VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 30

Publicēšanas datums 27 jūn 2020
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Niko, Wren, and Sam are back to break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films!
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  • Actually how did that happen for scott pilgrim? I saw it at least half a dozen times in theaters! One of the greatest movies of all time.

  • I love Scott Pilgrim. I mean I am in Lesbians with the Scott Pilgrim movie

  • King Kong skull Island movie

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • I'm a simple man, I see Ramona Flowers, I click

  • Please tell me you've posted the section starting at 7:26 before.... I've literally seen it before. Or is it a Mandela affect or deja vu???? That's jacked up.

  • Love your content. I use to watch Movie Magic on the Discovery Channel back in the 90s. Terminator 2 and Movie Magic was my inspiration to work in film. ❤❤🤙🤙

  • @visual screens


  • invite CodeMiko

  • How did they do the tornado in the background on the wizard of oz?

  • 1984!!!! American horror story there’s a lot of jacked up scenes you need to cover

  • Do Ford vs Ferrari!

  • IT - Chapter 1. Absolutely gem, what an eye-candy movie, super organic 'morph' effects, you barely notice it's there. have you guys covered this yet? If not, it would be great!

  • Do you think you can make one of you full CGi in a VFX react video and actually fool your audience

  • sam at the start is just like "oh these damn kids always goofin off"

  • evil dead 2013

  • Day of Reckoning (2016) react to it and please fix it.

  • The Animatrix please

  • Bridge Four!!

  • Can see the blue screen

  • You guys are but aren't in the same room lol

  • Kids shows with jacked effects? Goosebumps

  • Hunter x Hunter attack on titan one punch man those are good examples.

  • That scene in The Abyss took a year to render.

  • Have you ever reacted to birdman? Please do birdman. Any scene. Any hidden cut and hidden camera.

  • I studied scott pilgrim in audio school for my post audio class

  • 9:08 what's with Sam's face? Crack a smile dude

  • So this is a weird one, and maybe there's nothing special, but the music clip for Fatboy Slim Ya Mama - their hands move weird when the music plays. It's a cool look. So what that

  • 0:08 Australia's finest 👌

  • One of my favorite quotes from Scott Pilgrim: "You punched the highlights out of her hair. He punched the highlights out of her hair!" -- Young Neil

  • Lol i was at 5:19 then an ad came up and I watched almost the entire ad before realizing it was an ad.

  • You guys are lucky to have found each other . Awesomeness

  • Jacked up. Martin Scorsese the Irishman

  • I actually drove John from the airport to his home "back in the day". When I dropped him off at the house his kids were a little taken back and said, "daddy you look different." Ah, that was a fun job. :)

  • jacked up movie clip for you guys... 2005 house of wax, ther scene where the guy gets his skin scratched off with the wax

  • "Tèrminàtuor" No, I still not used to that accent xD

  • 7:08 someones buying corridors merchandise.................see to the left.....!

  • In abyss it wasn’t really refracting the background just hiding it in the motion of the water

  • React to Astartes?😁

  • Corridor, react to this: lvcd.info/watch/w9CmemaTa7l8g58/video.html

  • Please do the Oldboy hallway fight scene that was made to look like 1 shot. Korean or American both were impressive.

  • Saw The pendulum scene

  • Original bladerunner

  • Jacked up movie scene: In Horns (the one with Daniel Radcliffe) when Ig Parish kills that guy with the snake going through him, or alternatively the scene where he gets wings and turns into a demon-thing.

  • As a weeb. This was a good episode

  • Bridge 4

  • I love looper but the one scene they look at here always makes me sick to my stomach

  • I hope you read comments. The VFX towards the end of 'My Fellow Americans' there's a chase scene at the end of the film on the White House lawn and they had to replace the faces on the actors and it looks bad. I'd love to see it reviewed on this internet program.

  • Bollywood(if y’all are still making those episodes): the bull scene from kalank, the 3D model is just wayyy to funny to look at

  • Do zero by srk

  • The whole looper bit makes no fucking sense 😂😂😂 if your legs got cut off in the past....then you lived the rest of your life without legs. You're legs wouldn't just disappear. You wouldn't have even time travelled in the first place 😂 none of it makes any sense. Obvi this is a vfx channel, and its not the point. But it's totally nonsense if you're using your brain at all

  • To me Scott Pilgrim is basically a perfect movie

  • After seeing this I wish I knew John Knolwes

  • Ummmmm, The Abyss was not the first to morphing people examples: The Golden Child, Willow etc Also there were other CGI characters before Sherlock & The Abyss

  • Ready player one or Godzilla throughout history

  • When is Niko ever wrong about a visual effect? Guy knows his stuff.

  • weirdly working right leg in the looper video though, he falls and once hes done the right leg goes up twice for unknown reasons.


  • hey hey. i watched scott pilgrim in the theater. it came out on my birthday

  • Are we just gonna skip the fact that the guy in the middle is wearing a bridge 4 t shirt?

  • React to Ender´s Game

  • Scott Pilgrim is real, not cgi, they Just so happened to be filming

  • I just re-watched Scott Pilgrim only a month ago. Really sad no one watched it in theatres. That movie had cult following written all over it, it’s kind of amazing it got a major release.

  • Ah finally. I was wondering why you hadn't done Scott Pilgrim.

  • You guys just gushing and explaining the effects: Me: jealous Scott pilgrim owns a Rickenbacker...

  • Was... was that a Davie504 reference?

  • Upgrade. Especially the face cut scene

  • "The Abyss was the first movie to have morphing"? What about Willow?

  • Where is VFX Artists React to The Hobbit????

  • Love The Abyss

  • It was because of Abyss, that they were able to create the T1000

  • “Jakey jakey, about to make a big mistakey”

  • This channel is my new addiction. I love the crew and content

  • Every director that tries to do a live action anime movie needs to take notes from Scott Pilgrim.

  • Do "power project". A lot of CGI and a great movie. Id suggest looking at the fight scene while girl is in a bio tank, and the final fight

  • Avengers endgame lmao

  • Ter...min...a...tor...bro that hurt me

  • Love, death and robots. Not gomma say it again. Also it seems like Niko is the only one that does his research.

    • You mentioned looper. What about jumper, with Skywalker.

    • Every episode of love death and robots. Every episode is a masterpiece. If anyone sees this comment and hasn't seen love, death and robots, seriously go see it.

  • This is the movie call the abbies..... Hahaha.

  • Do evil dead and the thing

  • The Mask, Upgrade, District 9 and Take On Me Video.

  • This is the power trio right here

  • That Scott movie is always talked about but It felt strange to do so much over a crush lol. I haven't seen it so I could be 100% wrong about the plot

  • 🌐🌐

  • I've seen it 3 times,going for four today.

  • Omg I love Scott Pilgrim it's the best movie ever!

  • Please react to Grand Budapest Hotel

  • Jacked up suggestion. Event Horizon extended director cut scenes towards the end of the movie.

  • Mispronouncing stuff on purpose is something my brother and I do all the time, so when Wren does it, it always cracks me up.

  • Holy sh*t. The Guy in the Middle is wearing a Shirt of Bridge Four! Where can i get one of these?

  • Not sure if intentional or you tube algorithm, but having an ad immediately after plugging a clip is disorienting.

  • We'd love to see what you think of CGI realistic animation! Frozen 2 is a really good example for that. The dust and rocks and incredibly detailed, and the scale of this movie is HUGE!

  • Who is the pink haired girl in the thumbnail??

  • 7:34 ...I thought I was having a stroke...

  • The guy on the left looks annoyed at the guy in the middle.

  • Scott shite vs the world

  • Love the bridge 4 shirt

  • Nice shirt. Represent the stormlight archive. Go windrunners.

  • The power of dude on Netflix