I Had Unlimited Money to Make The Perfect Camera

Publicēšanas datums 14 mar 2019
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  • Watching this a year later, the BMPCC 6K Pro checks off the most boxes for the least money.

  • Sooooooooooooo, The perfect camera is still always going to a fully rigged out camera...????

  • easy part: make perfect camera, hard part: clean up

  • Perfect camera : Arri mini LF + signature prime / Zeiss prime

  • Corridor crew and Linus tech tips should collaborate🔥

  • Now if they could only act they might get a video worth watching.

  • You say its perfect but CAN IT RUN CRYSIS

  • The neat cloud phylogenetically store because help concurrently escape behind a utopian range. gorgeous, free goal

  • Niko has excellent taste in music 👍

  • “Technology exists. Let’s us it” this sounds exactly like what tony stark would say

  • I don’t know anything about film making, but I still find this video so satisfying.

  • You know that you see fan boy when he's excited about different name on product when the product is actually different name, wooow they don't reuse the 100% of old body but only 99,7% what a change I love them, wtf is wrong with him

  • I would make a Lytro with 4k equivalent and charge 4k

  • he cocked the gun 3 times

  • niko is innocent 3:00 the gimble is different (bridge plate)

  • The dead drum densply guarantee because parade realistically flash near a tremendous bibliography. long, spiteful soap

  • Imagine leaving it out

  • 11:35 Whats that very audible rattling sound though? You can just about hear it in the earlier scene with the gun pointed at Clints head.

  • Lol he cocks the gun and THEN he puts the clip in. What a troll.

  • This is how many times niko said: problem and solution 👇

  • just so you guys know, there are instructables out on how to hack an electronic auto-focus lens so you can program the focus points. Its pretty neat. I have never done it but i really want to. and it can be done for as cheap as the lens you are willing to possibly brick. and can all be done in blender for free as well.

  • Thought the title said i had unlimited monkey to make the ultimate camera and watched through the whole video and realized it said money

  • Anyone else thinking about how the wireless camera for the focus guy looks like a controller from the movie real steel.


  • Just curious, for the short film, was the audio edited to come from the b-roll of you shooting it, or was that from the wireless shotgun? Didn't sound great :/

  • i love this video and you guys but this is the perfect camera setup, not the perfect camera because you just took the red

  • Wow, impressive. But look at Niko's eye bags, is it a scream for sleep?

  • Niko: problem solution problem solution problem solution problem solution problem solution problem solution

  • 2:54 ...do you want it on a drone that gets stuck up a very tall tree?

  • Imagine this setup on the new Red Komoto

  • I am rewatching this video and it toke me a year later to think. Did they get to keep all the gear they got or did they have to give it all back

  • 3:55 My mom checking in when im supposed to be doing homework, but i'm watching Corridor Crew

  • "good thermal management" Linus: "wAnNA wAtERcOoL?!"

  • 15:00 "like a little Yoda" HE PREDICTED IT!

  • I want you guys to do an actual budgeted movie so much

  • For me the perfect camera in Arri Mini LF. My second option will be BMPCC6K.

  • Niko: I need a camera! Clint: Get naked

  • I love window shopping the tech they use. A RED is about $25K and the sigma art 10 lens kit is about $45k. It's one of my favorite hobbies now is to make itineraries of their gear with costs. Who needs a $75k sports car if you cant film it adequately.

  • 2:05 🤣🤣

  • everyone knows Arri's are the BEST cameras

  • Is there a slight delay when dealing with the Bluetooth audio while filming? Im not sure if it would really matter that much, but It be that way with making music in Ableton atleast.

    • If any wireless audio is to be used in a "no holds barred" filming camera, it would have to be Kleer. Much lower latency and power consumption, high resistance to radio interference, 4 users at once, and lossless audio transmission.

  • For a more affordable kit : - BMP4K (or 6K) - $1.5K - Small rig kit + handles : $300 - Saramonic Blink 500 - $250 - Hollyland for wireless monitor - $450 - Ramdom monitor + handles : $400 - RC2 quick release - $50 - Moza for wireless focus - $150 You'd get pretty damn close for less than $4K. And i'm pretty sure if you go for Zcam you can even use more of its own connections because of bluetooth.

  • Why Red? Should have waited for few weeks to get Alexa Mini LF!

  • pulled the hammer back a total of 3 times around the 11:26 mark

  • Tactical camera remounting

  • Damn you couldve bought a couple cars with that money

  • Why dont y'all make a real movie?

  • Tried to follow link for the list of the gear in the description that you built the perfect camera from, page doesn’t exist.

  • Ok so are we just going to ignore that the camera alone cost $20,000?

  • This episode has big “the office” vibes

  • Passenger

  • would running that many Bluetooth communications from a single camera be an issue as far as what a camera can output?

  • That's a nice camera

  • I understood absolutely nothing in this. I love it

  • blender with the filmic color space gives 25 stops on HDR

  • Why you don‘t have a Steadycam?

  • If I was the creator of the camera, I would still be taking out and putting in the camera SINCE THE DAMN THING IS SO NICE

  • they should make this a camera pack

  • Who else saw the university of portland shirt? That was a surprise

  • brandon from ltt was laughing while watching this

  • I get that I'm a little late to this but is that DnD there at 8:42 on the table next to Niko?

  • But does it shoot 35m?

  • You should make a video where there is lots of your worst shots or mistakes or something

  • @3:41 lmao wut

  • Why was Clint randomly walking in his underwear in the background

  • This guy literally cocked the gun like 3 times. Still a great short tho🤣🤣🤣👌🏼

  • Niko: "GoPro can be dropped out of the the sky... And I was inspired by that" Me: "So, where's the bit where he does a drop test"

  • 8:30 does anyone know the song? I’ve been looking for months and corridor hasn’t been replying:(

  • The perfect camera rig 2020

  • Isn't it is arri 65. Ohh but they do not sell that🙄

  • Me watching this, wanting to make and use this, but I only have $8.00 in my pocket.😭

  • Yeah but does it have built in ray tracing?

  • This is the biggest flex I've seen.

  • Just discovered you guys a few weeks ago, I'm hooked on your channel. You guys have the best work environment ever, love from Montreal Canada 😎

  • This is the longest commercial I've ever watched. 10/10

  • Now the Sony A7siii exists.

  • You didn't list shoulder rig arms and controls

  • Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D Niko: "Problem." Me: D: Niko: "Solution" Me: :D

  • So cool.

  • Ever been to alexa 65 land huh?

  • Anyone going to mention Clint walking around in the background in his underwear? Just me?

  • Dat moment when you make the perfect camera and it still probably costs less the Linus tech tips setup you NeEd To RuN tHe ReD

  • Why not 8k lol?

  • i won the lottery and went to bnh and i spent like 2 million

  • Is there a link or a list of the kit they used somewhere? I really wish they'd include this information...

  • Wow someone's discovered the magic of a quick release plate 😅. That's only been around for the past sixty years 😂

  • The wildest dream fantasy come true

  • I want to be a filmmaker, but I dont even have a camera :'O

  • This needs to be redone

  • that's just full productions and lux props build one from start, effective!

  • Ha cassette DIXON

  • What does Clint wear around his neck?

  • Y’all suck, you miss small details like how he locks the pistol back 3 different times

  • What is the short they were filming called?

  • You can just see Clint in his underwear at 3:39

  • Him switching from gimbal to tripod Me putting the gimbal on the tripod

  • As a director, I would have a lot of doubts about a cinematographer if they would tell me "I have the perfect camera (with perfect set up) that can be used on all my sets."!

  • Color grading on this video was a bit wonky

  • LVcd ads are randomized right? Cuz i just got an ad for B&H

  • "All i want is the perfect camera, all i want is the perfect cameraa"