VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 28

Publicēšanas datums 30 mai 2020
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Niko, Wren, and Sam are back to break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films.
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  • My god the way he says terminator lmao

  • Please react on deadpool movie

  • Ter-mime-nator???

  • Transformers plz react to that

  • Guys (fans), watch this video from 00:17 - 00:27 @ 0.5x speed slow and you will know how Wren would sound either super drunk or super stoned.

  • Why would any1 dislike this video:'c I'm just going to assume its every person that was involved with these vfx clipsx0

  • Tim Miller is not just great with CGI but also with action. Action sequences of his movies are brutal, fast paced and super fun to watch.

  • BUT I AM SUBBED !!! if i could sub more i would !!!

  • question niko... have you tryed your deep fakes on just a part of the face, instead of the whole face ? it can still be deep fakes if they tryed only certain parts. like an eye or a mouth. the deep fake apps can recognise those traits, so the question is... can it be done without a complete face ? let's say we want to replace 1 eye and the nose, can we do that with deep fakes ? if i were you, i'd try the whole iphone camera idface thing you tryed, you even have gone as far as drawing on a white board. have you tryed that with your deep fake software ? i do think its probably possible to change just the eyes, or just the mouth. they are detailed enough, i think the machine can learn to replace only that. that said, i haven't tryed, maybe you already did... but i really don't think you need only a full face and thats it, i really think its probable that the machine can learn with just a mouth piece.

  • 7:57 image if someone who has not heard of the terminator franchise, thinks this is how terminator is pronounced and watches a terminator film, but when he asks one of his friends about the films, that friend is gonna be like ''Whats ter-mine-a-tor?''

  • Sam...I've already subscribed a long time ago. Let's just wait until everyone subscribed, okay? 😅

  • Sam, you got 4.5 million subscribers. Chill, dude.

  • I didnt like cgi in Terminator Dark Fate, I think it looked like crap actually, all the CGI doubles looked rubbery and weightless. Total shit

  • Fock, after that reaction I did subscribe. Chill, bro

  • Sam , dont worry) I live in Russia and I subscribed. And I making movie and hoped you look it in the end 2021.

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • Live action SWEET HOME!!!!


  • Plz react to Harry Potter

  • I can't delete LVcd. I thought that was normal o.O

  • Will you react to Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron, Promare, and Dragon Ball Super: Broly?

  • Bad cgi so Abraham Lincoln the vampire slayer. Scene where Abe is being chased by a vampire through a horse stampede. ITS BAD

  • 9:57 No, that’s just a shitty shot. The jump is unnatural, weirdly paced and scaled, and poorly done.

  • I unsubscribed because I was tired of hearing subscribe every single vid

  • For that last shot of Hercules getting bigger, wouldn't it be just as easy to have all elements static and the actor is standing on a dolly being moved closer to the camera?

  • Why is there a sing on the right saying kill them all

  • turmineator

  • 1:17 Tbf the fire was being sprayed far away with such power it'd remain mostly uninterrupted but Kylo Wren is right about this one XD Was mostly expecting the hot ashes to be swirled around like they were in a vertical whirlwind. Can't put into words how much this stuff helps me with pencil art work... Is a different ballgame but it causes me to stay conscious of physics like those mentioned by Ben Wren

  • what in the world is a termineator? It's Terminator

  • terminator dark fate : where arnold is sitting in tiny ass wooden chair and is not breaking it under his robotic weight

  • Whatever i ain't gonna subscribe

  • That does not look like Arnold. I didn't even realize it was supposed to be him at first.

  • When he said delete your LVcd app i was like oh he's serious

  • Do Terminator 2 Judgement Day!!!

  • How in the hell a 2002 movie has almost similar dragon shots as Game of Thrones? Reign of Fire shots were truly ahead of the time

  • Well... it took me seeing him loose his mind at the end to subscribe but i did it 🤣😂

  • The Terminator (TR) was rendered by using then the latest and best AMD Threadripper CPUs (TR) so they where able to do many effect really fast!

  • “Terminotor” this is the most annoying thing iv ever heard in my life

  • Ngl that subscribe rant got me to sub.

  • Ok this finally got me to subscribe.. I'm sorry :'(

  • Dragonslayer was very good for the time and still holds up well today. Much better than Dragonheart too. Try that one.

  • Ok jesus I'll subscribe

  • Hello. I am deeply sorry that i am not subscribing to your channel. That's because i don't want too many notifications and extra recomendations about vfx. I want to see goofy stuff in my feed mostly.

  • I was so scared by Sam, I unsubscribed, then subscribed again.

  • Execuse me, TER-MINE-A-TOR?!?!?!?

  • That subscribe rant was on point, A+ acting!

  • “practicing social distancing” actually 4 feet apart without masks on. that isn’t doing anything

  • Mad mad world has some good driving scene.

  • 15:00 i literally double checked whether I've subscribed or not

  • I love Reign Of Fire.


  • He convinced me I subscribed 😂

  • Sorry but the dragon in Dragon Slayer 1981 was better.

  • Pacific rim movie

  • 12:49 "He looks EXACTLY like Arnold" Not really but ok.

  • Damn dude. I subscribed.

  • those are wyverns

  • Tèrmine athòr

  • Transformers movie series

  • Ok ok I subscribed! Stop yelling at me! Lol but really that was great

  • React on TRON

  • why not subscribe? I can't speak for others, but maybe the incessant need to spend 20% of your video begging and pleading for subs? 10% of the time dropping in your ads for all to watch. including those that pay the extra for ad free videos, but you already know that if the ad is part of the actual video it won't get blocked. those could be reasons.

  • why don't you guys do a watchalong party with a vfx heavy movie and do like a directors commentary?

  • I think the joke should be, "we need a budget for 8000 tons of LP." Michael Bay remarked, "dont you think that's excessive? "

  • wren got it. all this time I never noticed the wings didn't fan the flames.

  • What's tern mine a tor?

  • Dragon wars

  • The problem with the terminator scaffolding jump scene is that the guy keeps his momentum for way too long and then just slows down at the very end imo. He has a consistent speed for most of the jump

  • Wtf? The dragon wasn't real.?

  • 8:11 Looks like Arturo is already looking for another lady.

  • Oh! Have you guys talked about the Harry Potter movies yet? I remember that the third one was a HUGE difference from the second one, but the later ones for sure, have better effects!

  • Niko should look at r/mediasynthesis becuase this is in fact media synthesis. Not a Deepfake, but close. Very similar algorithms.

  • The Dragon fire from Reign Of Fire actually IS real fire. I'm not sure how they did it for shots where the Dragons are flying, but I know that for some shots where the Dragon was on the ground and breathing fire, the fire was shot from a bulldozer that had special nozzles mounted on the front that would shoot the fire.

  • I’m not sure if Wren’s “ter-MINOTAR” pronunciation is a joke or if he honest to God pronounces it that way 😂

  • Ok ok I suscribed... Jeeebus!

  • I subscribed just because they asked so politely.

  • Ok ok I subscribed!

  • Holy shit, I totally forgot my dad watched Reign of Fire when I was a kid; I remember that was the first time I heard the word "reign" because initially I thought the title was "Ring of Fire," in reference to the global pattern of volcanic activity which surrounds the Pacific Ocean. So weird the stuff you remember.

  • Notice how the people just go from 1 to 0 opacity when the flame hits. lvcd.info/watch/2sdwYHxjjLCqnZc/video.html

  • Dragon wars

  • I think they did that CGI of Hercules differently. If they kept the camera and the foreground stationary and moved the actor closer to the camera on a rolling dolly/cart you would achieve that exact shot as well without any touch ups. It even looks as though the actor moves from behind the flickering square to in front of it. Let me know what you all think

  • No one will see this because it's old, but in the Last Dance clip you played that is a young Keith Olbermann being played by modern day Keith Olbermann.

  • ILM: creates the visual effects Corridor crew: "I love Tim Miller's work" That's not how this works

  • Yo. Have you dudes seen "Dragonslayer"?

  • When Wren stops his silly mispronounciation nonsense i sub!

  • When you ask, I Desubscribe. When you ask more, and complain I don't subscribe.

  • which one of you is cgi efect ?

  • I disagree, I believe that Sarah and John’s heads are too wide compared to how they are in T2, and it’s because of the stretch as well as the glazed look in their eyes that immediately tell me that they’re not real. However, because THE Terminator has sun glasses on he comes off better, and Arnie has such a pronounced figure and facial features that it looks more believable to me when animated. As oppose to 1991 John Conner who has softer facial features. Finally, I think they look to smooth for me to believe that they’re real.

  • That rant at the end made me subscribe! LOL

  • Do Sam a favour and hit that subscribe button and that bell. He would appreciate it

  • I'm not subscribed just so I can see Sam's reactions :) I'll sub now. Sorry, Sam.

  • Transformers (1986). The Blu-Ray release enhances so much. The lines look so good compared to the original. Also, maybe comparing the original Transformers to the newer ones and the ease of telling the difference between Transformers vs the difficulty of telling them apart in the new movies.

  • comment

  • The dragon apocalypse could be ended with enough AA tanks

  • Him saying Ter-Mine-A-Taur instead of Terminator cringes me

  • I dont want to be that guy... To be classified as a "Dragon" it need to have 2 arms, 2 legs and wings The ones on Reing Of Fire technically are Wyverns 2 legs + wings

  • Corridor, react to this: lvcd.info/watch/w9CmemaTa7l8g58/video.html

  • The guys in the fire scene disappear after the fire passes them...btw Also please do Tenet

  • TER-MY-NATOR!!!!