VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 32

Publicēšanas datums 8 aug 2020
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Wren, Niko, and Sam break down some of the best (and worst) VFX in Hollywood!
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  • When I was a kid the langoliers frightened me and haunted me for years until I rewatched it 3 years ago, it may be poor effects but God, at my 30s my nightmares are still made of those saggy meatballs hahaha! And it was a low budget miniseries with 3 episodes of 1 hour for TV, obviously the budget was low hahahaha

  • Twin Peaks and Eric Andre go well together

  • Advertises a 4k TV - Plays a 1080p game on it to make an ad (I love it)

  • VFX reaction to "THE MASK"

  • React to the final Quickening from Highlander.

  • I'm even more convinced marry Poppins is a timelord

  • The Langoliers has such a cool concept

  • I’m not loving the long hair on the guy with the high voice

  • You guys have to do Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman . Monster transformations are amazing

  • What is the name of the song they played when Niko gushed over the explosion at 6:48

  • No one: Clint: here, let me get first place real quick Bruh moment

  • FOR MONTHS i keep saying "MONSTERS" The director did all the effects on his home computer and they rival CLOVERFIELD!" Hollywood then hired him to make Godzilla and Rogue One!

  • The dark crystal

  • I'd love to see these guys react to these two clips from the same show, which have ten years between them. 2007: lvcd.info/watch/msmvf4iXatakiGQ/video.html 2017: lvcd.info/watch/18tvmZaqbc6XaWw/video.html What a difference ten years makes

  • 13:13 Wait, whaaa?? 👁

  • It’s always heartwarming how much Wren doesn’t want to rag on people

  • The Langoliers was a two-night miniseries event, that's why it's three hours long as a movie.

  • I'll subscribe when you delete all the goofy hosts and just have guests on.

  • Hearing you guys talk about Twin Peaks was like listening to a person in an art gallery go "my kid could do that!" to a Picasso painting. What a braindead take, though yall were smarter than that

  • Love the Eric Andre references sooo much. Please react to bird up

  • I know you did some mortal Kombat but some more from Inhinaltion would be nice

  • Do death race. Its a mix of vfx and real things

  • Yo I LOVE this channel! Do a video on killer klowns from outer space

  • cgi in the norweign disaster movie..the quake

  • They did not travel into a parallel universe, but in the past! But doesn't make much more sense.

  • There is a newer but still old movie similar to The Langoliers that seems better, can't remember the name, maybe I went to another dimension because I can't find the name. Please if anyone knows this remake I am talking about.

  • Those Meatball Things Are Pac-men

  • Opposite Day? I think its great that you never let any of the female staff onto the camera, for more than a second without cutting them out. Also, the overweight, balding guy with the dead (or severely discolored) tooth needs to be in more close up shots.

  • Twin peaks is a critic dark satire of the TV of it's era. The bad visual effects are probably internationally playing with that.

  • Can the guy in the middle stop yelling? I keep having to adjust my volume.

  • Hardcore Henry. Stunt people react and VFX react on this one. If you guys haven’t already done this one. And I’m subscribed dammit! Lol

  • Usually love the content guys but as a Stephen King fan I feel I should point out that the Langoliers isn't about them flying to an alternate reality or an alternate dimension. Did you watch / read it? Whilst on a plane, the sleeping passengers fly through a 'time rip' which means they travel a certain amount of time into the past, don't think it's specified how long. That's why all the food is old and stale, why the soda and beer is flat, etc. Humanity and the 'present' has moved onwards. There's no people in the 'past'. Just an empty, flat, stale world. SPOILERS At the end, they fly back through the time rip and end up a few seconds in the FUTURE, and wait around for the present to catch up with them. That's why people start appearing again. The creatures in the story AREN'T langoliers. They're undefined creatures which 'eat' the past, they consume the old empty world until there's nothing left, that's their function and role. Just to consume the past. They're only referred to as langoliers because the mentally unstable obsessive businessman calls them that - his abusive father told him a story when he was a child that creatures called the 'langoliers' ate naughty little boys who didn't work hard. So that name kind of sticks to them.

  • They had a full mockup of these jets from Stealth and had them on real aircraft carriers. China and Russia saw them on spy satellites and freaked out.

  • Have you guys covered Rango? You should if you haven't.

  • You guys should do IT parts 1 and 2 if you haven’t already

  • But what is the point of 8k?

  • Those were some angry meatballs

  • React to JUST bad vfx

  • SNL reference!!! "Jurbs" - Riblit

  • That Ganondorf gameplay was the most accurate I've seen in a while. You can win even without looking at the screen. Just abuse smash attacks. 0 IQ plays, but it works.


  • Like si vienes del canal de Wasabi.

  • I actually read The Langoliers, well listened to it. I tend to do audiobooks due to my aspergers. It was good I really liked it and I think it has more potential in film... I'd have made it animated film though... a) because I want everything to be animated and b) it'd be way easier to pull off the titular monsters in an already existing abstract medium, you know what I mean?

  • "The c**k pit" 😂I'm dieing

  • I don’t think that clip of Jamie Foxx was from Django Unchained lol. Unless there was a part where he time travels to the future and becomes a pilot that I somehow missed

  • Please react to Victor Magtanggol series!

  • Wow, GO GET THAT MAGIC CRYSTAL.. its like a new Quest for the holy Grail of film making.. now i know this exists. (not Monty Python holy grail btw). Synthetic crystals and chemical technology's are also 50years further.. What wasnt possible then to re-create, maybe is possible now... Become a Legend, Make the quest for the Magic Crystal happen! :D

  • Twin peaks is epic OK! I've never seen it but I'll be damn if I wont try to fit in

  • yeah the meatballs had no weight and the bright setting bothered me to no end. The shot in the end of Alien where (while yes it was partly practical) the Xenomorphs head looks like the piping and then it slowly moves out of it's hiding hole, that was such good usage of the texture and the color of the alien as camouflage without it actually being able to camouflage. It was hiding in plain view! I recently showed the movie to my friend and she audibly gasped when the head moved and she was freaking out that she couldn't see it before

  • please talk about the trash can flight form fight club

  • The Langoliers wasn't a film. It was a two-part TV mini-series, so saying to "cut an hour" shows they didn't do their research on what they were actually reviewing. It's important because they would then know the animation suffered from a small-ass budget of a network television production...in the mid 90's...

  • Please react to Merlin (1998) starring Sam Neill

  • Niko my man the Gdorf main. We stan slow falcon.

  • 12:51 That's actually incredible. To this day I had no idea how they made that effect. Marry Poppins has been one of my favorite movies for a LONG time.

  • Abstraction is an excuse poor artists use to cover poor art.

  • 6:22 I'm pretty sure he hits the top of his visor not the glass.

  • React to this Indian Superman "Shaktimaan" the beginning of Bollywood super heroes lvcd.info/watch/w7mhk6BhZqWje4k/video.html

    • from 1997 to 2005

  • They actually did a really good job recreating that Lynch scene.

  • You guys should do an episode on "Army of Darkness" w/ Bruce Campbell, Directed by Sam Raimi of Spiderman fame. Super fun movie with lots of great visual and practical effects

  • my dad worked on stealth at Dd awesome.... i will ask him about some time to see if your correct on it lol

  • You'd think they could just do a 3d scan of that crystal by now.

  • visual effects artists react to our fan's visual effects

  • Oh god, the Langoliers... you could really tell, first time watching the movie, there was only a short story behind it! xD

  • I don't know if y'all have done it but I would love to see your take on the special effects on Saving Private Ryan. The realism is incredible.

  • You guys watched bloodshot with vin diesel?

  • 2:30 lightyears is used to measure length not count time, ya dummy

  • The sodium screen Marry Poppins effect might still be doable even with a duplicate non-perfect prism. The matte and live action layers could be aligned after shooting in post.

  • It would be cool if they took the time to review Kick-Ass Big Daddy warehouse shoot out

  • Pretty sure the Twin Peaks scene is from the Return

  • FYI the whole "they could never rebuild the prism" is simply an urban legend. This process was actually used until the early 90s... the shift to bluescreen was simply because it was much much cheaper to do, that's the only reason sodium vapor light isn't used anymore, because the prisms and cameras were extremely expensive.

  • For bad CG, please do this one Bollywood movie called Ra.One, like an entire video on the CG used in it!

  • The scene you chose from twin peaks is not the best example of 'coherent' vfx that's for sure, you should look at some of the other scenes tho, there's some pretty cool stuff there if you give it the time. my guess is that in Lynch wanted these transformations to be something that catches you off guard in a way you haven't seen before, which is why you have the madness jank collage there... it does make more sense if you take the whole scene into account tho. side note, i think they did the hand with a deflating ballon

  • react to gantz:o super cool animation great visuals

  • So the langolares are the time travel police from rick and morty ?

  • How about hellraiser films? Chains flying at flesh etc. Also end of Hellraiser 2 where Dr. Chinard gets transformed & hangs from a medical drill/arm in his brain .

  • In defense of The Langoliers, it was not a movie, it was a two part tv miniseries, so yeah, it didn't have a budget and it was long. Also, it's not an alternate dimension, it's the past. The whole premise is time travel doesn't work. The past is dull and flat and without life. The Langoliers are creatures that eat up the "waste" that is the past. They are not supposed to look real. The overall look makes sense in the context of the story. That being said, it is horrible FX. Just the Langoliers are. It was probably just a poor idea of how they should look to begin with that was poorly executed.

  • Did you just bleep out cockpit

  • Weird question, what song is that? 6:46

  • do the call of duty cutscenes

  • react to real steel (2011), the moment where the kid finds the robot in the junkyard.

  • Yo guys, love your vids. Would be epic if you checked out The Spiderwick Chronicles.

  • 13:56 - wait, that's Clint? He looks like a hobo!

  • How about an episode trying to recreate that Mary Poppins effect on y'alls own?

  • YOU NEED to recat to BLIZZARDS trailers, like all of them. AMAZING CGI

  • I call shenanigans. Disney also did films like Bedknobs and Broomsticks, using the same technique. So they used the same ONE camera?

  • I love the langoliers purely for nostalgia reasons although I recognize it's terrible.

  • There can be ONLY ONE CHRYSTAL!??? Imagine how different the history of movie SFX would have, COULD have been??? I mean, WTF??? I just can’t get OVER that! Guys! YOU HAVE TO FIND THAT CHRYSTAL!!! 😱✌️👍

  • Hey guys, I do sound engineering and recording... just in case you were looking to “make some staffing changes”

  • 3:03 his mic was cut lmao

  • Do Lancer vs Assassin from Fate/Stay Night : Heaven's Feel : Presage Flower

  • Wait... You're playing Nintendo with PS controllers??

  • PLEASE do Bedknobs and Broomsticks!!

  • I can't stop looking at that brown toilet tooth

  • The Emperor has no clothes, and David Lynch is a shit director who is just trying to make you feel confused & angry. Don't get mind-trapped.

  • cars dont spin like this in an explosion and a real explosion is super fast, not 99% fire and slow

  • The Twin Peaks effects are bad on purpose, its supposed to feel jarring

    • Exactly. The people are speaking backwards for fucks sake. The black lodge exists in a different plain of reality. To perfectly simulate everything and make it "realistic" would take away the jarring, strange and confusing nature of it. Taking the scene out of context without and build-up ruins it.

  • Did....did niko really just win a fight of smash bros without looking at the tv???

  • Do a review on a animated movie called Redline

  • I'll comment again the cringy breaking dawn part 2 baby face

  • 8K ?! LMFAOROTF Humans DON'T even see 4K FYI.