THE ROCK Impersonator Olympics

Publicēšanas datums 23 aug 2020
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Inspired by the prestigious career and films of The Rock, The Corridor Crew compete to see who can win the prestigious title of "Office Rock."

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  • I wanna see a Sylvester Stallone one. With A rocky challenge. Like the punch machine that test how hard you can punch. Thatd be dope


  • in more vids

  • Why isn't the girl and the guy who is from jumunji.

  • You should do he is the better Bruce Lee and who's the better Muhammad Ali


  • pls make office Mr. Bean

  • Anthony Hopkins, Joe Rogan, Terence McKenna, Jason Statham, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Jack Black, Robin Williams, Vin Diesel, Adam Sandler, Hugh Jackman, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris

  • Mr. Bean is gonna be wren

  • Office charlese Theron ?

  • I need Office Mr Bean.

  • Haha yall cant be the rock except yall just pick up the rock from the road

  • what about a who’s the better brad Pitt with challenges based on the movie Troy and others he’s been in.

  • We need the Jeff gold bloom olympics That would be fricken hilarious

  • Clint won in my opinion tbh

  • I want to see office Sharukh Khan

  • Do Angelina Jolie

  • most wholesome crew

  • James Bond

  • Harrison Ford Olympics

  • Cool video, even if a little MrBeast style of content AND filming

  • Ben Stiller olympics, chuck norris olympics

  • They should do a Jean-Claude Van Damme challenge

  • teh arnold video isn't in this playlist!!

  • Office Chuck Norris

  • Office Liam Neeson olimpics. Like if you agree:)

  • 5:37 Where do they get these bleeps?! They are hilarious!

  • Office Mr. Bean please. Love to see you guys do that lol

  • do an office steve carry and do like a "get smart" movie challenge or threat level midnight

  • I think there should be a Rimmer from Red Dwarf Olympics, as Wren would win that on looks alone. Or is it just me who think he looks like a young Ace Rimmer?

  • An Office Kurt Russel, Office Solid Snake, and Office Bruce Lee would all be really awesome

  • Even video game olympics would be cool to see the office solid snake or the ghost from Ghost of Tsushima

  • Jake became Jim Carrey in the rap battle lmao

  • Sam never washed that hand since. Legend states he cut it off and got a biological replacement.

  • As far as looks go, Jordan has the look down in the thumbnail.

  • Since you did Jackie chan why not have the ultimate challenge be Bruce Lee

  • Did you ever do a female celeb? I would like that. Scarlett Johansson or maybe Angelina Jolie? That would put the boys to the test for sure

  • Batman.

  • The office Freddie Wong


  • Im just curious cuz Ive been seeing her in alot more videos now. What exactly does Jordan do at Corridor???

  • Vin dissel olympics

  • Rare D Sighted at 13:17

  • Running count: Niko is Tom Cruise Sam is Indiana Jones Wes is Jackie Chan D is Keanu Reeves Clint is Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jake is now the rock... Two things: 1. What is Wren? 😂 2. Office Nic Cage. Make it happen.

  • Fake bugs? Unsubscribed.

  • Bond Olympics, then you can pick between lots of actors

  • Mrs been

  • I think Jordan should have won for the thumbnail alone

  • notice me Jordan

  • Wes as Kevin Hart is scarily accurate.

  • Mark Hamill

  • I’d do quite well on the song challenge. I’ve heard it so many times.

  • Where is the Nic Cage olympics? Long overdue.

  • I come here every 2-3 days to watch Jake sing. He did so good.

  • john clod vandam splits.

  • You guys should do an Adam Sandler olympics

  • 13:03 I was expecting jake took the mic and say: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!

  • An Office Uma Thurman is what is needed. The contest would be scandalous if it didn't include a sword fight with blood spraying everywhere.

  • U said my name in that name of food

  • Just saying I have the same birthday as him so I guess you could say I am the most like him.

  • Jake shouldn’t have won the tie breaker

  • 1:34 Nick talking about "big johnsons" seems fitting

  • How actually made the baby it’s CG or other ?

  • Jake was class at the end. What a rap

  • Do a James Bond impression

  • I don't think that Man's talking about your typical garden... 💨💨💨

  • No one dressed as Black Adam or scorpion king

  • Denzel Washington Olympics

  • Jim Carrey

  • Office Ryan Reynolds olymics, office bruce Lee Olympics, office Robert dinero Olympics, office avengers Olympics, office ben affleck olympics

  • Jason Statham challenge.

  • I want salman khan Olympics

  • Office Austin Powers

  • Jim Carrey

  • React on Van Helsing CGI please 🥺

  • React on Van Helsing CGI please 🥺

  • React on Van Helsing CGI please 🥺

  • React on Van Helsing CGI please 🥺

  • You guys should do a Michael Cane one

  • Jim Carry, Mr. Bean

  • That 'W' on the belt, that stands for Watson, Jake's last name

  • Hugh Jackman Olympics

  • Daniel Craig would be amazing

  • Clint Eastwood, James Bond, or Will Smith office olympics

  • I would like to see office Sylvester Stallone. One challenge should be firing an M60 machine gun one handed like in First Blood.

  • I am waiting for Mr Bean's video for a long time...

  • Why is the thumbnail is the most glorious thing

  • Ryan renolds olympics anyone?

  • After this, would the Corridor Crew consider doing a "Jeremy Renner" championship? Do include SWAT situation contest.

  • The Perfect Camera Rig (2020)

  • Bad news the rock has been positive on covid-19 ;(

  • And I want to see a Mark Hamill Olympics

  • Well there was a Indiana Jones one, so why not Batman Olympics

  • Would be cool a " Lara Croft" video

  • This is the most cringey trash talk ever. Embarrassing


  • Charlie Chaplin/Buster Keaton Impersonator olympics, now that's a true test.

  • Clint Eastwood olympics would be sick

  • Hi. Please react to Netflix's Lucifer. Possibly the ending of Season 5 where everything is frozen in time and only One Tom Ellis, the wings are fully CG, and most of the CG uses manual lighting. Fun Fact: The top pointy thing of Lucifer's penthouse Lux is mostly CG Here in this link, you can view the best scenes and their VFX counterparts and mostly how the CG was done. PS the link is for Vfx of Season 3 mostly.

  • Office Will Smith. C'mon, you can have an alien punching contest, a la Independence Day - or - taking care of a baby like Men in Black, an under pressure jokes upon jokes challenge from Bad Boys, (alternatively, a nerf pistol firing challenge from cover hitting targets while telling jokes) possibly a who can cry the real'est challenge from that scene in Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a Gemini Man inspired One Wheel fight scene.... I mean, we could go on here guys...