VFX Artists React to BOLLYWOOD Bad & Great CGi 4

Publicēšanas datums 9 mai 2020
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Sam, Clint, and Wren check out some of the crazy VFX and action coming out of India's film industry.
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  • Bollywood is just one end of the Indian movies You guys need to see Balakrishnan movies in tollywood

  • who else remembers this "bhoom machale chadi nikale"

  • A pathological refusal to accept the basic tenets of Gravity, Physics,Common Sense and human behaviour is the corner stone of Bollywood movies.

  • Plz watch shahrukh Khan's dilwale stunts

  • i am an indian and i agree watch telugu movies

  • fuck bollywood

  • That's the reason i prefer anime There is a LOT OF character development Everything makes *SENSE*

  • Tumbbad Better than Dhoom, But we Indians like shitty and copy Things.

  • Toolywood movie eega

  • Do reaction on mirzapur web series of bollywood

  • Tears in my eyes.. out of embarrassment

  • Try Vinaya vidheya rama tollywood movie

  • tumbbad should be watched, its amazing

  • duh i have seen these movies so many times but this time when am watching it, its gonna be so damn amazing to me😆😆

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • Fun fact: it took 9 years to complete the movie 'Tumbadd'

  • Oh my God fucking singam

  • Major spoiler for tumbadd

  • Subscribed just for the unsuccessful coffee throw🤣🤣

  • Hi please see singam tamil version first cuz ... Hidhi version is a remake of tamil version

  • He missed,I unsubscribed,😢

  • Tumbbad den of evil looked liked Malachai’s lair in PoE. Really good stuff!

  • 10:21 This is Rohit Shetty movie he likes to fly car in sky

  • My bros, most of allu arjun's movies are full of vfx

  • 2:21 tommy wieseau 😂😂

  • Bad CG mostly. 😂😂

  • Tamil movie singam please review this movie what u guys reviewed was the hindhi version you’ll find better frames to talk about please try though

  • Check out director Boyapati sreenu movies🙂

  • Dhoom🤗❤️

  • Please do ‘Koi Mil Gaya’, ‘Kirshh 3’

  • Though the movie is over 15 years old

  • in a lot of Indian movies the hero takes out the villain's goons in one punch but there is an entire fight sequence when the hero is fighting with the villain

  • Please watch Tumbadd it's really nice movie, just because of bollywood lobbies these movies are not getting noticed and doesn't get enough appreciation.

  • Please make a reaction on flim "jaguar"...it's a bollywood flim

  • I didn't

  • Try raone

  • Please react to vfx of bollywood films like baaghi, baaghi 2, baaghi 3, tanhaji, uri, kesari, cammando 3, mohenjo daro, race 3 Please

  • They missed the guy getting thrown from the jeep and landing more badassly than the main character

  • Tumbbad the masterpiece

  • Only singham Ajay devgan

  • guys at least review new movies don't judge these movies they were shooted many years back

  • I don't even know that movie like singham also contains cg effects

  • You should do another bollywood episode on these movies : - Fan (Shahrukh Khan) - Krish 1 and 2 (Hrithik Roshan) - bulbul (netflix movie bollywood)

  • Happy new year

  • See this please Kurukshetra movie Sandalwood 2019

  • See Kurukshetra Kannada movie sandalwood 2019

  • at 10.56 he is actually falling down but at next scene he is landing on his feet

  • Enthiran 2.0 Saha(2019) telegu Bigil-

  • Kgf

  • talk about a bad greenscreen :)

  • I know you aren't a review channel but I strongly recommend you watch Tumbbad (the second movie clip in this video) and then decide for yourself. I know Bollywood makes a lot (I mean a lot) of cheesy content but Tumbbad is one such movie which depicts that we do have amazing content creators who lack behind only because of less recognition and audience viewing/ entertainment preferences (Pandemic has definitely broadened peoples preferences from senseless to thought provoking). Suggestion while watching: PLEASE ignore CGI.

  • This is the best movie in bollywood

  • Sam is fat now

  • Plz make on robot 2.0

  • Guys can you review kollywood movie Aambala 😂

  • If our Indian movies are no logic then what is ur avengers

  • you guys should react to the titans in the real life action film attack on titan

  • React to singam (2010) Tamil collywood movie Wonderful action scenes🤣🤣

  • Finally I have found someone who really attempts to find logic in Bollywood movies🎉😂

  • Tx guys to appreciate Tumbad. Bollywood can not make good cgi movie probably for next 10 year but south indian industries making good movie with cgi from the recent years

  • 10:37 this heppens in every movie in india

  • Broo tollywood movies better then Bollywood

  • You should also react to Visual effects of Tanhaji and bahubali.

  • i literarly was brust out of laughing !!

  • tumbbad is a must-watch film . there's nothing like it.

  • Best thing is they are making fun of the videos and praising them

  • i love tumbbad so badly,i one of the greatest stuff.

  • bro why u didnt reviewed kgf ch1

  • You need a watch party

  • are chacha kya hoga jab app. south movie dekhenge 😂😂😂

  • Watch taqder movie of Kollywood

  • How fine details u caught but normally the watchers can't.

  • Tumbbad was a low budget movie only 5 crore INR...and considering that u can't complain...it was perfect in every essence....the story telling the animation the depth the moral it just amazed u if u see that whole movie....it's like in ur childhood ur grandmother used to tell stories to u those are comes true....

  • Could you do a cgi breakdown of a movie called 2.0? Please

  • 1st law of Bollywood : Physics is not allowed here 😂 2nd law of Bollywood : Love story is necessary 😁 3rd law of Bollywood : Budget should be low

  • the slap on the head and him coming up... thats because you didn't realise what they were going for... basically he slapped him down, the guy springs off the floor. because the body reacts to force. basically you have to imagine the guy is shrinking like a spring, then the force makes him pops back up, thats what you get from the first few frames where you actually see the guy going down. but they should have shown a wider shot so we can see him spring from the ground.

  • Take a look on war (2019) which was a Bollywood movie and I think the fighting scenes and the stunts of that film are similar to fast and furious 7 😅

  • Love you guys

  • 7:15 sound of enderman..

  • Breakdown the RamarajuForBheem teaser which is from India

  • Indian movie Bahubali uses many scenes from avengers you can see that

  • Guys check out KGF !!

  • can't you just watch and enjoy

  • Captain India is not singham captain India is tiranga in Indian comics .

  • See Dhoom 3

  • Dhoom : Ok Dhoom 2 : Best Dhoom 3 : Poop

  • You guys should totally watch Tumbaad ❤️.

  • Info corner 5:45 that's a womb

  • ";

  • Why can't we Indians accept the fact that we are all vastly different but all of it is beautiful !! Does I'm good = Others are bad? NO Every Indian comments section ever 😓 Let's be the change friends 🙂

  • Tumbad is legendry movie watch it indian audience likes that romantic movie i dont know why. No one want to watch that type of movie

  • saw the roar scen** indian roars are not that good if a ferreri comes to india it will go as aulto

  • Tumbad is awesome movie 😍

  • There is too much CGI fails in Hollywood also keep a look on this video : lvcd.info/watch/r8WPd4xeZdGNqYk/video.html

  • Singham is made by Rohit Shetty all the movies made by Rohit Shetty is awesome must done video on Rohit Shetty action movies

  • lvcd.info/one/9rRknNfud_OZfvhNy-qP4Q

  • Whenever it comes to singham,I leave this video bcuz I don't wanna see it again in my "life!"

  • Tamil flim raavanan ..... Review about their cinematography

  • Tumbaad budget is less than a million$ but indian audience are dumb

  • Not realistic, there isn’t a scene where someone washes a computer and they keep cutting every 3 milliseconds