Niko Makes Everyone Eat a Magical Plant

Publicēšanas datums 11 mai 2019
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The Crew gets weird during work hours
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  • what is that instrument niko is playing?

  • 4:48 its been a long time since I had those. Lol I'm from hawaii it would be so dope to meet niko an the crew

  • Duuude, this groove at the and is so good when stoned 👁🌿

  • Niko flexing his handpan skills

  • Please make a song with the rhythm you started, ik this is a little late but it was so peaceful and fulfilling to come back just to watch 2mins almost just for the song I love it

  • My dad works at Boston Dynamics

  • Only in California

  • *I need some of that shit.*

  • 🍻🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣

  • 6:43 Wrens expression hahaha

  • sooooooooooooo drugs

  • The only problem with this video that doesnt relax me is that fact it's a year old but I still get stupid campaign ads lol. Ruins the vibe

  • This is literally one of my favorite videos of all time

  • This episode feels like JFK saying "I like your funny words, magic man"

  • Lol

  • Niko over here be playing some minecraft music

  • Niko Makes Everyone smoke Marijuana

  • Hahahahaha kava I did not expect that

  • As men our roots are in vision quests and journies with our brothers. I love seeing this

  •'re supposed to brew it into a cold drink.

  • the devils lettuce

  • I can't believe Niko just got the whole crew high lol

  • The title doesent seem right

  • Can I have some?

  • 5:00, Soooo... basically weed.

  • Just bought some kava from the same brand Niko had. 15 bucks for 4 oz. I'm excited.

  • imagine going to work, being so focused that you haven't talked to any of your co-workers for a while. you come out, you finish your task and you see all your co-workers all high and drugged up

  • Basically the same effects as rolling and smoking a wood

  • I know that root it's feels good

  • I know that root it's feels good

  • Lmao bs

  • Great content guys! However, I wouldn't mind you holding the camera still...


  • I miss this kind of video

  • 9:11 The drum circle sounds sick not gonna lie man..

  • Never realized how nice that dudes hair was

  • I love how they have random knives and weapons lying around in the studio that they casually pick up and use to strip the roots XD

  • Kava's not really a trip though. I always found it to be more like the natural version of a benzo. Like what Kratom is to dope, Kava Kava is to xanax or valium or whatever. It's not the kind of thing where you're going to have a fascinating and engaging "trip", for me it was more just like lifting the weight of reality off your shoulders just a little bit. Definitely pleasant. I imagine it's a more powerful effect who haven't been doing the jacked up pharmaceutical versions of all that stuff.

  • 8:14

  • Niko is the best dude ever.

  • That succubus there on the blue ball. :)

  • christian's hair is so goddamn glorious

  • Did I just watch them eat a legal marijuana

  • “I am as chill, as I can possibly be, at this moment, in time.” *1 second later: gets touched* *“D O N ‘ T T O U C H M E !”*

  • Had to come back to watch this again after having some kava, bula! :)

  • Aren't you supposed to make a drink using the roots?

  • The most professional video of corridor crew.

  • The song is actually good...

  • Corridor crew takes drugs

  • i didnt need to eat a root or drugs to get chilled. the video did it for me. then an ad played and it was gone

  • We call those drugs

  • It looks like everyone is just on a massive nauseous bus ride,

  • Kava known as nagoona It came from fizii island

  • mincraft music

  • 8:14 might be one of the funniest moments I've seen on corridor

  • 8:48 Christain looks so majestic 🤣

  • HAHA Jake coming out and is just like WTF am i asleep?

  • Nice01

  • Whats the instrument that niko plays id love to learn to play it

  • Kava acts upon the GABA receptors in your brain and behaves like a weak benzodiazepine. It also slows your heart rate a little.

  • christian looks like some Shaman

  • Poyote plant:

  • Nobody knows how much I want a hand pan but can’t afford one cause they’re thousands of pounds... I played one wants and it’s so much more satisfying than just listening to it

  • Niko: “How you feeling?” Clint: 👁👄👁

  • This roots are the holy grail of students

  • Called weed

  • Such an underrated episode, the funniest fucking one!

  • What is the plant?

  • 4:40

  • This is what the boston dynamics video came out of? Man, you need more of that roots

  • How do I find that steel drum y'all are using??

    • It's a handpan. Google "Master The handpan how to buy a handpan"

  • actually the biggest giggle

  • If I was a client and I walked into this studio while this was going on I would be confused as fuck

  • THANK YOU! I FINALLY REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE INSTRUMENT THAT NIKO WAS USING! God, I've wanted to hear a hang drum again ever since I was on rohde island with some family as a child, and hear it just at a peir, and it's been a calming memory since then, and now I know why!

    • It's actually a handpan

  • Some Kava would be nice in this current socio-political climate

  • This is the vibe drug

  • Wren is the untimate man child

  • The coolest Corridor video ever!

  • Lmao ya'll look like bunch of cats on catnip

  • Alternate title, the corridor crew does drugs

  • Everyone gangsta until they bring out the steel drum

  • Niko have them all weed

  • 8:14 Meanwhile Jake

  • Me: *sees title* Also me: yes... magical

  • what brand of java root is it?

  • Its kindda like canabis Kuava: *well yes but actually no*

  • I hope you realize Kava is used to make an alcohol like beverage on the islands

  • Bearded Florida man drugs a company

  • Out of all the amazing videos these guys have made, this is probably one of my favorites

  • Yoooop Cmike at 1m in the background!!

  • ur completely insane

  • Metal Gear Solid huh

  • The song sounded like halo

  • What on earth****

  • When the hell did neko get a hand pan

  • Hahah 8:45 I’m dying! So in the zone lol

  • What's that drum thing Niko is playing?

    • It's called a handpan

  • Anyone know what kind of light Sam is using at 1:50? I can't quite hear what he's saying

  • You can actually smoke kava and it gives you a psychedelic high... don’t tell papi trump tho or he’ll take it away

  • U on drugs ro smth