VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 26

Publicēšanas datums 16 mai 2020
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Niko, Wren, and Sam are back to break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films.
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  • I wanna see you guys tlk the BLADE trilogy

  • Can you...just show us the full clip please?

  • Discombobulate

  • "did you just say we have jeans!?!?" I want some corridor jeans now.

  • DID YOU CHECK ...lvcd.info/watch/vtWPdGxoqNVrqIk/video.html AND lvcd.info/watch/y8uogXx5rsmopWw/video.html

  • I subscribed a month ago. I glad I finally did.

  • 10 meters/second = 22.369 miles/hour on that slo-mo shot!

  • Been subbed and liking fools

  • “thankfully they dont show you the bts before the film starts” lol

  • I thought the face replacement for I, Tonya - which I have not seen, I've only seen what's in this video - was actually pretty awful. They went to such great lengths to make sure you _knew_ it was Margot Robbie's face that they didn't bother getting the angles on it correct. Even in the CG breakdown you showed, the skater was looking up and to the right, and her posture was for someone looking up and to the right, but the face they showed was looking straight ahead, which made it _really_ obvious that it was just pasted on after the fact. It's like a very specific version of hover head.

  • *"1, 2, 3"* *"STEP!"* *"SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!"* Next big hit Song & Dance 🎶🎬🤘🏼

  • The Same thing with Forest gump and jfk did lil dicky in jewish Flow 😂😂👍🏻

  • Who else know Gavin from Achievement Hunter ?

  • Can you make a video on what it actually looks like when you get shot?

  • Guys don’t worry I’m subscribed AND I liked the video

  • they didnt show us the tie change to us until sam noticed it [i know because i went back to check]

  • 10:38 where you pause Thank you

  • Face replacement on Margo Robbie looks wrong because her eyes dont move.... they are essentially looking straight ahead the hold time. An actual skater would be glancing down, to the side, anticipating the next move. That would sell the shot

  • I love Gavin, dude so wholesome and awesome VFX and artists of film are chatting with eachother

  • Have you guys done a video on Aquaman? Always wondered what your thoughts were on the underwater hair and weird head movements and how you think it was done

  • I never realised Gav did this (I knew he had been doing slomo guys... but hadn't followed anything he did outside rooster teeth that much...)

  • Sam, good idea with the beard to hide those Chins. Keep at it.

  • Discombobulate

  • two of the great head replacements are done in 2 bollywood movies, Zero and M.S. Dhoni... just take a look at them when you guys get a chance...

  • Please react to Merlin (1998) starring Sam Neill


  • It actually suits Tom Hanks character to be slow with the response

  • Huge fan of rooster teeth and Gavin

  • i loved how the use the virts cardistry video

  • Nobody noticed margot robbies facial inconsistencies cuz they are too busy looking at that 🍑

  • First time seeing one of your videos, loved it, subscribed! Fantastic detail, thank you x

  • Another Shout out to Gavin from The Slow Mo Guys (and Rooster Teeth). You fucking legendary beast. I made a really cool custom painted Xbox controller for him and the other Achievement Hunter guys when I was working as a painter for thecontrollershop.com, I also instigated a business relationship between thecontrollershop and RoosterTeeth. Much love to all yall

  • aye my names gavin!

  • Can you please do IT

  • Volcano with Tommy Lee jones

  • Did not expect Parasite to have that level of blue screen at all

  • Detective to captain for noticing one thing. So that's basically the American justice system in a nutshell

  • Gavin is awesome 99% of the time but some of his "let's play" stuff makes me want to punch him in the throat lol. I had that friend who would just ruin s**t because they thought it was funny lol

  • The crossover from Corridor to Slow mo is legendary

  • the reason they didn't notice margot robbie's face is because they weren't looking at her face, we all know that and i cant blame them honestly

  • React to bollywood movie MS Dhoni

  • React to bill and Ted: face the music.

  • This Gavin guy seems cool, he should have a LVcd channel

    • So should these Sam, wren, and Niko people, they would be good at it

  • Lol seriously this review is coming from the guys who tried to alter the house shoot out scene in John wick but it didn't look any different at all......

    • @Old School the so called "effects" they altered was non existent if that's what work done by experts is id hate to see bad work

    • Do you mean in a good way or bad way

  • Just unsubscribed cause u push it too hard

  • Please do Constantine! Especially the Insect man who attacks him in the street

  • The bit about parasite has actually blown my mind. I am just gobsmacked, I had no clue that there was any VFX in the film.

  • You should do blood diamond

  • That guy is rocking an awesome berserk shirt

  • That's a Berserk shirt. An upvote is in order.

  • Come on bros the FX in I, Tonya are 90% fucking garbage. You can't sit there with the visual FX cred you guys have and with a straight face tell me any of that looks half decent.

  • Love the Berserk t shirt

  • YAAAAY GAVIN (and Dan ofc!) FROM SLOWMO GUYS! I love them and their content so much!

  • Blades of glory

  • Will y’all do stuntmen react Troy Achilles vs hector

  • I'm not sure... Have you ever tought about the FX in The Abyss from James Cameron ?

  • hey could you react to the 2011 film The Adventures Of Tin Tin? i think it would be right up your ally.

  • Hey What about stranger things (1,2,3)

  • 666

  • 666

  • Gavschwa

  • Do pacific rim

  • albator

  • +

  • Guys check out a tamil movie scene called comali flood

  • Please do Speed Racer.

  • I wanna see the camera people that shot that scene in I, Tonya cuz they gotta be some good skaters too right? Unless it’s on a crane or something

  • It's been a year since I requested for an *I* *Tonya* deepfake review. It only took a pandemic for them to do it. I repeat a PANDEMIC lol😂 Great vid. tho

  • It's kind of weird to hear people gushing over that Tonya Harding movie. I know lots of hard-working animators put a lot of time into it but it does not look like as it is described in this episode. Maybe it's cuz it's on my computer screen but that didn't anywhere close to the mark

  • I'm always so used to seeing gavin as part of achievement hunter or slow mo guys that I forget he is actually very well rounded

  • one of my favorite scene from Sherlock Holmes

  • If u guys like the scene from Forrest Gump, u guys should see 'MS Dhoni: the untold story' all old cricket matches scenes where they put new Dhoni in old clips.

  • 10:34 here people are so focused on the bubble butt, they miss the CG character being replaced!


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  • watch spiderman

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  • watch the amaizing spiderman

  • watch spiderman

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  • Spider-Man

  • Spiderman

  • Did you guys do "Astartes" part 4 or 5?

  • Missed a chance to call him lieutenant not captain

  • You guys are awesome. Like until now every movie i watched is for nothin. Lol I'm gonna look all movies with frame by frame now

  • 10 m per second is about 22mph, it may not sound like a lot, but with that equipment it certainly is.

  • You guys need to react to the Japanese movie Hausu

  • Look at the movie 24 tamil

  • Awesome video guys...❤️

  • I think you guys need to see the movie addu from mollywood there is a secene like Sherlock homes 😊 love from India

  • You guys should react to Mayabazar (1957) an Indian epic fantasy film

  • Do endgame react

  • 50% subscribed is much. Brooo

  • do 1917 and harry Potter

  • Hi. Please react to Netflix's Lucifer. Possibly the ending of Season 5 where everything is frozen in time and only One Tom Ellis, the wings are fully CG, and most of the CG uses manual lighting. Fun Fact: The top pointy thing of Lucifer's penthouse Lux is mostly CG lvcd.info/watch/1c2FeqOZeKqHp30/video.html Here in this link, you can view the best scenes and their VFX counterparts and mostly how the CG was done. PS the link is for Vfx of Season 3 mostly.

  • 8:00 so your telling me thats real thundet

  • Why do they have to be that fast to capture the slow mo?

  • I would really like to see a stunt men react to the Netflix film Extraction with Chris Hemsworth