My Friend Lost His Finger so I Printed Him a New One

Publicēšanas datums 12 jūl 2020
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Wren attempts to make Jan a fully-articulate prosthetic finger, in exchange for the real story of how he lost it in the first place.
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  • He was just born with us

  • I want to know the truth lol

  • His finger has shrunk to a atomic level

  • He ate it

  • Poor guy

  • I think it was either he choped it off whilst chopping a tomato or he was born that way

  • He may have no pinky, but I think it's more embarrassing to have a insanely crooked finger(me obviously)

  • Jan is how I always pictured Abraham Lincoln

  • How nice

  • Guys I Don't know if that is real or not But it is soo sad

  • The new mr beast

  • Thats Amazing!

  • I think someone cut it of with a axe

  • Oh yeah, *Shut up.* I love Jan's personality.

  • א

  • The

  • I can't tell if this was all sarcastic or he actually lost his finger

  • I think i know what it is when he was born he dodnt have a finger

  • There was no creature that he saw there was no crazy guy that cut his finger there was lies......he was born that way

  • I skip to the end because to find awanser

  • Here is a crazy idea what if he was just born without a full pinky finger

  • Can you tell us the story right now or you're dead me because I unscribe. Everyone's of yours

  • Tell us the real story

  • This dude in CVS legit came in with his cut finger and asked for napkins what a mad lad and he was also bleeding alot

  • Why does he sound like Nicholas cage?

  • I literally lost it when Wren showed his pinky-less hand. XD

  • I think he was cooking and take the knife and cut of his finger

  • If Mr beast was an engineer

  • Just ask him nicely

  • My friend lost his life so i printed him a new one

  • wow you dont know he has a not normal birth he was born he no pinky

  • I think maybe one finger of gian will grow

  • The story: he was in a nerf war and there was a bulet with a knife on the lend and cut his finger off

  • I think that he was born with a missing finger

  • I Think that he lost it at Brarth

  • He dose know he can use his other hand to hold the cup right wait he lost both his pinky’s oh Also I think there mad at him for having a nose ring just saying

  • I tithb h was bron with ouwt a pibke

  • i think i know how it happened, he was hammering something but then he hammered something so hard, he missed at broke his pinky like CRUSHED IT

  • He probably didn’t lose his pinky, it was undeveloped

  • why

  • he bit his finger

  • I met someone that lost their finger in a lawn mower chain.

  • I think he was born with out a pinky

  • Jan was Born Without a pinky....

  • That’s so kind ;)

  • Plot twist: He never lost his finger, the stump is CGI

  • Plot Twist: It was a birth defect but Jan was also telling Wren about this time he farted and no one noticed

  • Mi beast is proud

  • He was probably born like that

  • This video was so halsome

  • The intro was to funny🤣

  • ,

  • I think its a thing he was born with.

  • You wish to hear the story? You are under arrest for treason against the grand army of the Republic

  • i’ve scrolled to 14,000 comments. Can you believe that?


  • Man if only it was the ring finger he would be an assassin

  • Me : this must be the john wick 3 movie

  • Eh boring

  • Is he Armenian or Persian? He conveys the energy of my own dad.

  • If he want us to know, he will tell us. If not then we don't have to say something about somebody's personal story that we don't know. When somebody hide the real story with other story's there is a reason.

    • It's a joke man calm down. But yeah your message still holds

  • Me too

  • This video is the begining of cyberpunk in real life

  • Here was poor is out pinky very girl

  • Can y’all release the files I have a fellow soldier in need of a pinky

  • I think a chicken layed an egg on it and it just disappeared 😯

  • Nobody: His t shirt logo made from

  • I feel like he just was born like it

  • 🔪🖐 its basicly five finger filet

  • Click bit

  • Cyper Punk 2077

  • If someone doesn't want to talk about how they lost a finger then it must have happened under some shady circumstances. Dude must be in witness protection or something. Probably something to do with the mob. Oooor it was something really embarrassing, like cheating on a girl and then she cut his finger off.

  • Jan was maybe born with a stump

  • Maby he was just born like that

  • I never thought that I wanted to lose my finger after watching this video.

  • Probably he got kicked out of yakuza

  • The guy who made the finger for his friend: laughs because hes so happy of being successful His friend: is happy about his 3d printed finger My feelings: happy tears Like, this is so cute, I love this video 😩❤

  • Birth defect

  • Wow these ray cons are cool thx for Telling these are a thing

  • What is the story

  • At the end of it he wasn't trying to laugh

  • Imagine him trying to count to ten as a little kid

  • This dude looks like Zakhaev

  • just tell us the real story in the coments

  • Fine aly a normal video

  • The intro is amazing

  • Jan sounds like Soren from minectaft storymode

  • I think it’s all of the stories combine

  • I think he was born with no finger...

  • Anyone else thinking of getting a knife pinkie

  • My friend lost his head so printed one

  • The last few seconds of the video changed the whole meaning of the whole story in the video 15:53

  • My friend lost his hair so I printed him the new ones

  • I think that he had an abusive dad and one time he went overboard when he outsmarted his dad with ten then chopped his pinky off to show his answer was right, but when he realized it was wrong he was so so so sad

    • Nah just a birth defect. You should pick up creative writing tho!😂

  • Is the story actualy true? About that old man and such..


  • He has cancer

  • Mr beast After seeing this video “Cutting my friend's finger and surprising him with a new one”

  • Knife game

  • I think from to much sex