VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 22

Publicēšanas datums 14 mar 2020
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The guys breakdown Hollywood Visual Effects with guest Allan Mckay!
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  • Plz react to Game of thrones head bursting scene

  • 7:26 Not only does the explosion look dodgy as hell The Fuselage, The hollow fucking cabin area The part that has no fuel in it, exploded Not the engines Or the fuel lines

  • There are tons of bad fx in house

  • Would love you to react to Star Trek! (whether it be the movies or Netflix TV show)

  • They haven’t taken a look at a single godzilla movie not including 1998 that is a zilla movie

  • PLEASE REVIEW ASTARTES SERIES FROM W40K - It's done by one man!

  • the first supergirl trailer for the series on sky

  • I know you like bad effects, i know you like good effects, i dont know doe if you have done the "The Umbrella academy" , but id love to see that. Also also, i know many have asked, but pls oh pls Love,Death,Robots! Ty if you do them. I subscribed!

  • I like to see reaction video on inception movie

  • Surprised the garbage truck didn’t lower the forks down first!

  • Stranger things season 1 I would love you to React to that

  • Machete the movie😂🤣

  • 6:03 America lol

  • You guys should react to the terminater and shark boy and lava girl

  • Who wouldn't subscribe to this channel?

  • Guys you can review shaktiman. It is a really old indian super hero series

  • Can you react to the hulk move from the MCU

  • I love how Wren knows how it works and how they did it

  • I made a real life person that looked just like Kratos it was a long time ago 2004

  • Do the CGI truck death in Devil's Rejects?

  • Have you all done The Abyss

  • Damn this was awkward

  • Watch battleship

  • 06:45 I realised that even I didn't subscribe to the channel. Should have done that a long time ago. Great work guys. Stay safe.❤🔥

  • The commentary on the Final Destination part is some of the reasons why I just hated the series. Add on that "That's not how death is/works and even if it did, the powers that be would've fucking fired and shot Death on the spot and replaced it with a better and less asshole-like Death", and "Human error aside, thats some dumb shit that its not projecting funny or horror" and you just lose whatever appeal the series ever had.

  • How is it that when they started this series they gained a good 2 to 3 million subscribers from it and now this oblivious new generation is like nah man subscribing is for lame boomer chumps and thus shit like unbalanced subcounts to viewer counts generate

    • Unless they are subscribing and LVcds just puts a 50 to 50 ratio and watches creators like HA HE FELL FOR IT

  • Scenes from Annihilation!

  • Can we please talk about how terrible the beasts look in fantastic beasts and where to find them?

  • For the Knowing clip, a wing would probably break a lot like what's shown in the clip. The wings aren't solid pieces so structurally it makes sense that they would break in parts, especially since the wings are strengthened to support weight in the upwards (with respect to how a plane should be flying) axis, not really for the horizontal axis. Great video overall, thanks!

  • review a show raised by wolves, it's got some great scenes

  • This percentage of subscribers thing is showing up everywhere every youtuber is mentioning it Ffs this is getting annoying cuz i dont think that they realize that ppl that are not subscribed watching theyr videos is a good thing cuz that means that the videos are reaching new ppl that don't know about the channel

  • Ping

  • Zoom with tim allen has some next level effects

  • I'm an AMT actually plans wings really do that. It's like a safety precaution when something snapped in the wing it's only that part is affected and the engines will not come off when something is torn. Wings have different parts it's like kinda legos for me

  • I graduated film school in 2004 but cause I live in minnesota never been able to do film, it's just very hard out here to break in hollywood without a real lucky in the right place right time.

  • Blade was a great comic movie... But 89 Batman and 78 Superman

  • Hes rocking the treyarch jacket do some call of duty stuff

  • I would like to see the reaction on john wick 3

  • please review this fight scene lvcd.info/watch/z5hwko1mj66KbYE/video.html

  • 5:15 That's just untrue tbh. Real physics can get scary quick yet people don't realize that. At highway speeds there is every possibility that those logs would be flipping end over end. Imagine one of those traveling at 50+ mph spiraling through the air. They could easily reach 40+ feet high and hit the ground hard enough to shake it. Momentum is scary yo.

    • Also yea planes look real dumb when they actually crash. They're so flimsy and floppy it almost doesn't look real. The wings pop off like detachable parts and the centrifuge usually breaks back first (the center and cockpit are reinforced for obvious reasons) but the tail and rudders just spiral off at the first sign of collision like pieces of paper.

  • Kratos is what got me here

  • Don't care if logs don't move like that, I still won't drive behind a log truck

  • Animorphs. The tv show

  • You was seeing this cgi? CGI 3D Animated Shorts : "LAST DAY OF WAR" - by Dima Fedotov | TheCGBros

  • React to "The Adventures of Shark boy and Lava girl" it's the worst.

  • When are you reacting to games.Plus I subscribed. Must include Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Brotherhood with the very first game trailer. but would you include the gameplay. You could find a lot of difference among them.

  • I'm suscribed but I still feel there is too many ads

  • Would love to see your reaction to the stunts, vfx and practical effects in the first Underworld movie.

  • Vfx artists react to rango

  • I subscribed gentlemen. You got me. Thanks for the content

  • Killer Klowns from outer space

  • please react to fast and furious 6 flip car scene and explosion scene..its my birthday today🎂😌

  • Aircraft don't explode because jet fuel doesn't burn very quickly unless it's a mist. The most unreal part of that jet crash was the explosion, second most unreal was that any pilot with actual training would try to land wings level, so the thing doesn't turn into a beyblade.

  • In fact If only Wren's verbal pitch and emphasis was just a tad more contrived and hammered..

  • Wren also enjoys yelling when all else are coversational

  • Wren likes him

  • Death sentence

  • Horrible graphics done on the movie "lockout". Starting of the movie where the main character is getting chased when he's on a futuristic bike.

  • I would love a video or series on videogame trailers or in game cutscenes

  • I'd like y'all to look at some cgi in smallville. For a tv show I thought it had some good effects for a tv show. Love what you guys do. Come on people sub to there channel.

  • You guys should do a bad cgi of Spawn... especially the scene where he meets the devil

  • I would think that the first Superman with Christopher Reeve was the first great comic book movie.

  • How do they shoot "undone" the Amazon prime series

  • Would be interesting to see you guys react to the effects in the game Control

  • Hey, guys, might be a great way to get copy struck, but The Boys has some crazy scenes that MUST use CGI, so I'm curious what your ranking of the effects is

  • Great content. Can understand why people don't subscribe

  • Its way over the top but it'd be great to see you all react to Kung Fu Hustle!

  • React to Aquaman please

  • jason momoa totally reminds me of keegan from key and peel in that vid

  • Please react to lovecraft country

  • Norwegian movie Troll Hunter... please review.

  • Have to review a Honey I Shrunk the Kids!

  • Kollywood Maatran -by k.v.anand 24 -hero Surya Action -hero Vishal Vishwaroopam -by Kamal Hassan Aadukalam - hero dhanush (rooster fight)

  • So there’s this cringe movie I found on the internet called avengers of justice lol react please

  • "You can't argue with the studio they're the money people." Exactly so many shows, movies, and games that have potential lose it

  • You guys should watch the war machine v iron man scene at the party from iron man 2 or the green lazer beam and the human torch from fantastic four 1994

  • Those effects in blade have been my favourite vampire death effects, no one has really ever come close that i've seen

  • Hey guys long time listener first time caller can you PLEASE do "Garfield hates Monday's"???

  • I'd love to see you guys react to Warframe's cinematic intro from TennoCon 2019.

  • Hey guys. I've been binging this series, I really like it, I learned a lot about moviemaking. Let me tell you why i'm one of the 45% unsubscribed people. There are too many calls to action in EVERY DAMN VIDEO. I skip these, and I assume everyone else will. The ending parts with this dude showing off his reels and such is not funny and shouldn't be added. Simple 2 things. Just do 1 call to action per vid, delete the unfunny guy and your sub rate will spike.

  • lvcd.info/watch/2pWyipyYa5uEoXU/video.html. Hi guys check this out and review it.

  • Saying it's almost impossible to move your head without your shoulders moving is ridiculous.

  • have a look at the movie 2012 from 2009

  • Do the Cloverfield monster and parasites. Or just the cloverfield movie in general.

  • please react to Mulan 2020 Live action movie

  • Tamil movies- 2.0 -end fight Darbar - end fight Kuruvi - train jump Hollywood- San Andreas - tsunami scene Avengers Endgame final battle

  • Pause at 5:50 to see, the quite clearly a dummy, being pulled along with the garbage truck

  • lvcd.info/watch/06Wwgq2qha6Ymac/video.html

  • hi please coment on ths lvcd.info/watch/06Wwgq2qha6Ymac/video.html

  • that wihte and red guy is kratos god of war

  • You guys gotta see the great effects in: Raised by Wolves

  • do Bollywood movie koi mil gya and krish 3

  • I'm not a physicist or an aeronautic engineer, but the wing spar is, afaik, the most structurally sound part of the airplaine. The "shoulder" between the wing and the fuselage basically bears the whole burden of flight, so it seems pretty plausible that chunks of the wing would break away before it snapped off.

    • Also you guys should check out Thunderbolt Fantasy

  • Sometimes it feels like wren has a pathological need to correct people even if it contradicts what he’s saying when they’re agreeing with him.

    • was there an example on this one? Don't think I've ever noticed that.

  • Turkish Rambo

  • The logs don't bounce higher than the truck... Its just the perspective

  • Please do back to the future

  • You guys are amazing!, It was awesome to see Allan here. Would love to see you react to futuristc effects like HUD`s and cyberpunk effects.

  • Hi guys, Can you please do roast on fast and furious 9...? I personally feel that the actions of this perticular movie do have so many wrong things 😅 that logic had to do a facepalm.. , just look at the trailer... Dom standing on a car which is running sideways tilted at around 85 degrees..wtf.. who's this skilled driver..send him straight to formula one.. please do this one...love you guys..

  • Studio notes are some of the worst things in the film industry. I loved the behind the scenes for the Watchmen film where they talk about how in order to get the lighting right for Doctor Manhattan they had him wear a blue LED suit, and for when he was giant they inflated a giant blue balloon. They may have had some small VFX errors in Blade: Trinity, but those were by far the smallest mistakes in that film.