VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 22

Publicēšanas datums 14 mar 2020
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The guys breakdown Hollywood Visual Effects with guest Allan Mckay!
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  • Dhoome 3 special effects review please

  • Dhoome 3 special effects review please

  • Dhoome 3 special effects review please

  • Interesting how you managed to talk about scenes with Jason Momoa and Kratos without making the connection that Momoa would be the best Kratos.

  • I’d recommend taking a look at the fire extinguisher scene in the movie Irreversible. I don’t recommend watching the rest though.

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • You guys should totally do an old school review of claymation from the beginning.

  • 10:05 Allan said, that Maya and Houdini couldn't do destruction simulations at the time when this film was made. Well, how the hell Barad Dur destruction was accomplished in Return of The King, back in 2003? :D Didn't LOTR VFX team used Maya as their main tool?

  • Independence day resurgence and avengers endgame cgi

  • what do you think of the scene with the subway in knowing lvcd.info/watch/qduok6p1epWKgWg/video.html

  • Nologic films LVcd channel

  • Praise Yahweh Our Alahim Of Spiritual Israel!!! Deep Fake Trump Conceded Speech. lvcd.info/watch/usOFYJqoba6GooE/video.html

  • i subscribed bc hearing that you gained more unsuscribed people actualy sounds sad sorry for not subscribing even tho iv watched here and there ;)

  • Can you guys react to Astro boy

  • no one. that on kid "its the guy from fortnite!"

  • "cosmos possibles worlds" its a documentary which have crazy cgi

  • The flash black hole scene


  • Redo Goldeneye-Surf-scene :D

  • Stuntmen reacts to Action Point!

  • I really want a final destination movie starring Macaulay caulkin as Kevin McCallister

  • "How do we have more people unsubscribed now than before we started asking?" A) You've grown in popularity since then and have more casual viewers. B) Asking people to subscribe is annoying and does nothing. People who want to subscribe will do so regardless. C) All of the above. Ɔ :ɹǝʍsu∀

  • I haven’t seen it in a while but the end bread arrow in the starving games

  • Bro anyone else think that Niko has a twin bro called Allan !?!?!

  • Did you see WW84? You gotta add that to one of your vids bruhz

  • Its not a bad or good but i love music on invader zim episode ultra pee pee when the giant hamster is walking down the street.

  • Please please please I'm begging you react to the last 10 minutes of the Mandalorian holy crap I'm begging you

  • 9:05 - Mandalorian solved this issue 👌

  • Final destination 2 and 3 caused an entire generation of people to fear driving behind log trucks

  • You guys need to react to Day of Reckoning(2016). The movie in kind of the same situation as Birdemic but its close to their level of cringe. Also I'd like to see how you guys fix it.

  • I'm subscribed! Leave me alone 😭

  • The mandalorian

  • Cgi car in THE JUDGE movie

  • Final destination 2 barbed wire chopping scene! 😃

  • I have to recommend the film adaptation of "Cell', an _excellent_ Steven King novel. The film they made is a travesty of the original. I'm super interested in hearing your opinions about it since it's one of my favorite books ever- turned into trashbag movie comparatively.

  • Have you did 2011 the thing?

  • Using the blue light is smart

  • You guys are good, love your fx.

  • Lighting is the clue

  • The guy in the middle isn't there lol

  • All of this complaining about people not being subscribed in every video makes me want to unsubscribe. It gets really old.

  • Review RRR trailer from India movies.

  • Guys react to shivalinga climax fight......

  • Asking for subscribers at every video, and in the middle of it at that does not work. You may be good at CG but suck at psychology. I watch your videos all the time and haven't subscribed simply because you asked. If your content is good, people will subscribe either way. Just saying...

  • Equilibrium. Pretty please

  • That clip of Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle still gives me anxiety 😂

  • 0:16 [pause] looks like you need sleep brother, big grind 💰💪🏽

  • You've probably mentioned it somewhere but I'd like to hear your thoughts on The 1998 Lost In Space movie, when it came out I thought it was awesome, I rewatched it the other day and you could tell how far we've come since 1998. Give me your thoughts please.

  • 2.26 clients hahh...happens to me all the time....😂😂😂😂

  • 3:56 idk why i could smell that

  • Can you react to ghost rider?

  • Make an r rated venom?

  • React on makkhi movie from Bollywood

  • Fyhj

  • You guys would surprised to see how high a big ass log like that can bounce.

  • Bad effect: Please look at Ace Ventura 2 when he smashes the monster truck through the brick pillars.

  • I would really like you to watch the masterpiece that is veggie tales

  • I wish they would've talked about the famous effect in Blade Trinity where Wesley was refusing to open his eyes for a shot. That is still one of my favorite weird things to this day.

  • Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky. Or: The Legend of Ricky Oh You guys need to cover this. No VFX that I remember so you can have a lot of fun with this.

  • I subscribed because at the end Niko asked to do it so nicely and elegantly.🤗

  • Corridor, react to this: lvcd.info/watch/w9CmemaTa7l8g58/video.html

  • They should do a music video special. Best vfx from classic music videos.

  • I saw Blade in the thumbnail but it wasn't the scene I've been waiting for. Do the Blade II hideout fight already PLEASE!

  • Harry potter series please

  • Ra.one movie ...raone build scene

  • I wish i could subscribe more than once

  • Hi guys, I don't think it's an actual cgi scene, but i'd like to see your reaction to it. In the movie iRobot there a scene from the fight at the end of the movie where Will Smith's assault rifle is dropping down on some cables.. I can't explain, it's so ridiculous, you have to see it!

  • Do a review of Space 1999.

  • 7:03 That guy behind on the desk has great his hair 😂

  • Ash vs evel dead seson 1 pls

  • And Blade! "What about that guy"😂😂😂

  • That Mark Ruffalo clip!!! "spoiler alert...Everybody dies." That killed me!😂

  • Mecha-Hitler from nazi's at the center of the earth.

  • I'll subscribe when clint watches the marvel movies

  • 👍 Thumbs up (NOV2020). 🛎 Subscribed (long ago). Thank you guys for offering wonderful genuine down-to-earth content and dialogues! Really enjoying it, and opening my perspective more and more!!! Thank you ✌️

  • I'd love to see a reactions video on Harry Potter franchise!

  • "Blade was arguably the first good comic book movie." *The Crow has entered the chat*

  • 1998: Blade 2020: Young boy says he would've done it better

  • Can you guys please react to real steal

  • That scene from Knowing always gives me chills. Whatever they did combining all the elements works so well. Too bad it's in a stupid movie.

  • I’m just 11 but i understand everything they say

  • Could you do two things: one amp up Deadpool's opening seen from 8 to a 10, the 2nd wound be to change 6 underground Ryan's characters opening chase with Deadpool.

  • 2:02 elbows? Dont you mean shoulders?

  • Please do Event Horizon, the whole movie, one episode.

  • Pls react to smaug from Hobbit

  • I'd love to see you react to some King Vader videos

  • Please have a look at Max Steel 2016, the main reason I watched it is cuz it has some great CGI Shots!

  • Amazon prime the boys head exploding scene

  • Unfortunately my best friend in high school was decapitated by a log that slipped off a logging truck while he was on his way to school my junior year. Happened at the intersection right in front of the school. So I personally had a hard time being entertained through that part of FD2.

  • i searched for rocket mortgage as a MOVIE immediately and found nothing

  • Is it me or is the like button really thin

  • Can you guys react to uncharted 4??

  • The Mandolorian

  • Great. Subscribed

  • Watch top gun

  • I love the knowing

  • The hunger games serie have a lot of cgi. Like when the mutant’s came.

  • I thought it was sam in the thumbnail tbh

  • 5:58 a Tesla would actually brake faster than a average human

  • Saving private Ryan would be awesome. From my untrained eye, I don’t think there is CGI, but the visual effects in it look so good and I love that the explosions aren’t giant fireballs, which reflect realism. But, either way, please do it!!! It would be awesome!!!