How to make KISSEL like babushka (кисель) - Russian Kissel cooking with Boris

Publicēšanas datums 23 feb 2021
Goes well with syrnik:
Similar to kompot:
More cooking videos:
fresh, frozen or dried fruits and berries. Boris uses frozen strawberries and blackcurrants.
potato starch
for topping: milk, ice cream or whipped cream. or mayonnaise if Boris.
For every cup (250ml) of berries add 2 cups (500ml) water.
Sugar amount depends on sweetness of berries, so try yourself. Usually 8-16 tablespoons needed.
For every 4 cups (1 liter) of water use 3 tablespoons (without heap) of starch.
Boris makes the legendary babushka recipe - Russian kissel. Very easy to make even on budget. This dessert is very easy to make even for beginner.
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  • Boris knows no one has mastered potato 🥔 quite like Latvians have 😂

  • О, нет, больше не будет "чики-брики и в дамки" в конце видео... Помянем F

  • Get a cookbook now

  • whip cream = dessert mayonez

  • "Is kissel soup?" reminds me of "is a hot dog a sandwich?"

  • Сука, ну и кринж.

  • boris pls do medovukha video next

  • Good for you!

  • The more I look at some of the cooking videos, there more I see resamblins how much Slav and Russian guisine traditions run deep in North Carelia. Even kissel is no mystery here, though white substance here is bit stronger, needs only over the top table spoons to thiccen it up to the point that once it cools up, congrats you have now almost gelatine alike substance. Say, have you done vatruska yet?

  • how convenient, I just bought instant kissel earlier today

  • oh no the dancing bear is gone from the title D:

  • noice

  • Sarmale and mămăligă for christmas Romanian tradition

  • I am amazed, that you dont have diabetes yet.

  • so its like a kompot slushi? awesome!!!

  • Is Gopnik from garden good subtitute for fruit?

  • russian kissel is good but polish slav kissel is way better


  • 6:10 Boris: This is my Kissl Ahem that is OUR Kissl

  • 2:54 Great American accent xD

  • My babushka makes it thicker and with gelatin. She may be a spy.

  • Vodka kissel is known in Poland as Turbo Kissel (it's actually made with wine instead of water).

  • We call it "Rote Grütze" in germany, "Krasny Krupa"

  • Моя бабушка думает что ты итальянский шпион

  • My babushka’s pot is a little dented after all those times she chased me around the house. Ah, the good old days...

  • Boris can u check the battery firts before u using drill mixer XD

  • 4:53 tactical reload

  • CYKA

  • now this i want to try making and give myself diabetes.

  • I love watching this guy why haven’t I seen him earlier

  • gdje je balkan bosanska burek

  • video at

  • Why not РУССКИХ субтитров ?

  • One of my dogs is named Cheeky and we've been calling her Cheeky Breeky since I first heard you say it.

  • That pot looks like where my lil brother will piss blyat

  • Love the intro

  • ey ;ey boris when will shop be online again.

  • Hey Boris if you could ask babushka where she bought that pot so I could get one that would be very nice of you

  • Add some milk instead of cream. Good dessert.

  • ia liubliu kisel i was drinking it when i was a kid (i am Georgian)

  • Love this new intro but I'm gonna miss the old one.

  • In Poland we call it *kisiel* (But it's pronunciation is similar to that in the video)

  • KISIEL!? i i love eating the strawberry ones, but i eat the store-type stuff

  • He dropped his accent at 2:55 with "all the sugar"!

  • If kissel is soup, make garnish with kinza, da?

  • Boris, gotta say, you made babushka proud! Хорошая работа!

  • The new intro is amazing ngl

  • He should try a raddish recipe

  • Uh Boris, "Vodka Kissel" is actually a thing, might not be vodka but in the western countries we call them Jello shots.

    • May this be of educational purposes to anyone who may have not known.

  • Every Boris Intro has changed.

  • That looks so nice

  • I drink my кисель RAW

  • pls make a discord server so i can talk to other people within the community

  • Finally found the channel again, lost it smh in 2019 but yessss I remember the video with the gun in the bathtub that's in the intro omggg hahahahahaha ur Vids are still so nice😂

  • Damn new intro blyat

  • Damn burnt my house down. Gotta start again.

  • i actually made this, and BLIN it is GOOD!

  • OOPPAAA!!!!

  • Tell me Greetings from Włocławek Try half Polish Pozdrowienia z Włocławka

  • So much sugar that Boris sounded American 2:55

  • Kisiel

  • Me: *gets taxes back* Oh, go buy Weslav Store: *still down* Me: Nu pizdec...

  • Борис, ты нужен играешь на игра "Русская рыбалка 4"

  • It's "kiisseli" in Finland.

  • Kisiel :D

  • You telling me finns call it kiisseli because of the ruskies?

  • In Finland, 'kiisseli'

  • Hi blyat love from 🇧🇩

  • Why i think his english is so cute?

    • You're not wrong per se, his accent has charm.

  • your kissel is so runny!. i love to make it at least twice as thick ^^

  • "If you burn the house down, start over."

    • already made cake for all of us blin Uamme: blyat let’s eat

  • if it isnt too sweet, I will make it at the speed of light. yes I dont like things that are too sweet, dont judge me.

  • will u play bear smiulator

  • My babushka actually used to make it every few days.

  • Hey bori play roblox base defense That game add u to game

  • Diabetes juice

  • Have artyom take a bath?

  • Для русского надо быть богатым. Богатая киска

  • I thinked you make kiesel guitars

  • Why is there no ads? I keep refreshing to watch the ad but its not popping

  • Any chance of you playing the STALKER mod for Day Z

  • In FInland we called kiisseli.

  • New intro, much epicness

  • Boris is the ideal figure of a russian comunist cool hai wearing man GOD BLESS RUSSIA

  • fourth intro in my life...Thsnk you,dear Boris.

  • I can't tell if he's being serious or sarcastic. Well done

  • Hey Boris so you know "rogaliki"? My babcia always baked them :) Very good when you use self-made jam.

  • When babushka gives you dinner: Vodka and chicken Koklet When babushka give you desert: Kvass and Kissel When akatoni brings nothing: Akatoni: oh сука Boris: chill I already made cake for all of us blin Uamme: blyat let’s eat

  • Welcome in MasterChef Boris. :D

  • Yes another Recipe video

  • Ммммм. Кисель.

  • I just love this guy 😂

  • LVcd: 1 minute ago Video: 4 days ago Me: what the blyat?

  • Black currant is used in recipe People in America trying to follow the recipe: 😬

  • That kompot looks so god damn goood😅

  • Are u SPAZ?!?

  • Hey man I tried this recipe and it was very good

  • The strawberries the Boris the pot ! Put it in the oven until the kitchen blow up and Boris squaring on vodka

  • Boris, what are the differences between kissel, kompot, and mors?

  • Welp, I've made kompot, pelmen, chicken kiev, kotlet, and his goulash, time to make kissel.