VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 38 (ft. Andrew Kramer)

Publicēšanas datums 9 jan 2021
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The Crew is joined by VFX legend Andrew Kramer as they react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • Please check out "Kung Fury" by LaserUnicorns on LVcd

  • Suggestion: Land of The Lost

  • How about that new Dragon Ball movie. The Last Stand was it? 👁👄👁

  • The first dude looks like the punching bag things, same skin color and look.

  • Do an episode about the Final Destination franchise :)

  • Suggestion: The Midnight Sky (2020), the shot where the asteroids hit the space station and the walls move in the actual set, can't tell if it was VFX or practical

  • It was bad enough I am always picking out the Wilhelm screen in every film. Now you have me looking for the blood "X". Thanks for another viewing distraction ;) May one day our film making minds will reset to enjoy a movie without deconstruction LOL

  • Revenge of the Sith, 2005

  • Do The Aviator from Martin Scorsese

  • You guys, plus Andrew....so much awesome.

  • Dude they're just losing subs

  • A la verga.

  • If you haven't done so, Please do the mouth shout scene in "Fight Club" my favorite movie.

  • It's a dead horse, but can you discuss the facial expressions in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

  • Suggestion. You guys know your CGI Muzzle flash in "realistic" Movies. But what about Animated Guns. Animators react to Gun Fights. Cowboy Bebop (Spike vs Vicious), Madoka (Mami vs Homura), Bungou Stray Dogs (Odasaku Vs Gide). So many more.

  • Suggestion: Magnolia - 1999, the frog scene

  • please react to Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV 2016

  • React to the old transformers in like 1984

  • Suggestion for the next Stuntmen reacts: The fight choreography from: Into the Badlands, literally the first scene has some pretty good looking fight scenes that I'd be interested to see your reaction to

  • Please react to Star Trek Beyond. I'd love to hear what you think of when Scotty (Simon Pegg) jumps from his life pod to hanging from a cliff. The physics are extremely wonky for his catch. Compare it to the fast and furious 7 moment where Letty catches Brian after the bus falls in a similar fashion.

  • lvcd.info/watch/nLascWqobrSAaHU/video.html

  • I've been watching all of your react videos over the last weeks. And I got numerous suggestions. The animated series called Reboot. Since you did Beast wars. Batteries not included. I remembered that movie when you did Flubber. And yesterday I watched Project Power and the powers in that looked pretty cool. Specially the guy that was sort of invisible.

  • Suggestion: Real Steel

  • I have one TWD season 5 episode 9 time will stat at 35:26 if u can check it out that would be cool :)

  • Hey guys, so yall r friends with Amy Johnson right? I cant help but always see her as Android 18 coz she killed it as 18 in the fan made DBZ Light of Hope videos here on YT, so i was wondering, can yall react to the CGI in DBZ Light of Hope Part 1,2 & 3 with her so that we get BTS input AND CGI experts input on the videos perhaps please? :-)

  • lvcd.info/watch/tcKhaaaEfrp-p58/video.html this indian movie's teaser have now more than 150 Millons views can you guys react on this one?

  • Could you guys take a look at the slo-mo effects from Dredd? Such a great and underrated movie!

  • React on Indian cartoon animation

  • Please do Evil Dead 2.

  • Speaking of Weta, can you maybe add The Adventures of Tintin (2011) in your next VFX react?

  • Do Back to the future 2, the hover board scene

  • you guys should react to expanse (battle of thoth)

  • Kammara sambhavam , pulimurukan , trance, KGF. Corridor crew.

  • Got straight up butterflies when i saw they were going to talk about District 9. One of my all time favorite movies.

  • Guys you need to see Annihilation!!!!!! The effects in that movie are sooooo frikin good🔥🔥

  • Amazing world of gumball Supernatural (development of the VFX over the years)

  • Can you react the the visual effects of weather channels ? They seem to have very complex real time flow simulations

  • Have u guys already reacted to the star wars old republic cinematics?

  • i wonder how many times i have heard that intro with andrew watching after effect tutorials =)

  • I thought you guys disappeared

  • React to the movie irandam ulagam (2013) tamil movie

  • District 9, great film.

  • Well more in croatian means the sea, or water, so like go off

  • I would really like it if these guys could do a bit of the movie "9" it's such a odd animated movie with some interesting character designs

  • Do a reaction to Sweet Home, a korean horror movie, it has lots of weird creatures and some of them are full CGi

  • lvcd.info/watch/maiAlodznZZobI0/video.html

  • You will be in love with that movie .. if you will watch.... Vfx .. and story line of the movie....is the best....❤️😯🥰 Plz check out guys... Kgf Chapter 1... And chapter 2 teaser

  • KGF 2 teaser . .indian Bollywood movie..... Best taser ever.... Plzzz. Check this teaser... And do watch the first chapter of kgf .... You will have Goosebumps....

  • Honestly...I know it’s a dumb submission but I’d love to hear a breakdown of some of the practical effects in Honey I Blew Up The Baby or any of the other films 😆😉 It’s just too funny to pass up.

  • Hey guys, from which University did you all learn VFX

  • Suggestion: Ghostbusters, maybe the ending fight

  • I unfortunately have covid and Pneumonia . yalls content is really helping me get though this virus.. thank you 🙏

  • Shout out to Little Nemo.

  • You should definitely check critics company. They are teens who make sci fic short films. It's not the best but it is impressive

  • Barberella, for shits and giggles 😄

  • Can we get a look at the fire in the explosion scene from Sherlock Holmes?

  • Pls React to Demon Slayer, Final Fight : Tanjiro vs Rui

  • Love Andrew Kramer! I learned so much from him! Please bring him back more!

  • Do Davy Jones tentacle beard!

  • Suggestion: the ending scene of the second season of the Mandalorian. Don’t wanna spoil in case anyone hasn’t seen but if you have y’all know what I’m talkin bout

  • Ash vr evel dead s1 e1

  • Guys, you need to see Sweet Home on Netflix, it has some pretty..., interesting effects

  • I love this chanel so much I wanna unsubscribe and subscribe again

  • SUPER 8 !!! :D

  • Also no reflection of him in the puddle 1:32

  • I just stumbled yet again upon a show called Spartacus on the Stars network. Would love to see your take on the VFX from 2010!

  • PLEASE PLEASE react to Blood Machines!!!!!! The most epic Space Opera in a generation.

  • nobody seeing (hearing) that knuck cracking technique @4:16 ?

  • This is probably a fairly easy vfx to do but in the chronicles of narnia voyage of the dawn treader when the picture on the wall starts filling the room up with water is a really cool scene and I would like to see how it was done and your guys opinion on it.

  • Chalk warfare has some amazing vfx

  • I would suggest the Dark Souls intro cinematics. You guy probably would get the most content out of the DS2 one but DS1 and 3 are a good ones too.

  • React to the new raid shadow legends adverts they look great and who knows sponsorship

  • You guys should react to Chris Jones work with blender3d. He has some really cool videos of his work on youtube. His animations and textures are amazing. Oh! and Niko the skin has pores. You guys are going to like it I promise. Sorry about grammar, english as second language.

  • the mandalorians grogu and everything else pls!!

  • My First time requesting in your channel. But I love your videos. Please react/review the "Voltes V: Legacy" Teaser Trailer. Philippines have a bad reputation in VFX in movies and TV shows. But This one is different. PLEAAAASSSEEEE.

  • Hi guys ! Hope you read my comment I have a clip that maybe you can check, there was a tv show back on 70's in mexico that all of Latin America saw at that time called "El chapulín Colorado" it was kind of like a superhero and he took a pill called "chiquitolina" you should check that effect 👍🏾 I'm from Guatemala btw 🤟🏾 lvcd.info/watch/lMqRhnqAmMOTqJc/video.html

  • Okay I just realized that the cgi on the twins in “the social network” is terrible please take a look!!!!!!!!

  • For a suggestion, I just watched Sweet Home on Netflix and am wondering what you guys thought of that.


  • Do spiderwick chronicles. I saw it as a kid and it was my favorite movie growing up because everything in it looked incredible and real

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit!!!

  • Explain to me the shot from The Expanse TV series in S05E02 right after title sequence when it started from Baltimore "drone" shot flying over the city and then it moved to the ground following the Amos (actor). All that scene made (obviously) in one shot, it's amazing!

  • React to Jalex rosa please

  • react to the wizard of oz

  • Do scooby-doo live action movie

  • A request for stunt artists reacts. My favourite move series of all time is Back to the Future. The one scene I have struggled to watch is when Marty falls out of the tree and gets hit by the car then smacks his head off of the road. I want to know how they did that shot without giving Michael J Fox (or stunt actor) a concussion. Thanks :D

  • If my brain grew a little bit, then I'd be in the ICU with some serious issues with intercranial pressure.

  • Yall should do legend of the gardians, the owls of ga'hoole

  • It be cool to see yall break down the walking with dinosaurs documentaries, or just old documentaries in general.

  • Did you guys make a Flintstones the movie??

  • I don't know if they have already reacted to this, but it's a clip called Star Wars SC 38 Reimagined. I would to see them react to it since it is visually stunning. The original creator is called FXitinPost.

  • Choose anything from “We Can Be Hero’s”

  • Try Tony de Peltrie (1985), the first 3d character with emotions. Weird but so cool.

  • Ar

  • What’s the music in the intro?

  • I want to see more episodes with Andrew, that guy is a legend

  • You should react to the muzzle flashes in The Dark Tower they seem really really good

  • React to Harry Potter CGI

  • D9 is still the most impressive VFX movie imho. I haven't been that blown away from a movie since.

  • Andrew Kramer merece un premio Nobel, le dió de comer por años a miles de artistas VFX en el mundo.