Someone Shot our new TV!

Publicēšanas datums 15 nov 2019
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Clint must solve the mystery of who shot the TV, but half of the crew is working against him.
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  • They should've called this video Running Out of Ideas

  • I loved the sarcasm

  • Wes dont let your worst day define you. Lol love you guys

  • Why when west drop the gun in the trash and then when the cam went into the trash the hand was white

  • whats the song at 8:30?

  • The more I watch this, the more I appreciate how cute Cliff L is

  • I got aczakt thé dame line wan i schot it wit may airsoft gun and it de tv did not work a fjuw months later

  • 1:04 "there is one imposter among us"

  • Among us in a nutshell

  • Y'all are savages bro, it's just tv

  • content

  • genialne

  • The best part is when Matt yells “answer Sam!” Clint jumps!

  • Lol I’ve never seen so many comments liked by corridor crew And all of them were liked ten months ago....

  • 😂man I love this

  • This is probably the very best video this channel has ever posted. It's so good, especially the Clint and Wren investigation.

  • Wren is a traitor

  • 11:28 - 12:28 🤣🤣🤣

  • I feel there playing among us

  • Why the black guy gotta shoot the TV?

  • 12:27 so dramatic

  • This has more of a plot than most Hollywood movie, and this wasn’t even as scripted... 😂

  • this video has the vibe of an among us game

  • they played among us before it was cool

  • why are people disliking these videos what the fuck retards

  • After the slow motion footage of the gun falling, I would have cut to Wesley picking up a much bigger automatic weapon saying "Wow, this is cool!", cut to everyone shouting "NOOO!!!" Then cut to black and machine gun fire LOL

  • "There is an imposter among us"

  • A airsoft we can bring the TV so I don't do that are soft music piano. Very very very very very very weak airsoft gun can do it

  • There is one Imposter among us


  • There is 1 Imposter Among Us.

  • Best chasing scene since casino royale parkour

  • A M O N G U S They are trying to find the guy who damaged the tv

  • is anyone here from san antonio texas

  • The real crime is who put that gun there?

  • Please watch Living Waters on LVcd

  • do shrek r rated

  • *Who's the Impostor?*

  • Among us

  • You realize with the revenue from this video they could buy a new tv, right?

  • There’s a impostor among us

  • PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS At 45 letters, this is the longest word you'll find in a major dictionary. An inflated version of silicosis, this is the full scientific name for a disease that causes inflammation in the lungs owing to the inhalation of very fine silica dust.

  • I have never paused a video to admire a posture but OH MY GOD CLINT can ride a one wheel.

  • Among us IRL

  • This is the best detective movie i've ever seen after death note

  • this is like among us

  • This is like among us

  • I don't know how to feel after watching this

  • There should be a Clint investigator series

  • There is 1 imposter among us

  • grotopia

  • why do they even have dangerous around there

  • Aye someone plays joker, my main

  • Oh I thought it was a real bullet This is clickbait There was no real gun No huge crake

  • Wat kind of office is that and how to i get in?

  • People make mistakes... But nah seriously your fired. That was an expensive TV.

  • Ur rich as fuck buy a new one

  • Actually for me look like a series of Netflix

  • I actually looked up the podcast 🤣🤣

  • So dramatic. Lol 😂

  • アイスピークイングリッシュ🌝

  • I wouldve laughed so hard if the gun went off when he threw it in the bin. Great video

  • Bruh I got scared at the end and it just became good at the end lol

  • so...someone planted a Loaded bb Gun...and waiting for Wes, or anyone who picked the gun...then "accidentally" shot the that we could see this very interesting Video...hmmmm...

  • Wes did it.

  • iam not convinced

  • Had to be a black guy.

  • Why are u acting like this is a murder?

  • How many TV's worth of money did you make with this video Corridor?

  • Whoaaa Adrian came back! Niceee

  • Like here's the footage

  • wesley is giving out saul vibes

  • What happened to Wes’s industry?

  • It was dooby

  • Am I the only one who started crying at the end? PLEASE TELL ME PLEASEE

  • Hmm, what was Adrian dong there back at the studio?

  • that chase was dramatic but like it

  • 2:15 what movie is that from?

  • 2:27 Sam FBI open ups that door

  • best channel on LVcd, laughed for 10mins straight

  • HELLO!!!!!! hi

  • Amazing

  • Played for 2 hours a night, that's cute

  • You should make garbage vines

  • Hope you guys enjoy sa it’s hot as balls tho


  • You guys really nerd security camera 😂😂😂

  • So um whos replacing the tv?

  • This video will never get old.

  • Clint :how many people do you represent me : me my self and I

  • Anyone else find Wes really irritating

  • why does this feel like the kardashians

  • You’re rich. Buy a new one.

  • 12:25 you made it in my list you made me cry..

  • Them:trying to find out who broke the tv Nobody: Me: trying to find out who ate my last Oreo

  • Yankee with brim!?

  • I cant tell if this was staged or not

  • I comment to help statistics

  • It feels like I'm watching a legit movie 😂

  • 12:49 I don’t want to play with you anymore