I thought they Broke Up?

Publicēšanas datums 22 jūl 2020
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In this video I talked to Josh and Nessa to see what they were... we also went to the hype house for their party! If you enjoyed the video at any point give the video a great big thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

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  • Me to we need jarli

  • That’s nessa I thought that was Selena gomaz-

  • The fact that Josh’s arm wasnt even touching nessa in the thumbnail

  • ohhh yeah

  • Эх то самое чувство когда пересматриваешь старые видео и там еще есть морковки...

  • I love the height difference between josh and nessa lmao 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Bryce: what the fuck it nessa In reverse card

  • Wow That’s great

  • Nessas voice is so cute

  • I’m listening to this on the lowest volume so my mom doesn’t here the curse words amd I don’t get my phone taken away from me-

  • It's add I son

  • “It’s Larry’s birthday AROUND midnight tonight” Me: stupid.....just stupid....

  • Did you now that nessa kissed chase chase did not kiss nessa

  • Where’s the masks tho 😷🤦🏾‍♀️

  • OMG wtf just before this some reason watched a video from 2015 it was so weird

  • there is one god is ALLAH

  • No masks

  • Hi!!

  • Ssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed,addressed

  • Что-то на татарском....

  • I mean of Course she is beautiful she’s Addison Rae

  • Bryce likes Addison I’m Taylor

  • Wars lary

  • Ahhhh my name is Vanessa . Get it nessa ( Vanessa lol ) tell nessa that she’s the best


  • Nobody: Coronavirus in the party:🖕🏻👁👅👁🖕🏻

  • why is literally no one talking ab how none of them wore masks and went to a giant party in the middle of the pandemic

  • I hope they get back together like if you agree 👇

  • At 1:33 for a hot second you see a wild Addison Rae stalking her pray BRYCE HALL

  • Hello Bryce hall and josh

  • Okay the one in the white shirt with the black hat. I need to know his name


  • alex in the back be like: 😃👋

  • Addison is in every poster she was In my Walmart

  • 2:00

  • R

  • I love your videos😘😍❤️ but pls make it longer

  • Por qué son todos tan guapos jajjajaja

  • Ya I thought they did break up lol

  • Bryce next time u see nick austin tell him a 9 year old loves him

  • Ok but like Nessus laugh is hideous 😭😭

  • my exact words :under age drin you know what nevermind

  • i hate nessa since she made charli and chase break up

  • all these comments are about braddison but like are we gonna talk abt the fact the hype house had a huge party, hugging and not social distancing or wearing masks :( come on byrce

  • more like I wish they broke up lol

  • nessa what just faking sad to be with josh

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • Omfg. Nessa have the pretty laugh

  • They doe be matchung

  • Tayler is your true bestie for life Bryce

  • So basically this video is about all the couples who broke up are simping on each other Jk

  • Omg you should get Nessa to shotgun👀

  • Addison, Dixie and charli where are

  • I knew it was fuckin click bait 😑 AGAIN

  • Nessa looks like a baby with josh(because he is so tall

  • La La La La

  • Someone just told me

  • What they back together


  • In love with Bryce and Josh's friendship


  • I thought they broke up what this is so confusing

  • I love the part when he says wtf it’s nessa

  • He said “it’s Larray’s birthday AROUND midnight”

  • Bradison 🥺

  • Hahahaha✨

  • I went to your house

  • This didn’t age well..

  • Nessa laugh is so cute 🤗

  • Nessa’s laugh is so cute🥺💗

  • Did y'all forget about the pandemic lol

  • Same

  • Ggg

  • 1:31 that’s addisonNNN

  • The ship is really

  • Nessa laugh was so adorable😋💙 QUEEN 👑❤️

  • at 1:50 hhahaahahahahah

  • Alex be like ‘This is Bryce trying ti be me’😂😂😂

  • I like how Bryce started them hanging out again

  • 2:53 I can't stop rewatching idk why

  • 💖💓

  • Real smooth Bryce. Real smooth

  • You saw addi

  • I hate you so bad

  • This is why Addison Ray broke up with you

  • ok but the way nessa laughed

  • Nessas laugh is everything

  • Me seeing Jessa:Josh is mine😡

  • they could literally make a whole video of sway and hype fighting over taylor😂😂

  • Nessa laughs so cute😸

  • OMG

  • Why do you film like ruby rude

  • Awww nessa’s life is so cute tho

  • When Bryce said do this is josh and Nessa. I couldn’t see nessa

  • Did anyone else see the cups?😂

  • I know they probably planned the Addison thing, but imagine if he pulled the girls mask down and it wasn't Addison😂

  • Y me dicen rollo surfero, y yo aver a ver pero que dices de surfero, que me estás contando si yo sor de Pamplona. Amaia de España.

  • i feel like the hype house and sway house are divorced parents and there fighting over custody of tayler

  • When Byrce mixed Alex Warren with David Dobrik

  • Me: in a relationship currently Me somehow interested in nessa’s and josh’s relationship then mine 😂😂😂😂