How 10 Years of YouTube Have Changed Us

Publicēšanas datums 14 mai 2020
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In honor of ten whole years of making videos on LVcd, Our Founders™ Sam and Niko take a stroll down memory lane, filling you in on secret events which helped define what Corridor is today.
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  • Please take me on your Home. I just love this things. I want to learn all of them


  • Mind blowing how i just found out that Jimmy used to live with them. I watch Game Nights for years to just run in to this run fact now.

  • Man I was 13 when started watching y’all. Now I’m 21

  • Omg you guys have so much struggled at that time

  • The reason I came to watch this video is because I've been watching you guys a lot over the past year or two. I absolutely have fallen in love with the way you guys tell stories. I also love watching each of you have fun and interact with everything. Your personalities are great and you seem like fun people that I would enjoy to hang out with. I wanted to know how you got started and the origin story of how this all came to be and how you all came together to create amazing content. That's why I'm here. (Love you guys!🙂)

  • Im watching your video because I truly admire what you do and was totally curious to know how it started, im a 3d generalist myself, soon to be character artist. Your videos always keep me inspired to keep on going in this never ending learning spree! Hope to colaborate someday with you guys! Keep up the great work and i cant wait to see the 20 years vid!

  • idol for me improve in my architecture

  • i love you guys and you make amazing content and no offence but honestly your recent growth was mainly due to the vfx artists react series [which is great by the way]

  • I know you guys won't see this but I watched this video because I wanted to know how you did it because you have inspired me to start my own production company doing everything from stage shows to film to music production. This is the power that you guys have on this platform and I thank you for being so genuine and generous with your skills because it is honestly inspiring to me

  • I hear that Rob scallion soundtrack. Rain if I am not mistaken

  • Idk just bored

  • you hav a cat?

  • idk i was just always told i had to be an engineer and y’all are the first people to make me consider a different career than that

  • Cool rocking out to rain from rob scallon

  • Hi

  • i watch corridor because it is ppl living my dream life

  • Have you heard the legend of Steve the cool landlord

  • You guys, this was so awesome😭

  • cos I love U guys. I would like 2 be a vfx artist

  • been watching since 2010, you guys. inspired and inspire me to this day. to make films,

  • just watched this, didn't know it was made. I gotta say Niko, Sam and all the crew that has been and is. Simply thanks, i started watching this channel cause I tried to get into VFX but it never amounted to anything, it was more of that failed dream, now I'm doing something completely different but sitting down, watching all of you teling us your stories, explaining how you're doing things and simply being yourselves, I have to say it kinda fills that artist desire I was never ever able to fill myself. So thank you for not only making me laugh but to experience an industry I always wanted but never could take a part of.

  • I Love you too

  • Thank you I remember that photo I’m sorry for just coming in I didn’t really think about it

  • I heard the Rob Scallon in the background, nice pick bois

  • He doesn't know where Greenfield Village is? (:(( That place was the most amazing part of my childhood, out at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan, that place is freaking sweet

  • I'm here for Sam

  • Gotta poor one out for the dead homies😂😂

  • Because i like to learn from others, because i love your videos, i have to say hollywood has been quite depressing in the last 10 years, youtube shorts, they have been alive, much more then anything hollywood did in the last 10 years. they have all that budget and yet do crpapy stuff with it. you have lower budget but do incredible stuff. i strived to do videos for fun and games, and i still do... your channel i really love even though i started with rocket jump first.

  • I'm looking at it because its inspires me to do the same! Maybe not making videos. But being creative for sure!

  • Holy deal Niko! You're just 30? I feel old. Pretty cool vid. Keep doing great work everyone! Do more videos like the Tron remake please!!

  • 8:56 did he die?

  • Jimmy wang???? The same jimmy from the Magic The Gathering show?? You just made my day

  • The question "Why did you listen to us tell a story of Corridor?" gave me chills.. because It made me realize that I've been watching you guys for about 8 years now and its unreal how fast time goes. You guys have always just been such an amazing group of people that have always worked hard to chase your dreams... It almost feels like over the years, I grew up with you guys as a routine... Stay amazing you guys...

  • Hell yeah rob scallon

  • I always watched that Minecraft video and when I was a kid I never knew who did it but I loved it and I'm glad I know now

  • Why do I watch you? Because you guys are a bunch of geniuses, I love ur videos and I have for so long. U guys are so fun to watch when you make a new video or film or creation. I just wanna say, thank you.

  • I like how they have rain by Rob scallon in the background

  • I immediately posted to Twitter, all of the things you trusted me with

  • One sentence for Corridor Crew-" You guys are the best♥️." Love from India 🇮🇳

  • green feld vilige is in mishiogon

  • Sometimes in my mind I compare the Corridor Crew to the Office. You begin to relate to the people/characters and its fun always seeing what you guys are up to. :D

  • Is anyone gonna talk about the fact they used Rob Scallon's song "Rain" for the video???

  • Seeing how far you guys have come is amazing. Glad to see the journey. Always look forward to seeing the next project.

  • There is something so incredible and inspiring watching people play out their joy. You take so much joy in your work, devote so much of yourself to it. Not because you have to, but because you want to. We see the highlight reel of a group of people playing for a living. What's not to like about the sense of community and fun?

  • I was born in 2010

  • rob scallion fits the intro

  • Can I buy a studio?

  • Rob Scallon's song took me by surprise. Great choice

  • "Rain". Great choice for a background song

  • Wait, yout the guys with the minecraftbox costumes that I watched years ago?!

  • The first corridor vid I watched was the last Minecart out of zombie land

  • "Are you alright?" HAHAHAHA

  • Minnesota u say hmm

  • Been a long run

  • I first watched Corridor for the really unique and fun-to-watch videos, but I stuck around because you guys seem like such genuine and good people.

  • I didn’t know Jimmy Wong started here, I’ve seen him so many times from games nights and have had a second thought about it.

    • Also just found this out and was like damn, then looked in to his brother and he is the creator of Video Game High School.

  • Im a mn kid too, i love art and i love what you guys do. I wish i filmed more simply for the memories. Your friend group is like an older version of mine. I've lost some friends to the chaos of life already at 23. And to see your connection with each other and shared passions reminds me of a homely feeling i use to be all so familiar with. I love what you guys do, and i hope you keep loving it too. Maybe I'll do more than shitty acoustic punk stuff with my phone and I'll make videos like the ones i did in highschool someday. When that day comes know that you guys inspired me too

  • Greenfield village is in Dearborn michigan 5 mins from where I live

  • Because i want to get into VFX

  • Rob Scallons Rain is playing in the intro

  • My early teens i watched you guys. Now that I think about it you guys inspired me to get into video editing. Wound up working in IT and doing the occasional freelance video editing. Huh, wonder where i'd be without you guys

  • "Why did you listen to us tell a story of Corridor?" its really intresting :)

  • So I've watched your channel for little over a year now and I am so glad I was shown your channel. I'm a senior and about to go to college for film making and you have just been so inspiring and influential. I never thought about graphics in film as much as I do now and the amount of insight you've given me on how shots are done and how they can be done is something that I am so grateful for. So yeah, thanks for the videos and can't wait for what's to come.


  • I just began watching corridor recently because of COVID, I found the time to explore LVcd and as a musician, seeing fellow artists who have such a passion for a different craft is so inspiring. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to your art!

  • Ahh... demonitized for those arrow shots I bet... 😒

  • Best people in corridor...: jake westly wren niko and the land lord.. Oh dont forget sam

  • i hope you guys never stop making content, i met a couple of you guys at a wedding once and it was the coolest thing ever

  • Bro I cant those arrows 0-0

  • I wanted to know why or how it started

  • I’ve watched you ever since the Diamond Shotgun days. Also, holy frick rob scallon

  • "Keep this a secret" they say to 854k people

  • 10 years turned y'all into a react channel

  • Niko asks why I watched this video well it’s simple really it’s 3am and I can’t sleep

  • They started their channel on my grandmas bday!

  • 1:08 The background music is Rain by Rob Scallon

  • I watch because you're inspiring. While I'm not a vfx artist I think what you do and what you've built is incredible and my dream is to build the game development version of corridor crew. I want to develop games and I have things I want to try even if they don't work. One day I'll have my own studio and be developing games and corridor crew is part of that "if they can do it for vfx, I can do it for game dev" Keep up the good work

  • I started watching the channel around 6-7 years ago when I myself became a CGI artist / Motion graphics animator. The content inspired me to keep learning and keep working on my skills etc. I've since re-positioned myself in the industry and work as a Producer for a large advertising agency. I miss being 'on the tools' and every Corridor/Corridor Crew/Node video I watch makes me want to get back behind my computer and make something cool. Corridor will always be one of my biggest inspiration because for me, you do exactly what everyone else dreams or thinks of doing. You make all the cool, ridiculous, awesome stuff that we all talk about making but never 'get round to' or 'find the time for'. You guys reflect my inner geek and a laugh along with every stupid joke, prank, nerf war the lot. Congrats on 10 years! Keep doing what your doing and I'll always be here to watch :) Thanks

  • Sync sequel. Just saying.

  • I've been watching you guys since dubstep guns lol. I didn't know you were working with freddie/brandon either. I've been watching alot of your combined work since around 2010. I watch your content alot more now because I can learn alot from you, and It helps me run my own production company.

  • wait the AC4 Trailer is from you? :O

  • I know you get a lot of comments but please reply to this one please May I ask something serious that as I am also 14 and I want to start on LVcd as well as to do some other things so shall I do it or not please I know you get a lot of comments but please reply to this one please

  • Have you ever thought of reaching out to us, your fans, and doing a video based on one of our ideas? You guys are skilled and can go further with fan input. Ask for scripts. Give a no one a chance to be heard. Maybe make a series of shorts based on fan scripts.

  • it's like... i grew up with you guys. i remember the day that i first watched Frozen crossing, i was 12. i really don't think there is a video i haven't watched. when i see other pages re-upload your videos, i never shy away from saying "oh that's from corridor digital! they do cool VFX stuff go check it out" i once had a dream that i'd become a VFX artist just like you guys, although it didn't work out at the end. but i'm still just as passionate about cool visual effects today. Corridor Digital truly became my fuel to work harder, and improve what i can take charge in what i want to do. and you've been consistant throughout the past decade. i've walked away from many other youtubers from various reasons, but never you guys. Long live Corridor.

  • wish i could work with you niko and your crew, my life is just sadness

  • Damn You must be pretty resistant to be able to handle an arrow into your chest lmao

  • The song with the replay In know it I just don’t know it’s name

  • Cause why not lol

  • Vote Steve for 2020 president

  • I found your channel just a few short weeks ago. I've been binge watching ever since. I love the way you interlace different stories in your videos. It's compelling watching and I find myself thinking how cool it would be to be part of the crew. You all look as if you have a great time. Keep it up, amazing :0)

  • 3:52 I’m like 2 minutes away from greenfield village.. it was a 2nd grade field trip 😂

  • 3:50 I know Greenfield village! its a historical village created by Henry Ford, it is a part of the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan! It's a reslly cool place, Wonder how that got there?

  • Greenfield village is a history type town in detroit next to the Henry Ford museum. I like watching you because you guys are genuine, funny, innovative and are a rele a se from the worried of the world. You are good, clean people. 😁

  • Wow, Sam and Jake really changed over ten years. Niko just grew a hat.

  • Ive been a fan of the CommandZone and Corridor for a years now and when I saw Jimmy's face I was suprised as hell

  • Só Brasil like

  • Is that Rob Scallion in the background??

  • Love you guys started watching u guys at like 11 and I’m just turning 20 ! Thanks for making my childhood!

  • Well for one your 10 years older