VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 26

Publicēšanas datums 16 mai 2020
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Niko, Wren, and Sam are back to break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films.
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  • Can you react to TREASURE "MY TREASURE" MV?

  • Slow mo guy reacts 😉

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • Please review the cgi series “ReBoot”!!

  • Now watch and react on 'Godzilla: The King Of The Monster.'

  • I only came here for Sherlock Holmes

  • China virus sucks

  • Already liked Parasite, and now have a whole new appreciation.

  • TENET the whole freaking movie

  • Ratsasan movie climax scene

  • Maie reaction on Korean movie along with gods and along with gods part 2

  • The last airbender. The scene with the earthbenders.

  • White House Down

  • The color of the double's legs mixed with the poor motion blur makes it stand WAY out.

  • so sick

  • Do Ford vs Frerrari!

  • Yo I’d love to go n’ watch a movie with y’all lol u guys could catch everything that I don’t haha

  • I Tonya was released in 2017 not in 2019 as shown in the video

  • I LOVE Jackie Chan... but Vanguard has some really bad VFX.

  • Day of Reckoning (2016) y’all seriously need to see it

  • “Jump around doggo”

  • tarzan the wonder car

  • This movie has a great CGI Please Check this movie "tarzan the wonder car"

  • So sorry to nitpick but at 2:06 you put the wrong metre there

  • Gavin is actually credited as one of the "Phantom Download Technicians" in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Don't know what that means. Anyway, I remember he once said in a video the backstory of his famous channel name. Basically when he turned up at the set for a slow motion sequence, Robert Downey Jr. said "oh, you must be the slow mo guys". Thus, one of the greatest yt channels was born.

  • I am not subscribing because no one subscribes me not here not at instagram so

  • Guys... I have subscribed!

  • it’s like a comic book moment having gav appear outta nowhere

  • The Returner, 747 transformation...that BLEW MY MIND! I would like to see what you think

  • one of famous bollywood movie dangal have some vfx scene

  • Wimbledon (2004) has a lot of subtle visual effects I think you guys would enjoy

  • Is that the same house in the later season of Outlander during the escapism dream?

  • React on MS Dhoni movie .....crazy vfx 🔥

  • Aye, ma man Sam is wearing a Berserk T-Shirt.

  • There was a bts clip where they told how difficult it was to place Tom Hanks with JFK, fps and whatnot, si that's why they made him shake because he wanted to pee

  • Hi Wren, Love your twin brother

  • Corridor, react to this: lvcd.info/watch/w9CmemaTa7l8g58/video.html

  • Please do the Oldboy hallway fight scene that was made to look like 1 shot. Korean or American both were impressive.

  • Hmm, camera rails at 10 m/s. That’s as fast as a space engineer will move in Space Engineers

  • Ya'll should do the 2017 power rangers movie.

  • You guys should check out Ready Player One

  • Didn't realize I wasn't subscribed...done...but didn't have to call me out lol

  • How can we know that you are not cgi?

  • 3:08 I love how he perks up for the fun fact here.

  • I don't subscribe because I feel special when Niko points it out

  • 0:22 so are we


  • No one question that the man's a baby whisper and the child is a knowing lol

  • Yall should get gavin out there to react to slowmo

  • Max Payne slow mo scene in the warehouse

  • Thats crraazzyy about Parasite, I had nooo clue it was all blue and green screen lol

  • Y'all should look at seemingly real ghost footage and determine if it's fake or not. Like the stuff that's been reviewed by "professional editors" and determined to be real.

  • 0:58 was freaked by the dude on the computer...

  • Surprised about the commentary on I, Tonya. Couldn't stop looking at the face replacement, it was so distracting!

  • do deepwater horizon

  • they should just call out the people who didnt sub to them

  • 1:37 look at the url in the bottom right

  • Sam is wearing a Berserk shirt so he’s my fav :)

  • “Oh honey look! She’s saying her first words!” “Da-d-“ “Oh my god is it Dada?” “D-DAMMIT WHY AREN’T YOU SUBSCRIBED?”

  • I love those times on Rooster Teeth where they'd just roast Gavin as a total idiot asking the most ridiculous questions, and then in every other context I've seen him in, he's a total industry professional that people love to talk to

    • I love how he always manages to get his finger stuck in his beerbottle

  • How about some of the special effects from Fantastic Four? They had some interesting stuff. Not the remake btw. For example, Reeds face melting or Silver Surfer

  • Idk whether I'll get a reply because this video been up since May but I am really curious, does Rotoscoping means you need to crop (is that right?) the entire picture in each frame? Just to be clear, I don't know anything about VFX (I am a programmer) but I am really interested in things like this so maybe I have some typo or wrong naming or something, sorry for that.

  • Bruh review ghost rider spirit of vengeance (aka ghost rider 2 movie)

  • I never liked those Sherlock Holmes movies, because Holmes is mystery, not action. I never liked the approach they took to the story.


  • I wanna see you guys tlk the BLADE trilogy

  • Can you...just show us the full clip please?

  • Discombobulate

  • "did you just say we have jeans!?!?" I want some corridor jeans now.

  • DID YOU CHECK ...lvcd.info/watch/vtWPdGxoqNVrqIk/video.html AND lvcd.info/watch/y8uogXx5rsmopWw/video.html

  • I subscribed a month ago. I glad I finally did.

  • 10 meters/second = 22.369 miles/hour on that slo-mo shot!

  • Been subbed and liking fools

  • “thankfully they dont show you the bts before the film starts” lol

  • I thought the face replacement for I, Tonya - which I have not seen, I've only seen what's in this video - was actually pretty awful. They went to such great lengths to make sure you _knew_ it was Margot Robbie's face that they didn't bother getting the angles on it correct. Even in the CG breakdown you showed, the skater was looking up and to the right, and her posture was for someone looking up and to the right, but the face they showed was looking straight ahead, which made it _really_ obvious that it was just pasted on after the fact. It's like a very specific version of hover head.

  • *"1, 2, 3"* *"STEP!"* *"SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!"* Next big hit Song & Dance 🎶🎬🤘🏼

  • The Same thing with Forest gump and jfk did lil dicky in jewish Flow 😂😂👍🏻

  • Who else know Gavin from Achievement Hunter ?

  • Can you make a video on what it actually looks like when you get shot?

  • Guys don’t worry I’m subscribed AND I liked the video

  • they didnt show us the tie change to us until sam noticed it [i know because i went back to check]

  • 10:38 where you pause Thank you

  • Face replacement on Margo Robbie looks wrong because her eyes dont move.... they are essentially looking straight ahead the hold time. An actual skater would be glancing down, to the side, anticipating the next move. That would sell the shot

  • I love Gavin, dude so wholesome and awesome VFX and artists of film are chatting with eachother

  • Have you guys done a video on Aquaman? Always wondered what your thoughts were on the underwater hair and weird head movements and how you think it was done

  • I never realised Gav did this (I knew he had been doing slomo guys... but hadn't followed anything he did outside rooster teeth that much...)

  • Sam, good idea with the beard to hide those Chins. Keep at it.

  • Discombobulate

  • two of the great head replacements are done in 2 bollywood movies, Zero and M.S. Dhoni... just take a look at them when you guys get a chance...

  • Please react to Merlin (1998) starring Sam Neill


  • It actually suits Tom Hanks character to be slow with the response

  • Huge fan of rooster teeth and Gavin

  • i loved how the use the virts cardistry video

  • Nobody noticed margot robbies facial inconsistencies cuz they are too busy looking at that 🍑

  • First time seeing one of your videos, loved it, subscribed! Fantastic detail, thank you x

  • Another Shout out to Gavin from The Slow Mo Guys (and Rooster Teeth). You fucking legendary beast. I made a really cool custom painted Xbox controller for him and the other Achievement Hunter guys when I was working as a painter for thecontrollershop.com, I also instigated a business relationship between thecontrollershop and RoosterTeeth. Much love to all yall

  • aye my names gavin!

  • Can you please do IT

  • Volcano with Tommy Lee jones