Sway House - ROOMMATE TEA!!! | Heard Well

Publicēšanas datums 27 feb 2020
Sway House members Josh Richards, Jaden Hossler and Anthony Reeves gave us the roommate tea! Worst pranks, scandals, house parties and how the Sway House REALLY works, nothing was off limits, enjoy!
Hosted by: Jordan Doww - @Jordan Doww

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Sway House - ROOMMATE TEA!!!

Heard Well
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  • At 15:57 josh was about to say at 2 am in so stoned.

  • I love the sway house / hype house 😘

  • 4:42

  • Stan jaden for clear skin

  • Jaden is like so chill while I’m staring at him eating popcorn like it’s a movue

  • "We don't party" fast forward a few months...

  • He says 8 is early and me up at 5

  • Anthony looks like Harry styles

  • 4:41: *Josh: Well, I Am A Chef....* *Anthony & Jaden: ahHahahahhahHahAhA*

  • hii Josh

  • "We don't party" Me: well that didn't age well...

  • Jaden-cuz .....we.....don’t....pay......it 😂😂

  • Omg

  • I love how jaden's wearing justin's merch 😍

  • when jaden said " cuz we dont pay it " i actually died


  • He said 8 is early I wake up from 6-7

  • I only came for the part that says pregnancy scares have passed and Antony answers yes but I found out that men don't get pregnant

  • say it, its not your first time here

  • anthony be like: tonyyyyyy

  • 3:08 I'm crying 😂😂😂😂

  • Who's here after jaden and josh left? 😭

  • Anthony and Jadens laugh when Josh said that fun fact I’m a chef the host said oh that was my next question and Jaden and Antony just keep laughing

  • Woohoo Sway La

  • Don’t lie who watched this just to see jaden, josh and Anthony.

  • My favorite three

  • They live in LA for free!!!

  • love that jaden just raises his hand coz he knows hes messy ahah

  • jaden says so much inspiring things even tho no one realises, he literally does in every video

  • i love jaden sm omggg

  • Господи, оруу, с того когда заговорили про то что Джош умеет готовить, реакция и смех Энтони и Джейдена бесцена😂😂😂😂😂🍒

  • Tony in the beginning of the video: 👁️👄👁️

  • Swayhouse>

  • #SWAYHOUSEforever

  • 🚁🚁🚁🚁

  • That drew hoodie has been worn by Nessa josh and now jaden

    • And Anthony

  • Honestly josh Richard is not that handsome but the appeal damn. Plus character yoww😜 his so interesting

  • I love Jaden

  • Tony

  • did anyone else notice how anthony was wearing avanis merch

  • У кого есть перевод?

  • 4:26 where Jaden rolls his eyes 😍

  • Anthony didnt even bother to wear jeanss... mannn i stann him!!!

  • all be like 'let's wear jeans' and not tell anfonyy.😂😂

  • If anyone is from tiktok and know this sound it is @4:42

  • jadens face when he said they haven't had a bbq yet:👁👄👁

  • Jaden is literally THE CUTEST

  • Is the helicopter 🚁 tony or

  • jaden and anthony r the cutest bruh

  • Who else is here after Josh and Jaden left the Sway house 😔

    • They took a break but they’re back but famous Birthdays rlly be like, former member, but they still in it lol

    • They haven't left there going on a break and they have an apartment which is still close to sway so if they are staying there then they will still see each other but if they move somewhere I don't know what will happen and did u see joshs live when he explained why?

  • I can’t stop smiling throughout the whole video

  • I watched this bc of what josh posted on Tik tok and let me tell you I died of laughter 🤣

  • Do you know where i can find the sweats that anthony is wearing its really important please reply

    • It’s Avanis merch I think

    • i think it's chase's merch

  • 7:04

  • now jaden and josh are leaving:(🥺


  • Y’all see the ad before the video

  • I'm so surprised Jaden has a shirt on for once he literally never wears one

    • He’s not even wearing a shirt, it’s a hoodie that’s not his lmfao.

    • yk he is um in an interview soo

  • I love at around 4:45 jaden and Anthony we’re laughing and josh tried to stay so serious

  • Jaden and Anthony's laugh had me dead😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jaden had me dead the whole time

  • I love Afony and Jaden friendship they are so adorable♡

  • I say jadn and josh are the cutest

  • Question: Who’s the laziest with content? Everyone: “Jaden” Josh: “Cause you do music” Jaden: “Oh yeah I forget” SIR HOW DO U FORGET U DO MUSIC🤣🤦‍♀️

  • I love Jaden!!!

  • No I like both

  • I honestly love Josh so much in this video, he seems so down to earth and he’s not trying at all and sometimes it looks like that in his tiktoks

  • THE HELICOPTER... HAHAHAH Tony Lopez...this is your fault...they cannot think about helicopters the same anymore.

  • i love all of them ahh

  • I will move to the sway house soon

  • “helicopter” KSJDKSJDKDJDKDJDKJDDKEKD tadinho nem sabia

  • Why do I feel like if Bryce was here he would fart bro

  • y are they forgetting about quinton ?

    • Oh now I get it thx

    • stitch_ loverxox He wasn’t a part of sway then

  • idk why but the guy interviewing them, his voice is like so satisfying to me

  • I love Anthony and jaden’s laugh so much at 4:43

  • Josh: “coughs” 2020 people : CoROnA!!!😂

  • Anyone here after what Josh did of Griffin's live?😂😂😂👇

  • they posted this at weird times

  • Someone send Bryce Lysol and medicine

  • The shade

  • the fact that they were talking about getting leaked and josh just leaked himself i-

  • josh´s shirt :,)

  • I love griffin

  • my god Anthony is 18?seriously?

  • Yo man, what about PAYTON!

  • 13:05 lmaoo jaden

  • 11:40 anthony’s adorable omg

  • 4:25

  • Is the lagging my phone or the video ?

  • kio plays outlast at 3 am bruh

  • How come josh is the only one # at the top 😭😭

  • entertaining tea!!

  • “Just look at the comments” “TONY”

  • Tell me why that I didn't know those gifts is actually money.

  • jaden is so mature and i love it

  • I love Jaden's hoodie 😘😘

  • when they talked abt helicopter hinting tony 😂

  • they really did tony like that lmfaooo

  • Jaden is so cute

  • Why does that guy kinda low key look like anthonys close relative?