VFX Artists React to LORD OF THE RINGS Bad and Great CGi 1

Publicēšanas datums 28 dec 2019
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Niko, Clint, and Wren sit down to react to some of the zestiest CGi moments from Peter Jackson's "The Lord of The Rings" Trilogy: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • The lord of the rings is my favorite trilogy besides the original star wars trilogy

  • I feel like people are obligated to whinge about CGI good or bad. The Hobbit’s CGI Was very mediocre looking but shouldn’t detract any enjoyment...

  • Do A ice age episode

  • So amazing to see how much work was put into this movie and how advanced it really is! Thank you so much for this guys!

  • 0:19 insane goosebumps... this music tho

  • I don't think those are real SFX artists.

  • "Three movies of people walking to a f***ing volcano." -Randall, Clerks 2 But... but it's the best walk I've ever been on.

  • Do kangaroo jack

  • You guys are really fucking cringy

  • These movies are such a masterpiece through and through.. my dad first introduced me to the triology when I was 6 and now 16 years later I still love them to death

  • Watch the live action of the anime with giants and like zip line things

    • Attack on titan

  • For the "Oh my god" vfx moment is in ghostbusters when the terror dog jumps through the door

  • Another interesting thing about the shots we see in Rivendell: our characters are meant to be there during the Fall, but because of filming schedules, deadlines, etc., those scenes couldn't actually be filmed during that time of year. So what they had to do is bring in massive bags, full of thousands of dead leaves that had been previously gathered during the real Fall, paint every single one of those leaves to give them a fresher look, and crew members were running around and consistently dropping hundreds of those leaves onto set, during each shot. And bing bam boom, you get yourself a simulated Fall effect. :)

  • 2020 - 4K UHD LotR and Hobbit are now available. Thanks guys. These are some of my favourite movies of all time.

  • Sharknado

  • Do the Zupruder film

  • 5:56 There's a... wobble? if you look through the right side of the chandelier, objects that are on the other side warp, especially Ian. The chandelier acts almost like a magnifying glass with the way his image warps.

  • You guys NEED! to have Andy Sercus on the show

  • The thing that really sells Gollum to the audience is that he’s not a human character. He’s alien enough that we don’t end up with the uncanny valley effect

  • Best movie of all time for a multitude of reasons ❤️masterpiece

  • Please react to Victor Magtanggol series!

  • You guys gotta see Gollum talk in thai. It actually works.

  • aaaaaaand then came The Hobbit...

  • Golum is "not photorealistic" .. are you kidding me? .. he's more photorealistic than 99.99% of the characters i've seen in the last decade, and he's not even from the last decade

  • please review this fight scene lvcd.info/watch/z5hwko1mj66KbYE/video.html


  • I'm thinkering with photoshop for some time now. Are you telling me that the big Hollywood mega-budget movies just paint out characters BY HAND as I do with my holiday pictures and then they introduce the CGI characters? And this for each and every frame, so basically the mega-budget simply goes in the excruciating amount of man hours needed to perform this kind of jobs? Is this what all expensive CGI is about? IS EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD A LIE?

  • LOTR is the pinnacle of visual FX, because they didn't just CG everything. They forced to combine miniatures, prosthetics, editing to achieve the best storytelling effect. Compare to the Hobbit, where they CG'd EVERYTHING and it doesn't look anywhere near as good.

  • Ookk 🤣🤣 malayalis 🏁

  • The amount of work they put in these films are so impressive, that's what makes them so authentic and the fact that they age very well.

  • Diddnt they actually make a dummy of demon bilbo for that shot? Think I remember hearing it in one of the extended edition specials

  • You guys need to watch spy kids 3 😂😂😂

  • They should watch this fan made space wolf juspion cg trailer lvcd.info/watch/nLascWqobrSAaHU/video.html

  • The amount of work that went into these movies never stops to amaze me! We will never see anything like this again i am afraid.


  • There is a Lord of the Rings short fan made film you should all check out called: The Hunt for Golem. There's even another story about Aragon's parents which isn't as good but def check out The Hunt for Golem I'd love to hear some thoughts on this fan made project. Wren would probably love this I enjoyed it and I'm a huge lotr fan myself and we all know there's not a lot of content out there besides the movies and games. It's worth a watch and includes a little cgi at the end that i'd be Interested in hearing your thoughts on the cgi and possibly other parts of it. Up to you all but DEF LET WREN KNOW TO Check it out! 🙌💍

  • When I first saw Gollum I thought it was yoda

  • im proud to be a Kiwi (New Zealander)

  • Why u laughing about the effects 3 bitches

  • Wren should have his own range of react emojis

  • God, that guy in the middle oozes with an obnoxious enthusiasm that's ruining the video for me.

  • You know I really find these videos somewhat entertaining but I cannot in good conscience subscribe to this channel the narcissistic overly loud look at me look at me overacting for the camera that these hosts put on is such a turn-off !

  • That kazoo crap is so annoying lol, good video

  • Any crocodile scene in the first lake placid movie

  • When someone uses the word "bad" and "LOTR" in the same sentence... Me: so you have chosen death.

  • I have one question: *how the hell did gollums small thin stringed loincloth stay on with him flopping and dragging on a jagged rocky stream?* 😰

  • That's pure magic what they made in these films. These effects will never get old.

  • Sounds like LOTR was made at the perfect time really.. tech too immature to be tempted to bluescreen EVERYTHING like in the hobbit.

  • wait ... lord of the rings was not real?

  • Lord of the Rings: The perfect balance between CGI and Practical effects.

  • I've watched the 25 hours the "behind the scenes" at least 6 times. I'm working in the VFX industry because of LOTR.

  • Where's the English captions?!

  • I’d love to see an episode on the original Lord of the rings film from 1978, they’ve got some neat, although hoaky, effects.

  • React to "hobbit:the desolation of smaug"

  • ahahaha these artists were walking under the table when Peter Jackson won the Oscars

  • 5:27 - Big Giant Wizard, Tiny Little Hobbit: Same size Heads ( ? ? )

  • Why is it so good? Because fans did it.

  • I was sceptical clicking on the video. But after seeing what they did in the movie: this is some next level stuff. Vfx artists working on the trilogy are true geniuses.

  • The thing with Gollum/Smeagol is, whether you CGI-animate him or whatever, he's an incredibly difficult character to portray faithfully. He's meant to be repulsive and tragic, larger than life and relatable at the same time. Get his portrayal wrong, and he could be too cutesy, annoying or just unbearable to watch (a bit like Gurgi in the Black Cauldron). When you look at or listen to previous film, TV or radio/audiobook versions of Gollum/Smeagol compared to the work Andy Serkis and the animators did for the LOTR films, it's like night and day. Their version of Gollum/Smeagol is as close to perfect as you can get.

  • Look at hop

  • Peter Jackson much feel so bad of what the studio forced him to do with the hobbit... So sad

  • The reactions though...so overdone typical American

  • Why the fuck he is screaming like a girl ?!??!

  • Frodo with his mini-me double is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

  • The Bilbo bad grandpa moment was a mixture of CGI and a puppet Weta made

  • react to philippines' hammerman 😂😂😂 lvcd.info/watch/yqajiphybJeiZ4E/video.html

  • Ahah that bilbo scene used to freak me out when I was young :D

  • Weta had years of advance in animation back then. This face of Gollum without facecap is so incredible

  • Anyone else notice how often Wren says actually and/or actual in one sentence? It's honestly getting on my nerves at times lmao

  • what the fuck!!!!

  • you are the same type of people who create modern bad CGI movies, you look just how i imagine asholes that create CGI bad effects!"

  • 12:06 bill hader

  • 9:42 why of course they did, it was for the Lord of the Rings trilogy arguably a set of movies that had the highest expectations placed upon them, and it really shows.

  • Fucking Andy Serkis is a legend. That guy deserves many awards for all the things he's done.

  • 12:30 That´s exactly how I react every time I watch that scene. EXACTLY.

  • Wtf?? I had no clue Niko was a VFX artist! I just know him from Node lol

  • 10:16 😂😂😂 and poor wren 12:27

  • #worthit #lotr

  • Don't you just hate Californias 🤣🤣🤣 fucking cringy

  • The 3 guys are fucking annoying but the rest of the explanations are ok.

  • Wouldn't it have been easier if the actor used to do the motion capture was small and skinny like Gollum? Especially during the fight scenes with Sam

  • Some shots with stand in Hobbit actors are very noticeable

  • VFX Artists learn how make dont try say this old movie and golem dont looks fotoreal just please stfu im VFX artist and hate this "pro" say this.6 min this people do know nathing srsly when they dont show how they made this they never know this is sad how they try explain XDD

  • Gotta admit for early 2000s movies these movies still hold up today!

  • Yoo can i work as a PA with you guys for the rest of my life? 😂😂🔥 best of the best!

  • "Thats huge!!" tiny hair moves

  • I think the LOTR movies, compared to the Hobbit movies, show the problem with over-reliance on CGI. The LOTR movies used both practical and digital effects, whichever would be most effective for each specific instance. And it worked wonderfully. The Hobbit films just used GCI for almost everything and it ended up looking like a cartoon.

  • 1:12 *Jar Jar Binks has entered the chat"

  • Massive miniatures

  • Who else fell in love with VFX from these videos? I literally got started watching Corridor Digital's After Effects tutorial and now I work on Hollywood movies (Star Wars, Shazam, Deadpool 2) I just made a whole video essay covering Nolan's whole career to find out exactly why his vfx are so convincing. Check it out!

  • Hey, What's up Andrew Kramer here! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Why are your reactions and general talking so over exaggerated? Plus, what with the guy just sitting in the background but having zero interaction with whats going on?

  • Movie people from the most innovative and believable movies ever are practically almost genius level liars.

  • There is no bad cgi in lotr

  • Is is just me or does Wren look like an alternate universe version of CallMeKevin?

  • If you want to learn to do FX cool visual quick : lvcd.info/one/J4_8eG2gc-xDdw2TpDDjEQ

  • It's crazy how they did all this with 90's potato computers and edit softwares

  • did he really call smeagol smigol? xD 2:54

  • Lord of the rings was such a great film series. You guys should watch the extended version.

  • ♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️