How We Faked World's Largest Domino With VFX

Publicēšanas datums 26 jūl 2020
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Clint has to finish VFX for the new Corridor video before the end of the week, or else he won't be able to go on Vacation!
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  • Why do I always see the BTS before the video 🤣🤣🤣

  • I hope they didn’t name a child “milo” it sounds like a pets name

  • Imagine if the video ended with "this video was sponsored by Domino's Pizza"

  • Ohhh

  • I never find a perfect cgi in a big scale

  • CGI stands for computer generated images

  • 10:23 Is it just me or did anyone else see this as Jacksepticeye when he was way younger on ice?

  • Like a vfx team could do that without vfx 😂


  • Cool

  • These guys not only react to VFX but they also create some cool looking visulas

  • You should have placed a carbonite Han Solo in there.

  • Wait...its fake?? No way

  • Clint looks lik that evil guy in far crys 5

  • Wren still looks like a kid 😂 Looks like someone needs to grow up

  • that’s pretty cool

  • Really. It's a bit scum with these click bait titles

  • What is he riding at 5:16

  • He looks like the father from far cry 5


  • 10:11 I thought that was jacksepticeye

  • After I saw the effects on this one, I think that there should be an corridor crew crew.....

  • well, did clint went in vecation at the end

  • Why do they use zoom

  • NO

  • Really very hard work guys

  • awww sam, my heart melted when he said 'I'm not bossing' he sounded so sad :(

  • Fun fact:- you have not watched their original video yet.

  • Cmike is the icest dude

  • K

  • Anyone found any easter eggs?

  • That was a sad park sign, riots, covid, ect

  • 12:15 so funny ahahahahahahhahahahahaha

  • I feel that it lacked quality, the Domino's felt too...... CGI, and the fact they made the breaking of the award CGI as well feels like they rushed it.

    • Because they did, they were under a decent bit of a time crunch

  • Who wouldve thought this was actually CGI

  • The Perfect Camera Rig (2020)

  • can somebody tell me where to get that 5 panel art piece in that dudes room. 1:41

  • eating dominosPizza while watching this

  • If someone is bored he is defiantly watching THIS

  • Faked? I thought that video was real

  • awesome video! I make domino videos as well

  • Sponsored by Domino's Pizza

  • 0 0 ____

  • In this video, Clint looks like an indie film developer that doesnt like recent technology

  • kinda sad that this got more views then the actual video.

  • you missed the most obvious pun: a domino run, begins with DO.

  • talk more and work less

  • Faked with CGI???? You mean to tell me it was not real?????

  • 10:10 He looks like jacksepticeye😂

  • You guys should have left the Domino fall montage. Without it the video seems empty. Domino fall was the whole point

  • 4:19 Covid 19:a Corridor:fuck

  • So probably a very stupid question... Why have him carry a domino around when you could just CGI it like the rest of them? There must be some very obvious reason but not being a CGI guy, I don't know what the answer is. Any help?

    • It's a hell of a lot easier to have him hold a practical domino rather than to add it in post production. Having to add it in post would make soooo much extra work due to how much compositing (and most likely tracking?) they'd have to do. Also, they'd have to have him hold a practical domino anyway so it'd look like he was actually holding something, so they may as well just use a real, massive domino.

  • Who knew corridor crew got shitty webcams

  • Dear author, your video is pretty fantastic, could I use your video to publicise to people who may like playing Dominoes? Thanks for your reply.

  • Clint looks like pewdiepie

  • El Pipila.

  • You look like the guy from jc3

  • It's so weird that the behind the scenes has more views than the video itself

  • 7:38 Clint reminds me of "Joseph Seed" from Far Cry 5

  • Man, the amount of previs that would have to go in to something like this is absolutely insane.

  • this video got more views than the actual domino video lol

  • CGI was good but still, we live in a period when you can see and tell that something is CGI hoping I will see CGI that will be indistinguishable from reality.

    • the boston dynamics robot vid actually met that expectation

  • I like this channel and your Work. Seeing this I just had to think of this Video about the physics and complexity of dominos from Destin from SmarterEveryDay: Keep it up!

  • 0:07 So that is where the tie fighter sound came from

  • I’d love to see you guys do an edit of Rich Brian’s “love in my pocket” greenscreen thing

  • Clint reminds me more and more of Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5.

  • I had no idea Joseph Seed was into domino...

  • The Gabbar

  • Binod

  • smart to make the dominos human size, easy scaling.

  • I like how every one in the studio has a one wheel

  • Tell Joseph Seed good work

  • Barretts are not for dudes

  • Guys please react to this in your CGI series .. it’s the best Egyptian CGI work so far done by a studio named “The Crew” .. it’s for a series named “the end”

  • Would have been so much easier and looked so much better if the giant gold domino they carry was sanded & painted foam

  • Wren you should do a video about “how big of a computer in the 60s would you need to run Minecraft “

  • 12:10 epic

  • Clint you diverse a vacation

  • This got more views than its actual domino video lol

  • can you please make a visual effects of one of you being the flash dc comics

  • Broo I just got an ad about headphones with the corridor crew in it.

  • Yang dari Indonesia like

  • That moment when the behind the scenes...has more views then the actual video.

  • was he wearing the plastic finger tho?

  • Clint looks like Joseph Seed(a.k.a. The Father) from Farcry5

  • Cmike this icest guy

  • 6:29 noticed how quickly Niko gets up when, Sam says that Clint and Wren have problems. Right away he knew, he screwed up and had to go fix it. Good Boss, other bosses let you take the hit.

  • coyotes when the sun goes down 2:58

  • Oh they had Lily, thats such a cool thing to do. Stuff like that is what makes content like this even better.

  • Cmike is the “ice”st dude

  • Clint looks like he is going to travel Hope County and start cult

  • Do these guys actually work for someone or something, or are they just making LVcd Videos?

  • what's with this joseph seed imitation ?

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  • Love the banana shirt, Sam.

  • I think the domino in the thumbnail is fake

  • You should do nerf pg 13

  • Please do a VFX reaction on sandalwood cinemas KGF Chapter 1 and Avane Srimanarayana Please do the breakdown these both movies. Both are a blockbuster movie in India.. Please.. please... please review in next video.. awaiting for it.

  • Missed this type of video

  • crazy noisy bizarre town