) Terry Tate (Office Linebacker) perfectly!

  • Thats the most american thing ever.

  • Welp. I know have ×100 respect for the crew. God bless the crew.

  • Can i suggest u, do something related to breaking bad, jake as walter white and wren as jessie pinkman please

  • Rich looks like the guy from "under the dome" if it was rich 😁🤪 and know i want some black rifle company and i'm from belgium 👌👍

  • This is so surreal seeing the Crew in my hometown. Like I know where they filmed all this, it's fucking crazy! 😂 And btw it's "kinda" in San Antonio, they're in Boerne which is a half hour drive.

  • Subscribed 👍🏾


  • Mat being emotional and serious meanwhile I'm loosing it over the fact that he is being serious but wearing a robe at the same time 🤣

  • Boy this aged like milk in light of Black Rifle Coffee's political views on racism and police brutality.

  • I love the behind the scenes as much as the actual vids. These are guys are awesome!

  • 10:26 “It’s Britney Bitch!”

  • When jake was just like “moms spaghetti “ I lost my shit😂

  • Sorry about ruining you shot

  • 6:09 LMAO

  • One of the coolest things I've ever seen. Mad respect for the Veterans for all they've done and continue to do. We truly appreciate you all.

  • One Take Jake

  • 8:01 the broken TV is there

  • It's an interesting question, just from a general filmic perspective. I would say having combat experience clearly can't hurt- if a filmmaker has firsthand combat experience and sets out to make a war film. But it's kind of complicated. The first filmmaker with combat experience who comes to mind is Sam Fuller. Sam Fuller is important for several reasons. First, he inspired countless great filmmakers, like Quentin Tarantino and Tim Robbins. And he was also one of the first successful writers who directed his own scripts. Fuller's combat experience was extensive, including the D-Day Normandy invasion. He made a film about these experiences, *The Big Red One* which was gutted by the studio upon release in 1980, but subsequently got a well-received "Apocalypse Now"-style director's cut re-release several years ago on dvd. It's a good film, some people consider it one of the greatest war films of all time. I like it, but I've never loved it. And, maybe paradoxically, for all of Fuller's firsthand experience, I would still say his depiction of the Normandy invasion pales in comparison to Spielberg's depiction 2 decades later in *Saving Private Ryan* despite the fact that Spielberg does not have a second's worth of military experience whatsoever. There is actually an endless parade of great war films that have been made by filmmakers who never picked up a weapon in their lives, films like Kubrick's "Paths of Glory" or Paul Verhoeven's "Soldier of Orange". So, I would say combat experience CAN clearly lend a filmmaker valuable intuition and insight when making a war film. Oliver Stone's *Platoon* and Jean-Pierre Melville's *Army of Shadows* are two GREAT examples of films made by men about wars they fought in themselves (Stone as an American infantryman during the Vietnam War, Melville as a resistance fighter in occupied France during WW2). But that personal experience is not always necessarily required to produce war films that matter.

    • Interesting point. I think that may be because war films are made for civilians, and therefore must at least partially coincide with the civilian idea of what war is like to be considered successful. So, you need to be a good filmmaker to do this, and not necessarily a veteran. Although, I'm sure being a veteran who can film/direct/write or at least having a veteran reference on set greatly helps increase the caliber of the film.

  • Everything's amazing here. Shoots , Humor and Veterans Making Coffee? Donating to Veterans? Keep it up

  • I love the fact that every other veteran has sleeves

  • This is probably the most wholesome corridor video ive ever seen

  • I would say no. Look at the The Siege of Firebase Gloria, with R. Lee Ermey. He wrote the screenplay too. It was totally gung ho, unrealistic patriotic interpretation of war.

  • Hey as I see that right Sam use the old russian Helios lens for the first shot?

  • You guys should make custom camera gear mearch like peter McKinnon’s camera bag and ND filters.

  • So inspiring, keep making the content you love and I'll keep watching 🤘

  • “Daddy didn’t raise no bitch.” Somewhere OS: “Yeah he did!”

  • I salute you

  • i mean, have you guys seen tropic thunder? im of course referring to the movie within the movie

  • 3:33 He looks like a buff *Jake Gylenhaal*

  • LVcd: We don’t care for guns Corridor: “Weapons are part of my religion”

  • I wish we had more Crispy

  • Ngl kinda cringed when Sam said army instead of military.

  • Yay murderers

  • Black Rifle is dope

  • #GetSamOnAFastAndFuriousMovie2021

  • To answer the question in the title as a combat veteran. No Have you seen act of valor? It's unwatchable. Also couldn't make it through 15 mins of range 15 without cringing my ballsack through my asshole

  • Respect to all soldiers and veterans out there

  • Wren looks gooooood with the jacket

  • i would love to see you guys do more with these guys, you all seem to get along and have fun. think it would be really cool to see them again. maybe in another short video or maybe something node related if at all possible.

  • 👊💥🇺🇲🇺🇲👍

  • Watched this a second time. What a great video.

  • No one: Me: waching this for the 10th time just to watch he saying * my daddy did not raise noe bitch* haha

  • imagine tryna rob a coffee cafe but everyone that works there has been in the army

  • Wish I could have said Hi at least :(

  • send em to the ranch

  • This is the wholesome content that the Corridor guys give us. Love it!

  • Thank you

  • Please make more and more of these collaborations with black rifle.


  • Hearing mat say that is cool. My dad's been in the army then the national guard for 31 years now. He isn't broken, he isnt damaged, he's just tired. Ready to live life like everyone else. I'm glad he's about to get out.

  • 8:30 is a spot on impression 👏

  • Matt Best said it correctly.

  • Just watched the Ad and you can see Christian in the mirror in the background of the fight scene lmao

  • 8:30 nick referencing ethan from h3h3

  • Happy for you that you can enjoy the rest of your life with coffee after wasting your young adult life doing some war stuff that noboby cares about. War is about money, about buying guns, countries can solve everything taking care of money. Terrorists are funded. Witouth money they are people in a dessert. Soldiers are just puppets. Hope you never realize, you will get depressed AF

  • Make a war movie with the guys from BRCC or a short film that would be insane .

  • It would be awesome if you sold green screens with your merch

  • You guys do dope stuff

  • i just hate the fact that the soldiers today are praised but the time they become veterans they become ignored and the valiant things that they did are just forgotten by the public

  • "My daddy didn't raise no bitch." Cracks me up every time.

  • Y thé spam Idk if they gon do taht lol

  • This commercial was FANTASTIC!!! The BRCC guys are just great and they were just perfect!!! ☕

  • You guys should have them play rainbow 6

  • I highly recommend a video “for the 25” a film with Logan and fellow soldiers about there combat deployment in Afghanistan.

  • Hires veterans for action sequences, immediately turns into mad max chaos. In all seriousness, this was awesome and all respect to these guys. Having veterans do more cinematic stuff would be amazing.

  • Is it just me or does their logo kinda remind me of the SIVA logo from Rise of Iron in Destiny?

  • Its the same way for us fire fighters. My brother was Air force tacp and I was type 1 wildland. When he came home from his past tour in the mid east we both noticed how hard the two different services hit us both. Though we dir different things we still ended up with the same nightmares and the same fears. The same difficulty in living in a normal citizen life. We have been fans of black rifle coffee since they opened their doors.

  • Wasn’t jt in the airforce not the army?

  • I’m just gonna say it Range 15 was hands down the worst movie I have ever seen

  • clint was on the road giving a mission briefing to a bunch of vets with rocks. Clint is the GOAT. 10:47

  • Mohammad wali tasleem?

  • I had a taste and I feel (mugged) :)

  • Sorry being british we must enforce our tea upon you Just kidding thank you for your service

  • This is awesome.

  • “This is the big truck it goes vroom” 10:35

  • At 2:59, that dude on the left sounds almost exactly like 'The Cole Train' from the Gears of War franchise, so if that *wasn't* intended to be a Gears reference to Cole, then thats a hilarious and ridiculous coincidence lmao if u never played any of the Gears of War series, but want to see what im talking about, look for best Cole Train moments or " Cole Train WHOOO compilations" in the first three Gears games, especially one and two. It wont take long before he yells a bunch of hilarious shit that almost always ends in ".... Baby! WHOOO", or some variation of that lmao and more often theres at least a "...WHOOO!..." When hes talking, except for when he's being serious cuz theyre fighting a war lol just found that mildly amusing