Animators React to Bad & Great Cartoons

Publicēšanas datums 25 jūl 2020
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Niko and Clint sit down with Veteran Animator and Director Eric Koenig to break down some of the best and worst animations throughout history.
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  • React to Disney's Anastasia, the animation style seems like a mix of 2D and 3D artwork

  • Eric: having an introspective moment about some of the problematic but very real history of animation. Clint/Editor: DO YOU HAVE ANY EXAMPLES OF BAD ANIMATION PLEASE REMEMBER TO LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!

  • No self respected animator watch dubbed anime

  • A tiny bit of interference on 10:20

  • If you just want to have a laugh then 7 Deadly Sins Season 3 especially

  • What about Don Bluth's animation style? The Secret of Nimh, Fievel: An American Tail, Titan A.E. and Dragon's Lair were legendary. Glad you showcased Otomo's masterwork Akira. Perhaps you could share some secrets from more early to mid 2000s anime OVAs like Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might, and World's Strongest. Or even more direct to home features like Batman: Sub Zero and Superman and Batman: Public Enemies. Great analysis, and they said cartoons were for kids. SMH. I had no idea that Max Fleicher cartoons were that poignant and defiant back then.

  • Demon Slayer 1. Zenitsu vs Spider 2. Tanjiro vs Rui

  • Akira aint a cartoon its an anime

  • Love this series

  • I really appreciate how openly Eric discussed the minstrel show thing. He wasn't scared to talk about it and I think he did a really good job.

  • Bad animation: Food Fight, Zelda CDi

  • React to Attack on Titan it has really great animated shots


  • Would love to see some Cuphead analysis :)

  • Man this guy knew his stuff!

  • So your saying that because Micky mouse is wearing white gloves he is supporting black face?! I don't think that the SJW's will like that.

  • Love the content! Feel like y’all would absolutely love Minnie the Moocher and all the Betty Boop animations featuring Cab Calloway!

  • React to korra and mako vs the chi blockers from season one of the legend of korra

  • Hi crew, love your work !! :) Challenge for the episode: How can you make CGI A Titan from 'Attack on titan' If u can make an episode of U creating this titan transformation from a real person to CGI character [and make it believable and epic :) ] Please do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it, Thanks Do it Do it now!

  • Heh lets bring areal original artist to judge stuff on our behalf.

  • I loved the animation on heckle and jekel

  • I forgot that the white gloves on old cartoons were racist.

  • The sturdy owner currently sack because taste temporarily knit modulo a erect buzzard. homely, pleasant freighter

  • Please , react to "Steamboy". It is like Akira on Steroids! ;) Fantastic Animations! And the music is composed by Hans Zimmer ! very nice!

  • Good animation: Dragon Ball super broly

  • react to Ratatoing

  • Cool bug fact! eadweard muybridge shot a man point blank in front of a crowd of people because he got cucked.

  • I'm loving this new series

  • Some of the old Spider-Man cartoons like the 90s series or the original

  • Bad animation? Lol I'd love to you guys react to the mess that was the original dragonball super.

  • please react to the E.T song music video by Katy Perry and Kanye

  • Remake the 2004 lady death anime movie guys!

  • Just watched this today and didn't know that did that with paper on AKIRA.

  • React to Damon slayer

  • And not let's not forget that there is TONS of 3/4 down angle shots in 'Akira' witch is one of the most complicated shots to draw and animate anything in! 'Akira' is truly a masterpiece is so many ways!

  • Komix wave studio animation is so sick, you guys should react to kimi no nawa, kotono ha no niwa, etc

  • Odd seeing the grading shift so much between camera angels.

  • You want some bad animation example just watch Indian Cartoons

  • Spanish TV: Los Fruitis, MOrtadelo y Filemón... Bad animation, great memories

  • Perfect Blue!!! Or any of satoshi kons work

  • Me: *enjoying a corridor digital video* Jake: *exists* Me: *visible sadness*

  • Power puff girls reboot has bad animation

  • Do a third one of the these

  • Dragon Ball Super?

  • Aachi & Ssipak is an irreverent animated action movie with some of the coolest animated action sequences I've ever seen. I recommend skipping the non action scenes as it's more of a showcase of animation and the plot is at best juvenile.


  • React to Attack on Titan

  • One punch man

  • Puget systems must have a time trying to make computers in the water

  • I literally do BAD animations everyday lol

  • Any fight scene in samurai champloo series, amazing visuals

  • Guys can you please do a video on ANIMES!!?? Literally the JAPANESE ANIMES like Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on titan? Please??????

  • We need new episodes

  • React to SPRIGGAN Istanbul chase scene.

  • Did anyone else realize the japenese motorcycle has an United States airforce symbol

  • What a great episode....

  • Can you do eveangelion

  • Before twinkle NORA rock me. I'll just say this name.

  • Imagine them reacting to something like "Foodfight" and those bootleg cartoons by Dingo Pictures...

  • Please react to Trigger, Madhouse, or Ufotable animation.

  • React to Heavy Metal! the clean parts :)

  • react to cuphead's animation!

  • So glad u got rid of that annoying guy who ruins all the videos. Keep it this way please!!!

  • That was great to watch ❤️

  • Bad Animation? The new Thundercats works.

  • Bad Animation..

  • it would be really cool if you could have some women/poc added to your roster. i feel like with any studio/company, diversity is an important element that can give amazing depth to everything you do. to be able to create better projects and share stories you wouldn't be able to if you only had one group of people.

  • animes: attack on titan naruto naruto weird animation pain vs naruto hunter x hunter

  • I highly doubt Akira was all on 1's. Maybe on occasion, but can definitely tell it's on 2's or more during the movie.

  • Imagine them reacting to Kazumas hands

  • Do the pain sequence in naruto shippuden

  • I’d really like you guys to check out sailor moon ✨🌙

  • Dragon ball super: Brolly Movie please

  • I liked the comments about viewing the old cartoons knowing the cultural refences of the era. Something I'll always remember from my childhood is watching the great Warner Brothers cartoons with my dad and he would explain the references that otherwise would have gone over my head because they were made when he was young.

  • Rewie paprika and neo Tokyo

  • If you havent yet, watch clips of Foodfight. Its known to be the worst animated movie of all time and there are so many animation mistakes still left in the final cut that I think you guys would get a kick out of it

  • Can y’all do anime like Baki and look at the way they animate their fight scenes . Someone already broke it down in depth but I think you guys would like it

  • Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop!

  • Do a only anime review

  • Can u react to attack on Titan?

  • Bad Animation: the early episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

  • 10:29 Okay, I have a moral obligation to add a bit of additional information to this point... That may have been true of some shorts, but there is a vast majority of animated cartoons from the 20s and 30s that is absolutely not true of at all; Disney's Silly Symphonies, for example, were sub-textually based in VALIDATING racism and VALIDATING the KKK, not fighting racism. Some shorts were a response to that, but a short like "Mickey in the Congo" is historically evident of the fact they were mostly entertaining the audience's racism rather than fighting racism.

  • React to 3D animated commercials. Compare League of legends wild rift cinematic trailer and mobile legends trailer

  • You guys should react to the pink pineapple and the mary jane animation studio, they've made some really great animation

  • If you wanna make a sequel on ad animation just take escanor vs meliodas


  • Bad animation: The Legend of the Titanic (1999) or Titanic: The Legend Goes On (2000)

  • Learning that the lights in Akira were real lights makes me so happy that’s so cool I’m curious about how Don Bluth does the light in his movies, like the fire in All Dogs Go To Heaven specifically comes to mind

  • Naruto or The Fate series! I know they probably get a lot of anime recommendations but these two series just give me chills while I watch the fights

  • React to Escanor vs Meliodas

  • Can you react to The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix? It's a supercool stop motion feature film from Norway 1975!

  • bad animation fight pain vs naruto

  • Naruto Shippuden - expecially Naruto and Kurama in final battle. Sorry for my english.

  • 4:29 Early 20 Rager by Lil Uzi used that sound effect

  • still not socially distant

  • Yea not just bad but really bad animation in terms of that they look nothing like the characters we know and love-The remake of-Thundercats( Thundercats:Roar on Cartoon Network + Remake of She-Ra on Netflix I mean WTF

  • White gloves have nothing with black people. You can search Disney quote about it. And also artists quote about the technical part of it.

  • MACROSS: DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE. The 80’s space opera tv show which was turned into a 2 hour movie was created by animators and engineers to make amazing mech transforming physics which translated into toys. They also pioneered some great anime tropes including the scattered missile look which is used everywhere now. The tv show has low budget animation compared to their movie which was massive.

  • React to video games!

  • Alternate title: “Animators React to Incredible Cartoons”