Animators React to Bad & Great Cartoons

Publicēšanas datums 25 jūl 2020
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Niko and Clint sit down with Veteran Animator and Director Eric Koenig to break down some of the best and worst animations throughout history.
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  • That animator woke as fuck

  • I wonder if he has an opinion on whether the art style of animation has gotten worse over the years and why. Not so much movies: CGI animated movies like Pixar and Dreamworks are normally well done, and Spiderverse was amazing ; but some traditionally animated shows. When you look at the evolution of the art style of Mickey Mouse (hate the art style in the new shorts), DC characters (they improved from Superfriends to BAS to Young Justice, but now horrible with Teen Titans Go), even TMNT latest animated series they just look bad.

  • Both Good & Bad : The animated movie, Flight of Dragons. As well as being animated by a newly formed studio that handled the animated film, The Last Unicorn, this movie adaptation of Peter Dickinson's book by the same name unfortunately suffered from reduced budget and time constraints - there are some really badly animated scenes and story segments despite the voice acting being top notch.

  • "Atlantis the lost empire" and "Good Hunt" from Love death and robots

  • Redline.

  • Technically it's CGi, but they should react to Clone Wars S1 vs S7

  • The bad anamations from dingo movies

  • unpopular opinion: speed racer looks absolutely awful

  • Akira was a real gamechanger for anime. Most still can't match it.

  • Animators react to Naruto vs Sasuke fight in the lake

  • I know you guys can, so please, put a lav mic on next time you make a sponsor segment. That was roooooooomy and kinda painful to listen to.

  • Please react mickey mouse deleted video!!!

  • Different between dragon ball super vs dragon ball super movies

  • Too much garbage interrupting what we clicked on to see.

  • Demon slayer rui fight. Pls 🙏

  • The first hand drawn animated film wasn't Gertie the dinosaur, it was Fantasmagorie.

  • Damn animation are hard

  • I so need them to react to the Cab Calloway rotoscope animations!

  • We don't call its Japanese cartoon but we call it anime

  • old animation really puts the fear of God in you

  • I recently did a report on Winsor Mccay Fun Fact it only took him six months to draw the Gertie the dinosaur animation. I believe he did it all on his own. Drawing upwards of 6,000 hand drawn animation frames on paper.


  • FLCL aka foolie coolie anime.

  • If you want a REALLY nice hand drawn animation in the style of that dinosaur animation you have one from the ninties here, . Guy spent years animating it on pen and paper and released it on comiket. LS-1. Quality is a bit bad but I'm sure there are more VHS copies out there that can be captured better.

  • The movie Klaus has really good animation. I would love to see ye react to it.

  • Thats not the first animation ever, i think the first animation actually is lost buy if you seek on internet you can know who made it

  • Wow that's cool 👌🏻🙂

  • Please review animations in Indian cartoons. Kids here watch them regularly now. I couldn't figure out how they look so terrible. There has to be a lot of things going wrong with them.

  • it's late, but curious about the old school cartoon, if the gloves are suppose to be an element of black people and jazz, what are the shoes suppose to be an element to then? Because it doesn't look jazz related, and a lot of Disney characters went with the similar gloves and shoes. At the same time, you have Betty Boop looking a bit like a dog, but more human, with a different physique than the dog, which I'm wondering why? When Disney went with twin counterparts of daisy & donald, & minnie & mickey. I think that old cartoons could be minstrel shows, but I don't understand why you're lying about this cartoon, like if it's connected to what you were saying. EVEN THE CULTISTS AREN'T KKK PEOPLE, unless you want to say Betty Boop is a KKK member. And joining the KKK is bad, unless there's attractive women...I say that because...Bimbo joins after finding out Betty Boop is a member and says "yes" when she ask...DID Y'ALL EVEN FINISH SEEING THIS BEFORE TRYING TO SOUND PROFOUND, but when people actually watch this, it sounds dumb and you're trying to insert your own ideals that the cartoon may be a bit racist for depicting black people in a black and white cartoon because of the gloves and jazz music, but the episode didn't even have jazz music, or much of it If y'all were actually showing a cartoon that depict how shameful characters were depicting stereotypes of others, then ok, but that cartoon didn't even have "historical context", it was literally a cartoon animal saying "no" to a cultist group, until he finds out the group was full of women.

  • Please react to Jet and Zuko's fight, with Zuko and Azula's Agni Kai......screw it, react to the whole show. Every fight.

  • I thought Walt Disney said that the gloves were both easier and cheaper to animate, and for some animals without clear fingers it just looked better for emotion.

  • i animate but not as good, and long, as those guys...TYEY ANIMATED EVER SINCE MY MOM WAS BORN

  • 11:17, well some weren't aimed at kids, like Bimbo's Initiation.

  • "One punch man" please

  • Can anyone here the Among us Engine room sound 2:02

  • You guys have to react to sao's animation

  • The wildthorn berries movies was amazingly animated

  • Is it possible to both Like and Dislike this? Like for the expert guy they invited and Dislike for the channel itself for ruining otherwise good content with sponsored content

  • Lazertag Academy was wincingly bad. Smeared frames, inept mastering, ugly work all around. I watched some Tiny Toons recently and many episodes were obv farmed out to Korea or Hong Kong they're terrible!

  • Chuck jones is by far my favourite cartoon director

  • Please react to Superjail

  • man the guest might have experience but it's one of those things where him having experience in one area gives him the feeling of authority to mess up in others. treating anime like before akira it was all speed racer is pretty bad, similar to how on the second video he treats it like animation had never done directing based on real camerawork before miyazaki

  • Dragon Ball Z Goku Vs Majinn Vegeta Dragon Ball Super cap 5 Goku vs Bills

  • Love to have a perspective on My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, and Violet Evergarden.

  • "Do you believe in gravity?" - Dio Brando

  • Not enough anime man

  • Free As skipper : 15:34

  • Dragon Ball super

  • You know, cats don't dance is not only having some stunning visuals, but its also a pretty good movie.

  • Your subscribe button is covering the text saying what year things are from.

  • Loving this history lesson on animation and breaking down how it works.

  • Would love to see all the Disney and Dreamworks drawn movies from the 90s and 00s ! (For example one of my favorites: The 12 years later scene from Treasure planet)

  • Unless someone has already mentioned it, need a reaction to Samurai Jack

  • I'm still missing that overexposure light bloom effect in modern (animated) movies. It was always so cold and so intense in the image, I really miss it! :(

  • And I'm still waiting for a Cats don't Dance Blu-Ray release in 2020! >:(

  • 11:19 eew now i know how the editor sees kids, disgusting! you couldnt have used a less aesthetically pleasing crying child if you tried

  • How about do a really poorly animated film like Twinkle Nora Rock Me?

  • The guy in the end is disgusting. Can you get rid of him? He is toxic.

  • Great guest!!

  • Let's hear some words on Ed Edd n Eddy

  • 💖💝💝💝If you are reading this comment: BE BLESSED!!! x1,000,000!!! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝💝💝💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💞💞💖

  • bad animation : naruto shippuden pain scene

  • Since you showed the og speed racer anime can you do the movie on vfx artists reacts

  • “It’s shameful, but it IS” that right there is the most realistic and mature way to accept and understand context and history. So simple

  • How many of want chota bheem 😂😂

  • I wish you’d used the Japanese voices for Akira because they actually went to the effort to animate the mouth movements to match the voices, which you obviously don’t get in a dub.

  • Review gundam

  • You should watch gundam it’s a anime

  • 10:20 Because other secret societies weren't a thing? Masons? Illuminati? Ah why am I even commenting on this cancervid.

  • If you ever include anime, ANYTHING from Shinichiro Watanabe and "The legend" Satoshi Kon (guy whose work was heavily copied by Arfonoskys Black Swan and Nolans Inception)

  • Jeezus, at 13:55 I was almost expecting "Hey Guys, It’s VSAUCE here..."

  • "Hi guys! Its Jake..." next.

  • Bad Animation: dragon ball, pokemon stuff

  • Bad animation? Seven deadly sins s3

  • Love this guy bring him on again plz

  • loving these animator series. Eric is very insightful and well-spoken.

  • I would love to see you guys do Undone on this series. Also some of the old NFB animations like The Cat Came Back or the Log Driver's Waltz.

  • You guys should react to Love, death + Robots on netflix

  • YOU NEED to recat to BLIZZARDS trailers, like all of them. AMAZING CGI

  • MTVs Oddities... The Maxx

  • Bad- Rocket Robinhood

  • Season 4 of seven deadly sins (bad animation)

  • Gertie the dinosaur is so cute X3

  • React to Jojo’s

  • Bad animation? How about? Berserk 2016....

  • Please make more of these

  • Gosh, I really want to watch Akira... Where I'm from, it is hard to look for old films / animations. Anywhere on the web where I can find Akira ?

  • Animators react to adventure time

  • You should dedicate an entire episode to cowboy bebop; if you haven't watched it, go dub not sub (trust me on this one boys)

  • Please review "Life's a jungle: Africa most wanted"

  • Please review "Life's a jungle: Africa most wanted"

  • Please review "Life's a jungle: Africa most wanted"

  • Please review "Life's a jungle: Africa most wanted"

  • Please review "Life's a jungle: Africa most wanted"

  • Definitely gotta have batman the animated series on this show too!

  • Full metal alchemist brotherhood!! Lists death or al and ed loosing they're bodies!

  • I think they should do one for sword of a stranger the final fight scene was amazing actually so was the intro scene.

  • I despise the esthetic of the robber hose style. The Max Fleischer art and all of the products thereof like Adventure Time are painful.

  • Oh, this one is work of art!

  • If you want a example of bad animation and just bad movies in general, you should check out Dingo Pictures.