VFX Artists React to RUSSIAN Bad & Great CGi 27

Publicēšanas datums 23 mai 2020
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Niko, Wren, and Sam break down visual effects from some insane Russian films!
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  • As Russian I can see that Russians can make it look " like in Hollywood" in movies and music videos including CGI, but scripts are shitty as hell so we have to watch movies for example where reasonable and good characters are shown as assholes because they're doing right things which interfere with what a badass (but shown "good") protagonist's doing. Illogical stuff, distorted morals and sand particles rendered in 4K. This is what Russian movies are right now.

  • react to the israeli movie abulele

  • Me: (being russian, reads the thumbnail) The thumbnail: VFX DYATISTS YAEDST Me: ...wut?

  • You should do an halloween special with the Evil death movies hahaa

  • *THAT'S IT* _im gonna kiss putin because of how awesome his people are_

  • Whats the movie thst plays in the first 2secs

  • I see you with the berserker armor shirt Sam

  • So as a Russian I've watched all of these movies and I thought they were, uh, not great, more on the 'so terrible I'd never watch it again' side, because the plot and the acting and the themes were just that bad. But thanks to this video I now know that there's at least one thing that I can appreciate for being done well, so danke schoen!


  • You guys still haven't done Love, Death, Robots

  • They just don't want to directly insult anyone, but I don't care Guardians is just a piece of crap. Maybe tanks were not that bad but there are only fire, smoke and sparkles, nothing else... The last one is good though


  • I excepted information and knowledge Who am I kidding? This is america production, go pew pew pew. only one guy out of three was talking seriously and rest for clicks

  • Russian are good at it

  • You can't watch this anymore. It is too much advartising😣

  • Russians in the comment section: "D is not A,A is A!" Me a fellow slav" "I feel your pain"

  • Ah yes, the VFX DJAETISTS JAEDCT show

  • T-34 is one of my favorite movies of all time, and i'm english!

  • It's not a superhero movie is a bridge isn't destroyed

  • Berserk shirt! LOVE IT

  • That one with the ship crashing was super impressive. Sooooo many things going on.

  • "tank bullet" "tank sabot" Some people from the Tank Community: *U WOT M8*

  • I See the Movie on the background glasses.

  • Wren just having an orgasm as a spaceship destroys a city

  • The guy who got the tank round to head, wanna know what made it worse? The shell was HE (high explosive)

  • Thought I was watching a Command & Conquer: Red Alert movie for a bit!

  • 6:05 Manbearpig

  • Why do they allways make warmovies like ww2 was part of the Matrix? I want to see the Horrors of war, suffering of civilians and soldiers, no black and white overpatriotic plot and decent combat. This is just cgi garbage all the time. These movies are so weird balanced.

  • 2:38 sabot?

  • *cries in tank man after you call a ww2 round a sabot*

  • If you have dare then create a great vfx and then start trolling others vfx cgi

  • everyone freaking out about T-34..... . needs to go watch "white tiger"..... its on youtube for free strange story.... WAY less good FX....but a pretty cool movie . its about a "mythic" tiger tank that is basically the devil . if you like "deadman" with depp..... you will like white tiger

  • Без перевода. Дизлайк.

  • Hello from Russia

  • I love how at 12:21, Wren is like jizzing himself over the CGI. XD

  • Well ..…..You don't want to calculate on T 34....if you don't believe ..... Ask Germans

  • Мне, как простому зрителю, давно понятно, что графику мы научились делать. Теперь бы сюжетные линии более тщательно продумывать и актеры должны быть другие. Эти хороши, но им в фильмах про войну нормально сниматься. В фантастике должны быть другие актёры.

  • How did this get past filters? Clearly 3 men orgasm in a group together when they see that last epic crash simulation lol

  • the first Code Geass Akito the Exiled movie has some of the coolest mech fight coreography

  • Are d=д there for comic reasons cause we have like aA=аА, so...

  • почему мне так стыдно помогите

  • gfd, this is how you are supposed to write it "э"

  • Christ dude... The fact that I'm Russian made it REALLY hard to read the thumbnail xD

    • @Cyber GP shut up, man. Keep the atmosphere.

    • @zylex ты дурак? Зачем на английском писать?

    • "VFX Dyatists Yaedst" lol

    • Yea people need to stop doing that shit with cyrillic

    • Lmao, same.

  • C Y K A B L Y A T

  • 4:12 don't know about that movie, but there's a Russian movie called something like Panfilov's 28 men that was funded by Gaijin Entertainment (War Thunder devs)

  • Just to be clear, the T-34 is not firing a SABOT round.

  • Дяртианмсв сосниьгр срогєоип?

  • what is the movie with the sphere spaceship?

  • For the record; T-34 is one of my favourite tanks. It’s like the underdog of WW2 aside from the Sherman. Big props to the drivers of those tanks!

  • omg 1:52

  • Хоть кому то эти фильмы понравились. Я же от них испытываю испанский стыд.

  • 13:30 the new Cinebench test

  • It’s Russia, so they might actually be blowing dudes up inside some old WWII tanks and filming it in slow motion

  • And learning Russian has already paid off. The first Russian word spoken? Суки. It means bitches.

  • Russian people reading thumbnail: "Что за хрень?"

    • Это называется Faux cyrillic

    • Yeah that gave me an aneurism

    • Ano sabin eto'o laguage

    • Порой хочется людям намекнуть что в русском языке тоже буква А есть, а так же буква Е

  • Is he a manbearpig

  • Not only he would have to get paper thin but so would the handle of his sore cuz the handle of your sword isn't the same width of the blade

  • Where is the live death and robots episode

  • Russians actually really hate every russian movie, even Attraction, like the one of the best movies from Russia ever. Just because they russian

    • Attraction is gay so do you

    • Not EVERY and not BECAUSE they're Russian. Its just a common thing for Russian movies to suck real bad, and thats why people don't like them. Not just out of spite, just to hate on everything russian, since there are good movies from time to time, they're just too far in-between

  • Russian letter Э on the preview should be oriented to the opposite direction =)

  • I watched t34

  • still bether then holywood shit

  • You know they sweared in russian

  • Is all that--screaming at the camera, meant for people with poor attention retention?

  • T34 i should've watched it that was awesome.

  • Turns out people do like T-34, amazing movie

  • "Mimic slow mo tank bullets". Thank you, LVcd translate!

  • What do you mean CGI? That's just Russia.

  • *Laughing about the Man-bear is stupid unless you laughed at the walking, talking racoon on Guardian of the Galaxy.*

  • Thats called OUR CGI

  • I thoroughly enjoyed T-34

  • Why there no vodka in the story?


  • You guys totally missed it 1:19, the guy flying through the air after the round goes off

  • Thubnail must be АРТИСТС РЕАКТ not ДЯТISTS ЯЄДСТ

  • Самое забавное что тут дерьмовые фильмы из россии

  • They dont get it. The idea is that he is intangible while his sword remains tangible.

    • I was thinking that myself as he just dematerializes for a sec and then rematerializes

  • I hate when people use cyrillic to "russianise" non-russian words, because of how incredibly stupid it looks for actual Russians. Let me translate the "russianised" title from the thumbnail, if you take the cyrillic letters used and pronounce them as they are pronounced. It goes something like this: "VFX DJTISTS JADST" Fun, right?

  • Ну то что "это топ рашн суперхироус" вы чето совсем загнули

  • The best CGI shots were from Fedor Bondarchuk's movie, he's probably one of the best film directors in modern Russia, at least visually. He also directed Stalingrad and The Inhabited Island, based on the novel by Strugatsky brothers.

  • Holy shit that guy got fat

  • I did not know the return of skepiks prime was Russian

  • hard to kill russian bias tanks

  • Did Wren just have an intense orgasm when the highway was destroyed?

  • ah... now to go and watch BadComedian to balance it out :D

  • Did he just say that big ''sabot'' round, holy shit the amount of cringe those dudes can produce is unbelievable

  • Sadly good CGI can't compensate for an awful plot.

  • vfch djatists jaedst

  • кринжую

  • Please don't do the "Haha so funny Russian character in every word." Dyartists isn't a real word.

  • Who said that the tank shots were “CG”

  • Please react to Victor Magtanggol series!

  • Show them BadComedian

  • чуть глаза не сломал, пока читал обложку almost broke my eyes while reading the thumbnail


  • 12:20 * VFX Artist's orgasm *

  • 1:51 Moonsorrow?! Damn, Sam. Hitting me with some feels over here.

  • 12:20 orgasm moment

  • That moonsorrow T-shirt tho !!! @1:52

  • See the title, Looks like they made 26 VFX artist reacts Russian movies videos and this is the 27th one