VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 14

Publicēšanas datums 16 nov 2019
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The Crew break down some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • Bro I love *The Flash!!* It has so many great video effects. The scenes that they reacted to is probably the worst of the whole series overall, but everything else is darn impressive!

  • Try reacting to the original jumanji

  • guys thank you, i really am learning a lot about what i am seeing...

  • What about The lion, the witch and the wardrobe

  • React to aquaman

  • how bout godzilla

  • React to supergirl vfx lol

  • 7:35 It's really weird seeing a CG recreated version of a real alley that I've walked down many times.

  • hey guys, I’m not sure if you have done this already. But if not you guys should do blade or blade 2. Good movies just older so I’d thought I’d be interesting. Good content btw

  • " It smells like I'm kayaking through the bayou" soooooo what does that smell like?

  • You are currently at over 4M Oh I'd like to hear your views on The Good Dinosaur.

  • Haha. Good boy simulation :)


  • Love that they gained over a million subscribers in less than a year

  • Haha, my guess is the team who made the original cg sonic were fired and a new team were put in their place to do it right. LOL

  • "Good boy simulation" thank you corridor!

  • the power of the legs when accelerating flash should not lower some impact on the ground? because it accelerates more than a car but the contact point is less. I am sure the force that must be exerted to achieve this acceleration should cause some impact to the ground. and not only on the ground, but on everything they step on.

  • Can yall make an animation in the way they did it back in the day?

  • 14th video and Im in love with you guys. Actually it took only 3 to fall for you. Great content

  • 14:20 - can't stop looping Clint's leg calisthenics

  • Fifth element pleaseeeeee!!!!

  • 4:12 Niko: "I hope we didn't hurt their feelings too bad with our very first VFX Artists React Video." Wren: I don't think we were nearly as mean as the rest of the internet were. *flashback* [Clint in Ep. 1] *(almost throws up)* *It looks disgusting.*

  • You should react to Tenet!

  • I'm surprised they didn't question why flash was fighting himself for a syringe.

  • VFX artist: Tintin had the longest-running no cut scene. 1917: I'm about to end this whole man's career!

  • react to more spy kids

  • You say that jar jar was the first cgi character but then you say that guy is and you say that every old cgi character is the first

  • try lab rats and mighty med (Disney XD) I just want to know what you think of it.

  • demon slayer

  • i looooooved TinTin, or Kuifje. I'm a huge Herge fan. I had all the comics and the old vhs tapes

  • OMG! I totally forgot about Young Sherlock Holmes. I loved that movie as a kid!

  • Young Sherlock Holmes’ CGI looks amazing even by today’s standards, it’s insane

  • What are those gloves and what is their purpose other than looking totally sick?

  • You guys should react to Charlie and the chocolate factory oolmpa loompa dancing scenes or the up and out scene

  • umbrealla academy scene 1 season 2

  • Hey guys,... TRADE SHADOW LEGENDS!!!

  • Correction: the flash was not coming out of light speed or the speedforce, he was just running fast, when he comes out of the speedforce it has kinda like a blue portal with grey smoke stuff around it, which, btw, I would be interested to see how you think about it

  • Buffy the vampire slayer cgi

  • Dang you guys gained 2 million in to ten months I’ve been watching you guys like forever but dang you guys have grown a lot

  • This is pretty much my new favorite channel. These guys seem pretty wholesome even though they gotta react and critic. I love their vibes

  • Hi Can you guys watch the Bollywood movie ROCKY HANDSOME. It has some really good action scenes.

  • I love, love and love Corridor Crew and Corridor Digital

  • Please do amazing works of gumbal

  • I think it was a social stunt, the thing about the sonic movie...

  • *thankfully you watched cw flash instead of justice league flash running*

  • 13:25 cymru yn byth

  • Those videos about how OLD CG are made are the best videos of this series.

  • Interstellar

  • " KGF " bollywood

  • look i got myself stuck here since the first time i saw ren earthbending, and until this day, i still want corridor to react judge dredd 3d, the karl urban one, breakdown all those bloody slowmo fx, please.. dont let me down, im got my diploma film and animation just because i was inspired by ren earthbending.. please.. do it

  • please react to the scene in catching fire when her dress catches... on fire! and turns into the mockingjay dress. also, animorphs!!

  • These guys are too good. I am subscribed to them from 4 other accounts of mine. Please dont judge.

  • Do some analysis on the new starwars films. Like 7 8 and 9

  • What I believe is they brought attention to the sonic movie to make you wanna watch it because it looked so much better

  • The flashes vfx has really high highs but really low lows

  • Ready player one

  • Doubt you're ever gonna read this, but I would love to see you react to, from what I understand, is the first CGI Used in movies, star trek II the wrath of Khan.

  • react to umbrella academy

  • react to philippines victor magtangol animation 😂😂😂

  • Adventures of Tintin is one of my favorite films of all time, and the scene featured here is one of the biggest examples why.

  • Just love Young Sherlock Holmes and Tintin. Die another day is just was the worst James Bond movie until Quantum of Solace came along imo.


  • 14:05 where is the actor's shadow?

  • I didn't expect these videos to teach me so much about vfx. I wish you guys did tutorials, but this is good too! I'm trying to self teach right now, it's a lot to take in without the "classroom structure"

  • Say what you want the old Sonic gave us the gender bent Sonic meme that looked like a thot.

  • Actually sonic has spines and not quills, porcupines has quills and sonic the porcupine does not soung as good as sonic the hedgehog

  • Valerian and the city of a thousand planets

  • Flash = Terminator

  • the wandering earth...is is good or bad cgi...i found it enjoyable

  • It’s incredible to see that in between the release of this video and today, that they’ve doubled in subscribers

  • Ah my favorite welsh town Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

  • React to pacific rim

  • Boom

  • What about the tv show firefly?

  • 4:16 :]

  • Chamber of Secrets quidditch scene! So much better than the first Harry Potter

  • Who came for the Flash?

  • Just a friendly reminder that the town on the weather map at 13:25 is a real town in Wales and that is its actual name

  • Enthiran 2.0

  • Plz watch robot 2.0

  • The only thing I have against the flash is the CHI for the time travel scenes

  • why the flash slightly better than supergirl.

  • Do the original addams family

  • lvcd.info/watch/rcuIpqeZaLFmjKc/video.html

    • Look at the animation, what do u think about it ?

  • Might as well do a full vid on this >>>>>>>> lvcd.info/watch/psmAaXxjgMaDhY0/video.html

  • lvcd.info/watch/vbCiqIByhJd4rnU/video.html

  • lvcd.info/watch/vbCiqIByhJd4rnU/video.html

  • lvcd.info/watch/vbCiqIByhJd4rnU/video.html

  • Sonic actually only has eye

  • Paramount might have tried to bring attention with the old one and they got everyone all together in the new one

  • Lol. A add of someone doing yoga popped up as if it was doing a match cut to when sonic was getting ready to run. I thought I was tripping when sonic turned into a woman.

  • You guys should do Star Wars the clone wars

  • Lol try 4 mill🤣

  • I believe that corridor digital helped in changing the movie for the better

  • I think they made the ugly version to get more hype to get more for the release in the box office

  • Ten ten is from Naruto

  • Do the hunger games

  • You dumb asses never appriciate the developers who made the softwares and hardwares for vfx

  • U guys should react to the transformers movies mostly the 3rd and 4th ones the cgi is great.