We Digitized our Lives then Buried Them [CGi Time Capsule]

Publicēšanas datums 28 okt 2020
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The crew builds a time capsule containing every piece of digital essence needed for the people of the future to recreate them.
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  • I subscribe

  • theyl proly think the microwave is the coputer on the instroction drawing

  • My favourite episode

  • U guys are going to add a anther chapter in history textbooks 🤣

  • Imagine the guy with a blue tshirt stalking you lol

  • Should've put the signatures INSDE the microwave, not outside

  • whats in the box ;(

  • sounds like Soma

  • That Cd cover Best before 1000 years

  • Why does the videos have no originality. Make your masterpiece it needs to be revealed one day and the next thing if it rains the microwave will rust and become ashes after 2 years so you are done 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • What ear pieces do they wear?

  • Ha is ms

  • The people who has seen this video will take it out

  • E



  • ⟟ ⏃⋔ ⎎⍀⍜⋔ ⏁⊑⟒ ⎎⎍⏁⎍⍀⟒, ⏁⊑⟟⌇ ⟟⌇ ⍀⟒⏃⌰⌰⊬ ⊑⍜⍙ ⎅⟟⎅ ⏁⊑⟟⌇ ⊑⏃⌿⌿⟒⋏ SORRY, I am from the future, this is really how did this happen?

  • If I found this I'd probably forget it existed.

  • Where was nico or niko

  • I hate to bring the whole party down, but that thing is going to be rusted in a matter of 10-20 years. The rubber inside the plastic container will also rot out, and the plastic container will have failed to serve it's purpose. You guys really should have thought that out a bit more.

  • Elites? Are those flying people or what?

  • this somehow feels sad

  • 12:54 wren is gonna shoot. Take cover!!!

  • They forgot to saran wrap the box and microwave. First rainstorm, that thing is getting soaked and/or washed away.

  • Ik everyone wearing earphones went deaf 🤪

  • what if humanity resets back to stone age after 1k years? how can they use that thing? they will use that as a mirror

  • They should have added the video too in that time captial so they could understand

  • Press f to pay respect

  • 😔 the day has come to buried the memories of the corridor crew 😢😔

  • Good luck to us all. Let's hope we still have a planet or humankind in 2050. Who knows about the C-19 mutations 1st...

  • Did u guys see wren going to shoot peter when he was taking the vocap

  • Where'd you buy those stuff? I wanna live for 1000 years too.

  • see you in 2077 when they pick that up well digging up the last remaining natural plant growth

  • H

  • What if no one even finds the time capsule

  • I'm gonna dig that up, and make them do the Dame Tu Cosita dance 😈

  • Will my comment survive 1000 years ?

  • am I the only one that believes that this video got made simply because their microwave broke down?

  • I also going to do that

  • Nothing is wraped in plastic film, so good luck with everything one year from now. Also BABABOEY... In the future they will say, if it was important to them enough to mention then it must be very important.

  • Man for some reason this made me so emotional and sad


  • Imagine someone who dug it up be like, what the heck is this trash editing? And why did he make the homefologietorimprtogorati's be squares which are gray? Ugh such bad vfx even my ps1005 can do better ugh.

  • See yall poeple in here watching in 1000 years yall might die but well see

  • They should have added this video into the time capsule

  • Soooooo why didn't you just legit video tape themselves instead of doing it this way. Wouldn't just straight filming yourself be like a thousand times better in every single way to show you her "essence".

  • Ok wow

  • I want to see what happens in 2050

  • An eon is a billion years man

  • cyberpunk 2077

  • Them: Let's spend hours to preserve ourself Me: Imma take a selfie


  • That will never protect the DVDs and the DVD burner from the moisture...

  • they watch to many movies and they think it will work

  • At 13:08 they start sounding like sims

  • The DVD reader's data to read the data will stored in electromagnetic wawes will desapate anyway

  • Wow alot of years

  • *Me after 80: SON!*

  • Reduce to lower quality with a 3090 (bruh)

  • This video is very existential 😂

  • 9:30 i thought he was gonna say "gordon freeman" i cant spell

  • In a thousand years, you gonna find these beauties in a museum right next to the Bagdad Batterie

  • Hey this is the year howabot now the time capcul

  • Or theres a rapture good thing you put it a not so hard to find place its real , a rapture is a god make a rapture all of the beleivers of god or jesus will go to haven and talk to theme all thats left is there clodes of the believers are left the pepole that not beleiv of god

  • Peter sounds French

  • I realy wana see the video of you guys in 2050 i will be waiting in my capsul i will set the year 2045 so iam 5 years ealyer

  • Soma

  • Anyone know the name of the instrumental track playing during Nick's bit?

  • 1000 years later no one everyone can only speak cat and a random alien language👽

  • I thought cyro freezing people would be a thing

  • 1k years later : an automated kitten:step overt your microwave .. it looks like foot to me.

  • There's a vr game in which you can record whatever you want and then release it as a star for other to find in a galaxy of stars ... I do watch old footages on youtube about past people thoughts and their vision and predictions of future it's just like a time machine

  • Hahaha There hands kinde look like the ones from gta sanandrias

  • Dies mouth is wrong

  • Some person in like 12020: oh what is this thing? Wtf, is this a microwave? A DVD? Who tf uses DVD’s anymore?

  • 13:53 Me at electrical

  • 8:57 After the new humanity of 4000 years discovers these: Omg, i found a dancing alien. *posts it to the alien internet. 100% human, no fake.

  • I love peters vocap section

  • This guys making this kind of stuffs: That's a real big deal bro see you in 1000 years. The FBI that captures every moments of your life possibly can make a perfect clone of you: Well, tiny bit helps.

  • The amused horse nearly introduce because maid natively rub unlike a infamous cat. taboo, kind poet

  • Speaking about *Death* Unus Annus UNUS ANNUS !

  • Hope no construction worker founds it within next 1000 years or no kids trys to unbox it as a treasury in next 1000 years

  • "This Dudes literally bury a time capsule" Disasters: Im gonna end this mans whole career

  • You can code it on DNA

  • Hey. Please watch the Russian film 28 Panfilovs

  • *100 years later* Hey guys welcome back to another video, I dig up a time capsule in my back yard. Time to restore it

  • this is how we should have preserved unus annus

  • unus annus vibe

  • no hate but ive seen porn with better acting than this

  • too bad niko couldn't be preserved

  • Fun video gang!

  • In 100 years no computers supporting the dvd player because no usb port

  • Also burying the Covid-19 virus to infect the future generations with a past pandemic. 🦠💿📺

  • These videos are time capsules lmao

  • This video is all fake they made this so noone will dig up all the clone bodies 😂

  • An eon is a billion years - not a thousand years 🙏

  • Man I’ll be 45 when they decide to get that capsule again

  • 12:55 who's desk is that? tell them they are a man of culture immediatly!

  • couldn't you just of took video it would of been easier and look better

  • Review this lvcd.info/watch/p8KSpIt4f658eas/video.html lvcd.info/watch/3auoqZl0o9Ouj6s/video.html and lvcd.info/watch/zKZriH6Ap8eueYU/video.html