Wren Flies a REAL IRON MAN Jetpack!

Publicēšanas datums 23 jan 2020
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Wren is invited by British Aeronautical Innovation Company Gravity Industries to check out their fully-functional Jet Suit. The question is... can he fly it?
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  • If i did this, i would cry because this is my biggest dream ever (to fly)

  • Damn! That was awesome ... you are a natural! You are gonna totally fly this shit ...

  • I do believe it’s real but it still won’t surprise if this is fake because they are video editors

  • Plot twist : wren is not flying it s all vfx and cgi

  • 3:23 This footage is so cool

  • Is it just me or did the British guy feel like Newt from maze runner

  • jake is really good at sponsored segments

  • So stoked for his run at it. A those rich people looking like tools then the true pro gets the last ride

  • Wren is a pretty smart guy

  • i love Wren hes soo funny and cool never change bro

  • Jake can pass as an Iron Man

  • I feel like not enough people know that a "wren" is a whole family of birds, my favourite of the family being the superb fairy wren. The fact that Wren is named after a family of birds makes his love for flight even more poetic and I love it.

  • wtf mike sheffer's in here

  • This was in my recommended, and I subbed with bell not only because it was a great video, but also because it had a timer that made it really easy to skip the ad. Thank you. That's usually my exit.

  • So these guys know exactly how much thrust you need to get a person to hover. They know exactly how much fuel the jets use and how loud they are. Their numbers should make it possible to tell how dead the people on the ground would be in that one shot where Iron man falls of a building and vectors away, no?

  • Nah man. That's just people going to gamemode creative.

  • Idk why that if wren smiles i also smile too like its making me happy that hes having fun...

  • Make Spider-Man (2002) R-Rated. Because Flash doesn't need his spinal column in the hallway scene.

  • Gravity be like: *screw gravity*

  • Plot Twist: It's all visual effects

  • 9:11

  • Thought the company name sounded familiar! These jet packs have just been trialed in the UK for use by paramedics in mountainous or difficult terrain! Cut down a 25 or so minute walk/ trek to around a minute of flight over the same course!

  • Jake: calls death the ultimate oopsie

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mr beast has been trying to fly but this person flew before him

  • How many minutes can stand up in air?

  • It's just impossible to hate Wren, such a likeable guy.

  • As a kid I wanted to be a fighter pilot. As an adult I am into racing drones. "That's life"

  • Wren REALLY needs his own Corridor Sub Series. I would call it Creativity Wren-dered 😆

  • He's baby

  • "I'm on a little sqwishy cloud UwU"

  • Wow, what a cool find. My son is 4 (named Wren too!!) and he is kind of obsessed with Mission Human Flight (the Dubai people). Seeing your experience was super fun. Dream big! We haven't met another Wren either, so that is pretty neat too.

  • Dude ve like Megaman X2020 LMAO 😂😂😂

  • Between this and Jetman, it won't be long until we're all flying our jetpacks to work lol.

  • At first I'm like they pulled him on the cable and then i decided not to be a jerk

  • My dude was soo happy so do i

  • I don't believe this is true, It looks fake. Some how this jetpack is too good to be true for me. I watched all of their videos, and I have a theory. Every time the inventor flying with it, it looks fake as fuck, looks like a wire was pulling him. It seems to me that he invited all these media and potential investors to this specific show stage with a "wire for protection" attach to them, and tell them the bullshit like "it's very hard to fly it for the first." Of course its hard to fly coz it's impossible to control it with those two thing in ur hand, I think this thing is impossible to fly. they actually just get pull by that wire and have two engine in their hand Which impossible to navigate with, I think they haven't figure out a way to make it work yet, what they doing now is just put on a good show to raise the money. well, I could be wrong, but for now I think I'm right.

  • Oh my gosh I can feel his excitement through the screen!! That was amazing!! Congratulations!!!

  • in 10:45

  • wait a saw a rope on his back............................FAKE DISSUBSCRIBE NOW I SAW HIM YEAH LOOK CAREFULY

  • Third time rewatching this, will come back again though

  • For for for

  • every single kid looking at this is mourning so hard right now. like they cant even go out and here wren is flying a freaking jet pack 🤣😂

  • I'm guessing this isn't what was flying above LAX?

  • I can see the Corridor Logo and the Gravity Logo next to each other.

  • Why not a plane?

  • I’m secretly doing a mandolorian jet pack

  • U WONT BELIEVE but i was literally cheering him VERBALLY "u can do it" 😂😂😂 and then i realised that was STUPID😂😂

  • Absolutely heart pumping. I can almost see it becoming an exotic sports in near future. And later on may be an Olympic level event when the technology matures enough.

  • That wren just took off.

  • Can you buy one of those jetpacks and suites

  • Cool

  • Spiders

  • #justincase XD

  • When you're so exited in something you used the wrong words... Ex: *my body is "tethered" to the earth.*

  • bro we need robert downey jr to use this with the iron man suit and do one of his best lines like i am iron man

  • 9:30 where he actually flies. Corridor just stop making these types of videos longer that it needs. Its boring to watch and Im always skipping to actual things. Just stop already to get 10 mins.

  • Bro I'm kinda jealous dog lol

  • I think I watched the part where wren hovered and these guys flew around with the exact same look on my face that Wren got in the thumbnail :D


  • Me and the boys when we build cool houses in creative mode

  • at first i didnt even know jetpacks exsisted

  • 12:31 "Who knows, maybe we'll have do something together again *_THIS YEAR_* " Me: ..

  • Let's offer a 1 minute of silence for those who think there's nor Round 2 for Wren to fly

  • Plot twist: The harness cable is the one which makes the people can't fly

  • Niko is like a dad, serious, smart. Clint is droll, funny as hell. Wren is very frank, like a child Love you guys!

  • wow, i just realised that youtuber has more power than a company's CEO. follow your dreams, i guess?

  • Dude his smile is contagious.

  • If you have red bull you would be able to do that for ever

  • me and wren wear the same shoes, size eleven.

  • This guy works at epic game wren

  • Cant help but cheer for a guy like Wren, take flight my dude

  • Did hè wear an epic games shirt

  • Wrens smile is contagious

  • bruh wren could be spiderman dawg

  • I want to *huvver*

  • Wrens a bird

  • Once the design is perfected these might be good as a part of military or military training

  • “Poor Wren. Go tell the guys pulling the wire-rig to hold him up a little longer.”

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hei, like hvis du er Norsk -------->

  • Wait how did corona virus run away from gravity place it’s the virus-

  • can i get one of those?

  • I love Wren's genuine appreciation for everything.

  • On the website there should be fortnite and then the description should be sweaty gamers and tryhards! 😅


  • One question can u fly and spin soooo fast

  • wrens face as he hovered made my day

  • I want one so bad

  • Combine this suit with The Hacksmiths exoskeleton

  • Wren: Currently flying Jake: makes a sponsored segment about wren's death..

  • RIP Dean 🙏

  • Imagining linking the drone to a rig with a seat that can follow/copy the twist and turns of the drone so you can wear the goggles to get POV of the drone and the rig follows its movements. THAT'D BE SICK AF


  • kinda clickbait ngl

  • 2:19 Sam looks like if virtual riot and panda eyes had a child

  • The smart move is changing positions on arms and back, 2x3 = 6 micro turbines, but not on legs, that is critical. Leg position is not stable

  • Wren voice made me think he was short but he looks tall hahahah

  • he used to ride onewheels everywhere, now my boy is taking to the skies

  • Plot twist. This is cgi