VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 30

Publicēšanas datums 27 jūn 2020
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Niko, Wren, and Sam are back to break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films!
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  • Upgrade. Especially the face cut scene

  • "The Abyss was the first movie to have morphing"? What about Willow?

  • Where is VFX Artists React to The Hobbit????

  • Love The Abyss

  • It was because of Abyss, that they were able to create the T1000

  • “Jakey jakey, about to make a big mistakey”

  • This channel is my new addiction. I love the crew and content

  • Every director that tries to do a live action anime movie needs to take notes from Scott Pilgrim.

  • Do "power project". A lot of CGI and a great movie. Id suggest looking at the fight scene while girl is in a bio tank, and the final fight

  • Avengers endgame lmao

  • Ter...min...a...tor...bro that hurt me

  • Love, death and robots. Not gomma say it again. Also it seems like Niko is the only one that does his research.

    • You mentioned looper. What about jumper, with Skywalker.

    • Every episode of love death and robots. Every episode is a masterpiece. If anyone sees this comment and hasn't seen love, death and robots, seriously go see it.

  • This is the movie call the abbies..... Hahaha.

  • Do evil dead and the thing

  • The Mask, Upgrade, District 9 and Take On Me Video.

  • This is the power trio right here

  • That Scott movie is always talked about but It felt strange to do so much over a crush lol. I haven't seen it so I could be 100% wrong about the plot

  • 🌐🌐

  • I've seen it 3 times,going for four today.

  • Omg I love Scott Pilgrim it's the best movie ever!

  • Please react to Grand Budapest Hotel

  • Jacked up suggestion. Event Horizon extended director cut scenes towards the end of the movie.

  • Mispronouncing stuff on purpose is something my brother and I do all the time, so when Wren does it, it always cracks me up.

  • Holy sh*t. The Guy in the Middle is wearing a Shirt of Bridge Four! Where can i get one of these?

  • Not sure if intentional or you tube algorithm, but having an ad immediately after plugging a clip is disorienting.

  • We'd love to see what you think of CGI realistic animation! Frozen 2 is a really good example for that. The dust and rocks and incredibly detailed, and the scale of this movie is HUGE!

  • Who is the pink haired girl in the thumbnail??

  • 7:34 ...I thought I was having a stroke...

  • The guy on the left looks annoyed at the guy in the middle.

  • Scott shite vs the world

  • Love the bridge 4 shirt

  • Nice shirt. Represent the stormlight archive. Go windrunners.

  • The power of dude on Netflix

  • Anyone else hear wren turn into a tie fighter from star wars

  • Demon slayyerrrrr

  • Hot Fuzz has Some pretty good fx And also Some bad ones, also its the Same director that Made Scott Pilgrim Vs the World

  • I get that you're analyzing the effects from Looper, but that movie annoys because the time travel logic doesn't make ant sense.

  • Willow, the scene where they morph between the different animals. I guess that's animorphs

  • 7:32 honestly it took me until aliens to find he is butchering the words

  • Edgar Wright is just a masterclass director, Hot Fuzz was incredible, and Scott Pilgrim is beautiful

  • Beast wars transformers! bad visual effects but the best transformers show I ever seen!!

  • You actually had a video between ads

  • Please react to Merlin (1998) starring Sam Neill

  • Am I the only one that thinks Scott pilgrim is a horrible movie I couldn't even get through half of it it was so bad

  • It's awesome that you guys referenced blood machines at 2:55 could you go into some other scenes from it at all in the future?

  • whos gonna tell him human torch and captain america are both chris evans

  • I NEED James Cameron in this show

  • Dont remember if there was much but check out 'dead snow' if you haven't.

  • 7:34 Had me in the first half, not gonna lie

  • Messed up clip: 100 Feet, Bedroom sense

  • The Abbies? ;)

  • Lol, Wren is Stimpy.

  • 4:05 is that hunter hunter??????? that is my favorite anime i wish they reviewed the rage scene

  • i love that they used kakashi vs obito for the scott pilgrim fight

  • i must say i have binged your videos your past two days an please keep up this series, also im subscribed

  • Wren talks in all caps

  • hey Wren, i peeped that stormlight shirt, dont think you can hide that from all of us! lol

  • Jacked up vfx shot: the opening scene of Cube where that dude gets straight Cubed and falls into pieces. Then the CG grate folds up.

  • Spy kids, more spy kids. Sharkboy and lavagirl

  • Scott Pilgrim is a brilliant movie and anyone who didn't like it is a moron and anyone who didnt go see it is dumb

  • Merch promo at 7:07 on the left corner

  • the looper scene is a bit dodgy. If you look closely you can see light below the cloth sim and a bit of weird sliding that breaks the effect for me. Still a great film and impressive scene but those little flaws always catch my eye.

  • Pls do What Dreams May Come. Insane effects.

  • What's the 2nd movie?!

  • Termainator and the abeees

  • React to that scene from the endless where the guy is stuck in a 5 seconds time lopp and he keeps on deing and reappearing

  • they just show all of my favourite animes


  • I know i've mentioned this before. Possibly even in this comment section. Besides how cool the making of story is there's some pretty jacked up moments in an Australian film called Undead directed by the Spierig Brothers. It's an alien zombie horror comedy. Right at the start there's a meteor that crashes right through this guy's stomach and they look through the hole. Similar to Shaun of the Dead. Must've been one of those ideas small budget filmmakers decided to use at the same time since Undead only came out the year before Shaun so there wouldn't have been enough time for either to copy the other. A bit later there's a pair of legs stumbling about with a bit of spine sticking out the top. Other things I can't recall. I feel like you'd enjoy it and probably have flashbacks when seeing how long it took them to make it and what they had to do to finish it.

  • 9:58 great cgi yawn there

  • Speed racer. The amount should be a good reason haha.

  • hey could you react to the 2011 film The Adventures Of Tin Tin? i think it would be right up your ally.

  • let us Noel! ha

  • To be fair, I did see Scott Pilgrim in theaters, despite having only known about the series for a few weeks. I only knew about the basic plot hook because a friend loved the graphic novels and I asked her about them when we saw a movie poster.

  • I remember watching the full screen open matte version of the abyss (4:3) and noticed in one of the shot the vfx of the water arm coming out of the pool wasn't merged to it because it was supposed to be hidden in its original aspect ratio

  • Scene from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark when they actually open the tomb think and the guys face melts

  • I don't know John Knoll, but I did get to meet Phil Tippet.

  • hello guys you have to watch him short movies.he makes most of these short films by his own work. I think you should check it out. and his movies are weapons, soldiers and action lvcd.infofeatured

  • hello guys.you have to watch him short movies.he makes most of these short films by his own work. I think you should check it out. and his movies are weapons, soldiers and action lvcd.infofeatured

  • 👍👍👍

  • Guyyyys react to « fall of men » on youtube !!!, it got alot of cgi

  • ANTICHRIST bloody handjoob scene

  • the thing 1984 john carpenter especially the head spider scene

  • 5:04 subscribe to this man, everyone

  • This episode was awesome. I really enjoy this series.

  • You should make fun of cube 2: Hypercube

  • It's alot of morfing in the Harry Potter movies.

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when the second test when dey need to go under the ocean to save there best friends, Harry Potter is morfing to a Fishman, with applies, skin between fingers, and his feet are getting flat like flippers. Verry soon when Viktor Krum are finished with his saving of his frend, coming upp from the water and morfing back from a shark as a head. 🦈 This is the best morfing in that movie.

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone when Harry and Ronny came to late to the school classroom when the cat 🐈 are sitting on the CATheter and hopping forword to the camera and materials to professor Minerva McGonagall.

  • It is spelled Terminator 2 : JUDGMENT Day. How do you guys keep effing this up?!?

  • Check out dragon heart with sean Connery it's classic

  • Human torch is captain America isn’t it

  • Guys guys guys, chill out. Best director of 20th century is Stanley Kubrick

  • Love sex and robots

  • What are your thoughts on Immersion VFX -light saber scenes

  • Men in black regrowing head

  • What is up with Wren mispronouncing words? "The Abees", "Ter-Minotaur 2"?!? Come on, thats done on purpose.

  • 4:40 I saw it 3 times in theaters :(

  • One n only ivan

  • Khuda Hafiz Fighting Scenes Reaction Cgi 🙏