Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 16

Publicēšanas datums 20 jūn 2020
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The Crew is back with Stuntman Gui DaSilva to react and break down some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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  • Niko resisted to call Clint a bitch so fucking bad

  • Brienne bested The Hound with fatigue and Valyrian Steel. Of course she had to run! He had all the physical advantages, so no, she wasn't going to trade blows like Westerosi circus clowns on a nice flat piece of dry ground. His heavy sword was designed for high, concussive attacks to the head. He was taught to knock his foe senseless, force them to the ground, and pierce a vital organ or effect rapid blood loss (often repeatedly with a dagger). A battle in heavy plate on foot is a battle of stamina. And ill-advised! Stay on your damn horse. Brienne burned through The Hound's calories, knocked him witless with her gauntlet, then used the weight of his armor and sword to press a poor ground advantage. He absolutely would have obliterated her sword if not for the stronger and lighter Valyrian Steel, but so it was, and so she won.

  • They talked daredevil and Didn't do the hallway scene?

  • Haywire! Especially scene with Gina Carano vs. Michael Fassbender!

  • Wow that GOT fight scene was really bad.

  • U guys, still couldn't see him on your show...

  • Haha the other fly came up to Gui and said, “You killed my brother! I will avenge him!!!”

  • we at 4.33

  • my all time favorite martials arts movie is drunken master with jackie chan. i remember renting that movie everyday from the betamax store where i grew up in the phiippines

  • Jackie Chan's fight scene in Drunken Master 2 under the train station.

  • I know y'all like some Jackie Chan... Not sure if y'all have done it or not, but Legend of the Drunken Master is hands down one of the greatest martial arts films ever made. It goes on a very short list of movies that I have almost watched ritualisticly at this point. I always go back to it and damn it if it isn't somehow just as enjoyable every time I go back.


  • My.favorite martial arts film without a doubt is Kung Fu Hustle

  • Even the fly used body double for the fight scene😂😂. You should to totally make video on that one " man vs fly" - fight

  • I think the fly was a CG

  • You got 4 Mil Subs , where is Charlie Cox ?

  • Y'all 4mil subs. lets get Charlie Cox!

  • No one Literally no one Me when i saw tha grandma: 0_0

  • Do an Editor Reacts

  • With that cartoony colored light on Daredevil I would never had guessed it was filmed in NY and not on a stage!

  • The worst shot/choreographed fight in GOT's history, has to be the Sandsnakes vs.Jaimie and Bronn. See if you can make it through tHat...

  • Maybe im late to the Party.... But it really is a shame that you take Turks fall from DareDevil and don't mention the corridor or prison fight.

  • IP MAN

  • Speaking of Daredevil, there is a specific stunt in the season 3 prison fight scene where a guy launches his face into the floor. I think it was in the infirmary area. My favorite stunt of the whole scene tbh. Would be a great clip to talk about with Charlie...

  • Nehemiah 6:9 For they all wanted to frighten us, thinking, "Their hands will drop from the work, and it will not be done." But now, O God, strengthen my hands.

  • The rooftop fight in Who Am I

  • Do arrow where he first fights ras al gul

  • Can you do Arrow

  • 4.29??

  • I love that scene on the raid where the have karambit 1v1 for like 10 minutes

  • That fly had a surprise second phase wtf.

  • River fight, serenity!!!

  • Well theyre almost at 4 and a half so where's my Cox?

  • How do we get one of the Motion Capture Hats

  • Loved all the fight scenes in "The Five Deadly Venoms". Anything Phillp Kwok was amazing!

  • Please react to a Mortal Kombat Legacy fight

  • Those flies were obviously CGI.

  • The final scene in drunken master 2 is badass. I also really enjoy the scene where Jackie fights the native Americans in Shanghai Noon. It’s something about the slow mo water splash shots that gets me.

  • Return to the 36 chamber of shaolin the fight with the folding benches pure classic

  • unsubscribed because no Charlie Cox. See u suckers!!

  • "You got duked"

  • So where's Charlie Cox

  • That game of thrones fight just hurt to look at 😂😂😂


  • nightcrawler in x2 the like first one he was in!!

  • You should call Tom Cruise for an actor stunt react! 🔥

  • how do we know if the fly was real or fake???

  • Ip man, the scene where he fights 10 japanese martial artists

  • "Clint punches like a p....ansy!!!" good catch, there, Niko lol

  • Must get Charlie Cox on the show!

  • ong bak

  • Can you look at the ambush scene for "sword of doom" with toshiro mifune. It is one of my favourite sword fight scenes.

  • Ninja Assassin

  • Wu Xai (aka Dragon) is an incredible film to look at.


  • animals WERE harmed in the making of this film...

  • My favorite fight scene is the broken bones scene from the Protector with Tony Ja.

  • Do KGF

  • Try and react to Indian movie fight scenes, like commando movie, or Rocky handsome final fight scene or baaghi fight scene, they all r awesome fight scenes and it will be a new experience for u guys

  • These movies lit up my whole world about REALLY creative teams out there! xD And I loved these movies

  • Late to the show but I'd love to see you guys analyze The One with Jet Li

  • You should watch/talk about the first of fury scene where Bruce Lee fights the entire Japanese Dojo.

  • am i the only one still waiting for charlie cox to be on the show at 4.22 million subs

  • the flies in this video had a better choreography than the fight in GoT.

  • I’ve been watching through the MCU and it’s been so fun spotting Gui!!!

  • Fun fact! The first part of the Kung Fu Hustle, the fight scene for those 3 weirdos was actually directed by Sammo Hung. That's why it was so good! It wasn't directed by Stephen Chow!

  • HI guys, how about Ip man scene 1 vs 10 karate guys?

  • Plot twist: That fly is a stuntfly.

  • hello guys you have to watch him short movies.he makes most of these short films by his own work. I think you should check it out. and his movies are weapons, soldiers and action lvcd.infofeatured

  • Anytime Bruce Lee fights Bob Wall.

  • Favorite martial art scene? Kenshin vs sojiro. Second and third movie.

  • Can you guys add a list of the movies reviewed to the description? I hate having to stop your vids to go to Netflix. Thx. ;)

  • Where is Charlie Cox???

  • You should do batman

  • There's a seen from No escape with Owen wilson where he tosses his kids to another building and the vfx are SPOT ON

  • 1) ya'll are over 4mm, where's Charlie Co? 2) Do The Witcher

  • plot twist that fly was cgi :p

  • Do a full episode with gui commenting on the the last airbender movie. Wanna know how u guys would make it work. And how would gui make the fights better

  • The final fight scene in "Who Am I" with Jackie Chan is so good and so few people have seen that movie

  • its 4.19M now ...time to bring Charlie Cox

  • Can you pls. do more anime adaptations, like Rurouni Kenshin? My favourite anime adaptation so far. 🙇‍♀️🙏

  • Cobra Kai S2 last fight scene

  • Break Down a scene from "real steal"

  • Ong bak

  • The flies attacking back in the end was priceless

  • Every fight in the raid redemption

  • The fly is the secret guest stuntman

  • I would like you guys make a video talking about Kill Zone (named as SPL in Asia), the whole series including II and Paradox...

  • Any fight from the show "preacher"

  • The Raid and The Raid 2,by far, to this day, best Martial arts films I've ever seen, it's so brutal, all done practically and all real. 🙂

  • The movie at 1:57 is project A by jackie chan, im kinda proud of myself for recognizing it from just one scene

  • Watch indian action scenes

  • Please Breakdown the final fight scene from Jackie Chan’s who am I!

  • The Perfect Camera Rig (2020)

  • Anything from the ong bak movies are amazing. Tony jaa has to be my favorite martial arts actor. Dude is unreal.

  • Gui's fun but his work experience is a bit depressing. Hope he gets really Visible Role in something.

  • Review Commando 1, 2 and 3 it has best stunts of Bollywood performed actually by the lead actor with no stunt doubles.

  • 4 mil subs, time for Charlie cox

  • Raid 1 & 2!!!!!!!

  • Fun fact: the tailor from Kung Fu Hustle is actually the grandmaster for Hung Gar kung fu. His name is Chiu Chi Ling