VFX Artists React to LORD OF THE RINGS bad and Great CGi 2

Publicēšanas datums 4 jan 2020
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This Episode ► Niko, Clint, and Wren sit down to react to some of the zestiest CGi moments from Peter Jackson's "The Lord of The Rings" Trilogy: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • 10:36 massive respect

  • As litttle cgi as possible should be the philosophy for every movie. Everything looks so much more real with models.

  • Metropolis please

  • Please tell us about the final battle scene of Avengers Endgame. In that scene it shows that Captain America's shield was not broken when all superheroes came to join the fight with thanos

  • Lord of the rings is the Masterpiece of Hollywood, no movie has made me feel the same as this Masterpiece.

  • That guy at 2:50 basically looks identical to Bill Hader.

  • 10:33 Not all heroes wear capes. Or like, not everyone who wears a cape is a hobbit? I don't know. Something about capes. And that one guy being amazing.

  • The difference between blue screen and green screen?

  • Holy crap, Peter Jackson made a cameo in Hot Fuzz!? That is amazing!

  • 2020 - 4K UHD LotR and Hobbit are now available. Thanks guys. These are some of my favourite movies of all time.

  • Its amazing how much more these videos make me appreciate the movies, I've seen Sauron's tower fall and explode so many times but suspension of disbelief just had me accepting that it was a quick job without considering the effort of all the staff involved. Definatley due a trilogy marathon this weekend

  • that real life scale of the Balrog must be something to behold

  • These effects are still so impressive 20 years later.

  • Please react to Victor Magtanggol series!

  • When you can’t tell that anything is wrong with the cgi in the Hobbit movies, but don’t really care because you enjoy the story.

  • The Hobbit vs LOTR VFX pls :O i love this channel guys :D

  • Did I miss anything or did Corridor dudes forget to bring up the scene rohirrim hacking at nothing when riding out of Helm's Deep?

  • For the fire on the balrog they started filming real fire elements to add in but while they were filming someone actually developed a cg fire simulation so they incorporated the two together.

  • 3:00 It did work... And it is a perfectly good approach, After all, movies are not made for VFX artists. so as long as the average joe wont notice, it is a waste of time and money. I didn't notice that loss of motion blur on some of the subjects and i am sure most people didn't either

  • Still waiting for the LOTR vs TH video 😂

  • If ever I make a movie these ppl are in charge of special effects......legit theme weta workshop

  • If you want really bad effects you should watch The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (1979).

  • “Those are probably CG birds” nah they’re just big mini birds

  • 7:30 i know nothing about VFX but seeing professional VFX artists react like that to the balrog makes me just appreciate how much more amazing it is the my knowledge can even comprehend while still not knowing at all anything about it

  • They are sitting on the couch! It's a miracle! God damn this pandemic sucs.

  • click below to what? No link to first bit?

  • The tower at 10:28 was actually Orthanc the tower of Saruman

  • Still waiting on that LOTR vs The Hobbit video...

  • Theodin being released of Saruman's influence still feels like one of the smoothest animations I've ever seen

  • "I have one tattoo and it is a LOTR quote" Continues by misquoting the line. Big lol.

  • Watch ‘the mouth of Sauron’ deleted scene!!!

  • Anyone else want to know wtf the Balrog even is?

    • The answer to that is long and kinda nuts but the short version is that the Wizards (Gandalf, Saurumon, Radagast, etc.) are a sub type of angel and a Balrog is basically the same kind of sub-angel that was corrupted and became more demonic. That is a vast oversimplification but the LOTR mythos is bonkers. Highly recommend going down a wiki-hole some time if you're interested.

  • React to the hobbit!

  • I have always thought that one of the hobbits accelerates weirdly when they're sprinting across the bridge. 9:13 It's in the film when the camera is sort of in the "zenith"

  • The balrog CGI always strikes me and makes me realize what cgi CAN look like ... looking at you hobbit

  • VFX Artists please react to 1995 Jumanji movie if you haven't already!

  • I'm sad you didn't talk about the army of the dead or the lava on Mt. Doom.

  • That balrog scene was the reason my vcd LOTR broke. Lol I think the scene was at the end of disk 1. :p

  • Aw, no mention of the wall of fire behind the party as they're running in Moria, before the balrog comes into shot; OR the scene where the people are kneeling to the hobbits on top of Minas Tirith. Both of those are so bad that I, as a common scrub who don't know shit about VFX, can see it's completely off :c

  • One of the greatest regrets I have in life is not seeing "Return of the King" in theatres back in 2003.

  • No Hobbit episode...

  • I thought those birds were bats.

  • Wait Peter Jackson was Knife Santa in Hot Fuzz

  • I know I'm late to the game and yall might have already done this one.... but terminator 3 watch the scene towards the end when they land the plane and run towards the bunker.

  • Please do the hobbit

  • They used the miniatures and that's why every location looks real. Because a miniature is a real world object. CGI is still CGI.

  • How do you have two parts dedicated to LOTR and spend only 2 min on Return of the King, the one film that had 3x as many effects shots then the other two films combined? You failed us VFX, you failed us...

  • react to philippines' hammerman 😂😂😂 lvcd.info/watch/yqajiphybJeiZ4E/video.html

  • Speaking of the Balrog, I don't think it's supposed to be "fire and smoke." It's fire and shadow. Balrogs are described as being composed of both.

  • Movies can learn from the legendary LOTR trilogy

  • Just can’t believe this was made in 2001

  • You should do a Harry Potter CGI reaction

  • Would’ve liked to see a breakdown of the Balrog and Gandalf fighting while falling. Love the shot right before they come out of the hole in the roof into the lake.

  • That Balrog roar scene... You don't usually hear bass in a fire sound. No need to mention visuals Best boss design ever

  • I’d love too see Peter Jackson’s King Kong the CGI in that movie always looked good in my opinion

  • after this I feel it's obvious that you should do all the Harry Potter tech? maybe magical vfx in general, it's what I personally love most anyway :)

  • Damn guys!!! Now I have to watch entire trilogy(extended versions) for 9th time. Thanks a lot 😂

  • Hands down one of my favorite movies ever

  • Still waiting for the hobbit video

  • So.... where's The Hobbit video??

  • Balrog is my favorite creature. Watching the mines of moria, just omg. When seeing it, I was impressed by how awesome it looks and the sounds with the music makes it even more intense and better

  • It still baffles my mind that Lord of the Rings happened 17 years ago and it still looks infinitely better than The Hobbit trilogy.

  • As a Hollywood VFX Artist (Star Wars, Shazam, Deadpool 2), I always though the Hobbit got such a bad rep. The Barrel Scene and Bolg stood out, but the rest of the movies VFX are such a masterpiece! I just made a whole video essay covering Christopher Nolan's whole career to find out exactly why his vfx are so believable too. (and no, it's not just because he uses practical effects) Check it out!

  • South Indian movie "Motta Shiva ketta Shiva" Staring Raghava lawrence

  • LOTR has a ton of bad looking shots or errors.

  • Nooo you forgot the "Walking sticks!"

  • you guys didnt even talk about the third movie :(

  • the work they put into making these movies is just incredible, i dont think we will something like this ever again! unique craftsmanship

  • these guys are loud and annoying

  • It was a dream project for VFX work really. The budget to do right by the most beloved story in Fantasy? I'm not surprised the "The is Lord of the Rings if we are doing a shot we are doing it right!" way of thinking was so strong. The physical effects guys went to town on prop production and costuming and make-up so that by the time it got to the digital work it had very few flaws to cover up.

  • I already liked LotR but these videos made me realize just how awesome it actually is.

  • Not gonna lie, the explosion of Barad dûr had me rock hard.

  • so thats where that much money goes

  • Where’s the hobbit episode?

  • I almost didn’t want to watch this because I love these movies so much I didn’t want to see any possible errors

  • 'Go one, subscribe' they said. 'We'll be doing The Hobbit next' they said.

  • VFX on LOTR Trilogy are one of the best I ever seen.

  • Did they do the Hobbit in the end?

  • Where's the Hobbit episode?

  • That balrog and Dhaka from prince of Persia looks kind of same

  • In The Two Towers when Aragorn kicks an ork helmet. Viggo actually broke a toe and the scream he does is the result of that. Jackson kept it in the final cut because he felt it most conveyed the anger and anguish Aragorn was feeling.

  • I think the problem with movies now is they have given up on practical effects and lord of the rings is almost perfect because they combine technique so well. Imagine if Rivendell was CGI it would be bland.

  • We will never get those passion and Details again. Today all that counts is how to get the most money out of a crappy super hero movie...

  • My 1 beef with the animation in these and any movie with an army They NEVER march in step

    • They probably didn't make their bed in the mornings, either.

  • 11:19 why tf is there a giant Aragorn there

  • And The Hobbit episode never came

  • You l i e d to ussss Corridor Crewsess. You told usss to stay tuned for the Hobbitsess movie. Why'd you l i e ?? Nasty Corridor Crewsess.

  • have these guys STILL not done an episode on the Hobbit?

  • I hate how they did everything with CGI in The Hobbit. I prefer these practical and CGI blends on Lotr any day. Orcs look far more realistic.

  • 04:09 that's no stuntman. That's Orlando Bloom! He wanted to do it himself.

  • Wait, what?! Peter Jackson was in "Hot Fuzz"? :O

  • Amazing job guys!!

  • Peter Jackson and the people at WETA really revolutionized CGI

  • Do League of extraordinary gentlemen

  • LOST.

  • There should be a "Cat Fact" in all of your videos.

  • I will recommend Ted (2012) every episode

  • I've never even noticed the vfx improvements from the first film to the last. That really days something about how effective they are.

  • The guy in the middle is sooooooo irritating

  • The whole trilogy rolled a nat 20 on Performance checks.