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Josh Richards:
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  • Hey Swayla! I love you guys so much but... you guys said u would post every Sunday but u never did! I am not trying to be mean and if I am I’m so sorry! I love you guys so much!!

  • miss them all together

  • 2021 anyone lol

  • So nobody is gonna talk about what jaden be writing. 😂😂😂😭😭

  • Comment section full of 12-16 year old girls This generation is doomed🗑️

  • they have changed a lot

  • The question: "Who is most likely to be single first?" Bryce: Instantly puts up Jaden-

  • bryce went dad mode on jaden 5:15 . 😭

  • а ушел то первый из хауса не гриффин а кио

  • When ant sat down I choked from laughing to hard lmfaooooo

  • it’s been a year after they created sway and now sway just isn’t a thing anymore and I’m really sad...I miss them am especially the ogs💔

  • Solo vengo a ver que son unos dioses griegos, sin entender nada 🙃💅

  • Kio hooked up with who?

  • iS nOt FoOd I dOnT EvEn..... * throws the board *

  • no more sway house

  • watching this when sway is gone :(

  • lolol yall changed sm

  • Old sway>

  • Any one in 2021

  • The og sway I miss this 🥺

  • were is the rest of the sway house like noah and those pepole


  • Kio is so cute

  • #kio #be #like #why #am #i #even #hear #wenn #they #the #person #behind #the #camera #said #howismostlikelytowearanunderwaerforaweek #his #face #be #like

  • when it said most likely to take someone girlfriend, i said noah straight away

  • Little did they know Griffin was gonna date Dixie...

  • Bryce was so nice to Anthony

  • this was made on my birthday omfg

  • 2021?

  • Byce is soooi cute

  • 4:19 😭

  • who is more likely to take someones girlfriend *bryce say anthony* *me thinking about payton*

  • I love how towards the end Jaden wasn’t answering any of the questions he was dealing a pp

  • “wHos mOsT LiKEly tO dAtE DixiE?” *me watching as Griffin and Dixie currently date and they all put kio down 😂

  • whos back here after half of them left?

  • They really said new upload every Sunday, last time they posted was 10 months ago

  • If Noah was here from the beginning that would be really funny

  • kio looks so uncomfortable

  • Some one asked a question:Bryce: KIO

  • I promise I’m not only here for kio well. I don’t promise

  • Kio is so innocent

  • Everyone in December be like “where’s Noah🤪”

  • kio is way to cute in this video and i really love his shy face AAHHHHH its making me blushhhh

  • not jaden snapping and yelling at everyone 😝

  • The fact that griffin and Dixie were dating

  • Bryce always says he never gets laid, but he said he uses protection... like how does that make sense🤦‍♀️😂

  • i miss the og hype n sway house

  • the og sway lmao

  • this is so cute to watch at almost the end of the year lol

  • This is when their hair wasn’t a mess...

  • I miss those days 🥺

  • Pior kio he seems so innocent 🥺😊🥰

  • Hi kio

  • Miss this sway

  • Türk yokmu cidden

  • Who here November 👇

  • is ant okay? and def after that 😅

  • 2:31 jaden using the blanket as an eraser

  • Who else misses this sway group.

  • Kio seems so unappreiciated (idk if i spelled that right lol)

  • Bryce: Shut up! sHUt Up. I used protector lmaooooo

  • I love you guys but Bryce is my favorite!😁

  • 9 months later Bryce gets back with his ex addison

  • Miss the old sway

  • 6:26 EVERYBODY except Bryce but jaden and josh then griffin kio Quinton Anthony xo yeah.....

  • 5:21 Josh Jaden Bryce this is from 11/14/2020

  • Kio: im in paainnnnnnn

  • I love you guys so flipping much

  • *the og sway🥺*

  • The first two questions NOW is noah😂

  • ngl bryce kinda seems like the dad not griffin

  • Who's most like to date Dixie Most of them: *chooses kio* Griffin: *dated Dixie*

  • 5:21 is definitely Bryce, Jaden and Josh 😂

  • Pooooooooor kio🤣🤣🤣

  • It’s like they were just ganging up on kio

  • Who will leave sway house first 2020- Josh and Jaden leaving


  • I miss them in this account

  • Can someone tell if kio left in the sway house? I’m confused because he’s not hanging out with them :((

  • why did i find 3:46 so funny

  • Thanks for attacking me, help so much.

  • Dam kio so funking cute


  • I have to nominate the sway boys

  • Jaden:*gets mad and slams whiteboard on the floor* Next clip:*he’s in the video just fine😭😭😂

  • Hahaha when Bryce said who will snitch it will be killed then everyone try to kiss him

  • Watching this after they broke up(dixie and Griffin)

  • Kio's innocence was killing me

  • 5:49 Kio:😑

  • 5:11 U good Jaden?

  • 2:49 HeLp Me LOL

  • now for who is most likely to date Dixie is Noah. cause i am late

  • Can someone tell me why anthony left the sway house please ?

  • Who else misses all the good days🥺❤️

  • i am not new but i like this channel:)

  • 2:30 jaden just casually taking the blanket and wiping his whiteboard 😂

  • 1:48 🥺

  • when things were calm.

  • Jaden is being..ICONIC in this bruce jenner jaden wiener brice wiener ant 😂😂😂