My Friend Lost His Finger so I Printed Him a New One

Publicēšanas datums 12 jūl 2020
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Wren attempts to make Jan a fully-articulate prosthetic finger, in exchange for the real story of how he lost it in the first place.
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  • The pinky is an Apollyon class SCP. Anyone who hears the real story loses their pinky. That's why Jen makes up all the stories, to prevent the spread of the anomaly.

  • 14:03 If he was a horror villian I wouldn't be worried I'd he had to stab me with his pinky

  • My friend lost his Puppy, So I printed him a new one.

  • He said that he never Used the Muscles in his hand so I think he was Born this way I think it’s not true that it is so there could be no truth of what happen to him

  • He’s probably born like that

  • I think the story went to he cut off his own finger cuz he had an infection or something

  • Probably was in a Yakuza gang, he messed up, had to cut his finger to prove hes worthy. Thats the reason he never tell the real story.

  • Because he was had a fight with Deadpool. In between that fight Wolverine cut deadpool's leg and by the time Godfather makes an offer which your friend can't refuse. And your friend gives his pinky finger to him. Now you reply me what's that offer may be...

  • I think he was born with not a pinky

  • Haha 3d printer go brrr

  • the true story is he was born without a pinkie

  • Mrbeast 2050 : Blowing up all of Iran and surprising Muslims with a new one

  • Jan straight up sounds like Bane from batman dark knight rises, love his voice🔥🔥🔥

  • Plot Twist How is he gonna wash his hands and what happens if the 3d printed finger break.

  • Hey Captain Ahab are you sure a white whale didn’t suck it off? 😂

  • My friend lost his addictions, so I printed him a new one

  • He got his pinky cut off by someone using the power of 9

  • I know how he lost his finger he got bit by a venomous snake and he had to get his finger taken off

  • Sooo what I could understand was that Jan had his finger smashed w a hammer or some shit

  • I think he was just born without a pinky. some of the hints were dropped in the end "I've never used those muscles" "the first ever left handed pinky swear.

  • He was born like that

  • My 4th grade teacher lost her finger how is she lost it from sticking her finger in a printer when she was a little girl

  • Sponsored segment finishes: Ad plays

  • Real story is probably he like was like doing stuff and then he dropped his finger off an accident with the saw

  • 3 possible outcomes for jans fingy 1. Industrial accident (factory job where some automated system crushed hos pink boi 2. Butcher shop and the meat slicer was too thick and he held 🍖 wrong 3. Sawblade while woodworking

  • I’m missing my pinky to and I lost it recently

  • honestly i think the real story is that it got busted so bad that he had to amputate it

  • The real story is probably he was born with no finger 😑

  • P

  • Theory: he has regeneration and once a year he regrows his finger and then it gets chopped off again Making all his stories true

  • This is fake what

  • How did he loss it

  • Good one

  • He just got hungry

  • Cyberpunk 2077 be like

  • My friend lost his phone so I printed him a new one

  • A fish ate it

  • My friend lost his life and I printed him a new one

  • Not gonna lie, the ray con ad seemed pretty convincing. I’m thinking about buying them.

  • when he was sleeping someone peed acid on his finger and it melted oof...LOL

  • He has a birth defect

  • I love his story

  • I what to know the story

  • Plot twist: They rotoscoped out his finger, he had it the whole time

  • He probably didn’t get born without it

  • Do you like ice cream?I do! My favorite flavor is chocolate

  • i was waiting for that come on this vid is bad

  • You guys are so relatable that I can’t stop watching your videos. Cheers from Canada dudes!

  • blackmail

  • Good

  • He shot his finger off with a nerf gun

  • 15:45 traumatized O-O

  • i lost the exact same piece of this finger, the intro nightmare hurts

  • It was probably cancer

  • hey i think i know how he lost his pinky finger matbe he was playing the the sharp spinnig object and 1one day he cut his finger off with the blade cuz he was spinning it so fast ( its just a psychic openion )

  • At 4:41 he has all of his fingers

  • It been cut off by axe or knife. Probably preparing food at restorant or cutting wood accidents

  • he was playing the knife game

  • I’m actually pissed we didn’t find out 😑😑😑

  • The Raycon's are not as good as they claim. Sure they got extra-base but that's probably the only thing they have. There are no richness or balance in the sound and the base is completely overpowering and almost sound muffled since the mid and high range is so bad. They are also more expensive than the recommended wireless earbuds on Amazon that have better sound. Basically they are putting most of their budget into marketing while only deliver a mediocre product. :( Just search for Raycon on LVcd and select any real review of them and they will all say the same. Sure they are offering a very generous 45 days return policy though just as with Casper mattresses they are banking enough people being too lazy to do so or not having enough experience with good sound to know that the Raycon's aren't that great.

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  • This guy in 3020 my friend lost his house so I printed him a new one 🤣🤣

  • I think he was born without a finger

  • "how did you lose your finger?" "Oh, I never lost it, it's here somewhere."


  • 1:34 i have the exact same headphones. Love em!

  • My friend donated 5 kidneys to the hospital, so I printed him a new one

  • 8 years old and im not even growing up im still small bruh

  • Thought the beginning was an ad

  • My friend got the tip of her thumb cut off by a window when she was 4 :/ it looks like the runt of the finger family now

  • His little punky went to the market that was what my mommy said

  • he’s gay and he cut his finger off

  • he know the actuall story but hes a fu***g jerk and does not even say nothing unsubscribe>:(

  • how is no one commenting about how this man sounds identical to Nicholas Cage? because its a whole ass vibe.

  • I still dont know if this was real or not.

  • Search pinky and watch his song

  • bruh i bet he was born without a one

  • Thé pink is Longer. you can see it next with thé Ringfinger

  • I tried to improve the modern mouse trap by supergluing razor blades to the sides of the trap. Luckily the glue hadn’t adhered to the sides of the trap, or I would have lost my finger. It cut me, but stopped and the blade broke off at the bone.

  • I think he probably just wasn’t born with his pinky finger.

  • Wear a mask no a turbante

  • He probably lost it at birth like Jesus it’s a hard thing to say when you have a missing part of your body for you whole life and you just wanna make stories about it because the real one is depressing as fuck

  • he was born without a pinky

  • He was born with no vinger

  • 15:24 Acting!

  • A shark bit it of

  • It's intresting how you do sponsors.

  • I think he was born without it

  • My dad lost his head so I printed him a new one

  • Jan lost his finger in nam

  • he might have beeen born that way

  • I am also missing a bit of my pinky. I can relate to this situation. When I was a little boy, I played near a stool, that stool clipped of the tip. It was never recovered.

  • Women sees missing pinky and says reeeeeeees #karen

  • He was born without it?

  • Is this kind of like i ripped him a new one? XD

  • He was obviously fighting a seven legged,five headed,winged,poisonous lion and it got ripped of by the ferocious claws of the lion and he continued to kill it with only his bare hands. What a madlad

  • I lost my bird he was my heart but he flew away

  • He was born without a finger

  • You guys are dumb, he obviously sacrificed his pinky in order to please the old ones

  • 2050 videos be like: my friend lost his brain so i printed him a new one, FT my robot doll. Its not funny i know :(

  • THE POWER OF 10!!!