VFX Artists React to RUSSIAN Bad & Great CGi 27

Publicēšanas datums 23 mai 2020
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Niko, Wren, and Sam break down visual effects from some insane Russian films!
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  • when he’s says no time it gets me every time 😂

  • Watching the T-34 part hurt to listen to them butcher tank terminology

  • Ah yes only in russia

  • actually wren... the guy isn'T teleporting, he's transforming into shadows. basically smokes ! so yeah, he did become as thin as the slit he just made.

  • The bear-man remind me of baorn from The Hobbit

  • Subtitles:Russian Me:thank you subtitles.

  • Its said Sabo not Sahbo but love these videos

  • I'm so excited for them to react to the alien cage match short plllllz bro

  • Hearing people who have no idea about tanks is very cringy

  • You've chosen a very good aspect of these movies - the CGI. Because as good is the graphics - as catastrophically bad is the plot, the acting, the directing and everything else.

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • Not bad at all

  • Extraction looks like it was inspired by halo 4

  • Yeah, who needs a cupola when you can have a choo choo hole

  • Ms

  • vfx quality based on budget provided, Main road post has best houdini people in their team.

  • Big cringe, I live there Fun fact: I've never watch some of these

  • how dare you compare hello friends to comrade

  • Attraction

  • Fan of Russian War movies

  • T 34

  • В очень крутые ребята, вы делаете интересный контент

  • The tank 1 looks like the only good Russian movie all the other movies look like shit

  • In soviet Russia bear arm you

  • T-34 was a god amazing movie though.

  • Did you see that guy fly out of the window at 1:20

  • I was hoping you show something from Tarkovsky!!!


  • T34 is the best movie ever Watch it in subbed not dubbed

  • а почему перевода нет. если текст на русском названия ролико(

  • Director:Who is playing main character in this film?Writer:Ofcourse the missiles

  • That wasnt a sabot round coming out of the tank

  • Dont these guys work in the same office? What the point of social distancing?

  • 12:46 jan is behind nicko looking at him above the monitor lol

  • I knew his opinions worth nothing when he saw "T-34" and asked if it was a calculator

  • ‘Let’s look at a tank film called ‘T-34’ ‘Isn’t that a calculator?’ *cries in tank*

  • Wren sounds like he has PTSD from that highway. Anyone got anything on that?

  • Movie names

  • Have you guys done District 13 yet? Sorry if i missed it.

  • If you ever make a thumbnail like this I and my bear sergei will have a trip to your office

  • Wtf was that at 14:26

  • I don't know what they wanted to see. Do they understand that our government only sponsors bad movies? Yes, most of our films are sponsored by the government. It's a national sponsor program. It's called "Fond Kino" (or Film Fund). Also, our movies are so shitty that a well-known Russian youtuber who reviews movies about bad movies only reviews Russian movies almost ten years.

  • It's Ukrainian alphabet on the preview

  • Мне кажется, что мужики фанаты badcomedian так как все фильмы взятые на разбор, были из его обзоров.

  • I REALLY wish you guys had included Nightwatch and Daywatch here.. those are like 15 year old movies that imo especially for 15 years ago, still holds a candle to a lot of these over the top, bollywood style action sequences.. just the trailer for Daywatch is here, and its got an incredible world-ender sequence as well using nothing but ball bearings.. I've mentioned them before when the vfx react videos first started. Daywatch trailer: lvcd.info/watch/nLRvXYmdqNWYi30/video.html

  • Good episode, tovarisch!

  • Before watching this: I bet these movies will look so bad After watching: *looking up where to rent T-34*

  • Do Russian cyberpunk farm

  • 9:31 *Adidas*

  • What is the tank part movie called?

  • I love how you guys notice certain details that a lot of us cannot

  • I hate this reycoon ad..... Just Look at the jabra Elite 65t. They have the Same price and jabra is one of the Leading brands.

  • 7:11 I love "Love Death Robots" Really all of the episodes are fu**ken awesome 🤯👏👏

  • LD+R. Please. So much. Whole episode will satisfy

  • Nah the raycons are a no go for me I’m just gonna stay with the airpods

  • something kept bothering me about the tank rounds hitting the tank. the effect is fine, then I realized that they a show a 90degree hit vs angle armor. the armor is angled up to deflect a round and prevent the damage shown.

  • That highway, oh that highway - wren 12:21

  • Promoting Raycon earbuds wears aftershokz

  • React to love death and robot!!!

  • Mostly we put physics in pot and flushed it.

  • Loved the video, but almost all Soviet tanks including the T-34-85 never used sabo rounds.

  • Found some amazing vfx movies with this video...!!

  • It’s not pronounced w-ay-ta it’s pronounced w-eh-ta it’s the name a of native bug in New Zealand since it’s a New Zealand company

  • ребята вы сейчас лопните от смеха, этот треш финансируется с денег налогоплательщиков....

  • If you like cannons to the face, this brought back memories of a tv series about ole Napoleon. lvcd.info/watch/3sucj3ejfNKfm6s/video.html The scene starts at 3:58.05

  • What happened to rocketjump ....it was so good

  • But really "THAT HIGHWAY!"

  • night watch is highly beloved russian mystical movie with good cgi, you should check it

  • Я не имею никакого отношения к созданию этих фильмов, но мне стыдно 🤦‍♂️

  • нам нравятся медведи Райана

  • Notice how there is no shaky cam and most of the shots are detailed, long and wide with minimal cuts. Hollywood can learn a LOT from Russia

  • You need to do battle of los angles

  • We were one animal away from manbearpig

  • A grizzly bear man with a minigun is probably the most Russian thing I can think of


  • Is that human ash from warframe

  • I'm sad none of them are wearing Adidas jackets.

  • The superhero you said was rockman in that russian avengers movie looks like that russian guy from iron man who had the electric whips.

  • Sam: *guesses it took 5000 hours to render* Wren: "208 Days!" 208 Days X 24 Hours = 4992 Hours Sam was guessing in thousands and was off by less then 10....

  • I'm here for movie suggestions 😁. Suggest me few movies 🙄

  • Dude made a Daedric Crescent blade at 8:01 haha

  • Russia even makes better CG than Hollywood or on par CG for less money.

  • Did anybody notice that when the man fully transforms into a bear his pants just tear down but still when he goes back being human, he still has his pants untouched not even a single wrinkle or cuts..

  • 2:41

  • Brhehehehgegegsyehehshdhhe sgaggshdgsgvefgfsgsgsg This is the title of this video ( the one that is on the icon )

  • ussr anthem at the beginning

  • 12:46 He had a chance but didn't.

  • Avengers:we have a hulk Guardian:we have bearman

  • React to gantz:o Japanese animated film!

  • That tank movie is a very good movie. The special effects in it are really clean.

  • Can you watch pokemon sun and moon please please

  • Rush(sian) B(ias)

  • Berserk shirt 🥵

  • VFX Dyatists yaedst


  • Thet girl can turn ivisible when she is wet

  • When he said: "he's a men-bear", i couldnt resist but loudly add pig while i watched it

  • The dark station prospectively tap because golf contradictorily push pace a curvy cinema. breakable, shut doctor

  • 12:57 "IndependAnce Day"...????

  • React to pixel movie