We Compete to Make the Most SATISFYING CGi

Publicēšanas datums 27 sep 2020
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Thanks to NVIDIA and Puget for hooking it up with the amazing Render Machine. Can't wait to see what we cook up with it!
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Clint, Wren, and Peter compete for the approval of Sam and Niko. The challenge? Create the most utterly satisfying CG renders the world has seen.
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  • Clint's was by far the best. I would like to see it rerendered.

  • Every 'bite off more than I can chew' take a drink

  • This is where all the 3090s go 😂

  • 0:20 Is not funny

  • Why is Niko the most honest and normal person?

  • No mask?

  • Man buns and piggy tails are soooo last decade.

  • Peters was neat but the sound design was grating rennes was quite creative if little weird

  • Can I just say, how much I love the vibe on this channel

  • While they're probably very impressive (maybe even slightly satisfying) if you have any experience in the field. The only decent one is the last one (Clint's?) - Going by the satisfaction criteria.

  • Satisfying

  • None of these were really satisfying to me. Satisfying needs to be simple and they were all a bit overboard. If the Zen Garden was just the rake going through the sand, *just barely* fitting through rock obstacles, it would be perfect.

  • Wren made A wrender

  • To me the most satisfying thing was Sam's laugh at the end. That was lovely.

  • + Peter missed the factory loop so maybe the delivery box should be looping from box open into a plate & then closing into box again, ergo an illusionary loop. + Wren should have made a smoke loop & tire loop from car exhaust in mid launch. It would have been very satisfying. his face legit nightmare fuel LOL + Clint just need a better fix on the stones, better render, & of course making his own sounds. It would have been perfect LOL

  • 16:04 if this was real life The Rake would bounce off the rock instead of phasing through but maybe it doesn't work does because the rock is hiding it and determining where the curve is it definitely does not fit but maybe it does and that I'm just an idiot

  • 12:36 - the coffee magically disappears from the cup :D Other facts: I can't even render a cube in Blender so....

  • What happened to the cup in Peter's animation? Why did it go from perfectly smooth the whole time to all lumpy at the end?

  • Love this channel

  • I didn't really find any of them particularly satisfying. Clint could have gone with something simpler, like a japanese water clock. Wren could have done blowing different shape smoke rings. Peter's was technically good, but too complex, and could have focused on elements of it.. a whole tomato being sliced in one go. good vid tho! 😉

  • Only two of three of these individuals enjoy the smell of their own farts . The answer wont surprise you.

  • New guy is soooo good.

  • Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  • It makes me smile when Wren appreciated Peter by saying "I am honestly incredibly impressed Peter. You have come along way". :)

  • Tomatoes are trash

  • tbh peters would be more satisfying if he he didnt leave crums and leftovers after it got eaten.

  • Fun Fact- Peter won cuz his render had the colour pink and white - _Blender Guru_

  • That end lesson applicable to everything. When did corridorcrew started to give us life lessons. LoL

  • Yo like if you think wrens voice sounds like Peter parkery

  • 18:36 Wren "am very used to losing" Me " at least you managed to win your beautiful wife's heart" Wren " true cos i was not competing with Peter" LOL

  • What a great challenge!!!

  • 16:57

  • gets picklock set and a wifi deauthorizer simplysafe: am I a joke to you? someone who spent $20 getting the supplies: yes, any day.

  • A win for all blender users 😂

  • peter to finish the loop close the box after eating and reopen it, clint please complted your render with HD

  • I bet the military airplane that goes BRRRRRRRRRRR rtrtrtrtrtrtrtrrtr can break this box and everything in a 200 meter radius from the box. Not impressed.

  • Clint was better

  • That computer ouuu

  • “I’m very used to losing.” Story of my life.

  • Is that guy using blender ?

  • 🤙🤙I like the Carpenter Brut support. 🤙🤙

  • Could we get a finished version of Clint's render?

  • You guys have Jenna Marbles' TOO MUCH gene. You needed to keep it simple!!! All were technically impressive, but not satisfying!

  • Clint did a loop and it was amazing! Peter did not do a loop but it was amazing! So to my opinion Clint won.

  • i saw just ideas preview and knew Clint gonna kick ass

  • Did I just see Wren downing Tabasco sauce straight from the bottle???

  • Peters as a phone wallpaper . . . . .

  • Blender ❤❤

  • nice drone collection

  • 8:14

  • My stepsisters dog's name was gizmo and he died 4 weeks ago

  • You’re supposed to use your mouth... Can I hear the bell? *guy sweating...*

  • Ren "I'm used to losing" ... *Literally* gave a Ted Talk

  • These boys bit off more than they can chew

  • Niko looks different here

  • 1:55 is that a bmw?

  • I don't think looping is the key point of a satisfying video it's mostly because it has a purpose (like cutting something equally) and they are doing it right to the perfection. So basically it mostly satisfy our need of perfection.

  • I think the second guy has misconceptions about satisfaction.

  • let me get a 3080 or 90 please

  • Correct decision. It may look like a 4 year old girl's bedroom, but the colors are still glorious. Nice job Peter. I also honestly can't tell if it's Cycles or Evee.

  • need a part two of this

  • I like these competitive videos

  • Love the Inq Curiosity Box shirt!

  • Wren you have so many drones!!!!!!

  • Don't stick the simply safe sticker.. that is 101 security

  • Lol, 3090 freezes, don't need it:)

  • Wren should win because Gizmo :)

  • Woah youtube glitch out and make me unsubscribe from this channel

  • How do yall have so many subs

    • They work hard

  • Wren is the only one who followed all the rules. Peters render is really cool and satisfying but the sound is extremely annoying. Clints is really cool as well but didn’t follow the sound rule. But honestly regardless of this challenge if anyone deserved to get a new setup it’s Wren


  • The *first* rule was that it had to loop... Just throwing that out there before you say that the whole "make the sounds with your mouth" was more important...

  • I still think peters had some work to do. Fro the focus of the shy to number and speed of things an positioning to the looping. A smoke simulation of a fave can work but it must be calming and aesthetic. Clint, I think needs more visibility and I don’t know if it’s accurate, but more ambient noise and visibility.

  • Wait, Wren is taller than Clint ?

  • No one talking about wren chugging tabasco lol

  • You should react to Spider-Man vs electro in town scene

  • Excuse me where is the mask? It's 2020 duckboi

  • Death people ASMR

  • Often those “perfect loops” videos stress me out. They’re too unnatural, it’s like the uncanny valley of physics. And also often I feel like anything is going to break the loop and that is stress inducing.

  • The zen garden one reminds me a lot of MYST.

  • Wren: simple geometry Hanzo: hey that's my line

  • Blender rules!!!

  • Wrens wasn't satisfying but interesting

  • Clint made that sand so good

  • 18:16 game of life?

  • I'm confused onto why he just drink Tabasco sauce

  • At 0:50 - Wren's eye went full Forest Whitaker

  • What app or software did they use to make the animations?

  • Blender for the win~~~

  • Wren is just....special.

  • Damn this video is so satisfying

  • React to PATRIOTS DAY. Theres a surprising amount of cg in that

  • ..... I was not prepared for an ASMR ad to promoting Joe Biden for president in the United States

  • wrens was pretty bad sadly

  • You better give the first scene a 10/10

  • Time 4:57-5:03 you can see the default security code haha. Hope you changed it.

  • 7:38 he is using blender..😍

  • I dont know to much about computer graphics. How impressive is what there doing in this contest? Or can any computer graphics person create something like this?

    • This isnt easy, but doable

  • The breakfest guy looks like a blond Daniel Thrasher

  • the smoking head wasn't satisfying - it was terrifying!