Don't be Afraid to Talk About Race

Publicēšanas datums 9 jūn 2020
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  • Please keep your discussions civil and mature - thanks for watching!

    • You tell us to talk about problems, but it is really difficult in this cursed world you SJW's had made. Everything is censored. Literally everything is made to harm not a single refined feeling of every fragile offended flower-kid.

    • Dixie Rekt I think it’s corridor, and I already unsubbed

    • JJoe 11 white unarmed people was killed by cops this year

    • JJoe you think it’s only black people getting shot? It doesn’t matter what color you are you have the same chances of stuff happening, in some cases black people have less advantages as others which is horrible but they put it onto themselves most of the time, a cop isn’t gonna just shoot a black person for being black, there is some cops that would but not all of them would, I’m trying to say all lives matter

    • BLM is trash, censor my comment like totalitaian progre

  • Its not just you wes ! i work at mcdonalds and i get yelled at by everybody, white, blacks, yellows, have yet to see red people somehow. anyway point is... thats not having a thing with races, its having a thing that is broken in the head. i am keeping my cool with people, i really try... but when they start insulting my familly and saying i shouldn'T be alive just because a pickle was missing in their burgers... that is not racism Wes... its plain old stupidity ! humans have, unfortunately... a lot of that in their heads. and of course people will not talk if you pull out a camera. if you wanna talk to someone, be smart, don't pull the camera... just talk to them or leave them ! i realised in 40 years of my existence that not everyone deserve our words ! pick your fights man, pick your fights !

  • i worked with black people, they are all right, they do a living just like i do... but everytimes i see black lives matters... i can't seem to stop seeing all the fuss black people do just to get a message a cross... which actually, puts wrong int heir hands again and thus their message do not care... there is no differences between people on earth... but seeriously... seeing a black man using the N word and laughing, while anybody else say that word, they get cranky and wants to kill... seriously, get your act together, you can't just say, its fine if we say it while others can't ! that's not how it works. you can't just attack cops and then yell heinous crimes when they defend themselves. we see this everyday, we see humans, notice how i said humans, do this everyday, trying to pass injustice onto events that they started themselves. but honestly, those who think racism still exists... no it doesn't... it only exists because humans wants it to still exists and those humans gets all your attentions and thats all they want.. they are willing to do anything including attack others on purpose just to get your attention. that's not how you solve a problem... you shouldn't follow the people that do this... again, i have worked with black people, they were fine people, they were having a life... but those i see on television that attacks cops and other people and then yell out racism in the face of cameras... those people, they deserve to be shot at !

  • I absolutely love that you all are using your awesome platform to address issues our nation is facing.

  • 3.1k people disliked 🤢, idiots

  • God, this video was so pathetic.

  • Sure I get your message we probably shouldn’t put on LVcd

  • Go Wes...respect bro

  • Thankyou

  • Blm is dumb

    • Your existence is dumb. You liked your own comment 🤣🤣 Blm shouldn't have to exist but sadly it does because police and karens keep molesting, killing, abusing, stereotyping... black people because they are simply brown in skintone. After how many years slavery was abolished and after how many protests rascim is still an issue towards the black community.

  • Thank you for bringing this discussion to the surface. So many times, hate, fear, and bullying hide behind the internet's anonymity. When we can discuss topics like this face to face, I think we, as human beings, will find we have more in common than not. As a "white" male, I know that I have a heritage, an ancestry, that was consumed with hatred and racism, but this ancestry does not define the man that I am today. When I see others with different skin color from mine, I think of the human body's amazing ability to adapt and evolve to its surroundings. If an alien were to visit our world and observe our civilization, they would not see different races of humans, they would see one species; humans. That is how I live my life. I treat others, regardless of their skin color, religious beliefs, gender, or gender beliefs, as my equal. This does not mean that we are equal in our abilities because true equality does not exist. Equality does not exist in the Universe, otherwise, protons and anti-protons would have annihilated each other equally and nothing would exist. What I mean is that I treat others equally as human beings, and I believe that our differences, when used together, make us far stronger as a human race. I hope that I was able to translate my thoughts into words and express the meaning I was trying to. Utilize your strengths and understand your weaknesses. Empathize with other's weaknesses, and marvel in their strengths. Individually we are strong and weak, but together we are only strong. Hate is bred from fear, and fear is only the absence of understanding. Frank Herbert said "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration." Love thy neighbor as thyself and ignore fear and hatred that has been bred into us as human beings. I wish you all peace and love.

  • 2:21 OMG :O

  • These protests weren't helped by trump...

  • If you are against the statement "Black Lives Matter", you are racist. There's no denying that lmao. "Matter" is the minimum.

  • Latinos should support and stand for our black brothers in there time of need ✊🏽✊🏿

  • We are going to look back on this portion of history and think “wow people were so dumb they created more racists by actively bringing up race every 5 minutes”

    • You are very simple minded.

  • Don't be afraid, but also do not substitute class with a race. I mean why racial issues are so harsh? Why they bring so much anger on both sides of it? Cause it is entangled and interlinked with good old class struggle. Think about all this stuff in this way. What makes a getto a getto? Skin colour? Culture? No. I live in Russia, we have like .05% of black people in our population. And overall about 15-20% of not-white. And an extremely uneven distribution of races, as most of not-Russians are living in the ethnic autonomies, ehere they can use their native tongue for official business, and so on. But the point I want to make, is that I see, how gettos form in an environment that is racially and even ethnically monolithic. And the mechanic is simple. 1. USSR built a giant factory, that produces an entire neighborhood that is directly connected to it. People either work at the factory or produce services for those workers. 2. Factory goes bankrupt for whatever reason or it is actually upgraded, so the workforce is reduced by half or more. 3. Suddenly you've got a bunch of unemployed people in one place. And there is no re-training program, or any option to use their industrial skills anywhere around. So people start to rely on part-time jobs or go straight to the criminal sphere. 4. Small businesses loose their client base and move from the area. 5. Everyone who has an opportunity move from this now undeveloped and unsafe neighborhood. 6. You have a semi-isolated community of people with no future.

  • I know I am late but the same thing was happening in Montenegro and Serbia.

  • I don't like how protesters are stealing and breaking private property.

  • Blm is a terrorist movement

  • really great insight. thanks Corridor🙏

  • Cringe.

  • I only saw this now, this is one of many reasons why these guys are the best. Keep it up y’all!!

  • Are you culturally appropriating Japanese culture?

  • Oh boy, youtubers should not go political....

    • How is respecting other human beings political?

    • No. Shut up

  • You guys have a lot of white supremacists in your audience.

  • Continued conversation is the key to solving this issue but many people refuse to listen to conversation but rather they scream louder and riot as if that helps their cause. Protests are good they are very important and are our constitutional right but these riots do far more harm than any good. I was afraid you guys were gonna do the cookie cutter response all the other big companies have done in support of everything but I'm glad you took a better approach encouraging conversation

  • black people have so much pressure on them. to speak up, to act "correct", and at the end of the day they're still called racial slurs. so unfair

  • George flyod isn't mudered it's an accident, nothing to do with rascism atleast acknowledge the last part

    • Are you aware how stupid you are?

    • How do you violently suffocate a person to death by accident? And howcome African Americans are murdered by police at such a disproportionate rate?

  • The one thing I know is that going outside and protesting isn't a good idea cause corona.

  • It’s always nice to listen to old people because they’ve had a lot of experiences throughout their lives. Many of them are also racist tho. It’s so weird seeing what would seem like a sweet old man be so hateful. Happens a lot tho.

  • Go Woke Go Broke , do proper research before you release a video like this

    • @The Name Brand Company Dude what are you saying. I never even said im here to change the world. im not that pretentious. I was having a conversation with people who even themselves posted links and maybe after this they change their minds or even if they could present me with more evidence i could even change my mind. The same thing could be pointed at you. Like saying "why do you even feel the need to respond the to me in a comment section you are not gonna change the world man." I still do not understand why you wont just rather respond to my argument rather than trying to send me vague insults. By the way i checked out your channel and i actually like it, you make pretty awesome videos. you are obviously not stupid, why are you being unreasonable.

    • leo cardistry oh yeah man you’re right! Btw you’re really making a difference in the world posting article links in the comment section!

    • ​@The Name Brand Company my point exactly juvenile response.

    • leo cardistry waaa! 😩

    • @The Name Brand Company No i sending all the link to make sure they get it. It is funny to me however that all you have done is throw meaningless insults at me without contesting any of the arguments or facts that i have presented. Seriously you need to learn more about critical thinking. By the way yes i do have friends and yes i do have a life, still even if i did not it would not change anything regarding the current conversation i am having with these people. Now are you actually going to read the study and try to rebuttal it or just continue with your 12 year old antics?

  • Stereotypes fundamentally are not bad thing. It is truth, that there are many black people who triggers into fury if you tell them that you are cautious of them because if black person feels like loosing in intelligence he will just blame you in racism. So no one wants to speak with random black people about their problems, because you might end up continiously kicked by them while laying on the ground. If you do know that they safe then go on, talk it. But random one... Huh. That's why stereotypes exist in the first place.

    • Lawnley Lockley lmao yep you showed me man!

    • @The Name Brand Company of course, it works just as you say. "That fact that you are telling me that ur rich makes me think that ur poor." You are creating excuses for your ingorance.

    • Lawnley Lockley LOL the fact that you responded “I have a lot of them” just tells me you dont

    • @The Name Brand Company I have a lot of them. I guess you just live in your isolated comfort bulb, where everyone you know and talk to share your every thought. And you just avoid and ban everyone who pronounce something you don't like. And you just measure them as racists.

    • Lawnley Lockley lmao you don’t have a lot of friends do you?

  • They say us to not being afraid Speaking about races AND they delete everything except agenda praise!

  • This channel have it's own censorship! Haha!

  • Furious inquisition with the face of Thomas Torquemada - that is what means blm.

  • LVcd censors delete any comment which consists words "black people" and "сяiminality rate" at the same time. That is real racism.

  • I want to talk about race but you do not let me doing it.

  • Censorship of nazis with the face of Thomas Torquemada.

  • Why so many dislikes tho?

    • @Anton Back the most racist people I know are blacks and left wing.

    • Because racism is a huge problem.

  • All lives matter. Not just black lives; all lives, including unborn ones. All groups have experienced oppression at some point. You can argue that some have or are experiencing more oppression than others, but the best way to stop that is by moving on from it. Reparations do not end oppression; it keeps it alive. Forcing businesses to hire "minorities" does not end oppression; it keeps it alive. Suppressing free speech by calling it "hate speech" does not end oppression; it keeps it alive. Peaceful BLM protests are fine, but not the violent ones. There is a difference. Some people do not see that difference, and either defend the violent riots, or oppose the peaceful protests. The same applies with the members. Egalitarian BLM members are fine, but not the ones like the Toronto BLM co-founder, who called white people "genetically inferior".

    • I am black and i agree with you. I was so annoyed when protesters were looting like animals. I get what you are saying but right now we need your help. Black people have said loads of disgusting things to white people over the years. But the truth is. This is what are ancestors where dealing with. And we are even dealing with it to this very day. We are rascially profiled just because our skin is dark. We are stereotyped. Some are being killed by police. It is painful seeing this on the news. I just hope this world gets better. After how many years slavery has been abolished we are still dealing with rascim. We can't just forget about it

  • George Floyd was a criminal. He didn't deserve to die, but he deserved life in prison. Racism isn't a social norm. Stop acting like it is.

    • Lol just because you don’t see it happening right in front of you doesn’t mean it’s not a thing... stupid

    • @Will Storts great, so the police were wrong. Why do you think African Americans are murdered by police so disproportionately to white Americans? If its not a social problem, what kind of problem are you suggesting it is?

    • @Anton Back Yes

    • Did he deserve a trial?

  • I don’t think people are afraid.

  • I would introduce talks similar to this more into media.

  • I'm from philippines & watching you people oppressed not only by your own government *but* also *whites* makes me say; "word???"

    • K. T. And tell me... how should they act? Like white people?

    • Maybe they shouldn’t act the way they do......and I say that as a BROWN man... No one cares about the color. It’s the way they act

  • White people are people and black people are people

  • Are you really trying to make your point about systemic racism by relating sad situation from a homeless person on the street? For real? That person eat trash and at the looks has some mental issue... I thought u guys were better than this... should you stick to your regular shows

  • This is a brilliant video well done guys

  • racism has been a pretty big problem in our country and many other for a very long time. address it, talk over it, and come to a conclusion if you can. thanks corridor! all anyone has to do is love their neighbor. black, white, brown, or green don't judge people by their skin.stay cool everyone :)

  • I think all lives matter Black or white where all allowed to have a life

    • @Daniel Folsom your right

    • @milo walker The notion that you can't say Black Lives Matter is insane. The "Women's Rights Movement" wasn't against rights for men; they were advocating for women's rights because of the systematic and structural disadvantages women faced. Imagine how insane you would have sounded going up to women demanding suffrage and saying, "Actually, I support *all people's* rights. I'm not comfortable saying I support women's rights."

    • All lives matter nux

    • so not Hispanics 😢

  • That's really fucked up but it's not systematic

  • That racist asshole isn't systemic, or systematic. Also, the folk you mentioned were mostly not good examples. Wesley, you seem a good dude. Keep just being you. There's little more to it. Be good and decent, if you have an encounter with law enforcement, great them with respect, they will 99,999 times out of 100,000 do the same. Let's all just treat each other better.

  • Just getting to this video now. It's still is, has been, and always will be- relevant. Well done as always.

  • Meh. Video was boring. Just a lot of pandering and whining. I’m sorry about Wesley Snipes’ experience with that old guy though.


  • its still happening this has beaning happening for hundreds of year

  • After months, this is the video that got me to subscribe

  • The police didn't kill him because hes black

  • 4:32 There is this thing called the 1st amendment.

    • Just because the 1st amendment is a thing, doesn’t mean racism and racist views should be accepted into society. The rules of society and the rules of the law are very different.

  • all lives matter!

    • Pyroshūriken X No one cares about the color of your skin. They care about how you act. And yes, ALL lives matter. Don’t be a hypocrite. You want to fight racism with more racism. It’s called equality. And you obviously don’t want it. You want to be put up on a pedestal. “All lives can’t matter” what a disgusting thing to say. And this is why you will stay oppressed.

    • I think you’re forgetting what the phrase “all lives matter” was made for, it was made to dismiss us as black people, and to find a way to argue with the fact that black lives matter

    • @Pyroshūriken X every life matters just as much as any other. It does not matter the skin color. Remember that skin color is the human body adapting, nothing else.

    • All lives can’t matter until black lives matter

  • If the movement was against police brutality in general (cuz it does exist) then I'd be for it. But the fact that it focuses on the supposed mistreatment of black people by the police instead of the whole I have a problem. When you single in on a race you have to talk about the whole race. David Dorn for example. Plenty of good black Americans have been killed for generations but a white cop shoots a person who may or may not have deserved it and its automatically a racial issue. Bad policing I'd buy. But white people get killed by white cops too. #stopthedivision #alllivesmatter

    • As a white person, no. Of course there are white people who are killed by cops, but that doesnt justify the fact that many black people have died from racist cops. People care when a white man gets shot at by police. It's happened many times.


  • I think you are a wonderful human being and a wonderful man. But we also have to keep an open mind and not lose sight of the cause of what matters. I despise racism but I feel like some people are taking things to far. There is bad people in everything you do and every nationality as a human, blacks have bad people, whites, asian etc... but also cops, congressmen etc... Just try to remember not do discriminate bc there are also good people in the world too. All love everyone

    • This video is about the fact that African Americans are statistically and disproportionately treated unfairly by law enforcement. Not about wether or not individuaös can be good or bad.

  • I actually want to talk to @rorobeckley but I don't know his email. Is it a @gmail or at @hotmail, etc? Thanks Wes.

  • I actually want to talk to @rorobeckley but I don't know his email. Is it a @gmail or at @hotmail, etc? Thanks Wes.

  • RIP Jessica Doty Whitaker

  • As a White male human who was brought up by Mexicans and around people of all types I have seen the racism that affects our brothers and sisters of color. And it is this racism which I have seen from age 7 onwards that makes me speak up not for myself but for my family and friends and those who have lost their lives due to racism. Speaking up and or interfering in racism is the best way to stop it. Racists are bullies in the most simple terms and if you wouldn't like your child being bullied why would you want a child of color to be bullied. Stop bullying speak up. Speak up for George Floyd. Speak up for those who couldn't or weren't listened to let their voices be heard through you.

  • I do not support racism, but you cant say that a whole system is corrupt when somoeone is killed for the color of there skin. I do understand that some people are racist, and they dont like black people because they think thats the way is should be. I personally dont beleive that Goerge Floyd and the others were not killed for any sort of political reason, it was because those three officers did not like black people or the man george floyd. I believe the system is not racist, not even close to all the cops out on the streets are racist, and im sure its different in different states and what not but as of right now, not every cop, not every politicail, not every man standing on the side of the rode is racist but some are. There is only one reason, were humans. We were born into the beleifs of our parents and family(most atleast). You're taught to look at a certain person a ceratin way. I was raised in california and not once was a told that black people steal more, or kill more. I understand not everyone was raised the same way. But you cant blame the system for something that isnt there fault. Lets think of it as a video game, the creators make the vidoe game to work have fun maybe tell a story(the government is trying to work and be effeicent) but you cant blame the game because someone enters you lobby and calls you a racail slur, the game cant control what everyone says and does, its up to them to catch them, and thats what the government are doing, they cant change everyones beleifs, and its sad that people are killed because the color of their skin but you should go out cand get mad at the government for it. In my opinion by rioting and protesting you'll get justice for george floyd and the others but you wont get justice for all the others to come, I think they should be protesting for more police or authorities to go out and hunt down hate speech and racists(like the aryan brother hood) i thank anyone that read this far to this to my OPINION, dont take it personal if mine is different from yours im open to hear what other thinks and im willing to to be confinced. -Radzy

  • If everyone keeps their composure and doesn't stoop to their levels. Good will rise above.

  • I can't believe any people actually disliked this video. You guys are awesome!

  • Hell yea cookies and cream!

  • How is one racist guy yelling the n-word at you a proof of systematic racism?

    • @Anton Back honestly man lets stop it here then, we don't agree on the topics and thats totally fine. Let's agree to disagree. We had a civil discussion but LVcd has some banned words I can't figure out as well. Was good talking to you, take care man!

    • @Bark ugh, yeah, I've tried to post it so many times, editing it around and whatever.

    • @Anton Back Man I see part of your answer in my notification feed, but it also seems to have been deleted ...

    • ​@Anton Back I was asking you if you think he is a racist due to the reason that I wanted to test how far your ideology goes. Calling someone out that has based positions (regardless of what they might be) which are provable by facts, as propaganda is very discriminating in my opinion. I just wanted to understand why you belittle his opinion so much. Nothing else. Now If I understand you right, CNN, ABC, NSNBC, Fox basically every news outlet is spreading propaganda then, right? Also going to the democratic party being "better" than the republican party for African Americans, the party ruled for such a long time and Biden is in politics since his ~20s while being vice president of Obama. Harris as an Indian judge giving black Americans insanely harsh sentences for weed while joking about taking it herself. Now when the current system is the problem, who put that system into place? I told you before, double parent households are a major factor, how I understand it it would be categorized under "family" in sociological factors. I told you this from the getgo. It is still a choice if POC's parents stay together, but there is a benefit to not stay together, namely money. (If you want to see a civil discussion, see here: You should care if BLM is a terror organization, you are actively calling out facts and their conclusions as "propaganda" while not condemning the very organization that should fight for Black Lives but instead is out there burning black livelihoods down and causing more harm than any modern riot in the history in America. How is Crowder an open science denier? You might not like his attitude or that he has very dark humor, going as far as saying he denies science is something else, please give me some insight into that one.

    • @Bark I don't know if Crowder is a racist. It seems rather irrelevant. The democratic party, although not great for African Americans, is leagues better for them than the Republican party, that's just kind of a fact too. Maybe African American BLM supporters want to put resources toward policies that benefit them. But all that is irrelevant. Do you think the reason for the gigantic differences in statistics between African Americans and white Americans is due to sociological factors, or racial factors? Because I find the evidence behind academia's conclusions (that it's a social problem) to be very, very convincing. Crowder, not so much. I don't care if BLM is a terrorist organisation (its not by the way, its a political movement) because that's completely irrelevant. If you agree with academia, you would not however be posting Crowder videos, since he's an open science denier and does disagree with academia on several things. So yeah, I am a bit suspicious since you seem very careful not to answer directly where you stand on the sociology vs racial question.

  • I really couldn’t care less what color skin a person was born into, what religion they choose, or what lifestyle they pursue. It’s really not my business to ask either. Yes, I am a straight, white man but I didn’t choose to be any of those things. If a person of color wants to talk to me about their problems go ahead, I won’t really understand it because I will never experience it but racism is actually a two-way street. There is white supremacy that everyone knows about and I absolutely despise it. But black supremacy also exists. I didn’t choose to be white. I didn’t choose to be what I am. I am what I am and I can’t change that. I genuinely think that the second everyone sees another person as just that, a person, not a white person, not a black person, not a middle-eastern person, just a person, is the very same second racism becomes a thing of the past. Morgan Freeman said, “the real way to end racism is to not talk about it.” And I stand by those words 100%. Yes, of course black lives matter. But injuring and killing people is not the way to get that point across. Sorry for the essay. I just felt like I needed to say it.

    • Injuring and killing? Not one person protesting in the blm movements have killed each other, I know some of my niggas from down the street who have been killed through police brutality.

  • The lack of preachiness and simply putting ideas forward is extremely refreshing

  • i hate those 3k people who disliked

    • @K. T. Ah yes, the "anti-fascism is the real fascism" spin, real original. Fridge-temp-IQ argument. Stop posting cringe.

    • Which makes you the same as them. Instead of more hate, try to make them understand. You people will never learn. Hating is so much easier 🤨

  • “Do you know what I want to be identified as? As a human being” -Bruce Lee

  • Usa went from supporting australia fires to pandemic to lockdown to race war to police brutality I rly wish im joking

  • An awesome video that gets the point across perfectly. Although, there's a few angles that I feel like should be included: the difference between a protester and a rioter/looter (sounds simple enough, but some people have a problem with discernment between the two) and there's bad cops, but that doesn't mean cops are bad. The original purpose of this video is not lost on me, and it's vital, but this shouldn't be left at one video. Keep doing what you guys are doing-in more ways than one. I love your content, and I think a Roosevelt style "fireside chat" series would be a great addition to that.

  • said it for years, stop dividing people into races. WE'RE THE SAME RACE!

    • @Kavi Gasper Joseph never said that it was what Gunther said. Also a Kafka trap is a really bad argument...

    • Joseph Beerer that’s not what Gunther is saying. You are the problem

    • I agree, and I am against BLM.

  • Corridor you are amazing

  • y'all are boss for doing this. thank you. and Wes, you my hero. keep doing you. much love.

  • Thd pain of your ancestors is embedded in you? Like youre programmed to feel something that you werent involved in? I just cant believe that when youre wearing expensive clothes. I say expensive too because i still worry sleeping on the streets and trying to eat. Pretty sure youre in a better position then your ancestors and to even put yourself in their shoes when you have the privilege to make this video and talk about it when they would be killed back in the day for this. Like Morgan Freeman would say "you stop calling me a black man and ill stop calling you a white man"

  • I almost agreed with everything Wes has to say except for his support of “rioting”. Rioting should never be encouraged by anyone and, sadly, this will be the reason I’m unsubscribing. “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars... Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” -MLK

    • Dr. D he was just listing the different ways people are reacting to this situation, he wasn’t advocating for it, listen to what nick says after that.

  • I just like to say I almost didn't watch this video be honest I'm quite sick of the political discussions that are going on. I think racism is one of the worst things ever and I feel like many people are taking advantage of situations to push agendas. Not only did I watch it I actually sat down and had a three hour long conversation with a person of color, it was an extremely civil and profitable conversation even if we disagreed on the political and spiritual ideas on how to rectify the current situation. I know some people think that if they hear somebody else's point of view and don't correct it that means that they agree with them, that's not true... I could go on for a long time but what I want to say is thanks for all the videos, and thanks for what I think is good entertainment without political messages and agendas. And occasionally some really good thought-provoking videos

  • Communication

  • swear to god i thought this was a de-aged eddie griffin or something

  • Identifying half the problem will get us noware and divide us even further. You make it sound like the solution is simple, when in reality its extremly complex.

  • This was a perfect example of what could've been after Mr. Floyd's death, Everyone found it to be a horrific misuse of power and force. I'm all for protest and marching so long as you obey city rules (leave at curfew, don't throw objects at officers, don't project that you intend to riot). Had people been civil the whole country could've united. Daryl Davis is a black man who should be praised for converting a Klan's member to a kind-hearted human-being by speaking to him without hatred. Like Wes said he felt bad for that man for having hatred buried so deeply in his heart. If we treated everyone like a rational human being then we could make strides for a better future sorry if i jumped on a soap box P.S. gotta love the bipartisanship in this video

    • Gewish Worm In the video (at 1:50), Wes states that that if you want to support for BLM, you can do so via “donations, marching, staying silent, being vocal, and rioting”. Rioting should never be encouraged.

    • @Dr. D what do you mean?

    • Sadly, Wes encourages rioting

  • Blm- blue lives matter

    • @SoLongSidekick sorry I don't like a racist institution my dude

    • @Anton Back Aww look, the opposite type of idiot. So cute.

    • ACAB

    • Crazy, I had no idea there were blue people living amongst us. What?!? There isn't and you're just too stupid to understand the difference between a race and a choice of work?!?

  • #blm Blue lives matter

  • it's sad that even in 2020 some people still treats black people like a lesser race! we are all human, we breath the same air, cry the same tears. it's not because some ones skin colors is different that they need to be treated different..

  • Only shows one side of the story. What about the innocent shopowners beaten up and hundreds of businesses burnt down in the riots?

  • We should talk about the police that last their lives also

  • BLM is an openly Marxist group. You can support the black community without supporting BLM.

  • Very well said. You seem to be one of very few companies trying to genuinely address this issue and help build something better. Thank you.

  • "Police misconduct is in the spotlight..." Not finishing the video. Sorry not sorry, friends.

    • Congrats on being a willing moron. So surprising that you can't name a single person known for their intelligence who ever said "I stop listening the second someone says something that triggers my bitch ass".

  • BLM is a communist terrorist group. Has nothing to do with "racism." White liberals (commies) USE / Enslave black people in it, using them to further communism. Its all about power and control. NOT about equality. Try saying that all lives matter.... see what happens. ALL is equal.

  • I’m only seeing this now, wasn’t even featured on my subscriptions page

  • This is a really important conversation and it's important people keep talking because as long as they are talking they aren't fighting, One point of difference I have though, the old man yelling racial slurs is not Systemic or Systematic racism, it's just racism by an individual

  • "If your views cannot withstand being challenged, then perhaps those view are not worth having at the first place." Wes

  • Police needs to wear bodycams