TSA is Forcing me to Tear Apart my One Wheel

Publicēšanas datums 24 okt 2018
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This Episode ► Clint & Wren have tear apart their most priced possession while we experience some directing struggles with Niko.
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  • me: wanting a one wheel Looks up price Me: nevermind

  • 19:15 The look on Wren's face though. Man I wish I had a friend like him *sobbing*

  • 10:39 When the Berserk music starts 😃

  • Could 1 person not just drive everyone's onewheels to a location ahead of time?

  • If he pulled back on the screw it would of came out or a strong magnet or could of tapped it out. He gave up too easy

  • you guys do know that in the united state those warranty void if removed stickers arent legal right? the manufacturer has to back their product warranty no matter what happens to that sticker atleast in the US other countries idk

  • Dude. Just fucking do it slowly. No need to break every tab. Why do u have confidence in ur ability to take things apart at all.

  • What is tsa?

  • "tom cruise at his finest" i'm gonna have to disagree. Tom Cruise at his best was Collateral. Even though I love Edge of Tomorrow, Collateral is def Cruise's best.

  • Thought that was Adam Savage.

  • Could have just shipped the whole thing.

  • Ayyy my familys lived in Stillwater for multiple generations!

  • You gave up so fast m8...

  • I love Wren's taste in books. Then again, I just love Wren in general.

  • Using that griffith theme i like it

  • Tsa is proof the terrorists won

  • Girl kicks lol

  • Is there a reason every CC video has absurd extremist right wing political ads? Looks like you’ve lost a subscriber because either A) you believe in that nonsense or B) you’re making money off of advertising that nonsense

  • So they don't wanna take the boards apart but they're shipping the battery why not ship the whole board I get that it'll cost a bit more but to me it seems like nothing compared to voiding the warranty on a board I'm assuming you paid way more than that shipping cost for

  • Thats a dope mercedes wagon in the background

  • why? :(

  • Thank God for the wind walkers. 🥺😁

  • seeing sam and niko deal with each other made me feel like my dads r fighting

  • This is the big laser video love it

  • Doesn’t the warranty only last a year

  • 2:44 yo is tjat adam savage

  • I would ride Clint any day.

  • I wish I had friends

  • Wow what an adventure I just seen groundhogs day cuz of wren and now I'm back to continue watching corridor crew 10:51

  • Mommy and daddy are fighting again

  • I was reminded of this while watching this other guy do the same when he came here to Sydney. I thought it might have just been for here since we have super strict laws when entering the country but he was able to carry his battery and check his onewheel instead of having to ship the battery first. We're lucky to have pretty good consumer laws here as well. If you keep receipt of purchase they have to give you I think a 2 year warranty which has to be honored if it's for legit reasons. Unlikely as this may be if anyone from Corridor or anyone really makes it out to Sydney I can point you towards some places you can ride with some amazing sights to see. You can go see some koalas, the Opera House, Manly beach. There's some pretty amazing things to see. Take care all.

  • Wat movie

  • Is the book true

  • Bruh why didn’t he just rent one

  • Who else thought of Berserk '97 OST during the sponsored segment?


  • For anyone who has this problem check out suprents they will send a onewheel to your destination for you to use on your trip im not sponsored i just love the service suprents.com/onewheel-rental?gclid=CjwKCAjw74b7BRA_EiwAF8yHFKkXBobmkGd6c3wbuceoLl2EyO6EJzG-gBELQtuntcdP-B7PbT4tphoCnVYQAvD_BwE

  • "i like lazers." We love you wren.

  • Him talking about the book and everything was so cringey


  • Tell me Jarrett doesn't look like a young Adam Savage! Are they related?

  • Little confused, why not just ship the whole board?

  • “if theres anyone i trust with the onewheel... its a son” that’s beautiful

  • Nerds its easy as hell to get a stripped screw out

  • Why not ship the one wheel so you keep the warranty


  • why not just ship the whole one-wheel

  • Lol it's been 2 years and I still remember seeing you guys riding on ones wheels in Minnesota

  • Yesss space balls!!!🤣😂😂

  • Where can i get a onewheel?

  • Pff a little bit late almost 2 years .... but he could have just glue the bit to the bolt and it would have come out easily....another way is to place a thin knife beneath the bolt and start push it upwards....easy :)

  • Im from Minnesota too!!

  • I've always wanted a one wheel but I could never be able to get one there just to expensive 😭😭😭😭😭

  • I need the music name used in 7:19 because it’s definitely something I need in my playlist

  • I like seeing the conflict and the egos/attitudes that are natural and that go into filmmaking

  • the music behind the video it makes everything more dramatic

  • This is the most stressful Corridor Crew video I have ever seen.

  • wren im 17 and have seen space balls

  • Why dont you guys get normal good tools en dril a screw with a reverse treath in the screw en you can screw it out

  • Even the TSA know that onewheels are dumb as shit

  • he ever get that screw out?

  • U guys are good if anything cuz of TSAs rules make u void the warranty technically TSA then becomes responsible

  • If i hâve to take apart my one wheeler then I m WHEELING to take the risk

  • I had a screw that was stripped and couldn't be removed from a bookshelf. Its hex-socket had been worn down from being repeatedly disassembled and reassembled. So, I filled the hex-socket with superglue and let it sit and dry. Then, I shoved my hex-key in the socket and was able to remove the screw.

  • Clint: try opening an iPhone and put it back the same way Wren: I have done it Clint: no, you weren’t supposed to say that

  • Cute ending guys :,)

  • always gotta love a happy ending

  • Flag code is law, it's just the language is designed in a way where there's no specific legal obligation for the law to be enforced as far as the flag goes. Basically the government has rules about it, but doesn't give a fuck what you do about it.

  • Why are onewheels soooooo expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • why didn’t they just ship the one wheels whole instead of shipping the batteries separately? the only thing i can think of is shipping cost but i feel like paying more for shipping in order to keep the warranty for such an expensive product would be a good deal.

    • it was what they wanted to do. wrens already voided the warranty on his hasn't he?

  • pretty sure warranty void stickers dont hold up in the US.

  • I thought wrens sponsorship music was the behelit berserk theme 😭

  • Fun fact, warranty void if removed stickers are illegal.

  • discord.gg/bzByuj

  • Could you at least take off the wheel to relieve some weight?

  • The tire is one of the most heaviest parts all you have to do is just ship the frame and bring the tire on the plane

  • 14:03 *insert “You broke it kid with glasses.

  • Eagle scout gang

  • I got one wheel mixed up with big wheel

  • Here's the thing about disrespecting the flag and free speech... Why would you disrespect the flag of the country that protects your right to free speech? Kinda like biting the hand that feeds you (except that governments don't grant rights; They merely protect them, so it's not a perfect analogy. Whatever.). Plus, if your first thought is to protest by disrespecting the flag that represents your right to protest, you're just plain lazy and unimaginative. 😐 Course, I'm sure some people actually think that America itself is wholly and completely evil to the core, therefore (debatably) justifying the disrespecting of its flag. I mean... Highly doubt that, but whatever. All that being said, yeah. You do have the freedom to disrespect the flag, and that's great, in my opinion. It's a shitty thing to do, but oh well.

    • why is it shitty? its just a flag.

  • 12:30 Wren basically explains the plot of DARK. Its a German tv show, quite good. Recommend you watch it

  • little comforting to hear wren say "they cost aloot" sitting here in New Zealand. its about the same price as a cheap car. its 2 years on since finding out about the onewheel and its still nowhere near accessible for me. the skateboards been my only/main form of transport forever lol one can only imagine how dope it would be to have one. pheeew now the ps5 and the valve index also go into that unattainable bucket list for poor chumps like me lol

  • Legend has it that Sam is still saying "come on guys, bring it in"

  • U could just ship the entire one wheel

    • they aren't allowed to, they have to take it apart.

  • Clint should have drilled out the screw and then got a new screw. Easy

  • Berserk!!??!?!??!?!?

  • lower 3rd graphics goin on the skitz

  • "We want to ride these in Minnesota" June 1st, 2020 - this hasn't aged well.

  • Anything happening in Minnesota rn?

  • 10:44 im guessing a sponsored segment is an emergency.

  • Wasn't it simpler to ship the whole board there?

  • Just use a ruber dude

  • I wonder if they know that Edge of Tomorrow is based off of the manga All You Need Is Kill. Good read even without knowing the movie.

  • Anyone remember the name of the song at like 9:26

  • Is anyone else wondering why they didn't just ship the boards whole by road to their destination instead of pulling it all apart?

  • It made me happy when Clint was Happy at the end

  • Holy shit, the model One-Wheel they have is $1,800 retail.

  • 5:00 nicko put his sunglasses in his pocket

  • dry ice skips which state? do me a favor, look in that bottle an tell me it skips the solid state again. LOL I feal you guys, I stupidly went through TSA with an xbox360 when I was younger... TSA went all hurt locker on that shit, it was intense.

  • This may never be seen as this video is so old, but I have shipped a lot of gear with high amp hour batteries. Why didn't you just ship the whole one wheel? You can't use it without the battery any ways, and you can't fly with it, but you can ship it without taking it apart as the requirements to ship are the same installed or not installed with shipping. Why did you waste all this time instead of just shipping it as is? This may seem ridiculous, but this is so glaringly dumb that I really don't think I want to be subscribed anymore.