What we do When We’re NOT Making VFX Artists React

Publicēšanas datums 29 nov 2020
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  • best channel amk

  • What is this? Inception of BTS? btsception? BTS within BTS within BTS

  • This was so fun to watch!

  • why do i feel like the words "get your mask up cameras are rollin" is regular statement in this office, at least i hope so.

  • woah that girl sounded like a dude

  • Cmike is wearing a Black Rifle Coffee shirt? Hm. Hm... What's he got to do with the gun cultists I wonder?

  • Me filming Sam, Cmike filming me filming Sam, Daniel filming Cmike filming me filming Sam and Jordan filming Daniel filming Cmike filming me filming Sam Got that? 🤯

  • Cmike is such a nice guy

  • 2:34 well that came out of nowhere lmao

  • Cmike reping Black Rifle Coffee Company

  • The nicest dude is back

  • please do this awesome movie en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freejack

  • Son of a Dungeon looks legit

  • C f***in Mike is back!

  • 2:31 didn’t know that Jim Carey got hired by Corridor

  • Nick is super charming boy

  • After I freaked out about Cmike being back I started crying. I am so insanely excited about this Cmike is my favorite

  • the return of the nicest dude

  • Please do more than vfx artist react I miss the old videos

  • lvcd.info/watch/3qKLkpxjnsOYrps/video.html among us animation

  • 6:30 how do you not have blackout curtains for those windows?!?

  • 5:30 have the same chair and just removed the neck pillow like sam. It's so un ergonomic.

  • Wren kinda reminds me of a Jack Russell Terrier

  • In the next vfx artists react video you should do a new Dutch series called vliegende Hollanders. (Flying dutchman) they have some amazing CG planes! Dutch link: www.npostart.nl/vliegende-hollanders/AT_2092376

  • you guys should reach to killer bean by left lew ( worked on the matrix, transformers, x-men

  • The DnD thing is sooo cool!

  • This is the work off my dreams

  • Where is wes

  • When did Gabe leave?

  • Wren was slumped


  • 2020 is saved, the legend is back baby!

  • Clint: I will teach you how to create photorealistic CG model. Also Clint: I have no idea how to create UVs

  • Its funny... i have been wanting to do a d&d show for years that was just me on a green screen in a fantasy environment. i can't wait to see son of a dungeon ! i don't have the techniques to do this with my friends, so it'll be very fun to see something similar to what i had in mind being done. by professionnals !

  • CMike is back!!! Hallelujah! We love us some CMike.

  • PJ means poor joke.

  • От окше

  • I want Nick's hair Jordan's cheer Niko's confidence Wren's attitude and Cmike


  • Really excited to see Functional Filmmaking launch, it's the CGI equivalent of the videos we do - in-depth Practical Effects Tutorials! really interested to see how the season goes!

  • Where is the video of Niko passing out from?

  • Cmike still is the nicest dude...

  • You guys should do a collab with Jazza for the D&D series

  • please do watch 'Kannada' language movie named "KGF " and react to it.I need your opinion, please ......

  • 6:42 Jim Halpert Vibes

  • Matt Marcer/CR , Node DnD guest or one-shot

  • Play the windows shut down sound.

  • You guys are way too awesome. Every single person in that studio seems excited and motivated to create something new.

  • I’m not gonna lie wren always explains these things like his body’s always in Critical condition


  • Awesome

  • if i had money

  • i so want to join but my parents don't allow

  • He is nicest guy

  • wheres jake?

  • Wren passes out, isn't sure if he passed out, they just powers right through it. Based.

  • if you've ever seen The Office US you know that Toby Flenderson never get happy

  • DUDE SCAN THEM ONE BY ONE! It would be more pictures, yes, but you can set up a tripod and make a rotation platform to even automatize the process. And you would solve the shadows issues as well.

  • 6:08 she is cute. 😍

  • Plz check Ghost riders transformation

  • You should do this or watch this must ALAN BECKER lvcd.info/watch/uKdyeWR4rbCYgIU/video.html&ab_channel=AlanBecker

  • i'm Also a VFX artist....Just love your videos ❤😍Love from INDIA ❤❤

  • Hey, i got an idea, how about you guys do a challenge to do a manual animation, like all manually, hand drawn, just on papers and pencil. I think it would be fun, thanks! love your guys content!

  • Some "reacts" suggestions: In the movie "Hitman" (2007 with Timothy Olyphant) they have a fight inside the club (1 hour, 1 minute). Inside this same scene, people are dual-wielding SMGs with basically no-recoil. Also the "boss" uses an LMG that is belt fed, yet also has drum mags that do nothing? In the movie "Peppermint" (2018 with Jennifer Garner), they have a gun fight in a piñata factory. There are a lot of John Wick-esque moments in this film.

  • Yo, so here’s an idea I just had. In Men In Black whenever they use the flashy thing, replace it with a gun.

  • i love Corridor and C mike but it totally sucks that they support a racist coffee company:(

  • You guys should react to jellikattu movie nominated for Oscar animation

  • 8


  • Can u plz. Make a video on a movie of Bollywood sicuanc of singham ( singham return) and krissh 3 plzz your are too cool man(s) 😃😃😃😄😄

  • i just had an idea...what about VFX artists react to Video Game Animations or Game Designing ... thatd be so cool

  • You should check out Kpop videossssss

  • 2.O movie vfx react

  • Giant add for Corridor digital ?

  • Cringy

  • That D&D work looks amazing. I do something similar using the Unreal Engine for my players, but my models aren't as complex as that. (Then again, I don't have the time or resources of a studio like them)

  • I have mixed feelings about the bigger group now but it feels right. Glad Cmike is back

  • Check russian cyberpunk lvcd.info/watch/nKmTZHefi8iLj4U/video.html

  • You guys should react to some Lars Von Trier films 😏 Like Nymphomaniac 😜😂 Impressive special effects to say the least!

  • Guys robot 2.o

  • What's the song that is playing during the Son of a Dungeon opening? It's beautiful

  • Hey guys! I'm from india. I love your content. I'm suggesting you movie name "Jajantaram Mamantaram", starring by Javed Jaffrey an Indian actor and Dancer. Please check out this movie, it'll blow your mind. I'm not gonna open it's secret just you check it. I'll wait for your reaction on it. Bye

  • The tech and y’alls’ execution and expertise for Son of a Dungeon is really cool!!

  • And also look krish 3 film which is a bollywood film

  • There is a film called legend in tollywood see the stunts in that film your mind will be blown up the actor in this film id bala krishna

  • Must watch creature 3d

  • Ah yes, VFX doesn't react...

  • React to mega shark vs giant octopus

  • I play rpg videogames PLEASE do videogame animation reactions w animator guestesses

  • More horror movies pls.

  • @corridor React to Godzilla (2014) and Godzilla Kong of the monsters (2019) and Kong (2017) please

  • Can you review the slice in half scene in ghost ship 2002 movie that would be awesome

  • Please make a video on how you fight for these mini movies and how u do your gun shooting scenes

  • I work with Black rifle coffee company, I design boxes for them haha. I didnt know they were in Cali.

  • soo excited for DND

  • You guys should do composers react to musical scenes. Visuals and action are nice but I haven't seen you guys really touch on sounds and they are just as important. There isn't a whole lotta research needed but I imagine getting ahold of music in scenes might have copyright things but I also know musicians alot of the time respond pretty quickly typically

  • the d&d show though.

  • React the kill of Wolverine in x-men 2: together when he kills the spec. Force agent, his claws doesn't make any scratch to their uniform.

  • Someone needs to add the Windows Xp Shutdown and startup sounds to Wren passing out.

  • React to scarletwitch