I Will Film a Movie Using a Game Engine!

Publicēšanas datums 8 apr 2020
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On this episode of Quarantine Crew, Sam explains where he's at with his mission to develop a small-scale virtual production workflow, using Unreal Engine, Unity, and motion capture. Matt shows off his green screen blanket, and Wes attempts to complete his most intense Instagram challenge yet!
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  • SFM animators: Am I a joke to you?

  • 5:55 the left monitor doesnt have a signal cable

  • Lol Gwen sounds like golem

  • Unreal is forever. _It had everything to blend worlds..._

  • sam is gonna be the coolest dad

  • Oh gosh, I haven’t seen this video yet and am juts meeting Gwen. What an angel, congrats on being a super rockin dad!

  • Why is there a discord sound??? lvcd.info/watch/19B7qIJ1jsyLbGw/video.html Love the vid

  • Matt has the filthy frank shirt

  • 3:58 so cool...., even I do that my self....thnkyou for tips :D

  • that liquid simulation of Gwen's vomit was nicely done!

  • Sam looks like a young Kubrick

  • 6:17 Wren: I fused my organs with an actual drone. Jan: Die, Drone Wren! Well, I guess we know what the next Corridor Crew video will be about.

  • I know it. That baby is vfx.

  • Shipping wes with creepy neighbour vanessa hahahah

  • Ill bet you 5000 dollars this fucking freedom hating liberal hasnt vaccinated his child

  • I'm disappointed you did a handshake during a pandemic matt

  • 5:16 he definitely likes spongebob, you can even see a squidward painting in the background I like this Matt guy..

  • I think we have the sam ram

  • Next video: We faked Sam's baby with 3D printed props and CGI.

  • Wow that Matt guy is sooooooo handsum

  • After watching Wes my back, knees, and wrists hurt. Thanks, guys. Also; I guess it's time for the whole world to learn Unity.

  • 5:53 "VF Flexin'" Nice.

  • I'm dying to see what Sam come up with. I have been waiting to use such technology for years.

  • I just noticed that Sam is a metalhead. I should've noticed the Ghost T-shirts.

  • I need Matt in front of the camera more often please

  • bro i genuinely thought that was a fake baby and could not see it as real at all, probably because i have not seen a real newborn in so long

  • Aahahaha I was crying during Matt's edit Wes! Nice job dude thats amazing SAAAAAM congrats my man. Can't wait to listen to your album. Sup Jake

  • I need a stronger PC so me and my friend can get into game development

  • I know you need 10 minutes to monetize, but couldn't you do 10 mins on the game engine part, and not do the 5+ minutes of filler crap?

  • 3D print a pickguard for a guitar

  • sam is so wholesome holding his 3d printed baby at the start

  • I was convinced that was a CGI baby for a while

  • Awesome and aaawwww adorable baby... WAIT!!! GWEN FROM BEN 10? Lol jk I mean unless she grows up and goes across the country with her grandpa in an rv and has a cousin who finds an alien watch that fell from space, haha ok I'm done my dumb joke.

  • Nice!! I love that you did the moves from mah BOY Travis Wong!!! Also, Unreal movie making is LEGIT!! I gotta connect you with Eric Jacobus

  • 6:37 I thought it was my discord notification lol

  • The hell, Unreal engine, what are you making watch dogs?

  • sam is gonna look like notch if he becomes bald

  • Anyone know the model of the open air case he has mounted?

  • I have never heard so much crap, there is literally zero drop in rendering quality from UE4, it's realtime so he won't need to render it anyway but it has one of the highest quality and robust rendering systems out there, there lighting is second to none, mandalorian uses the system that it does because the quality is ultra realistic, they don't need to greenscreen anymore because they just use photoscanned environments inside of the unreal engine, it looks real, no drop in quality, i cant get over how he can say that with a straight face lol. WITHIN SECONDS of him saying that the rendering quality is low he states that you don't even have to render because it's realtime, contradicting yourself within seconds of the same sentence, damn. The quality drop from sam's video will be due to sam being bad at making videos in unreal engine, nothing more nothing less.

  • Don’t forget to activate your windows

  • It's not new. GTA online uses in game contest to shoot with actual in game camera.

  • Sam: puts fake baby in video Sams wife: *thats not my baby who tf are you cheating on me with* Sam:wait it’s a jo.......... Sams wife: *shoots sam*

  • there’s a discord notif noise in this and it made me excited

  • Bullshit

  • no one is going to see this but "hellblade Senua's sacrifice" did this really well so its quite awesome to see all their devlogs surrounding it and its worth checking out.

  • The pores on baby's skin look nice and real

  • How many of you from cg corridor are music artists ? Lol Because I see too many of them

  • FL studio is best lol

  • That baby look so real

  • feel weird for screen recording sam’s motivational message but if anything is going to get me through this it’s that

  • At 6:41 you hear a discord notification, just me? Ok

  • Really good cgi baby

  • SAM! Hold her head dude! What are you doing? 😅

  • Bro!!! The Kemper profiler! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Vanessas tryna smash

  • God Wes' Jordans must be so creased now

  • Welcome Gwen sorry about the mess but it’s gonna be alright

  • Is that mouse a Sensei? I think I have the same one.

  • Oh such a sweet dad! Welcome to the world little one. Hope this mess is over soon so you can discover the world together

  • i like that sam is djenty

  • Personally, I started working in blender and watching folks doing SFX breakdown and what not makes me want to try it out

  • bro that discord sound threw me so hard

  • why not blender ?

  • Qwen looks like those plastic baby models with individual hairs and fake ears and mouths and stuff. She almost looks fake, idk why it I might just be the camera or something idk. She just looks fake somehow 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • I love that sam shreds

  • Gwen and Gideon Gorski... wonderful.

  • 06:35 holy shit I thought that was on my pc

  • I would love to buy all your stuff, only, half of the time you are out of stock, since i'm from Belgium, shipping is about the price of a T-shirt :D and would like to be able to get it al at once. the other is our customs, which is redonculace, think it's about 75€ extra to get it at home. So any chance you will plan something for EU customer for sales? or at least add an option to be able to buy and ship once?

  • If Wes falls and hurts himself, he should call up Wesley and Wesley Inc. to represent him against the creepy neighbor.

  • Build a tiny car for your baby. I know you want to.

  • What does Wes actually do in corridor?

  • That baby looks so real. Render time must have been long.

  • Congratulations Sam it may be a hard time but we can make it through

  • My boy wes with the crimson tints twinning

  • Aaaaand I want another baby, god dammit. 😂 Vanessa is cute as hell too.

  • Didn't realize you played guitar (and obviously some other instruments like keyboards) too. Yet one more thing we have in common lol (although I suspect your talent much much > mine). Cheers 🤘🏼


  • Didn't know there were so many canadians in the corridor crew

  • I saw your black rifle coffee ad on while I was watching LVcd

  • Baby is CG

  • It's like the actual vlog channel coming back?

  • Nice job, Wes!

  • Congrats on your kid Sam! Where to find the guitar video’s?

  • Wow that scene where wren is a drone was top tier

  • can you do VFX reaction on Resident evil final chapter please

  • it dont need to lose quality, i use megascans assets, and doing a good work with the image, camera and lighting is possible to have a hollwywood quality

  • A good 3d model engine is Blender

  • You can't fool us, we all know Gwen is 100% CGI

  • Hey guys newly subscribed but I was wondering if you guys could try to either redo the spawn movie cgi big moments or at least review the cgi moments in it, thanks! Keep up the amazing content

  • Is that a cgi baby?

  • Definitely not the best time to have a baby (also cute baby)

  • Unreal was first made as a game engine, but through the years, it became others, product design, photo realistic renderings, and newly, film making.

  • 4:00 what case is Sam using for his wall PC?

  • Wait, another kid?! irish twins!

  • Bruh you got a darkglass pedal. #goals

  • who else saw bold and brash on the wall?

  • Gwen more like g-wen

  • Daddy What happened when i was born A virus is spreading so you couldn't get out for the bigining of your life

  • Congratulations, dude! 🙏🏻👶🏼

  • Wes, sorry but you didn't do it. You put your hand on the floor.