We Try Using VFX to Attract Women

Publicēšanas datums 14 feb 2021
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The Crew decides to help Matt find a Valentine's date by giving his Tinder profile a FVX Makeover - the question is.. is this what women really want?
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  • "Romance is dead." says the dude masquerading as a chick? or do they even know?

  • What's with the christmas music ... ;D

  • Did you just diss Harry Potter fans? Shameless cis men.

  • the other day i read something on reddit that said: they won't find someone "better than you." they will find some better *FOR* them, than you. and, so will you. p.s. - and that's okay. --- idk man, that just hit differently.

    • I put that in my nice quotes book, literally.

  • This is the best video

  • Is Nat single cause she's sooo cute 🥺

  • girl :- he's probably cheating on me ! me and the boys :- 0:46

  • Poo

  • "Harry Potter is like Star Wars... but for women..." -Sam 2021 Well said brother👏😂

  • I'm guessing 'pimp' is not a term you want to use in your profile...

  • Tinder is like uber for girls is the funniest shit ive ever heard

  • I met my wife during a flood.

  • Magic one is the best.

  • 3:18 AKATSUKI mask

  • Jake has no other job anymore, his job is just "sponsor guy"

  • Better title would be “we try using vfx to pick up girls and record it this time, instead of just doing it when we should be working.” Great video, and you guys don’t need to do this I’m sure, but you can’t blame a guy for using every tool in his arsenal

  • They say it can't be done. They called me a madman.

  • Alternate title Vfx artists get bored and catfish women (POLICE CALLED!!!)

  • There is an empty DnD character sheet on the table, Nico proceeds to make notes on another full paper's corner. Dissapointed.

  • i wish to use that photoshop like you guys do

  • I would be interested to see how they flip this project for a female Tinder profile to attract a make without it being sexual.

  • Wait he had whiskey with DAVE CHAPPELLE!!!!! Now I'm jealous

  • Very interesting choice to use a bossa nova version of Silent Night at the end of this video for Valentines Day.

  • They shoulda done a Star Wars pic too

  • Vfx movies list Indian language - telugu (tollywood) Ammoru 1995 (terminator team worked) Anji ( 2004) Devi putrudu (2000) Devi (1999) Arundhati (2009)

  • If I lived anywhere near you guys I’d totally love to go on a date with Matt!!! He’s very handsome and has beautiful eyes and a very cute smile....

    • Hello, totally real person

  • Video starts at 8:20

  • They put Christmas music at the end of the vid lol. I can vibe with that

  • next "VFX artists trying to fix US presidency"

  • React to assassins creed game pls

  • You’ll probably see this and think I’m greedy and obnoxious but I’m only doing this because i cant think of any other way to support myself, i just want to have a hobby too. Im spreading my kofi and my patreon and if any kind strangers want to check them out and learn more about me and my situation before you jump to conclusions that would be greatly appreciated. Donations and shares help. Ko-fi.com/saltysupport01 Patreon.com/NathanPaints

  • Act of heroism should’ve been I saved a cat from a tree, and then gave it a home.

  • They don't listen to the only woman in the room lol

  • You want to get a tender date but your pics ain't fly you got to hit us up to get a pimped out profile.....you got to pimp my profile!

  • 15:08 Reality is often dissapointing

  • 13:45 the only thing i can provide.. beeing a fucking potterhead xD

  • Have you tried dating other races

  • I am a single and I have lived every single Valentine’s Day like that. I’m also 9

    • Don’t worry about relationships at the age of 9 man. I’m not planning on getting married until I’m at least 30. I’m 27, I have an amazing girlfriend but when I was younger I realized there was so much more to life than girls. I miss my childhood, I wish I could go back and enjoy it without the social pressure of getting a girlfriend. Girls are just trouble when you’re young. Anyways, good luck brother!

  • Why did you guys change the thumbnail 3 (THREE) TIMES?

  • 16:08 why the Christmas music?

  • Honestly the hand drawn glasses actually makes that Harry Potter picture amazing. I think it helps the “sense of humor” aspect.

  • I stood out to the woman I'm currently dating (met over a matchmaking service) because I made her laugh when I wrote she had a "Jack Nicholson smile". Kinda weird how attraction works.

  • God, being straight seems hard.

  • what chair is Sam using?

  • Which software they are using for VFX?

    • Photoshop CC, Cinema 4D and After Effects

  • Why is "Silent Night" playing at the very end??? 🤔

  • nice they using discord

  • The third fireman radiologically employ because session wessely drip past a curvy lemonade. near, adorable octopus

    • I feel like I had a stroke trying to read this comment

  • How is Niko both balding and has the best head of hair ever? Omg is it VFX?!

  • stop being cheap and get tinder gold

  • Play dnd again

  • Too many peoples still boring af damn waste of time

  • "My whole family is because of VFX" Plot twist: Sams's wife was AI-generated into photos all along.

  • I absolutely lost it at the firefighter edit. Lmao u guys r hilarious

  • "Harry Potter is Star Wars for women" wow lol

  • Yeah... The firefighter pic was way too much and pretty arrogant xD The other ones are amazingly cool. So you guys made a nice video and even did something good^^

  • dafuck is up with Nat?

  • "Uber for girls", I hope no feminist is watching

    • Uhuh! The comment section is just rampant with feminists complaining about... Wait a second, no one gives a shit 🤔🤔🤔

  • Sorry guys; this feels strange to point out out such a big oversight to the FX specialist over at Corridor.... but i think it's funny how you guys forgot to take the aspect ration of Tinder into account, losing details you guys clearly worked very hard on :p

  • 3:21 peep the mask and the hair 🥺❤️

  • What they think women like: 1. VFX 2. Sports cars 3. Saving the environment 4. Sense of humor 5. Can do backflip 6. Loves Harry Potter 7. Culinary Genius 8. Firefighters ...are you sure he won't have better luck on Grindr?

  • Things I find attractive: . Good hygiene and doesn't wear cologne. . Can sing or at the very least carry a tune. Playing an instrument is a plus . Is at least physically healthy. You can have a few health problems or disabilities but at least eat a healthy diet and excersize. You don't need to have chiseled muscles, I just want to know that you'll live as long as me. . Can cook and is not afraid to be known as someone who can cook and bake . Loves animals (is willing to put up with my constant sending of animal videos) . Good with kids and likes kids . Likes and gets along with his own family . Has a plan for the future . Is emotionally healthy and doesn't have toxic masculinity. . Empathetic and cares about people . Is very patient and can put up with me . Wears pants that don't fall down . Respects people . Isn't too competitive with sports, teams or games. I prefer someone with a steady blood pressure . Has passions and interests . Has friends I can see becoming my friends too . Good listener . Is not ashamed of having emotions . Has good sense of humor . Is not too obsessed with sports or video games... obsessions with movies and TV however I can relate to . Honesty. I appreciate being open and honest straight away even if it's blunt.

    • @Amanda Snider lol. I bet

    • @Brian Yassem Not surprising sadly. I've noticed that most guys don't take the time to read too many details during the short time I tried online dating... literally no one read my bio or what I'm interested in lol. I had quite the selection of dudes message me...

    • I promise you any man stopped reading after the third bullet point lol

  • Did you change the title and thumbnail?

  • Maybe I’m being too much of a zoomer but what is a traffic court again?

  • I am just happy that they're all wearing masks 👍

  • I love how many times they renamed this video

  • VFX artists keeps changing the thumbnail😅😅

  • The evolution of thumbnails for this video is epic ; ) lol

  • This Minecraft rap is dope yo

  • PLEASE fix the vfx in the mortal kombat trailer, kanos laser made me puke 😪

  • Have a look at morphing cars. These are links to clips from the TV shows Viper & Knight Rider (2008). What are your thoughts of these morphing scenes? lvcd.info/watch/27ibgGqDf6mOqac/video.html lvcd.info/watch/0bWdnZ-ZbtChq5s/video.html lvcd.info/watch/zcWCoJ6ln6ltbaM/video.html I find them to be cool but a bit wonky in terms of lighting, shadows & perspective

  • Who's here from when the thumbnail was Matt making Gordon Ramsay cry? xD

  • vfs dudes can u react to the world's end

  • 7:30 I legit checked if I am still in a channel or not.

  • Dear Corridor Crew, please watch Dinosaur animated movie 2000. You will be very impressed. For that time VFX was amazing. Beyond time.

  • Can you guys please react to national geografy cosmos series?

  • I swear this has been called several different titles

  • I wish there would be a vfx artist reacts to transformers vfx

  • Seriously, have you guys gotten any emails regarding VFX opportunities from movie companies yet?? Or are you just trying to show off to them XD

  • i disliked because i couldnt dislike the ad you have on your vid.....

  • Pleas do animated react to justed league war reaction

  • XD

  • Not related to the video, fix this shot lol (You don't need to) lvcd.info/watch/05WiaIiKitJ1gYU/video.html. (Edit: You can even make the plane not die in a realistic way because the impact wasn't even that hard, heck you might just pull a sully and everyone is fine.)

  • Please reacted to killer bean! he did the VFX for some major movies

  • all you had to do is say he's been in and out of jail a lot, has 20 kids from different women, and he's a toxic abusive man that drinks and would possibly beat any girl he dates... he will have thousands of hits and a full DM in 1 hour.

  • Do wandavision and the hex borders

  • Make the original Mortal Kombat movie from 1995 R rated!!!

  • Take your stupid masks off

  • You should try to Varial kick flip

  • Hey Corridor Crew - I got an idea for your next CGI-VFX project. When the Perseverance videos get released, could you key in some kind of realistic-lookin' creature to crawl towards the rover, check it out, and do something funny? I don't know, try to ride it, kick it, hump it, then leave. Like a demented extraterrestrial. Like a monkey that checks out new stuff in its pen. That might be funny.

  • I didn’t think it would be long before Gordon Ramsey make you remove his image from the thumbnail

  • The firefighter image is what straight men looking at other straight men want. It screams "AGGRESSIVE!" and I, as a woman, would personally nope out of the profile asap. While the harry potter pic has the opposite effect.

  • 16:00 Valentines day and Christmas music. Just cover all the holidays

  • I hate videos with masks !!!

  • Is Clint doin ok?

  • Okay so i need to start a vfx company to get me a date

  • You should make Friday the 13th G rated

  • React to some transformers movies and transformers prime show

  • Could you guys react to valerian visual effects🤩😍

  • Matt already look attractive tho