VFX Artists React to BOLLYWOOD Bad & Great CGi 4

Publicēšanas datums 9 mai 2020
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Sam, Clint, and Wren check out some of the crazy VFX and action coming out of India's film industry.
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  • I was subscribed after he missed the throw I unsubbed lol jk

  • Singham: look at the power of SLAPP... Davie504: are you challenging me?

  • React to mollywood film which not how cool person looks it's on realism of stunds which is ugly and muddy

  • You guys can now never watch Tumbbad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tumbbad the flesh pit is actually the womb of mother earth

  • the monster that see in tumbaad is myth that was in maharashtra state of india

  • Please react to cgi of malayalam movies Oppam (2016) climax scene Pulimurugan (2016) Neerali (2018) Odiyan (2018) Please do appreciate or criticize good or bad.

  • Review VFX from "Ale Ale" song from The Boys Tamil Movie❤️❤️

  • Tumbad movie is south indian?

  • U guys should definitely watch pulimurugan

  • react to 2.0

  • Who are all tamilans like here 👇👇👇

  • A genie or real thing Djinn is an arabic word for demons/devils. So ya this is a good representation of a demonic feel to the Djinn or as west likes to call it "genie".

  • Singham🤣🤣🤣

  • Kgfvfx

  • Dude don't spoil the movie by revealing plot twist.

  • Dharmaprabhu Try this one south indian Telugu language movies

  • Tumbadd was really underrated movie of Indian cinema 😐👉👈

  • Tumbbad. He made a deal with the devil, he gave him what he wanted and he gave him money.

  • I Unsubscribed

  • You guys should do the talking heads like they do in Japanese panel shows. Put each person in a little circle in each corner of the screen that way we can see all y'all's beautiful mugs

  • You guys should watch the movie tumbaad bro.... This is the best indian movie ever made.. Sotry massage acting everything.. Complete oscar nominated movie... But indianovie industry is full of groupism and nepotism.. So the movie like tumbaad dont get recognise....

  • Name of the demon movie

  • Gumbad is from one of the best movie made in bollywood but no one in bollywood gives any credit to it

  • pls react to warframe cenematic

  • Clint has watched the first film hyaku percent...

  • Tumbaad IS a f king great movie. Agree it or not

  • I'm soo happy that frgt abt my own country but u guys r happy to see a movie like Tumbad ,whch thy had the stomach affect , scary granny wit nails on face , Trust Me I Had So Wished That TUMBAD shld hv gone fr Oscars bt sadly Bollywood doesn't hv knowledge abt Film n wt a Great Film are all thy do is Copy of South movies and in songs thy jst remix the old iconic songs n spoil it 😑 , Bollywood had decided GULLY BOY movie which ws a SHITTY movie


  • Tumbbad is actually one of the great Bollywood films


  • Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad! - Russel Peters. 😂

  • Tumbbadhas cheapest vfx as compared to others cgi bollywood movies

  • Please react to Victor Magtanggol series!

  • बहोत बढ़िया भाईलोग

  • That second movie tumbbad, it was made by a budget of just 5crore

  • I just unsubscribed

  • The man is hrithik roshan an action hero of india

  • Fun fact: it took 6 years to complete Tumbbad movie.

  • Gravity was discovered in 1687 People before 1687: *S I N G H A M*

  • Indian talent pe reaction banake paisa kamao 😏

  • You guys were the only one who doing genuine reaction

  • Tumbad was a movie based on a creature who lives inside earths womb according to indian mythology

  • Do a video on kanchana 3 movie

  • 11:44 “Somebody gonna get hurt real bad” Russell Peters reference 🤣🤣

  • I reported you,spam and misleading

  • Are the bad people darker Indians and a African? Am I imagining things or it's that Asian racism that whiter is better?

    • It's not new thing in Indian movie, specially Bollywood which Hindi movie industry. Most of North part of people are fair in color. But as south you go, the color get darker. So skin color complex is like imbodied in our DNA as it happing from British time. Still people think Fairness is beauty and Darkness in Beast. But from last one decade things are changing for good, and people are accepting their real color and not buying huge amount of fairness creams(Search for old Fair and Lovely fairness cream ad and you will understand the situation). But still skin color differentiation is still present

  • missed, unsubbed

  • Why don't you guys take a look at "Mirzapur" Netflix Series....

  • Tumbaad was a really nice movie; the theme is that even greed can overcome fear 👍

  • Non of the singham sighns are VFX

  • Please make a reaction video on indian web series ❤🔥

  • Arey if you say Ajay is the captain India again nah... Definitely I will slap you all Paagals ... if you are in VFX review plz Don't tell crap, like this ... Bcz India have so much of good and talented Varieties of cinema like Kollywood Tollywood and varieties of Versatile actors like Akshay Kumar, Ajith Kumar, Rajinikanth, Alli Arjun, Vijay Joseph , Yash, Karthik, Amir khan, Vijay sethupathy etc

  • Im going to unsubscribe 😜😜😜😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I like the reviews....... But fake predicting every fucking scene is really annoying guys. Plz stop it

  • KGF movie VFX reaction

  • "Somebody gonna get hurt real bad!" Hahaha this guy is cultured!

  • Just

  • Sam's comment at the end made me laugh really hard XD

  • എന്തുവാടെ എന്തൊരു തേപ്പ് ഡേ

  • Pls react to.24.tik tik tik .and 2.0 movies

  • Shivaay movie. Check out

  • Please react to krrish

  • You should try Bahuballi - The beginning and the Conclusion - its a two part/sequel movie.. you guys will be blown .. laughing off you couch..

  • My god these Indian movies even serious movies looks funny as hell LOL

  • Just have a look at " M S dhoni the untold story".

  • watch doom 3

  • Clint didn't forget anything. He specifically said "he will go down and reemerge anew" roller skates we're included in the "anew" part because it means what you think it means. A new.

  • u guys mo********** u don't know about tummbad

  • Please do a VFX reaction on Makkhi (Eega) Movie .

  • Just have a look to " thumbhad "

  • Do malayalam movies Pulimurukan,Ezra...

  • Man of Steel or Ready Player One would be great for a VFX review.

  • Reaction on 2.0

  • Please watch Tumbhad

  • Tummbad was a great movie but bollywood likes action to the point where only a couple of those types of movies actually even get the fame that they deserve

  • Review malayalam movies

  • Well I respect your opinion about it I am too a cg artist from india I am indian too But the facts are really genuine But unforgettable truth of bollywood is budget and that is one said for all The tummbad was really a masterpiece If you see the whole movie Just for example average Hollywood movie budget is 80 - 100 million dollars But tummbad had make in only 1.63 million dollars cost for rs 12 crore only So it is really impressive

  • Yes do a review on KGF & THUMBAD

  • Please do a vfx reaction on the movie kgf

  • Please react to lovecraft country

  • hey could you react to the 2011 film The Adventures Of Tin Tin? i think it would be right up your ally.

  • Dhoom 3 vfx reaction

  • You should definitely watch Tumbbad.

  • You mentioned you would like to react to more vide games visuals, how about the Diablo 4 trailer?

  • tumbad vere level making

  • Way too many ads

  • Do you don't read in Wikipedia about the story of movie

  • Tumbaad is amazing you need to must watch

  • This scene in tumbbad is actually showing the inside of the goddess vagina where the monster (money god) lives and the guy gives food in return of picking gold coins before he finishes his loaf of bread and comes back to you to eat you. Great movie mustch watch if u like creepy stuff

  • You were right it was gold poo

  • "singham is a great film" Did you really say that? The problem with western reaction channel is that they see India as a big market say stuff to make us happy so they compliment our mainstream movie which by the way are shit (most of them) but they'd never review movies that are not popular, the indie movies, movies that are not mainstream cause that won't gather enough attention. You people are somewhat parasites. Still I'd day I'm surprised you people put Tumbadd in the list.

  • Bollywood is a worst industry South industry are Gold 🔥

  • Balaya indian talugu acter full movie on CG and graphics

  • Tumbbad is the next level movie

  • Indian first superhero shaktiman

  • Plz make bollywood superhero action fight like = krish

  • For bad throw I'm giving u dislike

  • Hahhaha this was funny

  • KGF chapter 1 , "V" and Saaho