VFX Artists React to BOLLYWOOD Bad & Great CGi

Publicēšanas datums 14 sep 2019
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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Bollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • I'm one of the VFX artist credited for the " interior rolling ball scene" in THE ROBOT. At start we did got a very detail head scan model of the antagonist but ended up never used, as the rendering was deemed too heavy for the studio. Only low poly version was used whenever he did any ridiculous moves. The most challenging part of the scene is the intense flashing light. It ruins camera tracking. we have to painstakingly fix the track & match every single flashlight for the CG stunts by hand. P.s. the movie's VFX was actually outsourced to dozens of small studio in hong kong, so as you can see the quality vary A LOT between shots.

    • That's not Bollywood

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    • @sunny singh go and fuck yourself

    • U lied

    • Baaghi 3

  • hey guys from india there is a movie called mass in telugu there is a particular scene where there is tornado you should check it

  • The Name is " RAJNIKANTH " Superstar ⭐

  • Please react to khoya hai song in bahubali

  • You need to watch tollywood movies then make a video

  • Love from India

  • Watch any Indian movie you want you will have same things....

  • Please breakdown the climax scene from an old movie- Amman... That was phenomenal VFX for a 90's film

  • 1st one

  • I think its 3d cartoon movie with lot of mistakes

  • Thumbad

  • I want your opinion on fast and furious series😂😂 American is not familiar with

  • React On "Ra One" & "Zero" Movies

  • Indian Tomcruise??? No way.. Please

  • Love from India ❤️

  • The tollywood movie is full never gonna happen lies

  • His name is rajinikant 💪

  • What a shit reaction channel

  • What the shit are you talking,Actually all of them are tollyhood movies.

  • It's kollywood actually


  • Bollywood is all about ctrl+c & ctrl+v

  • It is tholiwhood

  • No one cares about physics here😂 was the best line of this video

  • You can check saaho for cool VFX😂

  • For your kind information Bahubali isn't a bollywood film though it's a indian film it's not bollywood but it's tollywood. It's actually dubbed into different languages 😁😄

  • Nan-E bollywood movie VFX it

  • I always was of the opinion that tollywood( Bollywood 😒) had crapy graphics..... just realized CGI is just having a hard time keeping up with the dhinchak story and keeping CGI physics and reality together.

  • Actually......The Singham is a Remake of a Kollywood(Tamil) Movie....The Tamil Version is Far More Better than this......Starrer Surya......

  • Bro See Thadam Indian cinema Language=tamil

  • U can watch the movie 1-nenokkadine , Tolly wood

  • Ra-One has cool visual effect Must do a review on it😁😁😁😁

  • 0:50 - 0:54 first he jumped with cap after that the cap went back and again it came on his head😂😂

  • When you realise that they have separate Great CGI and Bollywood bad CGI in Title

  • Singham

  • Singham is a remake of a tamil movie called Singam

  • Sir I am from India 1 actor is pravas 2 actor Rajnikanth 3 actor Ajay davgan

  • Bhahubaali is tollywood

  • They need to watch baagi 3ಠ_ಠ

  • You should try movie RA-ONE bollywood movie

  • I will suggest you to see baghi 3

  • Why Views in Millions? Coz, they added *indian* in Title

    • They didn't , actually. U jelly , my racist friend ?

  • One correction.. Both of them are not bollywood movies.. The first one is a telugu movie and second one is tamil movie

  • Saaho!!

  • This all movie are tollywood🔥 not Bollywood..... Bollywood are only for a remakeing movie's wood😂

  • View Indian telugu movies. You will thing why they made those movie.you will laugh tho hell.

  • Otha poda punda

  • Can you teach me

  • You must check telugu films 😂😂

  • After technology improvement people realised Dhoom & Krish both are grabge illogical movies

  • Guys the actual Singam movie with soorya as acter is the real the other may be remake in bollywood.But actually the Tamil version is better

  • Tollywood julayi movie actions sequence once check it

  • These are not Bollywood. only singam is Bollywood but others two south Indian movies..robo is kollywood and Bahubali is tollywood..👍

  • Enthiran is a kollywood movie .

  • It's cgi computer generated indians

  • the movie u named as terminator in this video also have a second part named 2.0 plz make a reaction o 2.0

  • plz roast Indian tv serials

  • Jellikettu mollywood movie

  • Instead of saying all these movies as Bollywood, say Indian Movies👍 🙄🤨

  • They be talking about physics like Hollywood makes movies which are possible in real life😂

  • Dude not all of them are them are from Bollywood like Bahubali is Kollywood not Bollywood Also just here to confirm everything that’s really stupid in a Bollywood movie EVERYONE in India thinks it’s cringey

  • Robot 2.0

  • One of the reasons why I don't like South Indian movies.

  • except two movies reamaing all are from south india they are not bollywood they are entrian from kollywood and bahubali is from tollywood

  • U also react for robot vfx video then u don't insult this movie rajnikanth is god of Indian cinema once ask google "who is god of Indian cinema" And also avenger director was inspired by seeing this robot combination and kept in his movie "avengers age of ultron"

  • As a non-indian i find this awesome, but i know a lot of Indians are ashamed of this stuff.

  • React *PULIMURUGHAN* Malayalam move... Plz.... 😘

  • DID anyone know that in the second part of the 3rd movie Singham They used The los Santos map as the city map EDIT:I MEAN IN THE TAMIL VERSION

  • lvcd.info/watch/scVrhZhhgqieZn0/video.html

  • Bollywood : gajab bejati hai 😂😂

  • The first two films you've seen are not bollywood movies... They are from tollywood & kollywood respectively...... In India there are many industries like bollywood, kollywood, tollywood, Sandlwood, mollyWood, bochpuri, assames, marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, gujarathi & so on

  • Singham Returns is best

  • You should search bollywood movies not tollywood

  • Hame ye nahi bhulna chaiye ki bollywood ka movie budget hollywood movies se 10 times kam hota hai 😐😐 But Bollywood movies always copy hollywood😞😞😞

  • South Indian physics is different than any other.

  • Bahubali is tollywood 😐

  • We Indians want you guys to insult bollywood and their CGI ... Thats the way they'll improve. Though we aren't gonna watch their movies anymore .... Indians like here 👍🏻,👇🏻

  • 🤦,enthiran the robot is not a bollywood,it's a Kollywood movie

  • There is no Bollywood movie there...the singam originally a kollywood movie ..its a remaked version

  • The second movie he is a robot

  • Btw bahubali and robot are tollywood movies,only singham is a Bollywood movie

  • Bollywood ki maa ka bhosda

  • Not all movie are bollywood Bahubali is tollywood 2.0 is kollywood

  • They were south Indian movies, not bollywood... most south Indian movies look like they were shot in some other universe with no gravity or very little... also, Hollywood sometimes does things which are unbelievable... watch Triggered insaan's channel to know that...

  • Hollywood do which things in million bollywood do same just in thousands 🙄🙄🙄

  • Chal Bhos d k

  • Singam is better that blash

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  • 2.0 INDIAN Film

  • Broo!!!!!... Bahubali is a tollywood movie broo😓

  • Bahubali is a Tollywood movie it's not a bollywood movie

  • Wow I want to watch bolly wood now

  • When u hear South Indian movie u have to forget physics but the movies are good

  • Bollywood CGI artist grown up watching CARTOON NETWORK , effect can be seen in this type of work ,😀🤣🤣🤣

  • Really nice vfx editing

  • 14:41 🤣🤣🤣

  • VFX Artist React to Bollywood bad & Bad CGI

  • Jai balayya

  • Ra-one is one more such Bollywood movie who had a great VFX work! Kindly mention it in your next review!

  • Some scenes are from tollywood and Kollywood