VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 19

Publicēšanas datums 15 feb 2020
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The Crew is joined by award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor Matt Aitken from Weta Digital to breakdown and react to CGi from their past films! Thanks to Weta Digital for the Exclusive Clips!
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  • That commercial was pure comedy GOLD! You should create an ad collection.

  • That add at the end was everything 😂😂

  • Do king kong 1933!!

  • I had to just watch the whole ad lmao

  • The particular scene that sticks to Matt's mind is T- Rex from Jurrassic Park and guess who did that shot ? world's oldest VFX company and pioneers of modern VFX technology: Industrial Light and Magic. And my favorite VFX company 😍😘

  • isn't what he talked about in avatar the same thing sam tryed to do before ? have the camera film in the game directly. why is sam saying its useless when the avatar guy said it was paramount to doing the scenes rights ?

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • Hey Corridor guys! Would be great to see Stranger Things in one of your episodes. Its tv series of course but maybe good enough to take a look at ;)... cheers!

  • Damn, I thought it was Ser Davos for a bit

  • Why Peter is not in the latest videos

  • man Matt!

  • "Miniatures" 🤣😂 they are some big ass miniatures hahaha

  • Avatar 2 is being wor haha yeah sure bud

  • lvcd.info/watch/tbWlpqWXnLiZd3k/video.html Just watch this south indian movie

  • That squarespace ad was actually pretty funny.

  • That... is the most unique Squarespace ad I've ever seen

  • Can you look at grown ups 2 the cgi deer at the beginning of the movies.

  • Get John Knol guys! ILM

  • 200 mph plz great shit cgi

  • Who else thought he was about to say Kongs Di** 5:32 “let’s talk about Kongs diff”

  • I love Jake, he's crazy(fun, sporty, hilarious, handsome and GREAT)

  • Each year milions of people pay for crappy websites - to squarspace!

  • Do better call Saul for good gun sounds

  • am wondering how they could make such good quality movies with those computers and screens . now days we cant even watch those movies in i7 laptops . i tried after effects and it takes 12 hours to render a video of 45 seconds hhhhhh

  • When are you guys gonna do The Hobbit movies?

  • I love how 2005 Kong looks more like an actual ape than 2017 Kong.

  • please react to the vfx of fast and furious series

  • Pirates of the carribean

  • Corridor, react to this: lvcd.info/watch/w9CmemaTa7l8g58/video.html

  • Please review ‘The Fifth Element’!!!

  • Why are Jake's comercials soo entertaining

  • Sky captain and the world of tomorrow

  • Avatar 2 and Avatar 3, probably gona take them like 10 more years to finish those 😂😂

  • Fun fact: a t-rex can absolutely see you if you stand still 🙂

  • Please guyS make aalavandaan

  • Ghostbusters.

  • God I love 2005 King Kong! So much better than skull island

  • Take my friend wren...before square space, he was locked in a small cage and only fed dirty toilet water and 3 bits of kibble a day. Oh, that’s a good set of commercials to rip on but I have to admit, even your fake one made me want to change the channel (click a different video in this case), when it came on! Sooooo, annoying!

  • Please metropolis for review / react lol

  • Could you react to smaug in Hobbit?

  • Could you guys maybe react to Rango? That CG looked really ahead of it's time.

  • 10:34 That Gabe Newell feeling when someone asks for HL3

  • 10:33 when he says "I think I can" and then Mickey pops up.. 😂 that's definitely a sign that Disney's always keeping eyes on you 👁️👁️

  • Huh, if Avengers Endgame made the most money of all time... does that mean people went to see endgame without seeing Infinity War... how could you understand what's going on 😂

  • 1:01 Um, that clip is from The Hobbit lol

  • Do the thing

  • You should react to Tenet.

  • 10:16 Imagine if Avatar looked like that, seeing that in imax would be.....crazy

  • *11:21* Jake petting that laptop was somehow very unsettling 😂

  • woop 6000

  • Jp1 still looks better than avatar

  • Mickey popping up made me shoot milkshake out my nose...😂🤣

  • I realy like these vids but please stop with that asking to subscribe bullshit. 4 ads, 1:30 min sponsor segment and 3 interuptions for subsribing is way too much


  • Alternative title: Jake strokes a laptop for a minute and a half, oh and some vfx artists look at some clips. I guess.

  • I'm sorry, what? Andy Serkis wasn't only Gollum, but he was also Kong?

  • I would love to to someone for jurassic Park to talk about how they created the dinosaurs. Like how the created the sound, movement....then would love to see how the they now created Blue from the new films. Now that would be really cool to see!


  • The eye glare on King Kong's death is maybe inspired on "The Thing" where they use a similar technique. Eye glare for the non-assimilated (alive) and no eye glare for the assimilated humans (dead).

  • So you're telling me that there is a avatar 2?!?!?!!???

  • Dude’s been involved in two of top grossing films ever. That’s awesome

  • So the quietest, most humble guy is hands down the most technical genius ever!!! Could you imagine him in 1977 working on star wars!?!

  • speed racer

  • It sounds life he said " i think we should talk about kongs dick"...


  • That was the best squarespace ad I have ever seen.

  • Not sure if its been done already but irobot would be a good one

  • One of the most emotional advertisment ever😭

  • You should do Godzilla vfx

  • That's probably the best Squarespace ad I've ever seen, lmao.

  • CGI in Jurassic Park is still better than Avatar and King Kong 😎

  • Do the David Lynch Dune!!

  • It would be so cool if you guys made a video about the effects of Smaug, from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Or else, something from Harry Potter...

  • You guys should react to Mayabazar (1957) an Indian epic fantasy film

  • King kong

  • The Boys

  • Please react to the matrix hallway scene please

  • Amazing guest

  • This guy worked on Jurassic Park. LOTR, K.K, Avatar 1,2,3, Marvel movies. He has the most heaviest CV on this Planet.

  • Jake almost laughing during the ad made me laugh so hard for some reason

  • There are SO MUCH editing techniques used to make us watch EVERY SINGLE SECOND of these videos...

  • "One and only Iven" this move have some very realistic looking animals gorillas, elephants, dogs,bunnies and sea lions.

    • can you make a reaction video.

  • I will recommend Ted (2012) every episode

  • You always shit on King Kong yet when the person who. helped developed the movie. Then you sick his vfx dick lol Come on you better than that.

    • @ikelmnao who talking too .. lol what I said is 💯 facts

  • Get Peter Jackson on your show

  • Could you guys analyze why the liquid metal in T1000 in Terminator Genesys looks so similar to the one in Terminator 2 having a 24 years gap? Was T2 too advanced? Was TGen too bad?

  • First squarespacd advert I actually watched

  • The square space sponsor ad😂💀🖤

  • I'm interested to see the revolutionary effects he's talking about. I just wish they were going into a better movie. I think James Cameron is seriously overestimating how much people care about Avatar. For what was the biggest movie of all time, till very recently, it's barely discussed anymore except in regard to the sequels. The first film brought people in through a sense of immersion and the type of 3D that hadn't been done before. 3D died pretty quickly after that because it's a stupid gimmick and it makes watching a movie more difficult. It also dims the colour on screen that someone painstakingly lit. I'm sure the new effects will be impressive but that won't be enough to bring people in for 4 sequels. Amazing visuals are in pretty much every film that comes out these days. Even some TV shows. That really only leaves the story to draw people in. Let's be honest, the story was only a skeleton on which to hang the special effects. It wasn't even an original idea. It pulled from various sources to create a very basic "environmental destruction by people who want planet's natural resources" story. I can't even imagine where one sequel, let alone four, would even go in regard to story. I'm pretty sure HISHE and others pointed out why a sequel is unnecessary. Here's the basic story for the sequel. The humans arrive at Pandora after a quick trip to Earth and back. They have every ship available all loaded with a crap tonne of bombs. They spread out and blanket the entire planet with bombs. Every living thing on the planet is dead. They are now free to collect the stupidly named unobtanium at their leisure. Roll credits. The whole thing takes 5 minutes with a budget of 612 million dollars.

  • U guys should react to the transformers movies mostly the 3rd and 4th ones the cgi is great.

  • I love that the use of the clip of the younger him scanning the orc has become an inside joke for the editor, just finding any excuse to insert that clip

  • Have you dudes looked at Birdemic: Shock and Terror?

  • react to stranger things CGI pls :)

  • Okay I loved the sponsored segment 😂

  • 1:01 References Lord of the Rings... Shows scene from the Hobbit.

  • Cool, down to earth dude

  • 5:30 _"I think we should talk about Kong's dick."_

  • Reaction to the Clone Wars on the evolution of the animation

  • Please react to Narnia 1

  • In India finally Tik Tok is banned.