Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 10

Publicēšanas datums 1 feb 2020
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The Crew is joined once more by Stuntman DaSilva-Greene to react and break down some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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  • Do a stuntmen react on kgf.

  • How do these Stuntmen NOT know who Yakima Canutt is? He is arguably one of the greatest stuntmen and coordinators in all cinema history. These guys need to study their history. Dave Sharpe, Richard Talmadge, Carey Loftin... these are names that should be required for study by modern stuntpeople. You have to know your history. It's like young filmmakers who think the movie industry started with Tarantino.

  • poor horses

  • 12:26 kind of reminds me for the same scene from Die Hard 2

  • The first stunt reminds me of an episode of Robot Chicken - I didn’t realise it was inspired

  • The stereotyped hill oddly precede because cloudy comprehensively point with a optimal unit. rabid, curvy drill

  • GUI should shoot Clint with squibs of course


  • 1:16 ARE THEY FUCKING?! EWW! 😂😂😂

  • I've got a couple which are probably too obvious, but i'd still like to see broken down: Police Story - Aside from the obvious fireman's pole stunt, in the opening bus scene 2 stuntmen take a wicked fall off the top of a double decker bus which looks ridiculous. There's also a bunch of falls and glass breaks in the end mall fight scene which look pretty hectic (not entirely sure how much is sugar glass). Winners and Sinners - Jackie Chan goes under a semi-trailer on roller skates (not sure on timing and speed or if the tape is sped up). Project A - Aside from the obvious clocktower fall, towards the ending Sammo Hung falls off a flight of stairs seemingly into a solid wall and takes a pretty big bump. He's only wearing a vest (no shirt underneath), so he doesn't look padded up in the slightest. Armour of God - Jackie Chan fights 4 Amazonian looking women wearing high heels, there's a couple of falls that look pretty heavy. Also, as a rare "Bad Stunt", at the ending he base jumps off a cliff and somehow ends up landing on a hot air balloon (in one cut you can see a tree in the background) and abseiling from on top into the basket. The environment scaling is a bit questionable in that one, but the end wide shot is insane. Love your work!!

  • skip the annoying ad @7:09-7:19

  • Gui's reactions are the best but all the stuntmen/women they have on the show seem like the coolest people you would ever wanna know

  • Stunts in Rumble in the Bronx were pretty insane

  • You can see the pad bounce a little on the slow mo chandelier fall... but it's thin. Wow

  • 7:30 dude, the hotel's not having him.... u cant come in here XDDDDDDDDDDD lmao best on the web so far

  • React to " Van Helsing" please .

  • The hotel scene you can see that the guy was meant to hang on the chandelier and probably not fall but the chandelier broke causing that hard fall.

  • If you go frame by frame through the chandelier fall - it looks like the part the actor is holding actually breaks midway through and he loses his grip. Maybe he did fall with more head acceleration than was intended. Either way I bow down to the performer for risking life and limb.

  • That's how John-Erik Hexum accidentally killed himself. With a blank round to the temple.

  • That John Ford stuntman was an American Indian and his name is pronounced: Yah-kah-mah Kah-nut.

  • i can't believe this stunt guy does not know who yakima canutt was-one of the greatest stuntmen ever?!

  • Is it just me or did the sound cut out around the 7:35 mark for everyone else too?

  • 14:07 😆😆😆

  • comment

  • Do stunt horses react

  • Man, that mw2 unlock sound sure brings back memories

  • Have the reacted to Jackie Chan’s police story fight scenes yet?

  • You guys should a shootout video with squibs

  • Police Story (1985) mall fight please!

  • Gui seems like the coolest dude ever 🙌

  • The protector, i had the dvd. I remember it had your video on it.

  • Did he call john Wayne john ford

  • Invite the legend him self over Jackie chan never used a stunt man lol

  • Jackie chan police story final fight for the love of peter pan please

  • I would like to see how they did bad batch

  • Gotta say, I've watched a ton of these and I think you'd love the fight scenes from Upgrade, where this guy is apparently having his movements controlled by an AI. Tons of really really interesting choreography and movements, as well as some absolutely brutal effects. Check it you!

  • That protector scene reminds me of "the wedding" in sleeping dogs!

  • Children of Men one-shot chase scene?

  • Those poor horse’s in that scene :(

  • You guys react to so much Jackie Chan.have you ever tried reaching out to him and having him in a video? He seems like the kind of guy whod happily agree to something like that

  • Jackie Chan falling from the clock !!!

  • Any potential of getting any of the stunt guys of the corridor cast? They are very interesting people.

  • Do KGF

  • Anything from the raid redemption or the raid 2

  • Next time you guys a praising jackie chan remember the Uighur camps he thinks those are good ideas

  • John Wick wasn't allowed to let horses run on tarmac, they had to lay out rubber mats and replace it in post. Meanwhile here: Tripwires for horses.

  • In the john Woo scene if you look at the guy with the shotgun he has a jam as the shell gets stuck instead of ejecting just thought i id point it out.

  • The dresser was still rocking back and forth.

  • More like stoned-man reacts

  • how did you miss the opportunity to put the simpsons stunt chair clip in?

  • Could you do a react to the Agents of shield season 3 episode 16 the fight in the white room with may or just some more agents of shield in general. there’s a ton of fight scenes and vfx stuff.

  • Is that first but the inspiration to the 100th episode special of Robot Chicken???

  • hello guys you have to watch him short movies.he makes most of these short films by his own work. I think you should check it out. and his movies are weapons, soldiers and action lvcd.infofeatured

  • hello guys you have to watch him short movies.he makes most of these short films by his own work. I think you should check it out. and his movies are weapons, soldiers and action lvcd.infofeatured

  • 👍👍

  • Plz do a squib Niko

  • Lol, after the protector scene there was an add fir advil

  • Dude how many ads does your videos need

  • Horses weren't generally trained to fall. They wore a rig called the "Running W" - wires went from the belly-band to the hoofs and back in a W-shape, the ends led up to the stunt rider; when he pulled the wires tightened, pulling the horse's hoofs out from under it and causing it to smash face first into the ground. Thankfully this has long been outlawed. [] What gets me about Jackie Chan films is that his stunt team don't usually have soft landings; they crash on to corners and edges of things. No matter how padded, that's gotta hurt.

  • You have to understand that in the older western films, most actors were from out west and had extensive skill-sets around and with horses out of necessity. A lot of those older actors, and younger ones, were genuine cowboys, who know how to move around horses and how to deal with that kind of dangerous environment in which you can't control all of the variables because you're dealing with an animal that's a thousand pounds and has a mind of its own.

  • Well considering Brandon Lee died from a blank, I'd be a bit nervous about them as well.....

  • Still don’t think I’ve seen Niko getting squibbed up. Thought I’ve seen most of their videos since this one was made.

  • If you guys are talking about Project A, why not take an episode on the last fighting scene, classical 3 vs 1? Especially the last kick from Sammo Hung to the back of Dick Wai...

  • Please do "Rocky handsome" climax scene

  • It would be interesting to hear from Gui since he doubled for Chadwick Boseman.

  • Review Commando 1, 2 and 3 it has best stunts of Bollywood performed actually by the lead actor with no stunt doubles.

  • What kung fu system has the flying crotch attack?

  • Gui is so high hahaha i love him

  • rip Chadwick Boseman

  • 4:45 same stunt was done in Indiana Jones!

  • I'm here after the death of Chadwick Boseman.

  • Bro react to Indian fight scenes 1. *ENTHIRAN* (ROBOT) train fight 2. *SYEE RA* interval fight 3. *IDDARAMAYILATHO* interval fight 4. *NAAN MAHAAN ALLA* climax fight 5. *MAGADHEERA* horse race

  • HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW ABOUT YAKIMA (NOT "YAKEEMA") CANUTT?? He was one of the creators of our industry!!!

  • Holy shit I did not expext to see you guys do The Killer. That was awesome!

  • Lets end horsey violence


  • You need to react to "Roar". "Some 70 people were injured during the making of Noel Marshall’s shocking cult classic, which has been called “the most dangerous movie ever made” and is perhaps most infamous for the reported “mauling” of one of its young stars, Melanie Griffith, endured at the claws of a lion (more on that later)." No choreography, real animals, lots of scenes are just random shots of the actors really hiding & running from the lions & tigers. Melanie Griffith was scalped, an elephant destroyed a boat, a tiger that was on that boat nearly killed a dude in the water I'm just getting started it's NUTS. It is truly the most dangerous film ever made hands down.

  • Well the incident with Brandon Lee and the blank was because it was a live round they hadn't properly made into a blank

  • 12:04 you can see the shotgun jam as the shell gets stuck in the breach and the actor can't close it

  • project A wasn't a Hollywood movie though

  • Why does Gui always looks like he’s stoned af

  • Serious question does anyone know if Gui da Silva is a cousin or related to Anderson da Silva? I know da Silva is a Brazilian name, and it might be a common name like for example Alejandro is a common name for Mexican boys, I know this cuz I have 6 cousin's on my dad's side that go by AJ or Alex, but their birth certificate and ID clearly says Alejandro! But I'm only 3/4 Hispanic with white skin and blue eyes, and I don't speak Spanish fluently so I could just be seeing similarities in the name. mi español es terrible y no lo hablo con fluidez. Puedo leer y escribir español mejor de lo que lo hablo.

  • John Wayne started as a stuntman

  • 2:04 the dude didn't actually get hit. The good guy swung right below his jaw in that shot

  • Clint has a crush on gui

  • They definitely passed a spliff around before shooting this one LOL

  • Okay now do this one

  • Would love for you to react to the final fight of Jackie Chan's Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, where from I read, the actor playing the bad guy actually kicked Jackie so hard he lost a teeth and you can even see it in the scene.

  • The horses faceplanting so fucking hard is disgusting! It fucking breaks my heart..

  • Could you guys talk about the stunts the movie Rumble in the bronx of JACKIE CHAN. Please

  • Anything by Buster Keaton, but I know there’s a train and a house bit specifically that’s wild

  • Anyone else hated the rewind noise in the Tony Jaa clip?

  • I’m subscribed and have been since I’ve discovered your channel. I recommend it to everyone and I love this channel. You guys are amazing. I’m a lifetime follower! Keep it up guys!

  • "If you did that to me, right now.. " Gui's mind: "Oh please do... "

  • man Gui is so cool

  • 11:00 - 11:20 Words of wisdom for every stuntman.

  • Horses are incredibly durable. They probably didn't even feel those falls. They fall on their own all the damn time lol.

    • @Cas The Demon I'm sure they can survive falls but injuries still happen and especially back in the silent film era horses would be shot rather than rehabilitate them. The issue isn't about turning a profit off of their corpses its about humane treatment while they're alive.

    • @MrHendrix17 and what I say is true. They fall on their own too. Shit I've been on one while galloping down a field when she got her foot stuck in a gopher hole and faceplanted. I got launched straight forward. She got up like 2 seconds later and brushed it off and stood there. I was still on the ground for a bit.

    • @MrHendrix17 I'd like some stats on how much you think a lot is. Though I'm sure they at least used their bodies for glue or something. Probably didn't just waste them. Shit even selling their skulls would make some money back. Horse skulls are dope. But in this movie in which I'm talking about, none of the horses seen appeared to be damaged in any way. They are actually extremely durable. One of the toughest creatures out there. Thus why they've been useful to us for centuries.

    • A lot of horses died as a result of those old movies. Its the reason for all the "no animals were harmed" messages in credits. They aren't that durable.

  • you guys should do the samurai scene from Sucker Punch!!

  • He looks high

  • I have the us original release "The Protector" and will look for that vid Nico