VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 29

Publicēšanas datums 13 jūn 2020
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Wren, and Sam and Clint are back to break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films!
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  • Dunkirk pls

  • 6:39 is that the Chinese egg guy in the background

  • 1917 was in many ways exactly like WW1, most of the time nothing happened in the grand scheme of things.

  • I'd like to see you guys take a look at Project London. lvcd.info/watch/m5Ojo6mqfLGCbI0/video.html Yeah, the acting is terrible. But the vfx I adore. Not bad for open source software

  • Octopus tentacles regrow. In fact, when stressed octopuses have been known to eat their tentacles.

  • What are they wearing around their necks

  • 3:36 Harrison PLEASE stop touching that man/dawg 🤣🤣 the amount of weed he had to smoke to take that seriously... I know hes a professional but... come on dude lmao

  • ITs easier then you think sam... i mean you can play trucks in your mind, whats harder, to think you are a dog and act the part, or having your eyes open and having problem managing whats in front of you ? to me both are easy, as like the childs, i only see the actual play. if i had been wren as an example... i would of started acting like a dog. you'd have seen the tongue, you'd have seen me move my head against your hand. that's just how i am when i do these things. as a DM my players always wonder how i can do these animals. its simple, i look the part. just like clint, i do research on animals. its theater sam, thats why its easy for harisson and the guy who do the dog, to do what they are doing. its theater man, we play the part. its no different then you playing jedi with sticks.

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • At 6:05, what is determined about the cat from Hocus Pocus?

  • Why? Why? Why use a person to act like a dog?

  • The Call Of The Wild was a great movie. The CGI was okay..

  • The hocus pocus house with the fountain in the front yard is the same location as the friends intro with the fountain

  • Call of the wild looked like Polar express to me. No matter what it is, if it CGI, I can tell every single timw.

  • 6:10 I felt like that cat was actually telling us

  • Kung fu hustle movie

  • Breakdown the RamarajuForBheem teaser which is from India

  • pup academy

  • you guys should do stranger things billy's death sence it's really good edited!

  • Equilibrium yo!


  • (dramatic pianos plays) (zooms in on fully grown man) "This is our dog"

  • Please react to this one-shot Petronas Raya 2014 lvcd.info/watch/x5OidaaXYraff30/video.html

  • 6:36 No hate but a warning would have been nice.

  • I was actually thinking THIS YEAR while watching Hocus Pocus: "Man, some of these VFX just do NOT hold up from 1993, but that cat is STILL on point!" Amazing that it was CGI from back then. WOW.

  • I heard good things about the movie but it was a flop in the box office.

  • Blueprint of Armageddon is INCREDIBLE

  • fun fact: the guy who provides the reference footage for buck was the movement choreographer on LOTR and The Hobbit. He created different ways of moving for the different races

  • A single shot film isn't impossible, Aleksandr Sokurov did it in his 2002 film Russian Ark.

  • 4:17 i have that green screen footage

  • Y’all should do T34 here’s a few cg scenes on it

  • Corridor, react to this: lvcd.info/watch/w9CmemaTa7l8g58/video.html

  • React to the slow motion shots from Dredd! I always loved those effects

  • React to hacksaw ridge

  • 12:21 - Racist Coffee reference?

  • Pliz do review for "the liberator"

  • "And you would do it, too, for a check" -Harrison Ford

  • Still 1000% believe they should’ve just gotten a bunch of dogs and dog trainers for Call of the Wild, it is painfully obvious they’re not real dogs in the movie and it completely takes me out of the enjoyment of the film. If they wanted the dogs to be more visually expressive of emotions they could’ve just CGI’d that onto the real dog’s face, it’s not like that’s never been done before, there’s a tonne of that stuff in movies like Cats vs Dogs, I prefer the cat from Hocus Pocus SO MUCH to these CGI dogs. You had the budget to pay a man to act like a dog then fully CGI the dog, it’s not like you were to short on cash to do this, and it would’ve saved so much time and been a lot more natural for the actors to act with, you know, A DOG!!!!! 😂 H

  • The guy playing the octopus is one of my favorite actors/comedians/singers. I need to watch it now

  • any of the weird shit from the boys lol

  • I am curious what those neck pieces are the guys on the ends of the sofa are wearing, does this help with picking up their voices? As this is newly seen equipment to me.

  • Beowulf 2007

  • Sam on the right describes everything as “jacked up”. Anyone else notice that?

  • You have to take a look at the Lazarus Experiment from Doctor Who Series 3! It’s hilariously awful and the VFX are ABYSMAL

  • I wonder if you guys have ever seen the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, The Villain: www.imdb.com/title/tt0080097/

  • I need a magic pup

  • Can you guys do the witch fight in the pilot episode from Supernatural.

  • That one scene in "2020" where they make Joe Biden look like he's actually alive.

  • didnt realise 1917 was no-cut... or full of CGI!... not one moment in that film did i notice something out of place..perfectly blended.. amazing!

  • We agree Clint is annoying?

  • Train to Busan - Peninsula movie fx looks pretty crazy it is a Japanese zombie movie that just dropped

  • call to the wild made me cry

  • Wouldn't it be easier and more realistic to just use a real dog and then CG over areas you need?

  • Do the loop Eric Andre used in his Instagram trailer for season 5 of his show

  • So the squid guy stands there... takes the abuse... and THEN decides to bail? While he could have bailed the second the henceman walked in? I know it's a weird movie but that's some bad decisions on his end xD

  • Victoria is a real one take!!

  • What was the reason they didn’t use real dogs in that movie? If I remember correctly it was some stupid decision to accommodate Ford’s preference or something.

    • From what I gathered, it's because that's how it was described in the book. Dog's doing human-like expressions. Plus, it makes things a lot easier to follow when you have genuine emotions on their faces, rather than cute puppy-dog looks, like these guys described.

  • Just finished watching 1917. That film was so impressive and really conveyed the point. Also very emotional. 10/10

  • I feel like Call of the Wild would have worked much better if it was like a stylized animated film, and not aiming for realism.

  • Guys breakdown audio fx from Transformers

  • Yo! Shout-out to my boy Dan Carlin! Hell yeah

  • Where can you find the Blue print for Armageddon podcast?

  • Please react to extraction

  • Do a video on Harry Potter cg....common it's great , pick any part

  • Clint looks like he lives in Portland

  • That octopus scene has scarred me permanently.

  • Ado doom 3 movie

  • Cat and dog movies please

  • When I watched Call of the Wild, I really couldn't tell if it was cg or not. I loved the movie.

  • Did Clint lose a net? Wtf is wrong with his hair?

  • Omg omg omg yall must watch tenacious d mini series. Not the movie!!! The mini series on hulu. Trust me.

  • You should do the league of legends cinematics, they've gotten really good lately

  • My grandfather was born in 1917, so seeing this and hearing his stories of those days were really rough. He fought in WW2 and was a radio man, that radio saved his life multiple times or I wouldn't be here telling you this. CGi is amazing, but learning about our history through stories of veterans is even more amazing. I miss listening to my grandfather's stories (he passed through the next door of life in 2009), but I remember them every once in awhile.

  • I thought the 1917 directors tried their hardest to have minimal shots hence they said a one shot movie which obviously couldn't of been true because of the night and day cycle in the movie but I'm certain the first hour was all one shot was it not? The director and bts stated it was hard to rehearse having camera man switch between foot, car, harness and more just to make sure the camera kept moving the way it needed too. But in this react video they are saying he jumped and it cut to a cg cut of the jump "end of cut, and and end of the day" like I'm not saying you guys are wrong but please correct me as I'm so confused and feel I've been lied too xD haha

    • @C. Taylor B. Yeah makes sense, thanks for that

    • @ThatAsthmaKid Even for a seven minute scene, you need to rehearse and redo. They're walking through mud and rough terrain, and a lot of the scenes need to be very well timed. I don't think any one shot movies are actually one shot, they're just meant to give the illusion of one shot.

    • @C. Taylor B. Yeah Fairo I believe you, it's just the directors emphasised it so much it was gonna be one shot for the most part, even said how many times they had to rehearse because if they messed up they had to do it again, but even I focused watching it and there were like three four cuts tops the entire film, the cameras were moving in such a way I thought it couldn't be cut but yeah

    • They did like 7 minute shots at a time I think, or average 7 minutes per shot. Difficult, but not impossible. Doing a 1 hour long take is impossible.

  • 6:37 eggman

  • Do sonic unleashed opening cutscene

  • VFX Artists always having Mental Breakdown over many CGI Things

  • Those dogs are *creepy.* Dogs faces just... don't move like that. It's profoundly unsettling.

    • I prefer it sometimes because I kinda like how much more expressive you get

  • I don't know what you guys mean those dogs look fake as hell

  • 7:20 oh, you mean like actual octopuses being cooked alive?

  • That dude takes his job really seriously to be a fake dog...

  • I hope people see more than the VFX of the war movie, the hell of war is worse than any CGI we could think of without being in that hell. Imagine filming that then imagine your life is on the line. Also shout out for the breakdowns

  • Call of the wild looks like a cool video game

  • You have to remember too, Call of the Wild is based off the book! It's written from the dog's perspective

  • Ayyyyyy you have airshocks

  • Please react to Merlin (1998) starring Sam Neill

  • 7:21 Octopi don't have many nerve endings in their tentacles because of their ability to regenerate. That most likely wouldn't have hurt very much past him just cutting them off first.

  • 2:00 Strong disagree. As someone who has taken care of and loved dogs for along time, that dog is fake AF. Specifically, without any dog knowledge, these shots always look mega CG not just because of the motion but because CG creatures don't have the same kind of lense warping that actual real characters do. They don't account for the perspective warping on close objects either. The dog looks too big and perfect to be that close to the camera.

    • 2:25 I mean humans don't do that so dogs shouldn't either. Humans don't really emote like that. Most human expression is so subtle that even to this day CG artists have trouble making things look too emotive and wild, and into the valley we go. Owning dogs has taught me they do absolutely emote. Dogs show just as much emotion as humans, just not with their faces.

  • There is someone on the back took a sneak peak of the show in 6:57

  • You guys gotta look at some scenes from a mockumentary Japanese film "Big Man Japan" its pretty jacked up.


  • I love the call of the wild

  • 2:52 look at the little pupple in mocap

  • 1917 is by far the best war film i’ve ever seen

  • I personally loved call of the wild, he’s obviously CGI but. dogs just can’t show the emotions that they needed buck to show.

  • А почему обложка на русском? Ждал чего-то "нашего". Хотя-бы субтитров. 😅

  • I mean I tried to render a cgi explosion and it took me ages, how long did it took those guys to edit like a 90 minutes movie?

  • Haven’t seen Call of the Wild yet, but now I want to. The book was great, but does contain a lot of things that a trained canine actor couldn’t do/wouldn’t be safe or humane to do. The expressive animation actually looks good though, I’ll have to watch to know for sure- but better than those crappy, dead pan Disney remake animals

  • that CG dog looks more real then a real dog idk why

  • I need to see mirmade!! Ford was already used to working with a human supposed to be an animal in Star wars