Making my Friends Cry with Thoughtful Gifts

Publicēšanas datums 23 dec 2020
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The crew gathers for the annual Corridor Secret Santa. They give gifts, share some memories, and discover the true nature of friendship.
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  • I'm proud of yall

  • 2:30 Okay there buddy lmfao

  • bruh friendship

  • Might be my new favorite Corridor crew video

  • Love da starwars sweater

  • At the end of the video I realized I was smiling the whole time. You guys really made my day!

  • If only there were more thumbs up to give. You all bring so much joy. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the great work!

  • Wren’s reaction almost put me in a coma, I was dying xD

  • the best thing is cmike is there

  • Watching the dynamics you gotta do a "Jordan and the 7 Geeks" parody. How she survives in "bro-land" is a miracle.

  • this video done damage control for me of 2020

  • How did you do the lithophane?

  • This was such a fun video, y’all really feel like a family

  • Wait, did Sam just get a huge-ass bottle of Delirium beer? I mean... what does one have to do to work there? I want one too!

  • Every company should have a wren

  • Very cool

  • I wanted to see a pudding

  • Me: I want to be a 3d artist. My Parents: You want to do this 18:00 for a living

  • ,,Don't pass out!" I'm crying

  • Love this family !

  • Peter confessed his love for Chase and you guys laughed it off, not cool.

  • Wait did Christian ask "is this a FLAT CLICKER?!" A FLAT CLICKER!!! #vldl

  • Suggestion: Please for gods sake react to K/DA More MV, I swear you all will be surprised, its a song but its video is fully animated, and the animation is like the best i have seen. Its a song made for League of Legends which is a game.

  • My favorite moment for all of Corridor was the Black Rifle Coffee shoots!

  • I envy you guys, it's more like a family rather then a job... keep spreading the love..

  • The thumbnail scares me.

  • Wren acts stupid, and gives the best lines and ideas

  • I love how everyone's like " Oh, this is from my boss (points to said boss) because he knows me so well" . This is the kind of company I aspire to work in or start myself. Happy New Year Corridor!

  • Good video Remember " Practice makes man perfect"

  • Normally our office secret santa is like £10 limit. But then again these guys are all friends aswell most likely so you wouldn't mind getting them these presents

  • Guys thanks for the video.You need to balance your team with more ladies.but the one you already have,omg she is a goddess, so pretty.

  • Simon Sinek would be so proud of your company spirit!

  • You people are so god-damned ridiculous. I love every second. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • So it is okay to pull my eyes slanty and talk in an Asian accent and say Mi so horny then... I KNEW IT!

  • People kill to have a work life marriage that yall have. All of ya are lucky AF!

  • 😭 I love you guys 🤣

  • Love you guys, all of you, happy new year!

  • Guys just take the masks off

  • Wow my name is griffon too, sounds the same different spelling

  • No one mentioned the time Wren taught the crew how to go over a curb with the one wheel

  • Happy new year Corridor Crew!

  • Great video guys!

  • wow jordan arms bigger than mine, wtf!.

  • Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year!!

  • I am at a start up production company and seeing y'all's company culture and how far y'all have come is so inspiring and very cool. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • This is the work environment Buzzfeed aspire to have lol

  • Wait. Do Americans not have those Christmas puddings?

  • aweee :)

  • You guys are such a great company. Your energy and brotherhood is amazing. Thank you for making awesome videos with great information and fun stuff to learn.

  • How on earth did Jake not have his segment !!! My favourite moment got to be the getting wren"s drone out of the tree.

  • how can ppl dislike this video . :(

  • More power to Corridor Digital!

  • FINGERBOARDING ON THE CORRIDOR WHAT!? Im ugly.fb on insta and tiktok I need to know griffins ig ASAP

  • merry christmas guys! the joy in the video is contagious for sure

  • I love you guys! The best youtube channel ever.

  • Nick had the perfect opportunity to ice jake but he missed out

  • Ah christmas pudding, as an English person i gotta say.... cant stand it.

  • Anyone else think that thumbnail is a little bit suggestive??

  • Omg! I love this guys

  • I just noticed that peter and his girlfriend totally look like the couple from the movie "drive" you need to film a corridor crew version of that movie!

  • 10:15 hmm did Clint already got his gift?🧐

  • Happy Christmas guys love from india

  • Wow this video actually replaces this years december gathering/parties that I didnt have

  • Merry Christmas Guys! You are incredibly awesome!

  • Thought you guys were better than these titles

  • Thanks for sharing this with us, you guys are something special and I mean that in a good way.. Stay orignal, stay crazy and all the best for 2021!


  • I just love this crew😢❤️

  • 9:20 one of the most wholesome moment I've seen on yt

  • Thank you for keeping us entertained before, during, and after the strangest year to date

  • The ending applause was wholesome to watch 👏🏿😂😂


  • Thank you for helping to get us through this Pandemic.

  • Please react indian movie vfx . 1.i(aai) 2 kriss 3 Kriss 3 4 2.o 5 Doom 3 6 K.G.F 7 simbha 8.koi mil Gaya . 9. Uri: the serjical strike 10 tanhaji 11. Jallikattu . Please one more reaction .

  • 2020 is the year that Corridor Crew exploded. From the react series to the launch of their website. They really shined this year.

  • Corridor Crew videos are lot of fun. Thanks for making these!

  • Happy Holidays Corridor!

  • You all are awesome! You've put out so many great videos and have inspired so many young, creative people. I love watching your journey. Happy new year!! ~OnenO

  • I just saw billie eilish in this video 👀 Love you guys ❤️

  • Mery Christmas and here's to helping you with the youtube algorithm 🙂

  • Bring on 2021 corridor

  • I love you guys

  • Merry Christmas!!!

  • Okay where is wesley from wesley & wesley? Wesley is here but wesley is missing

  • This is the end of the office level

  • Error 404 - Mask not found I am writing this not out of spite but to have you healthy and staying healthy. As an intern on an IMC i see too much SARS-CoV-2 patients each day :(

  • Wait... do Americans not have Christmas pudding...?

  • Your mentality towards covid is terrible. Hope you guys stay safe.

  • I love this !

  • You know it's a Corridor video that hits home when you go to like the video and you've already liked it. Love you all!

  • Who tf is makin' the kind of bank to dish out master grade gundam-

  • It kindof amazes me how they haven't all gotten covid yet. half of em aren't wearings masks, theres like 20 of them, and they keep hugging and shouting at each other.

  • I can’t find the South Park video they mentioned

  • Merry Christmas! You are amazing, thanks for your videos in this shitty year.

  • this was me Christmas gift i got none

  • 5:04 i think if i had 1% of wrens energy i'd die

  • Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

  • Am i crying ???

  • Love you guys!!! Merry Christmas and God bless!

  • Seeing you happy and together makes me happy.