VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 32

Publicēšanas datums 8 aug 2020
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Wren, Niko, and Sam break down some of the best (and worst) VFX in Hollywood!
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  • bruh i literally _worked at disney_ and never heard about the magical mary poppins crystal, W T F

  • “Wait, is this the old Twin Peaks or the new Twin Peaks?” “The old. As you can see, it’s the elderly Twin Peaks” (While zooming on the old actor) Uhh…. That’s not how it works dude. It's the other way around: Older actors = Newer movie. Younger actors = Older movie. Lmao

  • Watch Shutter Authority video plzzz

  • The minivan sequence in War of the Worlds where the camera swoops around and through the van has always left me scratching my head. Shame the camera , on one of its transits through the vehicle, didn't hit Ms Fanning in the head and stop all that damn screaming!!!

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • you guys oughta talk about harry potter and the deathly weapons remake

  • Stealth was done in Houdini which does that stuff falling out of bed. I was at the vers.8 launch demoing the footage. Wouldn't be surprised if that hangar explosion was CG

  • Happy! Season 2, ep 4, toilet scene

  • I'm more mad about the censorship of cockpit than I am the terrible vfx

  • i honestly think david lynch was a terrible filmmaker. He had some cool lofi techniques but his vfx and storytelling were so bad. The remake of twin peaks or whatever it was, was so bad i cant even begin to explain how much i hated it. that guy is so overrated.

  • It'd be cool if Wren did like a whole educational episode on the prism

  • At 1:44 the guy says daddy no

  • They used sodium vapor lighting for the composite shots on "The Birds" as well, so this wasn't a one-off thing. And, yes, you should definitely review the effects on that film.

  • About The Langoliers: "They ate up time and it had a bad taste" In the 60s or 70s there was a TV commercial for a "Game for the whole family". The game consisted of ten six sided die and on each face of each die was a different word. High score went to the person who could make the longest sentence using the words they rolled. "They ate up time and it had a bad taste" was used in the ad.

  • This looks like Monty Python. (Talking about Langoliers)

  • ‘I see key-frames, I don’t see physics’ he says about the chomping flying meatballs

  • So nobodies gnn recommend RACKARACKA or is there one already

  • CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE LUKE SKY WALKER REVEAL IN THE MANDALOTIAN S2. E8!! Holy cow that face rendering though!!

  • Next you've got to look at Battleship. That movie was great!

    • Packed with action

  • Why is this in Stuntmen reacts playlist?

  • Bedknobs & broomsticks can't be filmed today without the dark crystal? What a challenge. Including lace bonnets and salt sprinkling

  • Uhmmmm so is stealth directed by Micheal bay?

  • There are some more fun VFX scenes in Twin Peaks. Like the face hatch void scene.

  • The Mary Poppins prism is literally the One Ring. "Some things that should not have been forgotten were lost."

  • please react to this awesome movie en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freejack

  • Do Terminator 2 judgement day!

  • VFX react to 2012 the movie ! This movie blew mind when it came out but im not sure if the VFx still hold up.

  • I loved STEALTH when it came out! I totally forgot about this movie!

  • David lynch wanted it to be like that.

  • TERRIBLE CGI idea: “ARACHNIA” (2003)

  • Oh shit the meatballs from Rick & Morty! Lol they got the same job

  • Learn cinema; Learn Lynch.

  • You should probably make a video on Battleship 2012

  • How about doing a remake of those Twin Peaks cheapo effects, but keeping up with the same level of weird?

  • Surely we have the technology today to try to recreate the prism. I feel like this could be quite a useful way to attempt modern day filming if we could adapt that to modern cameras

  • That smash bros match in the end was everything 🤣😂🤣😂

  • You should watch neil breen's movie.. That's the most ridiculous stuff😂😂

  • You guys should do Hancock starring Will Smith

  • Niko is so insanely handsome...just sayin

  • You guys need to react to Day of Reckoning(2016). The movie in kind of the same situation as Birdemic but its close to their level of cringe. Also I'd like to see how you guys fix it.

  • Hi guys i have one Music video for you from Iranian Band Barobax and i think they use some intresting CGI so check this out if you want. lvcd.info/watch/r8hpm2embLyEp3U/video.html

  • Find the Crystal Camera!

  • "I'm so confused" is the most accurate reaction to anything made by David Lynch

  • Okay, but how about Tremors? Heck, the entire Tremors franchise even. The first one has some great practical and computer FXs, and the fifth one has atrocious effects.

  • Would think it would be great to see a review of Ready Player One.

  • You guys should react to the Eraser (1996)

  • React to Halsey's "Be Kind" music video.

  • 9:49 I don’t trust like that.

  • You boys should actually watch the things you trash, because the people in the Langoliers don't travel to an alternate dimension. The miniseries was made for nothing, shot at Bangor Airport ( Stephen Kong's home state), and had shite effects because they focused on story and characters. Mocking it is like shooting fish in a barrel. Any tool can do it.

  • the audio is not necessarily wrong tho its diferent it adds room to it like i can now imagine the size of the room where you are recording

  • I think Niko mean check the "Ganon in the description."

  • Twin peaks look like it's made in PowerPoint

  • How about reacting to the CGI in the Spy Kids movies??

  • I don't know if @Corrridor Crew will read this, but I really hope they do: David Lynch is the same filmmaker who created the incredible SFX and VFX for *Eraserhead,* *The Elephant Man,* and *Dune.* He is objectively able to create lifelike Visual Effects; so if he didn't in "Twin Peaks," you best believe it's intentional.

  • Need to do a sounds editor reacts series! I subbed just to wait for that!

  • React to this - lvcd.info/watch/p7iAZHZ0g9eFnKM/video.html

  • Can you guys make the Langoliers better like you did with Birdemic: Shock and Terror?

  • Must see from Africa. lvcd.info/watch/u9eyh3yQgJmln4U/video.html

  • Lynch got exactly what he wanted from that scene.

  • You have completely misunderstand the plot of The Langoliers. At no point in the book or the movie does it ever suggest an ultimate dimensions or aliens. They travel to a time that has already been used and is waiting to be disposed of by swarm of temporal cleaners.

  • Please fix the Lagoliers! Please!

  • Nobody's gonna comment on how niko managed to finish off the others in the game while talking and turning his back on the TV? I thought it's video effect but Wren's reaction I think proof that it did happen. But does it really??!

  • you so have to give it to corridor for the details that nobody really thinks twice about but are still there. shout out to you for adding refraction into that diagram at 12:43

  • If you have watched Tenet you will know why you gotta do it

  • You should do a reaction/breakdown of Beowulf from 2007

  • Tremors monster

  • So... When "Fixing `The Langoliers´ VFX" video???

  • Next plz react to doremone stand by me plZ..

  • On that Twin Peaks shot, it almost looks like they “shrank” the hand by moving it away from the camera, but somehow kept the distance perspective stationary. It seems like it would be pretty simple to add a ring that falls off 🤔

  • Do a reaction video on any South Indian movie!

  • You got to do the new Godzilla movies!!!

  • Did this guy refer to Jamie Fox as Django Unchained??! Boooooo

  • did you find that prism?

  • You guys should remake the first movie, just like the new Birdemic video

  • Can't Jessica Bielieve how good the vfx were on Stealth.

  • Van helsing movie werewolf sequence You guys will really enjoy that

  • Niko really whooped their asses on Smash Bros while promoting the TV... And he wasn't even LOOKING.💀

  • 5:53 I can't believe that you have to censor words like 'cockpits'.

  • "I'm so confused!" --- that's exactly what Lynch wants you to say. Welcome to Twin Peaks.

  • Y'all need to check out Dinosaur (2000). The mix of live footage with cg is almost seamless.

  • His name is Jamie Foxx WREN!!!!

  • Guys please do Gory Hollywood scenes. I've always thought how are those gory death scenes pulled off.

  • Firefox

  • If they don’t react to “The Witches” (2020) I will cry myself to sleep.

  • Great video, watching it on my phone sucked however because I got 6 pairs of adverts to deal with :/ Bleh, worth it for you guys though

  • Hey, I love Stealth! The story is not bad, and take good amount of emotions

  • Please do VFX on Kong skull island

  • I feel The Langoliers is due for a movie remake, stuff to do with other dimensions and mulitverses is really hot right now.

  • I love advertising for TVs nowadays. "Its 35.5k! You'll think your living inside the characters! Your mind be be blown!" Ignoring that your eyes eventually dont care lol. Your only option is to get bigger as to add more definition or just go 3D

  • Langoliers was made for TV mini series. This could explain the bad CGI. Not EXCUSE it, just explain it. VeryLowBudget

  • stealth is just ace combat.

  • Ready player one or Godzilla throughout history

  • I think you guys should react to the long take in Joe Wright's "Atonement." That shot made me love film as an art form.

  • I thought the idea behind the Langoliers was that they flew the plane through a rip in time, not space. They landed in the past and the Langoliers were the "clean up crew", tasked with consuming the remains of the past to make way for the present and future.

  • I haven't watched all the episodes, has Dragonslayer been done?

  • "Sound designers react" should do an episode about this episode

  • 7:21 Wren... it's David Lynch. edit: Niko explains it perfectly.

  • best explosion in film, demolition man at the beginning. please do Even Horizon, the whole movie for one episode.

  • Mary Poppins camera crew had the philosophers stone of VFX technology