VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 28

Publicēšanas datums 30 mai 2020
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Niko, Wren, and Sam are back to break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films.
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  • When he flipped the chair I was like "NO BUT.. I FINALLY SUBSCRIBED A FEW EPISODES AGO!! D: "

  • good as the Sarah and John Connor double were, we immediateyl disconnect coz we know both actors are now older, I've always said that Hollywood needs to create a fake actor and put him/her in a movie to sell how good cg doubles are today.

  • social distancing is for losers.

  • This video touched my heart and now I’m subscribed

  • the "delete youtube off your phone" got me. Got my subscribe. It worked. reverse psychology finally got me this time lmao

  • Probably, You people should watch “Dhoni: The untold story”

  • I 💘 Reign of Fire

  • They have 4.34 million subs lol

  • Are Reign of Fire (2002) and Dragonslayer (1981) set in the same universe? Discuss.

  • Have you seen dragon from Polish "Witcher" ? :D

  • Ok, I finally subscribed

  • I will give you 100,00000,0000,000,,00,,00,00,00,00,000000,000,00,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,

  • What about Dragonslayer from the 80's?

  • It is Ter-mi-na-tor

  • Reign of Fire is still one of my favorite movies ever

  • Too bad the new terminator movie was so horrible.

  • 9:58 i agree with nico, disagree with wren. when he jumps up the scaffolding, the reason it looks strange isn't because we're not used to seeing superpowers or because the environment doesn't react to him. nico is right, when the dude jumps he doesn't follow a ballistic trajectory. mid-way through the jump, gravity turns off and he floats up to the scaffolding, only to turn back on when he grabs the metal bar to complete the motion. its the physics equivalent of the uncanny valley, our brains have evolved over millennia to expect things moving through the air to follow a ballistic trajectory. its a subtle difference, but something our brains immediately pick up on.

  • You had me at dragons.

  • Love and monster 2020

  • Omg he freaked out at the end and I immediately subscribed

  • Mr. Deepfake expert doesn't know lip syncing deep fake algorithms exist 🤯

  • Please react to Eragon I think you'll find an abundance of both good and bad cg

  • anyone else notice that the places where the fire comes out of the dragon move? (~1:50) they go from top & bottom to each side of the mouth

  • Reign of fire is low key amazing.

  • Do project power

  • I'll subscribe when Wret quits the team, he's so annoying.

  • Hank hill would have been proud to sell all that propane

  • Haha his rant on people not subscribing was amazing. I’m subbed for life.

  • Bro, Ladyhawke?

  • The terminator's body double looks just like Arnold...? Who is this moron talking..??

  • I’m glad you reminded me to subscribed somehow I wasn’t.

  • Kinda interesting that Reign of Fire takes place in 2020.. a species that spreads like crazy, post apocalyptic world... I'm just waiting for the dragons at this point 😂

  • ter mine ator lol ren u suc

  • They did the lips on JFK in forest gump

  • I beg to differ concerning bad-ass dragons. The first was in 1981 in Dragonslayer. All in camera, practical effects, and was one of Phil Tippett's best creations!

  • Blade 1998 serum kill scene XD

  • 0:08 looks like green screen

  • Remember Reach trailer lvcd.info/watch/lZlmj2x2ZaqCj2g/video.html Halo Nightfall lvcd.info/watch/26qOcpuhqbdlkGw/video.html halo Forward unto Dawn , Invasion and Evacuation lvcd.info/watch/yLWAoYGDnc-Tp4U/video.html

  • Bruh, did you know they made a Reign of Fire game? I found it in a pawn shop but since i dont own the console, i didnt brought it...

  • Those are not dragons the movie lied to us thats technically a wyvern so......

  • 12:48 He looks exactly like Arnold. Despite the fact that the actor is a bodybuilder (and black, by the way) there are no similarities to Arnold's shape back in the 90s. Te veins are too big, the shape itself doens't match. Just compare the shot of T2 entering the bar at the beginning.

  • Dark Fate had decent effects but it was an awful film.

  • Technically, if I am watching correctly, those "dragons" are wyverns as they don't have front arms.

  • God, Terminator 2019 was such trash.

    • Dark Fate? Nah. It was honestly pretty solid.

  • Behold! The power of the dray-ginn.

  • The scene near the climax where the massive Dragon lights up the entire base absolutely blew my mind.

  • The way they pronounced terminator

  • I HAVE SUBSCRIBED! Only after watching your vids for almost a year

  • I subscribed because of the rant at the end.

  • This is youtube, you can watch a video without subscribing... 🤣🤣🤣


  • 11:48 ... engine ;)

  • Why would the dragons have wings if they lived under ground? 🤔

  • Okay okay. I subscribed, happy now?

  • Termai what?

  • I love the way you say terminator 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Chronicle the whole movie...

  • Hercules it seems more like an incredibly low camera angle, with some small (model?) terrain partially blocking the view. Then pull in Lou on Dolly / Sled. Much easier for the period.

  • Oh no, we made Mr. Sam mad ): I suggest Crouching tiger hidden dragon

  • ter mine a tor

  • I'm subscribed, Sam 🤘

  • I love these, except the part where they chastise non-subscribers. Are they not doing well?

  • Sam is accurately channeling a middle-school teacher. Don't ask me how I know. He's gonna be a great dad 🤣

  • Warms my heart that yall are talking about Reign Of Fire in this one. We got history me and that film and I love seeing it get its dues. Cheers

  • I had to subscribe in fear of my life.

  • bro why do you call terminator Tor-My-No-Tors?

  • So close to subscribing till the pitty party at the end. Lol. NEVER!

  • Would love to see you guys break down any scene from Kick -Ass or Kick-Ass2 please!!

  • If you guys see this comment, have y'all checked out shin godzilla's nuclear scene?

  • "Are those CGI tears?"

  • Please react to Merlin (1998) starring Sam Neill

  • Jeez fine I'm subscribed now, dang. Not turning those notes on though!!

  • Do deadpool. If haven't done already. If possible do more than one seen

  • I subscribed today only because of that outrage. Hilarious!!!

  • 14:00 That is indeed how it would work. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between an object getting larger or just moving closer. They are basically the same thing.

  • 10:00 Our perception of reality has nothing to do with reality. Just because we have never seen someone jump 40 feet doesn't mean we can't imagine what that looks like. It definitely doesn't look like that. Gravity and mass will always move the same way no matter what.

  • I love how they made the dragons breathe fire in reign of fire. It actually looks like something a real animal could do since, unlike having it coming out as fire, it looks like the dragons shoot two streams of chemicals from either side of the mouth and when they mix they make a pyrophoric substance that ignites in the air.

  • Hahaha I just realized that am not subscriber when Sam character break, ok ok I'll subscribe for you Sam!!

  • Could you review the Prestige?

  • In the terminator clip, when he jumped on to the boxes it looked like he just floated up to the scaffolding 😂

  • I don’t have a request, I just want to know where Wren got that shirt. It’s a really cool shirt.

  • I'd like to argue that the "Dragons" who's wings are part of their forearms are technically Wyverns, Wyverns have 4 limbs, 2 being legs and 2 being the wings (not including the tail), whereas Dragons have 6 limbs, being 4 legs and 2 wings (and again, not counting the tail)

  • A deep core memory was awakened when I saw those clips from reign of fire

  • Eragon dragon movie

  • Wren please release the video of “of the freak out”

  • what about dragonslayer - best dragon ever

  • Hank hill would love this episode!

  • This movie is personally responsible for global warming

  • He scared me into subscribing!

  • Terminataur

  • 10:04 wrong, it's because the animation of his legs the actual move didn't show the use of enough force to do it by the looks of it + he decelerates as if he had control of gravity instead gravity should have control of him at least that's how i can explain it with words.

  • Wren How long have you been saying "Term(ai)nator" instead of just "Term(ee)nator" ?

  • cringe af

  • who here is watching this video and doesn't understand what they're saying but is watching it anyway

  • alright, ill fucking sub then.... jesus...

  • Headslam broke concrete in a way it doesn't break.

  • The problem with super jumps is that it is animated and not simulated. Disabling gravity will always destroy the shot. You need a physically accurate ragdoll and properly learned algorithm that can handle grater power generated by muscles and greater strain on the joints. It's science not art at this point. AI is coming to fix that soon.

  • Did they move the camera closer or is that a small rock up close that looks like a mountain and Hercules is on a track being rolled towards the camera?

  • "Sniff" "Sniff" I'm Subscribed

  • Compare Reign of Fire to Dragonslayer. ILM did some amazing dragon work.