Landlord Shuts Down our Dream Renovation

Publicēšanas datums 19 jūn 2020
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While the crew is busy starting up production in the studio after quarantine, Steve the Landlord comes by to talk with Jake about the expansion of the new Corridor Studio.. but things don't go as planned.
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  • Jordan lowkey very very cute

  • vpns dont really work against a real hacker. just automated stuff. all they have to do is ddos u and grab your ip upon reboot. people put too much faith in these vpns.

  • i do not like jordan, seems too judgy

  • "I never thought I'd say this but: I love seeing you guys here." Haha, I think I speak for everyone when I say that we've all known for a long time that Steve has always loved coming by and seeing the Crew.

  • wanna know how to really organize those bins??? A: take a pictures of the box contents and THEN slap the image and label on the outside!

  • Steve is legend dude

  • My wish for 2021 is more of jake changing... please guys. Please.

  • Steve is the only good landlord

  • Idk if you guys still read this but i hope we get a tour of the finished renovation

  • Jordans hot

  • Loved the vid

  • Jordan is beautiful.

  • tell steve that wearing gloves doesn't do anything except spread more germs

  • What is DObe

  • people are sending hate at jake because he always handles the sponsored segments but he is so much more than that. in my opinion, everyone should take turns doing this

  • You need more Nick in your videos. He's the hottest.

  • Who is Dobe?!

  • Jordan is what these boys needed. She fits right in as a perfect foil.

  • who is dobe?

  • corridor loves the world jank

  • Jan reminds me of Malvo from season one of Fargo

  • Best landlord ever

  • Corridor national

  • What if the walls just... Disappeared.

  • Id clean that up for free

  • Meep

  • All that space looks like a shit ton of money

  • "Well, when you see a naked person wearing this mask, you're gonna wanna avoid them." This is why we all love Steve.

  • City management is always the worst. The level of bureaucracy serves as nothing more than a source of taxpayer funded redundant employment. The management of city planning, zoning, and inspection departments is often extremely prone to corruption as well. This is because the people chosen to manage these departments are often very well connected to developers, contractors, and real estate investors. I've got stories about city managers and planners that would make Watergate look tame by comparison.

  • Imagine having a landlord. *laughs in property taxes

  • 7:41, 9:49 :,D "what have I gotten myself involved in?"

  • "This happens a lot... sorry..." xD

  • Dobe? What's that?

  • I'm fourteen but my dad is a builder, when I heard that Jake was planning to do it for under forty thousand I laughed, might need a tad bit more lol

  • I like Jordan a lot

  • Can’t stand Steve

  • Good things about jack: hes tough and fearless ... Things bad about jack: SPONSORS EVERY TIME HES IN A VIDEO.....

  • So Steve became a landlord after saving the world.

  • Whenever you come visit San Antonio, take me back with you! 🥺

  • jordon is going to be invaluable to this group

  • ok

  • We def needed more female representation

  • Man there landlord is awesome.

  • I love how Jake always comes with a new sponsor idea haha

  • You thought steve had a camera phone nah homie pulls out an actual digital camera

  • The Perfect Camera Rig (2020)

  • there's totally a dead rat that shit itself to death in the walls somewhere

  • Jordan is going to become such a nerd lol

  • I guess they need to put some flex tape on the brick wall to make it stronger

  • City Plan checker was Clint Eastwood second job, before becoming a big name ... :P

  • This is nicest landlord I’ve ever seen

  • They're not toys.... they're relics

  • That’s why I don’t want to live in California

  • Ooooooo

  • stage a fake accident where the walls a destroyed.

  • US Planner hates bricks The United Kingdom's Houses:

  • 15:30 that song was 🔥

  • there internet is encrypted before expres vpn

  • there internet is encrypted

  • what ever happened to gabe doe?

  • Also wren @ 15:51!

  • "Rite of passage?"... I didn't know there's a rite of passage.

  • I live nearby and do 10 gig network installs il come rin u guys new lines and a new system fo free

  • I haven't seen Steve without a Mask - are we sure it isn't Henry Winkler? Sounds like him...and down to the Naked Mask wearer gag - that is 100% the Fonz.

  • Jan’s hardware didnt just crash he just got hacked by dedsec

  • Steve is like the mr fishodour of corridor

  • I feel like I need a backstory on this whole dobe thing.

  • I think the computer crash is a ram problem, like the ram is bad. Because it happend on my laptop when I put ram in it.

  • I was worried about watching this video because I thought it would out their landlord as a dick. "You can't do this! you can't do that! blah blah blah!" Turns out, I was worried over nothing. Seemed like a serious concern about bricks. I had no idea brick buildings had so many issues.

  • So let me get this straight... I was 3 when Sam, Niko, Freddie, Jimmy, and Brandon moved into studio 4

  • Your VPN segment is very misleading. In most cases a service/website is already using an SSL certificate to encrypt your traffic, as it’s the industry standard. Even if you use a VPN, whenever a website/service lacks an SSL certificate, that traffic is still unencrypted when it exits the VPN network. A VPN is useful for very specific tasks, but not encrypting your internet connection, because that’s just not how it works.

  • Did we get a propper introduction to Griffin and Dean?

  • your landlord seems like an absolutely awesome person to rent from. lmoa. i would LOVE if my landlords were like him. in NY theyre AAALLLLLLL scumbags. even if they started out cool after a few years they give up on being nice. Too many scumbags in NY that trash the properties and cut holes in things without asking and knock down walls aand fuck up carpet and paint and poke holes in roofs, etc etc etc.. I'm movin to cali just so i can find a cool landlord. lmao

  • MEEP

  • Who tf is dobe?

  • I get its a joke, but every website with https have AES265 encryption.

  • Jordan is a smokeshow!

  • I read the "Shut it Down" in Gordan Ramsay's voice.

  • i like Dean but i love Steve, Dean is my name and dean reminds me of me

  • Lol Jake's face XD

  • I'm in the middle of renovating my first house and I totally get Jake's enthusiasm... Followed by the far-off glare when you're told you can't do something RIP plans

  • Steve is so anoying

  • 12:11 boy the guy wouldve been a lot happier if he just lived and worked anywhere not near a fault line surely

  • What kind of mask is the landlord wearing? I want one!

  • Jordan looks beautiful😍💕

  • Is it me or am I the only one who thinks Jordon is like really really cute? Like if you agree

  • the old man is right. there is a pandemic, you know?

  • whos dovi?

  • is jan wearing batik?

  • Have to love that landlord :D

  • Im confused, why has the city got have any control over non load-bearing structures?

  • After what Jake said, I wonder how many kids actually watch this channel? I'm 13 and I'm one of them

  • It's called a mercan

  • What a cool landlord.

  • Why is nick looking so ill

  • When I first read the title I thought instead of renovation I read wrenovation😀

  • what is dobe?

  • These VPN ads. I swear...the whole “security” thing is such BS. It’s all about geoblocking so Canadians can watch American Netflix or Americans can watch British Netflix. That’s all it is.

  • What's the song in the merch ad?

  • no un quarintine