Keanu Reeves Impersonator Battle

Publicēšanas datums 5 dec 2019
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Inspired by films starring Keanu Reeves, The Corridor Crew compete to see who can win the prestigious title of "Office Keanu."
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  • Sascha baron imporsinator

  • *Wake the fuck up, samurai. We have a city to burn.*

  • Niko's first attempt with the safety on seems like such a Niko thing to do

  • Clint you damn moron....why wouldn't you wait to use your extra life til AFTER you were eliminated....?

  • James Bond Challenge please

  • Jet Li Impersonator Battle pls!!!

  • That like was for the King Keanu. He is my role model for being a human.

  • *Why is the bomb making CSGO C4 noises tho ?*


  • sam its day in the intro

  • They make it look easy

  • 0:52 - *_Can Wren be the perfect Jeremy Renner impersonator? XD Can't stop thinking about it._*

  • Hey at 10:12 the music is the one that Michael Reeves used in his laser baby, cool.

  • Nxt mr. Bean

  • Please try sir Rajnikant's impersonator.

  • 10:36 What is that song

  • notice on the first challenge they went from saying “neo” to “keanu”

  • is d still with the corridor crew...havent seen him in current videos. I heard he it true what happened

  • Why CLINT is always wearing that green bluetooth or something 👇🏻👇🏻

  • Keanu have to watch this

  • Didn't know his name was just D

  • I miss D

  • Clint always dominates in the beginning but loses by a bit in a later one

  • Always amazed with Clint and his physical abilities in these challenges lol. I think he's secretly super powered and just holding back.

  • Damn wren is being a huge asshole to Clint 😂

  • 14:05 Red goggles - red pill (Matrix), blue goggles - blue pill (John Wick).

  • The Rock!!!!!!!

  • 14:43 no pun intended?

  • 4:49, what a woah

  • I actually died at Sam's cartwheel..Holy crap

  • 11:57 says Wren, Mr. 3-Stocked every Smash tournament

  • Someone should of done keanu reeves from Icarly

  • that pringles sound when Sam did the cartwheel >

  • He’s to fat you guys

  • Do a Macgyver office championship

  • D, you dont look wierd in that you look badass and I also found it kind of awesome that the last challenge was between you and Niko because in my opinion you two are always the most badass guys in there


  • Chris Evans olympics 1st challenge is a shield/frisbee trick shot that has to do w bouncing it off a wall 2nd challenge is something to do with fire 3rd challenge is doing an Ollie on a skateboard

  • At least Clint is Arnold

  • you should do a John Wayne impersonator olympics

  • When the heck complimente become a competition?! Corridor: KEANU.

  • Play Jason Momoa Olimpics

  • The rock challenge 💪

  • Do A rocky challenge

  • You should really do Sylvester Stallone to hehe

  • How about who is the best Solid Snake?

  • D he’s the one

  • I don't know about anyone else, but I would like to see a Doctor Who impersonator challenge.

  • bruce lee challenge

  • Can someone please tell me whats the music at 5:08 ? I heard it in like 50 other vids and still cant find it anywhere :D

  • SAD KEANU!!!!!!!!!

  • Also all the office olympics they suggested I want to see

  • Yall should so a Johnny Depp Olympics if yall ever get a chance

  • they should do a office will smith

  • Nicolas Cage!!!!!!! Though Title of Mr Bean is near and dear to me..

  • want to see Office Bruce Lee (version: entry the Dragon)

  • Can some please tel me the song that is plaing during this video? Thanks. Aseowe with the challege and movie reverence. Greetings from Belgium

  • I mean niko has always John wick / nerf John wick / Jon snow wick in our hearts

  • How about office James Bond..?

  • 6:28 Counter terrorists win😂

  • Mr bean would be fun

  • Damn Niko

  • Please do office Mr bean challenge 😁😉. That will be Hilarious 😂

  • i mean i have the hair, does that qualify me?

  • Who is the offices Anikan skywalker

  • Sam is too chonk

  • I might just make 1:14 my computer wallpaper

  • this is so unfair the guys that already won the challenges should not be allowed to participate in another challenge but clint wont the Arnold shcwarzenegger so

  • I like how the hand grab between D and Clint is better than all of the ones in the Arnold challenge

  • Clint may have lost, but I think his costume & hair was the most creative out of the group.

  • John wick vs neo yeah!!!!!!

  • How I have seen all of these but this one


  • Please do mr.bean impersonator

  • Who is the office Robert Downey Jr.

  • Office Charlie Chaplin

  • Oof

  • Mr Bean Impersonator winner: I predict -- Wren

  • Mr bean impersonator. I think wren's gonna win.

  • Bruce Willis Olympics please and thank you

  • D looks great!

  • Do a Chuck Norris Impersonator Battle!

  • the heart of keanu

  • Office scarlett johansson

  • Who is here after Clint won his first impersonator Olympics 😂😂😂🤣

  • do a bollywood one. office Shahrukh Khan

  • Every one uses their Heart of Keanu on the first round. XD

  • That was so much fun

  • After Tom Cruise and Keanu, definitely Brad Pitt!

  • You should do a Christian Bale olympics

  • 2:09 THAT'S the Schwarzenegger clap

  • office tommy wisseau

  • Wren is a dick lol

  • Please put an epilepsy warning (ideally IN) on videos with flashing lights

  • Spider Man Challenge Johnny Depp Challange Leonardo DiCaprio Challenge

  • Mr. Bean!

  • Mr. Bean please...........

  • :D

  • I take my previous comment back... this is by far the best KEANU challenge 🤣

  • 0:45 Nothing like Half life 2 pistol sounds