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  • Emmalovesdance246.

  • I also Get a Massive Gift and I also Found That Car

  • 3:30

  • How could vegetable do that

  • Mushroom

  • Sanna who is your crush

  • Why did she do it

  • I'm add you roblox pls acppet me plss

  • I really wan’t a tune stone


  • Omg she hasn’t had vegetable out in a video for so long !!!! Like and comment if you agree!!!

  • iamsanna, go quit adopt me

  • I feel like I haven’t seen vegetable in forever

  • I have a question I’m a really big fan of you my roblox name is red unicorn dancer but without the spaces I was going to ask you if we can meet up in adopt me maybe and you could friend me because I have been subscribed to you for so long

  • Sanna has a lot of boyfriend lol Ik its a roleplay ok

  • Sanna: **gets legendary item first try** Me: **opens as many gifts i can because i am broke** **doesn't get a legendary** LIKE WHAT

  • Poor skela rex

  • I hope your boyfriends pet is alright!!😂

  • Same i look my pet ate my boyfriend i said WHAT THE?!? XD is make so laugh Haha...

  • sanna? why u have so many adopt me boyfriend? uhhh im ur fan but u have so many boyfriends uhh u ok?

  • Omg. Poor. Pet. Ot. Looks. Wet

  • Can I have a giveaway my name is Babybutterfly1120 because if it’s possible can I have a mega pet if u have 1 then can I have a dragon if u have two Megan’s then can I have one I’m late on every video

  • My usar is TEAM_PANDA2016 love you

  • His house is spooky

  • Imsanna so nice

  • Stay safe everyone and stay home! 😘🏡

  • I love you sanna! 😘

  • Can you please add a vegetable talking and moodys evil unicorn please?

  • you say only the s s ssssssssssss

  • Cutebrabri20

  • like What a f

  • OMG

  • Wow... don’t eat friends

  • Hi sanna banana😂

  • OMG

  • donte give

  • You will never be a og

  • When vegetable ate his parot I couldn't stop laughing but btw didn't you break up😛😛😛😛😛😛👿🤘

  • Hi sannaaa

  • Some wise words bruce and his friends from finding nemo said: Fish are friends NOT FOOD! Now u listen to that vegtable

  • Aww she was nearly crying 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • I do that every single day

  • I love your vids sanna

  • I really like sanna’s outro! I dont understand how can she make it i really wanna know

  • Love it

  • I thought it said MY PET ATE MY BOYFRIEND I was like WaAaAa

  • Hu

  • Wow sanna this is. A cool vid!!!!!

  • Ask Santa you are gonna die and why did you didn’t find out

  • Me too

  • Hi! I'm a big fan of you and Moody! Username for roblox is GalaxyAlpha2_Unicorn

  • We love you Unicorn Queen!💗💗

  • Can I just say I thought sanna was married I think I'm going crazy the video is called getting married to a prisoner

  • Sanna is the best Moody too username unicornlol22441.

  • I don’t get why Sanna makes videos about her crush or boyfriend when she has a boyfriend in real life

  • Sanna:he could have ate vegetable. Me : or vegetable could have ate him!

  • Guys just loook how much money sanna HSPA it’s like no limit

  • Sanna ur the best

  • Drema pet is a neon fly ride giraffe I will cal it vedtable

  • bunny_life7

  • BTW the vid was grate

  • I have the Sanna plush and the Moody plush:Username:laya2012queen

  • Sanna im your biggest fan and my username is sam_daniel911

  • No way I tried to but I got 3 sodas in a row

  • The popcorn is really rare bc its gone anyways done username:Gabre789456 Stay safe and have a fun life😊

  • You 🦄pet 😘👙

  • Your videos are made by you it doesn’t happen in real life I just found out I’m mad. 😡😠

  • Hi Sanna please let me know if you have any other ideas or if you have any other questions or need any help with this matter please let me know that you are am ure fan and I will be happy to help you with my

  • P

  • Done Username:thepuppyrescuelover Everyone:HI SANNA Me:hello sanna your the best I also love you to moody

  • Sanna your shirt is so cute

  • Sanna request me please

  • Hey sanna Love you so much my mum is in hospital so only you make me happy for now. Sitting on floor crying and missing my mum and you are making me happy

  • O my god did your unicorn ate your bf 's pet wow

  • Hey Santa I'm sorry but I'm asking this I think maybe you could trade me some cool pets like a unicorn that's why I want anything the new squirrel car anything you have or maybe you can put me in a video I don't care I don't have any cool pets I only like about four or five

  • Sanna for a cool video Idea please teach Moody how to play Bloxburg. You haven't played it for a while now so it would be cool♡

  • In i almosr forgot my username is densoy1111

  • S

  • Sanna can have the car i really wan't that but i don wan't to spen my bucks in i only have maybe 1,576 i don't know in i sub in i love all of you're video

  • Sanna i got hacked😢

  • Wonderful! A yt vid to start the day :)

  • i love you sanna and your unicorn

  • sanna secretly marry a banana and the mashroom is mad at the banana

  • i have one ride pet can you give me potions pleae

  • adopt me!!!

  • Umm how come jelly’s not your boyfriend

  • WoWwwwW

  • Dude is that one of your fans

  • Sanna: I mean he had tried to eat her before... A few minutes later: vedgtable eats skella-rex

  • Saniyaomg230

  • Hey sanna :D

  • Sanna is moody going to make cloudy mega neon?

  • Sanna there's and new update and u might like its an egg hunt and there's MUSHROOMS EVERYWHERE

  • My username is: DenisaDailyGamer2013 I really need a unicorn because I been trying to get one but I can’t because I’m to poor

  • ⒽⒾ Ⓢⓐⓝⓝⓐ

  • You can also order some she did her first give away a few weeks ago so I'm sure there are going to be more 😀

  • Can u do more flee the facility and Brookhaven and bloxburg videos plz I would love that

  • Sanna hi I turned 10 this month and I love your video's pls be safe

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️