Corridor Scientists Lose their Fingers in "Deadly" Experiment

Publicēšanas datums 22 jūl 2018
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This Episode ► The guys see how many times they can flip knives while Peter catches us up with his Spiderman movie.
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  • Thanks for the shoutout. OH WAIT


    • Dude Rusty you inspired me and I have practiced for a long time and I can flip a knife constantly and I keep getting better. Thank you 🙏

    • Oh... hey rusty good to see ya here

    • Big drilla rusty

    • Copyrighted corridor :>

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  • Risking your fingers for views? Sounds like a good idea xD

  • Oh these are fake

  • What's that song at the beginning?

  • Flipping the knife one was easy I do everyday but that blindfold one hatsoft

  • Till they realize the guy in the first video used a fake knife

  • Sorry that wasnt a good amount of comments

  • It makes sense that Peter is making a spiderman suit bc spider mans actual name in the movies is Peter............ K , PETER PARKER

  • So *THIS* is how he lost his finger..

  • M

  • I love wren more drone vids

  • throwing too fast thats why you lose it. you need to be able to count the rotations you do. if you can count it, then you can know and judge how it will react. if you can't count it, you threw it too fast. meaning you made it spin too fast and nbhow you can't know which side will be where. gotta start slow to build up to the speed. how do i know... been flippping things since i was 8. took me a while to get to 6 rotations. more thne that i lose control and eventually just stopped doing it. still today i do flip thing sin my hands, like pens and the likes for fun and games as i walk down the street. when niko shot the knife a second time, he said 2 rotations but actually did three. then he said 3 rotations and actually flipped it 6 times. thus why he lost control and couldn't do things... advice.... start slow and allow yourself the time to count rotations. jake advice is the worse advice one can tell you. again if you can't count the rotations then your gonna lose control. you should at all times be able to count rotations. not concentrating on rotation is the worse advice one can give. the rotations is all that matters. concentrating on capturing th eknife back will result in more injuries.

  • The cuts were so good that I thought the blood was real for a minute! Keep up the Great 👍🏻 work Corridor!

  • Why?

  • "Practice safetly" -Corridor Crew 2018

  • "working hard, coming up late, leaving early"

  • Next Video : Daniel face reveal

  • E

  • 1:30 when niko said soft little, everyone lifted their hands #fingies

  • *yubi yubi*

  • Yeah, D was right, you fucks just do whatever gives views and now you're endorsing fucking dangerous shit.

  • I would do this but then chuck it into the kid I hate who never was taught a lesson and tried to tell the principal on me for standing up for my friends Yeah I know I got a dark and sinister part of me for this world

  • CS:GO be like:

  • Imagine your just watching and then you see these dudes flipping knifes and looks like they’re cutting themselves

  • Its scary i dont want yous get hurt

  • If I go back to home with so many cuts my family will stop believing I work on computers.

  • this got recommended today - been a while, you guys should do this again but with a sword :D

  • 2:02 Could anyone PLEASE tell me what music this is. I legit am desperate.

  • 2:03 music? Pls tell me.


  • "Keep your ad blocker o-" *starbucks ad!

  • Heheh, yes, all those reasons, but also the fact that its easy to find really good and free Spiderman rigs and teach yourself animation with them.

  • Peter kinda looks like Tom Holland actually.

  • I used to flip my pen at school. It once fell to the floor and broke. Yay

  • Could have cut out a cloth Spider and sewed it to the suit

  • this was made on my birthday

  • 12:15 holy shit he really goes mcfumbles for like 20 seconds. Geniune , "how to explain something I thought was explanable but,when come to think of it, I cannot"

  • Whats the song at 7:08

  • Wait so it’s fake blood right


  • 14:13 definitely the best part of the video hahah

  • 12:20 this is me trying to explain any of my scripts 😂

  • Nicko's thought: "ho wait, I think I've find a way to not work the rest of the day"

  • I sometime flip one of mi knifes out of boredom and have caught it from the blade and never cut just have to know how to land it and you even could catch it with the pointi end hitting the palm of your hand (yes, the knife is sharp and cuts a lot)

  • i was like "the worst part is if you stab yourself" and then he stabbed himself

  • Hey does anyone know any good air soft knives on the lower price range if so thanks very much it is appreciated greatly.

  • Did Peter finish in time?!?!?!?!?!?

  • fucking hilarious

  • I finally got racon ear buds so yea there cool

  • Wrens last catch and miss lmao 🤣

  • "Multiple personalities." Dont you mean multiple versions?

  • Why do people do Dangerous game,s wait its a fake knife

  • Your empresed? Watch his other knife videos

  • I tried it only in pen one time, IT HURTS SO MUCH AND BLOOD DRIPPING

  • 6:47 👀👀👀 8:54

  • next time wear safety gloves

  • It could easily be all fake because they are so good vfx artists

  • As soon as he squid turn off your ad blocked I got an ad lol

  • please guys do not try this at home.. ):

  • Wren looks like he came straight out of the movie grown ups

  • 6:59 wren spun it 8 times

  • @3:20 what is this thing?

  • THIS is how Jan lost his finger

  • You know when it goes into slow motion, something bad happens

  • Ooooooh i have all my fingers the knife goes chop chop chop

  • Someone should get into stunt training and apply for a job as Tom Hollands stunt double.

  • 12:20 when me and my bros are playing with something dangerous and my dad asks “why are you doing that?”

  • Actually thought it’s real

  • 1:36 The flashing notice said practice "Safetly" at the end xD

  • 7:38 That was 8, I counted

  • i feel like its rude to not link the spider man video in the description at this point

  • Are those real kifes

  • Brah, this is so FUCKING DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!

  • I miss peter :(


  • Bro I understand revenue but why so many ads??? It makes your video annoying to watch

  • "coming in late, leaving early" - the dream lifestyle

  • I skipped to the flipping before they explained they were using fake knifes

  • ok so i just now noticed sam raimi spiderman's outfit is either red and black or red and a dark navy blue

  • Its not that difficult to flip a knife...

  • Uhm licence plate numbers leaked lol

  • you should cgi this video

  • Where did you get that Spider-Man face shell I've been looking for one for my cosplay and that one is perfect

  • 1:52 Before Coronavirus 1:48 After Coronavirus... :^(

  • #good man is not to blame him my own mind but the man of God he was in a good place in my family so that you would not have a lot more to say than you are one wacky and I love and hate me SENPAI I love them so I can b you have to say that the people who have been a member for the world of a cat can be seen in a society of the future and a lot to do so well if the world and they have the right way of being able and to do it all in a society that is a good time to get a lot to be treated as a result and the appeal of a cat

  • Peter you could of use sticky velcro for the back plate

  • Haha I love Wrens face in 11:53 xD

  • If you notice in the actual video when he starts flipping the knife 4 times his hand is covered in blood

  • P

  • Wren must be protected at all costs

  • 16:28 AoaOw!

  • This guys really that stupid to use real knives .????

  • Are those all real knives

  • clickbait but then not clickbait

  • When your flipping a knife...then you get a slow mo shot...

  • 11:53 him in background *Confused screaming*

  • 5:18 sentai zone more like hentai zone haha

  • I am eating chips and salsa and I just grabed the salsa and tried to dip it into the chips