Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 8

Publicēšanas datums 21 dec 2019
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The Crew is joined by Stuntman DaSilva-Greene to react and break down some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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  • Donnieeeeeee ❤️

  • 14 blade

  • Can you do something from halo

  • Please do more jet li! Romeon must die, unleashed, forbidden kingdom

  • Anyone else notice the Battlefield theme at 10:28 or was that just me being musically stupid?

  • I would watch you 3 on a couch chillin for hours

  • React to Tony jaa stunt

  • Please, *please* do the Cpt America winter soldier street fight. (If they have, someone tell me.)

  • y u guys never react to the movie of transformer...come on

  • React to the black noir and the female fight bro, I feel like it's shot so much better.

  • ur nan

  • I’d take $800 for Donnie Yen to knock me out

  • I laughed way too much at that fight scene from The Boys.

  • In "The Boys".... What is her power level?! Can she punch through walls, or do her punches knock guys down? Is she invulnerable, or does it make sense to try and hit her with a baseball bat? What is this?

  • Do KGF

  • You guys should do Ip man

  • Is the guest the dude from MHA Los Angeles ?

  • These scenes are great but seriously fuck china

  • Flashpoint is the best. I love that fight so much.

  • #wonder women

  • You guys do donnie yen BUT NOT IP Man REALLY

  • Ip Man 2. Sammo Hung vs Donnie Yen. That whole table fight scene was amazing.

  • Grappling is easier hell no and comparing any of that to ufc no sir 😬

  • Donnie Yen is amazing !!

  • Lethal Weapon w the grappling fight scene btw Mel Gibson and Gary Busy FTW

  • Please guys have guy react to best of the best 1 and 2 please

  • Ip man 2: Twister vs Ip man

  • Make one on undisputed 3 of yuri boyka

  • Rocky handsome final fight bollywood movie

  • This video was made when Black Panther was alive. RIP

  • daily bumps

  • Not sure your guys done “Men From Nowhere” and “ I Saw the Devil”

  • Yall should do velocipator

  • Sammo 'Little Earthquake' Hung. Great fighter.

  • Stunt guy doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. In SPL you can see where it's improv and where it's not, you can't improv the moves this guy is saying is improv. There's no way.

  • Please id love tonsee a review of the end of redbelt by David mamet.

  • Why does Donnie yen look like Evan Fong

  • I would love to see more Donny Yen from Iron Monkey.... some campy stuff in there, but some really unique flowing action...

  • I would subscribe, but too many commercials.

  • The foreigner

  • Hey you should do Ip man

  • Do Pacific Rim


  • When l was 18 l wanted to be a stuntman and my brother and his friends said it’s hard and everyone who does it is grandfather in. I wish l never listen to them

  • I've read somewhere that the alley fight from Kill zone was improvised because of time constraints. They filmed the entire scene in one evening without any rehearsals.

  • If youre ever get in a fight remember to always reload your punches

  • My takeaway from these videos: Asian cinematography for fights is vastly superior to the West.

  • kill bill

  • React to : unleashed: Danny the dog

  • I’m just here to see Gui laugh

  • Want to invade Poland

  • what transformer was Gui

  • "Do they decelerate you?" "No" yes they did, those guys are falling at 1/3 tge speed they would fall if thry just dropped them.

  • Okay now do this one

  • have you guys seen ong bak?

  • Of course it's good because of having a real stuntman commenting.

  • Please checkout Ip Man fight scenes now that Ip Man 4 is up

  • Where can I get that couch?


  • Man From Nowhere? Manchurian Candidate (original) Unleashed/Danny the Dog

  • Geek react to movies this Is the real title .

  • Awesome vid, should bring him in as much as you can, there’s so much he can explain and his personality is amazing.

  • You gotta do the swordfight sequence from the Witcher episode 1

  • Awesome 😎


  • It's scary how Wu Jing goes from psycho villain in the film to happy go lucky in the BTS so quickly

  • Y'all never post your guests socials. I wanna follow gui and cant find him.

  • React to Kollywood movie named kaithi

  • Suggestion, Kill Bill?

  • Can you look at more CG animated movies. I want to see experts like you learning through simple viewings.

  • Honestly any of the Ip man movies

  • props for using ongo boglovian, he knows what's up

  • As much as I loved The Boys, Black Noir and Queen Maeve’s individual fight scenes were cut too much

  • It would be cool to do a react of tom cruise stunts from many of his movies. That would be really cool.

  • Have they actually done a react on ong bak?

  • React to hardcore Henry movie

  • I love dasilva!

  • cover the fight scenes in Nerflix’s “Polar”

    • 5:50

  • Dude stop swearing im literally 8 or 9

  • I’d love to see a reaction to the cliff-top sword fight in Princess Bride

  • I haven't been through all the stuntmen reacts yet, but can you add Jet Li's Fearless fight scenes on top of the platform(s) or when he uses the Three Section Staff

  • React to Bollywood commando series fight scene

  • React to Bollywood Rocky handsome last fight scene

  • Do iddarammayilatho fight scene, the fight scene where the heroine and being stabbed in front of the hero.

  • Pretty sure Leon did it first in Re4

  • Gui kinda looks like Herb Dean the mma ref lol

  • That clip of Donnie, not sped up, beating the crap out of the dude in that alley... I knew he was fast, but that's the kind of speed you have a hard time believing has any impact, but with him it does. Wow

  • Ip man pls

  • You guys should react to Kickboxer: Retalliation. The final fight scene

  • The protector’s fights scene is amazing

  • do bollywood stunts

  • React to fight scenes in Sky TV show 'Gangs of London'!

  • That 'Once Upon a Time in México' scene where Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek are hunging on the windows would be interesting. And you could react to some The Walking Dead scenes too, even invite some fx make up artists to talk.

  • Wow, Donnie Yen is a beast

  • Thumb up for Donnie Yen 👍

  • I love how Wu Jin was so honest and like "I can't take this anymore!", but still goes back and do it....

  • You should review Ip man vs 10 black belts

  • Hey guys, when you have this next stuntmen reaction, can you please react to the fight sequence in Rocky Handsome!!! Edit- FYI it's a Bollywood sequence but worth watching with a pro :)

  • More Gui please - one of the best! please review this:

  • Dude, Dasilva is such a genuine person. You can tell he loves and respects the work he does. He seems so fun to be around. He’s like the friend that could totally let you sleep on the couch lol 😂