VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 29

Publicēšanas datums 13 jūn 2020
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Wren, and Sam and Clint are back to break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films!
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  • So the squid guy stands there... takes the abuse... and THEN decides to bail? While he could have bailed the second the henceman walked in? I know it's a weird movie but that's some bad decisions on his end xD

  • Victoria is a real one take!!

  • What was the reason they didn’t use real dogs in that movie? If I remember correctly it was some stupid decision to accommodate Ford’s preference or something.

  • Just finished watching 1917. That film was so impressive and really conveyed the point. Also very emotional. 10/10

  • We need games like these movies

  • I feel like Call of the Wild would have worked much better if it was like a stylized animated film, and not aiming for realism.

  • Guys breakdown audio fx from Transformers

  • Yo! Shout-out to my boy Dan Carlin! Hell yeah

  • Where can you find the Blue print for Armageddon podcast?

  • Please react to extraction

  • Do a video on Harry Potter cg....common it's great , pick any part

  • Clint looks like he lives in Portland

  • That octopus scene has scarred me permanently.

  • Ado doom 3 movie

  • Cat and dog movies please

  • When I watched Call of the Wild, I really couldn't tell if it was cg or not. I loved the movie.

  • Did Clint lose a net? Wtf is wrong with his hair?

  • Omg omg omg yall must watch tenacious d mini series. Not the movie!!! The mini series on hulu. Trust me.

  • You should do the league of legends cinematics, they've gotten really good lately

  • My grandfather was born in 1917, so seeing this and hearing his stories of those days were really rough. He fought in WW2 and was a radio man, that radio saved his life multiple times or I wouldn't be here telling you this. CGi is amazing, but learning about our history through stories of veterans is even more amazing. I miss listening to my grandfather's stories (he passed through the next door of life in 2009), but I remember them every once in awhile.

  • I thought the 1917 directors tried their hardest to have minimal shots hence they said a one shot movie which obviously couldn't of been true because of the night and day cycle in the movie but I'm certain the first hour was all one shot was it not? The director and bts stated it was hard to rehearse having camera man switch between foot, car, harness and more just to make sure the camera kept moving the way it needed too. But in this react video they are saying he jumped and it cut to a cg cut of the jump "end of cut, and and end of the day" like I'm not saying you guys are wrong but please correct me as I'm so confused and feel I've been lied too xD haha

  • 6:37 eggman

  • Do sonic unleashed opening cutscene

  • VFX Artists always having Mental Breakdown over many CGI Things

  • Those dogs are *creepy.* Dogs faces just... don't move like that. It's profoundly unsettling.

    • I prefer it sometimes because I kinda like how much more expressive you get

  • I don't know what you guys mean those dogs look fake as hell

  • 7:20 oh, you mean like actual octopuses being cooked alive?

  • That dude takes his job really seriously to be a fake dog...

  • I hope people see more than the VFX of the war movie, the hell of war is worse than any CGI we could think of without being in that hell. Imagine filming that then imagine your life is on the line. Also shout out for the breakdowns

  • Call of the wild looks like a cool video game

  • You have to remember too, Call of the Wild is based off the book! It's written from the dog's perspective

  • Ayyyyyy you have airshocks

  • Please react to Merlin (1998) starring Sam Neill

  • 7:21 Octopi don't have many nerve endings in their tentacles because of their ability to regenerate. That most likely wouldn't have hurt very much past him just cutting them off first.

  • 2:00 Strong disagree. As someone who has taken care of and loved dogs for along time, that dog is fake AF. Specifically, without any dog knowledge, these shots always look mega CG not just because of the motion but because CG creatures don't have the same kind of lense warping that actual real characters do. They don't account for the perspective warping on close objects either. The dog looks too big and perfect to be that close to the camera.

    • 2:25 I mean humans don't do that so dogs shouldn't either. Humans don't really emote like that. Most human expression is so subtle that even to this day CG artists have trouble making things look too emotive and wild, and into the valley we go. Owning dogs has taught me they do absolutely emote. Dogs show just as much emotion as humans, just not with their faces.

  • There is someone on the back took a sneak peak of the show in 6:57

  • You guys gotta look at some scenes from a mockumentary Japanese film "Big Man Japan" its pretty jacked up.


  • I love the call of the wild

  • 2:52 look at the little pupple in mocap

  • 1917 is by far the best war film i’ve ever seen

  • I personally loved call of the wild, he’s obviously CGI but. dogs just can’t show the emotions that they needed buck to show.

  • А почему обложка на русском? Ждал чего-то "нашего". Хотя-бы субтитров. 😅

  • I mean I tried to render a cgi explosion and it took me ages, how long did it took those guys to edit like a 90 minutes movie?

  • Haven’t seen Call of the Wild yet, but now I want to. The book was great, but does contain a lot of things that a trained canine actor couldn’t do/wouldn’t be safe or humane to do. The expressive animation actually looks good though, I’ll have to watch to know for sure- but better than those crappy, dead pan Disney remake animals

  • that CG dog looks more real then a real dog idk why

  • I need to see mirmade!! Ford was already used to working with a human supposed to be an animal in Star wars

  • Bruh these dogs look so fake

  • I liked this video just because you mentioned Hardcore History. Well done.

  • 2:57 Why the actual fuck is Papanomaly the producer of the film?

  • They didn't react the most obvious cgi from 1917. Jump to the river. That looks too fake.

  • Please talk about the final Cats movie!!!! Not the trailer.

  • Doom

  • *The vfx artists*: That looks like a national geographic photo of a dog *Me Suppressing the alarm bells ringing in my brain that are screaming "fake dog"*: Yeah totally!

    • To be fair comparing to Nat Geo photo implies the image os static.

    • It's almost like our brains and eyes are complete jank that just get more janky as we gather up experiences in life

  • when the q-tip hit that spot in my ear: 2:18

  • Amok! Amok! Amok! Amok!

  • 7:37 *my 3 last brain cells during a test*

  • I'm disappointed they didn't go over the tentacle out the fly scene in mermaid lol.

  • WHAT! I thought Binks mouth was anamatronics too... Never woulda imagined it being CG, maybe hand drawn like many other movies at the time, but not CG that's crazy...

  • “It most definitely probably is”

  • YES! Wonderful Dan Carlin shoutout. That podcast literally blew my mind!

  • That CGI for dogs should’ve been used for the Lion King remake

    • Lion King remake is a joke that just isn’t funny. Call if the Wild actually looks good

  • Cong pow : enter the fist Cow fight scene

  • 1917 was very impressive to watch on the big screen

  • There is actually a movie filmed in one single take called 'Russian Ark', released in 2002. It's fucking incredible.

    • There was another one released in 2015 called Victoria

  • still waiting for Ford v Ferrari review:(

  • Also if you would like to know more about ww1, ,start with forgeting everything u seen in movie 1917


  • The octopus man scene is gonna be hard to erase from the mind

  • You should do Victor Magtanggol.

  • Am I the only one who got "assassination classroom" vibes from that man octopus?

  • this is why you guys are actually doing stuff that's so important. bringing awareness to movies like 1917 having cgi so good that it adds to the film teaches normies like us how valuable cgi is and how it isn't "ruining" film, you just have to use it correctly

  • 6:39 shie fua piao piao

  • jani dushman ek anokhi kahani bollywood

  • “World war 1, really jacked up.” Thanks Sam.

  • "You never notice any visual effects in this movie"... yeah. Except for the rat.

  • Got to the squid scene and was like, why did I click on this video again?” ...Few moments go by...”oh yeah, 1917.”


  • hey could you react to the 2011 film The Adventures Of Tin Tin? i think it would be right up your ally.

  • Still think it's dumb to animate the dog in non action scenes when dog training has been around for centuries and dog actors have existed since the invention of cinema.

    • It would be hard to find a dog that perfectly matches the description of Buck from the book- he was supposed to be mixed breed & described as a St. Bernard x German Shepherd. Much of the book contains life threatening situations, but also dog fights, hunts & animal abuse, so a LOT of CGI would be needed & accusations of mistreatment in set would probably come up regardless of how much CGI is meshed in. Going full CGI is humane & there’s no struggle to blend mixed scenes seamlessly. Plus the expressive animals do appeal to a lot of audiences (I’m guessing the violence from the book is toned down a little to make this family friendly). Honestly, I think I’d like to see this film, effects look good

  • How about the "de-gloving" scene from Gerald's Game?

  • 1917 is one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life. Absolutely incredible film making.

  • Hair clip ?

  • Wish I've seem 1917 in the theater. But you guys have to check out Kung Fu Hustle!

  • hello guys you have to watch him short movies.he makes most of these short films by his own work. I think you should check it out. and his movies are weapons, soldiers and action lvcd.infofeatured

  • hello guys you have to watch him short movies.he makes most of these short films by his own work. I think you should check it out. and his movies are weapons, soldiers and action lvcd.infofeatured

  • The guy on the left....Clem Fandango??

  • I can’t remember the last time I heard someone say Jacked up 😂

  • Do the final battle from the first Narnia!!!

  • 1917 (2019) I didn't know they made a movie about 2019 in 1917

  • You should try URI: THE SURGICAL STRIKE bollywood movie.

  • His name is TERRY NOTARY and he's an incredible movement coach and actor! Not a weirdo acting like a dog!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the dog effect would've been good for that one Cuba movie snowdogs i think lol

  • The one guy is such a mega hipster. I bet he drinks all day expensive coffees, eats gluten free also if he is not allergic, meets in "cool" new breakfast bars and inside is a really cool guy who is still to young to understand that this shit does nothing for his life. The reactions to the tentacles show who of them had empathy.

  • the explisons of 1917 were real lol

  • Review indian cgi effects

  • Alaskan here: I HATE how movies keep being based in Alaska are never filmed in Alaska. Fun fact: that loose, powdery snow? Alaska snow sucks. I love Alaska, but we don’t have that nice, loose, powdery stuff.

    • @Gi Gi Its honestly not something I'm trying to "fight IRL" or something over, my main frustration is that I can always tell they aren't actually filming in Alaska in movies based in Alaska. Like, every movie I've seen has clearly been some sleepy seaside town in Washington state. MAYBE Canada but even then not really. Like, its legitimately one of the most beautiful states in America but they never really capture the distinct beauty of it in movies. But part of that, when I think of your typical Alaskan snow, "crunchy" comes to mind. And further south, straight up ice. At least this decade.

    • Christopher Northcutt Alaska isn’t a first choice ski destination but dog sledding sure has a long history there, so it’s hard to say the movie is inaccurate. In Call of the Wild (the book at least, haven’t seen the movie yet), the characters traverse huge distances over the course of years, so they would meet varying weather conditions including more powdery snow

    • @Gi Gi It's the same as when iron man landed in an evergreen forest with a foot of snow in "Tennessee" in Iron Man II. Like, not saying Tennessee doesn't have evergreens and not saying they don't get snow, but that's not how I'd portray Tennessee.

    • @Gi Gi I've skied in Barrow, I've skied in Homer, and a lot of places in between. I was an infantryman in a company that skied a lot, in Alaska. And i worked in tourism for a while afterwards. It's not a ski destination. Could the conditions be right somewhere, some day? Sure. Are people flocking to Alaska for its snowboarding and skiing conditions? absolutely not. I get that it COULD be great somewhere, some days, as a resident of Alaska, I'll go to Colorado or Utah if I want to go to a quality ski resort. Knowing good and well that they are big states and weather isn't uniform.

    • Alaska is a big state. Winters are long. Weather isn’t uniform

  • When they started cooking the tentacles of octopus man. We felt that hahaha

  • Love this series. Please do Hobo with a shotgun!

  • For call of the wild you can tell they were gonna go over the effects but got distracted and had to do a second cut